Iskandar Malaysia: A structured and systematical annexation of South Johor

At the eve of this year’s Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) which will be hosted by Singapore, it is best that we Malaysians strategically relook into Iskandar Malaysia and what it stood for. Especially in the context of ‘prosper thy neighbour’, particularly Singapore.

Iskandar Malaysia II

Iskandar Malaysia evolved from Iskandar Development Region, which originally was planned as South Johor Economic Region. IDR was launched by PM ‘Flop-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi exactly three years ago, amidst a controversy of rejection by majority of Johoreans. Despite being a Federal Government initiative in Johor, the Johor state via UMNO Johor and the Johor Civil Service were ‘forced down the throat’ a Khazanah led plan which later became the IDR Act, passed in Dewan Rakyat late 2007. The draft which was recycled over eight times before JCS reluctantly agreed.

Like other corridors which were designed for the ‘Federalisation’ all state economic development function, SJER was initiated by then the ‘Level Four Boys’. Political Secretary Dr. Vincent Liew aspire that South Johor to be ‘serving’ the high growth Singapore economy and argues that Johor could benefit from the ‘spill over effect’. In actual fact, South Johor were to ‘serve’ and ‘facilitate’ for the Singaporeans to concentrate on the high value industries and sectors and leave all the low value, ‘dirty and smelly’-backyard and potential hazard to the environment industries all over South Johor. In short, South Johor is the wet-kitchen for the Singapore’s gourmet economy serving premium dishes and goodies.

Of course investments will start to pour in. One would argue that Johor has had ten of thousands of Singaporean investments and businesses incorporated all over South Johor for over thirty years which created so many jobs, increased in aggregate demand and spur sales of properties, especially high end and commercial and all the benefits from the ‘Singapore catalyst’ to the Johor economy. However, there were never once it was done in a strategic, structured and intensified effort to woo the Singaporeans into Johor.

How will this economy, which is 69% dependent on service sector, providing a GDP per capita of USD 37,500, and having a foreign reserve of USD 174 billion ‘help’ the economy of South Johor?

It is obvious that Singapore would not ‘extend’ her high value industries with Johor. In fact, if there is any effort to develop similar programs within Malaysia which include Johor, the Singaporeans would do all they can to ensure that they will do better at the same time ‘kill’ their competition of. This ‘kiasu’ness of the majority Chinese with the Western flavour for greed and colonialisation aptitude. Even mainland Chinese regard Singaporean Chinese as ‘Banana’ (yellow on the outside, ‘white’ in the inside).

Many people believe that a lot of these services are ready to be out sourced to South Johor, thus creating jobs all around Johor Bahru. In actual sense, these jobs created for the people of South Johor are not high value operations for the service industry they support. On the paper, these jobs created might portray an impression of high value of nature such as project management, design and R & D, investment banking and co-operate advisory or consulting being the focul point of the exercise for Singaporeans to relocate their ‘support’ services and industry of their high value economy. Reality, only menial jobs such as call centres, customer service or out sourced services such as printing of bills and statements.


Having  a large middle income and professional workforce is a very important ingredient for Singapore to sustain their high value industries growing at the pace that they planned. Officially, Singapore reached its 5 million population mark recently. Majority of them are the middle class and income bracket workforce. Most of the Singaporeans who migrate abroad are persons in this category. The rising cost of living and slowly becoming unbearable is usually the cause.

Hence, there is  strategic effort to make Singapore a city-state where only persons wih high value income live. It is suspiciously that the Lees intend to make Singapore like Lichtestein, Luxembourg and Monaco. The middleclass an working class to support these high value incomers should be residing outside of Singapore. What better than make South Johor the new habitat for  the Singapoean middle class. They live in Johor, shop all around JB in lower cost that Singapore, afford a high end lifestyle with middle income Singapore earnings and not loosing all their rights as Singaporeans. This makes sense as Singapore HR consulting groups are busy establishing themselves all over JB, for this ‘relocation program’.

As such, Singaporean developers are now making inroad into Malaysia, specifically South Johor. Iskandar Malaysia provide a perfect opportunity for Singaporeans to ‘invest’ in properties.


