Nik Aziz IJNised


Nik Aziz LKY

Nik Aziz a 'thumbs up' endorsement to anti-Malay/Islam Singaporean Supremo Lee Kuan Yew

Kelantan Menteri Besar and PAS Spritual Leader Dato’ Nik Aziz Nik Mat has been admitted in IJN. Sources close to the Kelantan Supremo said that he was brought in at IJN last night for coughing blood.

It was reported that MACC offcials visited PMBK yesterday, a controversial Kelantan GLC now headed by Nik Aziz’s son-in-law Ariffahmi Abdul Rahman. It was said the cronyism practices within PMBK is making Kelantanese very unhappy.

Nik Aziz is known to have heart ailments and was seriously hospitalised last year. A team of IJN specialists were flown in to assist the USM Hospital cardiac team. His response to PM Najib’s announcement of ‘Compassionate Payment’ be accorded to Kelantan instead of the ‘royalty’ demanded is “Grateful but not satisfied. Hence, the Kelantan State Government budget for 2010 would be the least on the minds of Nik Aziz and Azizistas at this point of time.

He is currently in Kuala Lumpur for the Rulers’ Conference. He is expected to deliver an address at the PAS political seminar at their Taman Melewar centre which was decided by the PAS Exco last week to replace his original suggestion to have an EGM and eventually ‘cleanse’ (sack) Deputy President Nasharuddin Mat Isa, Secretary General Dato’ Mustapha Ali and Selangor PAS Commissioner Dato’ Dr. Hassan Ali who are pro-‘Unity Government’, with UMNO.


Nik Aziz in a Chinese Chauvinists anti-Islam/Malay DAP function with Lim Kit Siang

Ten days ago, Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad urged Nik Aziz to step down because “It’s about time he goes. Like me also lah, when you become old, you become nanyuk (senile),”.  Nik Aziz has been on the helm of Kelantan stewardship since the 1990 PAS’s success to wrest the state from UMNO/BN. Ten years ago, he created a national controversy when he proclaimed “Allah also swear (mencarut)”  in support of PAS life member Shahnon Ahmad outragous book “Shit”. Later, to justify PAS working with Chinese Chauvinist and anti-Islam/Malay DAP, he proclaimed “Its alright to work with syaitan (devil)”.

*Updated 956pm

NST reports the latest on Nik Aziz being IJNised:

Nik Aziz expected to leave IJN tomorrow



KUALA LUMPUR, Fri: The Mentri Besar of Kelantan, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, who is receiving treatment at the National Heart Institute (IJN) here is expected to be discharged tomorrow.

His private secretary, Rosdi Abdullah, said Nik Aziz was admitted into the IJN about 10.30am yesterday due to fatigue from lack of rest over a week.

“His condition is stable and he is expected to leave the IJN tomorrow morning and will continue with his duties as usual,” Rosdi said when contacted here today.

He said the Pas spiritual leader will attend the Pas Political Seminar at Markas Pas in Taman Melewar, Gombak tomorrow. — BERNAMA

*Updated Saturday 7 November 2009 1200noon

Despite being ill with cardiac related illness which causes fatigue for Nik Aziz , he insisted that he would show up at PAS Political Seminar organiseat Markas Tarbiyah PAS, Taman Melewar, Gombak this morning.

The Star has an update:

Published: Saturday November 7, 2009 MYT 10:49:00 AM
Updated: Saturday November 7, 2009 MYT 11:50:24 AM

A frail Nik Aziz leaves PAS seminar (Update)

KUALA LUMPUR: Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat attended the PAS political seminar but had to leave at 10.12am after listening to party president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang’s keynote address citing health reasons.

The PAS spiritual leader was earlier hospitalised at the National Heart Institute due to fatigue as a result of not getting enough rest over a week.

The seminar was a result of a call by Nik Aziz to hold a special muktamar to discuss issues caused by “problematic leaders.”

He had been unhappy with the pro-Umno stance of these leaders and wanted the party to make a clear stand regarding its role in Pakatan Rakyat.

Nik Aziz has been in Kuala Lumpur since Monday for the Rulers’ Conference.


This is most probably he needed to show his supporters that he is still very much able to ‘hold his fort’, as the event was PAS Exco’s compromise and substitute to his suggestion of holding an EGM ‘to cleanse (sack) some Leaders’, namely Deputy President Nasharuddin Mat Isa, Secretary General Dato’ Mustapha Ali and Selangor PAS Commissioner Dr Hassan Ali. The trio have been seen as “insincere in co-operating with Pakatan Rakyat partners” and ‘leaning towards working with UMNO/BN’.