There are already plans for Singaporeans to set up nursing and old folks homes within South Johor. Naturally this  seen by many as a business opportunity. In reality, this ‘dumping program’ is nothing but Singapore’s dirty laundry is being processed in Malaysia. This a perfect cover for Singaporeans to shift their ‘problems’ into other peoples’ hands and only the fit and productive is left as wanted and appreciated people. Soon, South Johor will be made to process Singapore’s physical garbage and industrial waste.

It is obvious that the Singaporeans are envious of the Malaysian oil and gas success story, especialy Petronas. Of course, it is natural that they would want to carve part of the very lucrative pie of the Malaysian economy. Since the support for the oil and gas service industry is based in Singapore, mainly because of the history of the shipping industry, ship maintenance and building infrastructure, they are seriously eyeballing the most productive industry in Malaysia.




The property play is very important to the strategic interest of Singaporean tourism. The recent announcements  about theme parks such as Legoland in Iskandar Malaysia is a illustration more attractions are needed to complement Singaporean ambitious entertainment and tourism sector. With the upcoming Marina Sands Casino and Sentosa Genting Casino complexes and Universal Studio, the ambitious RM 750 million investment which 80% of it came from Khazanah Holdings Bhd. Legoland expect between 1.8-2 million visitors will pay RM 80.00/pax to throng the 40 acre park. Many doubt not many South Johorean families can afford to cough out that kind of money to sustain the 5-6,000 constant visitors daily.

The fact is that, Singapore economy has been ‘living of’ the reources of other lands. This is very much the cololianlist mentality that the Anglo Saxons and Europeans have, when they ‘own and live of the lands and resources of places far away’. They became masters and enslave the territories that they over power.

Now this ‘re-colonialisation’ is being seen in a different way. They set up menial operations elsewhere but make the head quarters being maintained within the city-state. They enjoy to fruit from the menial operations where else the real high value and ‘realisable control’ is captured as economonical and legal datas being  recorded in accounting terms at where the homebase is domiciled; the registered address. The high cost of production has now being shifted elsewhere. And yet, the Singaporean economy enjoy as these corporations are domiciled at home and pay taxes to the Singapore Government instead of where the bulk of the profits from these operations are derived from.

The fact is that Singapore were never interested in helping others, despite what other people did for them. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. The issue of over 300,000 Malaysians who had but no longer serve the republic an never get to see their rightfully earned forced savings in the Central Provident Fund (CPF). And yet, till present the republic is still dependent on Malaysians to serve the menial workforce needs and exploit their RM2.40 to the dollar exchange rate.


The ‘power of purchase’ of the Singaporeans is really enormous. The Singapore bourse has a larger market capitalisation as compared in Bukit Mahkamah, Kuala Lumpur. This high value market capitalisation stock market is remarkable a perfect tool of Singaporean ‘players’, with the joint effort of the financial services sector (which is funded by Wall Street and The City) to control the Malaysian bourse. The ability to control the bourse will have a coherent effect on the perception and confidence of Malaysians at large.

The clout of the Singaporean financial services sector is really far reaching. Despite starting later than Malaysia, Singaporean financial institutions have managed to develop better and larger syariah compliant instruments. It also managed to attract West Asian deposits. The fact that Singapore investment arm Temasek Holdings is involved with so many blue chips financial powerhouse (in cohorts with Wall Street and The City) demonstrate the financial prowess that they can ‘prey’ onto economies such as Malaysia’s.

Malaysian banking

Through control via commercial banks, at the moment Singaporeans already have their hands in 19% of the loan and debt market in Malaysia. This is a figure that should be concerned. This is ‘invisible hands’ of the Neo Con Jews, which have far reaching implications.

This ‘power of purchase’ from the higher value market capitalisation and excess of enormous source of Neo Con Jewish funds, coupled with the large middle class Singaporeans that would be ‘relocated’ all over Iskandar Malaysia and the strategic participation of Singapore officials in policy decision made for Iskandar Malaysia is a recipe of the ‘annexation’ of South Johor into the ‘little red dot’ republic.


The ‘Annexation of South Johor’ is important for Singapore to develop herself into a high income and value market. The resources of Johor such as land, labour, raw materias, water and food supply are the lifeline ingredients for Singapore to survive. The strategic move to ensure these ingredients are protected is to ‘control’ at source.  The ‘control at source’ began when PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah reached an agreement with Brig. Gen. (NS) Lee Hsien Loong in Langkawi, May 2007.

Singapore’s attitude of kiasuness is clearly non negotiable. Nor can it be compromised. The ‘Scenic Bridge Replacing The Johor Causeway’  is a very good example. The paranoia of the ‘seige mentality’ is very apparent and significant, despite their arrogance of the ‘supperiority complex’ and chest-thumping. The ‘Mas Selamat’ episode is the clear example of the system failure despite superiority power. To top it all,  Singapore is Israeli’s strongest ally in South East Asia, which in the past raised some senstivities to the Muslim majority region and immediate neighbours. In a nutshell, Singapore has never been a ‘good, trustworthy and dependent neighbour’. And now with an agenda to ‘Annex Iskandar Malaysia’, this is worrisome.

This year’s APEC theme is ‘Sustaining growth, connecting the region’. The theme basically says it all for the ‘Annexation of Iskandar Malaysia’ agenda in parallel on them ‘biting the bullet and embracing for hardtimes’. It is almost like Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has described that  the control-freak “The little emperor of the ‘Middle Kingdom'” who has the ambition to be the South East Asia superpower as according to him, the “Singapore hinterland extends all the way 6,000 miles radius”. His agenda is reflective of his last visit here, the Malay heartland of South East Asia.

*Original source of graphics: The Edge 9-15 November issue

*Article was updated noon Tuesday 1o November 2009

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  1. The IDR is to be to Singapore what Senchen was to Hong Kong, however there are many historical and economic differences between the two which had made Senchen prosper while the IDR may not, without sacrificing the security and economics of Johor or Malaysia. We Malaysians are sure Johor Bahru will continue to prosper without having the need of the IDR project and Malaysia can do without Singaporean entities having to get a greater bite of Malaysian interests to the extent of eventual economic annexation. This was a bad call by our former premier who understood not about its economics and security ramifications except the self interests of his family and close associates. I doubt this former PM even appreciates the capabilities of Malaysia Boleh. It’s up to Najib and his administration now to mitigate the damage initiated by the stupidest and selfish PM Malaysia ever had.

  2. Since Singapore is such a dire threat according to you ‘Ketuanan’ types, the ‘Ketuanan’ heroes should unsheath their keris go over to Singapore to teach those Bintang Tiga Chinamen a lesson. Go ahead I can’t wait to see the brave ‘ketuanan’ UMNO heroes defending their ‘Tanah Melayu’ to the last drop of their blood. Do not forget to bring your Taliban hero supporters in PAS along with you though.

    Listen you clowns it is this ‘Ketuanan/Taliban’ mentality which keeps getting the Malays into trouble in the first place. Take the Pedra Branca issue. Was there really a need to bring the dispute to the ICJ and risk losing the Island forever? There have been no new construction on the Island since the 1980s and Malaysian fishermen were able to fish in the waters around the island. While we were not able to take the Island Singapore was in no position to take the island either. It was a Mexican standoff. The best strategy was to wait for the day a resource poor Singapore needed something badly from Malaysia to force Singapore to hand over the island.

    However, your ‘Ketuanan’ ideology just could not handle Singapore’s claim to the island. How dare these Chinamen stand up against the Melayus. The answer is simple. These Singapore Chinamen have the best equipped armed forces in Southeast Asia and they do not have to live under the boots of the PDRM. In other words they are more than willing to stand their ground when push comes to shove. Moreover, the Singaporeans are mentally light years ahead of UMNO. Going up against them in the ICJ where UMNO have to comply with INTERNATIONALLY accepted rules of justice and fairness your ‘Ketuanan’ brain did not have a hope in hell. UMNO lost an island which is only 8.9 miles south of Johor but 28 miles to the east of Singapore. Look at the map and tell me how Pedra Branca can ever become part of Singapore. UMNO idiots kicked Singapore out of Malaysia 45 years ago instead of coming to a compromise with LKY. Now, the only way to get Singapore back is to go in and take it physically. Suffice to say UMNO has neither the balls nor the capability to take back Singapore nor Pedra Branca.

    The IDR is in your racialist eyes a sellout to the Singaporeans and you lament the presence of Singapore investments in Malaysia. Wasn’t it under Mahathir’s watch when Singapore was allowed to build the Linggi dam in Johor and to be in control of it. The PUB of Singapore have armed guards at their facilities around the dam. What is the Linggi dam? The fucking embassy of Singapore. I do not see you UMNO heroes and your Taliban friends storming the facilities around the dam ‘demi bangsa dan negara’. Your fears over the IDR is obviously based on the presence of a fifth column in Malaysia. Ask yourself though who created this fifth column in the first place.