The Murshidul Am has been seen as the ‘patron’ to the ‘Erdogan faction’ within PAS. The Erdogan faction such as Dato’ Kamaruddin Jaafar, Senior Kelantan Exco Dato’ Husam Musa and former DAP-puppet MB Perak Dato’ Seri Nizar Jamaluddin are PAS’s linkage with party-less Opposition Leader Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim.  Hence, this explains UM lecturer Dr Abu Hassan Hasbullah’s presentation on his survey that before the 8 March 2008 12th General Elections youths prefer the leadership of Nik Aziz over PAS President Dato’ Seri Hadi Awang. In another study, it was found that majority Young Malaysians lost faith in PAS’s ability to lead.

Nik Aziz was said to have gone to Rumah Kelantan to rest. The 78 year old MB Kelantan plans to show up at Bukit Jalil Stadium this evening to lend support for the Kelantan team in the Malaysia Cup Finals. If he is able to make it, then he would have amassed enough energy. It was told that if his health deteriorates as he rests in Rumah Kelantan, then he would have to be brought back to IJN for more treatment.

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  1. Moga TGNA bertambah sihat.

    Sy pernah muntah darah dan berulang dua tahun kemudian, memamg sakit. Org Melayu kata sebabnya ….

    Sy yakin ALLAH memberi kita sakit utk menguatkan diri.


    • Patut org tua ni serah saja kuasa tu pd orng lain yg lebih layak. Org lain pun bolih buat kerja jugak. Dlm keadaan macam itu, dah tentulah hanya menjadi beban sahaja – kalau badan dh tak sihat, macam mana akal nak bernas? Itu yg dok merapu tak tentu arah tu!!

  2. Big Doggy;

    Nik Aziz (or any PAS leaser for that matter) shoule have the moral courage and integrity NOT to go to IJN. In fact they should PASs resolution to boycott IJN.


    Most (it not all) the Malay/Muslim CardioSurgeons there are raison d’etre is because of the opportunity afforded by availability of scholarships give to the Malays/Muslims. I think in PASspeak, its call Assobiyyah – a preferential treatment of priotisizing the Malays/Muslims above all other human beings.

    Similarly to Malay nurses there, the availability and opportunity given to study and serve by virtue of opportunity and prefential scholarships.

    If Assobiyyah in this case is bad, then hed it not been so, the one of the condition for Fardhu Kifayah would not be available for Nik Aziz – the availability of Malays/Muslim specialists.

    So, PAS should PASsed IJN, as it is compliant to Assobiyyah that is abhorrent to PAS principles.

    MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

    • please don’t talk rubbish especially when it’s a life and death matter. Nik aziz is a politician, but he’s also human like you and me. He has supporters and he has those who oppose him, but to say something like this is really low. Wouldn’t you want to seek help when your life or your loved ones is on the line?
      I have never agree to what nik aziz said or did, but i really wish that he gets better, becoz this is a Muslim thing to do.

      • Friend;

        Jannatul Firdaus is a very, very nice place. We must pray for Nik Aziz to go there faster!

        After all, is he not the one who said that PAS is the stairway to heaven, is he not!

        Why leave on this crummy earth when the permanent abode is the heaven.

        So, go to heaven fast!

        MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

      • Lagi cepat dia habis, lagi bagus sebab punca kesesatan telah tiada.

      • Sebab itu lah kita dinasihat jangan lepas cakap. Kita hanya manusia biasa penuh dengan kekurangan.

        “becoz this is a Muslim thing to do.”

        I believe it is more towards hipocracy rather than a muslim thingy.


      • BigDog,

        Hati Hati… Jangan Mengejek Orang Tua… Dengan Penyakit Yang Awak Ada Mungkin Satu Hari Nanti Awak Pun Kena Melawat IJN…

        Of Course Dengan Connections dan Sponsorship Dari UMNO Awak mungkin Dapat Masuk Hospital Prebet…..

      • Bila masa kita ejek orang tua ni….?

        Kita hanya buat laporan. Scoop la katakan! MSMs dan PAS media pun belum sempat lapor, kita dah bagi tau satu dunia Nik Aziz sakit.

        Salah ka…..?

        BTW, hardluck la Kelantanese. Nogoris are simply far better on the pitch, depsite they hv far lesser supporters. The sportsmanship of the Kelantanese supporters is really not there yet. That is sad!

    • “Jannatul Firdaus is a very, very nice place. We must pray for Nik Aziz to go there faster!”



      • bole g ke, asyik maki hamun org tak abis2?

  3. Tahap ‘wisdom’ anda terlalu rendah. Siapa saja yang sakit kita kena doakan muga ia cepat sembuh dan dipermudahkan ujian baginya. Bayangkan masa itu kita yang sakit.

    • mari kita sama-sama doakan kesejahteraan beliau..mudah2an,Insya’Allah


  4. Mat Reset,
    You are writting nonsense.

  5. Without any disrespect to anyone, that Tok Guru has been admitted once again to IJN reflects how fragile the Pakatan conspiracy is. Tok Guru, Kapal Singh and LK Siang are all at the end of their autumn years and it’s a matter of time before the Angel of death comes knocking. Anwar is on course to Bamboo River, a fate he cannot avoid. Besides their vast ideological differences, the 3 conspiring opposition parties also lacks continuity in their leadership. Should the unfortunate happen to these 4 prominent opposition leaders, be rest assured that the Pakatan conspiracy will crumble on its own accord. Zaid Ibrahim would see his efforts flush down the drain.

    • Wow! free advice!

      PR take note of this friendly foe.

      As always, kind regards

  6. Brader

    Betul ke ni, Dr. Mahathir ada kaitan dengan PKFZ?

    Ini dari The Malaysian Insider……..

    “Mahathir oversaw PKFZ Land Valuation”.

    • Hai

      Mereka ni memang nak jatuhkan Tun Dr M dari dulu lagi sebab Tun merupakan DINDING halangan bagi malaysian malaysia ni di majukan diMalaysia

      Tak dengar pun kes libatkan kj atau paklah sekeluarga …

      Kes Najib dgn altantuya, Najib jadi hindu, Rosmah arah C4 pun rioh disebarkan

      selama ni takde bukti pun, Najib pun dah bersumpah

      • Aiii, takkan tak kenal msian insider? kpi depa ni ialah “adu domba”. lg byk adu domba, lg tinggi kpi depa ni. Patut bangsat ni sumbat ke ISA ja bagi malaun ni insaf sikit tentang laknat dosa tak abis2 yg babi ni cipta.

      • hahaha, jambu comel kutip dari MI, kitab suci PR..tak leh pakai..

  7. Brader, Dr M tu memang nak dikaitkan dengan semua benda oleh pihak tertentu supaya ada ‘commercial value’ dan hang jangan melatah macam keling..

    Husam sememangnya sudah bersedia untuk menerajui Kelantan bila bila masa, lagi cepat lagi bagus untuk Anwar. Dia merupakan bakal MB Kelantan terakhir dari PAS.

    • Yang melatah tu bekas Menteri Pengangkutan disokong oleh keterangan bekas KSU Kementeriaan Pengangkutan. Satu Cina, satu Melayu. Keling belum nampak lagi-adakah mungkin Lingam yang menyiapkan S&P agreement ?

    • Banyak orang, termasuk warga Kelantan yang pro-PAS sendiri berpendapat apabila Nik Aziz tidak lagi MB Kelantan dan Murshidul Am PAS, maka kareer politik dan pentadbiran HusamMusa juga berakhir.

      Ini adalah penjelasan kenapa Husam gagal merebut jawatan Timbalan Presiden dari Nasharuddin Isa pemilihan PAS lepas.

  8. Iaddada & Muslim Takut Allah

    Saya juga mengharapkan yang baik-baik untuk TGNA. Semoga beliau kembali sihat walafiat.

    Tetapi saya juga antara orang yang telah dikafirkan mula-mula sekali pada tahun 80an dahulu oleh Hj Hadi dan sekali lagi oleh TGNA sendiri. Mungkin saya boleh terima kekufuran yang dijatuhkan kepada saya oleh ulamak-ulamak tersebut. Tetapi kita tidak dapat menghalang orang lain berperasaan yang sama setelah dikafirkan dengan penuh kesumat kebencian.

    Mungkin persoalannya adakah ‘life & death’ lebih utama dari dikafirkan?

  9. Nik Aziz… ermmmm.

    • pok nik….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!!

  10. Kenapa bila sakit aje nak diingatkan tentang kebaikan dan hal2 baik2 aje? Bila sihat walafiat, terang benderang kutuk, caci, fitnah, kafir mengkafirkan orang? Sudah2 ler retorik tu bro. Lepas ni kalau Chin Peng sakit nak mampus pun, ceritalah hal baik2 aje mengenai dia.

  11. Itu lah sebab nya orang politik perlu berhati hati dengan pendirian nya, dengan kata-kata nya, dengan tindak tandok nya. Kalu tidak, kena tandok rakyat ramai.

    Ada yang sehingga kena kencing kubur nya. Terutama yang tak dapat masuk ke Pusara Masjid Negara.

    Orang politik patut bersedia menerima semua prospek saperti itu. It’s occupational hazard, it comes with the territory. You cannot please everybody all the time and, because you work more hours than non-politicians, you get exhausted more often, alert levels go down, and sometimes get caught off-guard with non-Tok Guruish comments like “Pergi Jahannam UMNO”, get reported in the news media and di dendam musuh.

    Dia suka, dia tanggung. Atau, sebagaimana Tun Dr Mahathir kata, kalau sedar sudah nyanyok, tarik diri. Tapi mana Nik Aziz boleh tarik diri – dia kembang hidung dan lain lain bukan main lagi bila di kunjung oleh “The Little Emperor” dari “The Little Middle Kingdom” saperti di gambar Big Dog keluarkan di atas.

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