    As for how the Singapore economy can help the Johor economy, I can assure you that the business links between Singapore and Johor is way more extensive that your UMNO brain can ever fathom. Unlike UMNOputras who wait for government projects such as the IDR to generate money the non-Malays have been busy picking up Singapore consumer dollars and investments in real estate and manufacturing. You see the fifth column which UMNO have created have learned to be economically independent of the government made possible with Singaporean investments. The more UMNO weakens the non-Malays in Malaysia the stronger Singapore gets. This is what really gets your ‘Ketuanan’ gall right?

    By the way isn’t Najib in the midst of selling Khazanah crown jewels to China?

    • This fellow vinnan is as stupid as the flip flop ex-Prime Minister. He can’t tell who is what.

      The sleepy, auto-piloting man made the mistakes and this fellow blames the Ketuanan Melayu and everybody else.

      • *comments deleted

        We have warned you many times over! Your comments and sharing of thoughts are welcomed. But name calling and demeaning national leaders are not.


      • Sdr Jitu

        I am surprise at my self to say this, vinnan may have a point!

        Especially this.”These Singapore Chinamen have the best equipped armed forces in Southeast Asia”. Yes while we built numbers of soldiers, they equipped themselves with the best equipment. I understand they have American base in Singapore

        Singapore may not want what we have, but they definately need what we have. THAT IS THE DIFFERENT.


    • Vinnan dear

      Paklah’s era is over. And if you interpret the signs very very closely, the little red dot is not having a such a rosy time.

      Economic recovery is weak, their banks have been probed for bank secrecy laws, they have started to utilise their precious reserves. They lost billions in investment.

      Kicking the little red dot was a blessing in disguise. As the merlion spouts fountain, it wakes up the sleeping tiger.

      For an army to WIN, the heartware is more critical than the hardware, shown thru Vietnam War. Anyway most of their soldiers are myopic/short-sighted.

      There’s really no need to take the little red dot back, the dot realises that it NEEDS to come back. You see there is no point winning the 100m sprint, when life is really the triathlon. The great sprinter will not have the stamina or the endurance for the triathlon.

      You seriously need to migrate OR see a psychiatrist.

  3. I too have my own suspicion on Iskandar Malaysia. And I wrote it here

  4. I support whackthembugger’s call for DS Najib to take remedial and corrective action to ensure that the Iskandar project benefits Johore and Malaysia much, much more than the “the Little Middle Kingdom”.

    Carry out a thorough review, make the necessary changes, amend the IRD Act if necessary. The personnel involved in implementing the project must be people of calibre, not known to hanky panky, not having leanings to that small island, politically or leisure-wise. These very people should be made to do a review of their own, show where and which aspects of the development carried out so far benefit the state and the country, and how exactly do they do so. No such things as catering to industries unwanted in Singapore on pollution or whatever grounds. It must not be a dumping ground and a haven for asset acquisition and “territorial presence”.

    The IRD review should be done in-house, no more out-sourcing to consultants like said to have been done, to the extent that there are already dozens of studies by all sorts of consultants, costing the project, the Government and the tax payers hell of a lot of money. Such studies should be made public, major decision-making on approaches and concepts should be transparent. There’s no telling the leanings and the vested interests of the consulting firms making all kinds of recommendations.

    On top of the in-house Iskandar Project review and recommendations, Khazanah should also do its own review. Then DS Najib can take the best course of action to put the project on a track best serving the interest of Johor and Malaysia.

    We must not allow “the Little Emperor” and the “little dynasty of the tiny Red Dot” to spread their wings in our territory. We must remember the fellow had been a thorn in the flesh with the so-called “Malaysian Malaysia” concept schemed by him when Singapore was in Malaysia 1963-65; that concept was picked up by PAP’s splinter group, DAP, led by LKY- worshipping LKS, causing a lot of political hoo-ha.

    The little island hardly 20 x 20 miles has submarines, fighter jets said to be stationed in Taiwan and/or Hong Kong under agreements secretly secured with people of their own kind. On top of all those, they brought in Israeli Zionist military and civilian advisers. It took a shrewd leader like Tun Dr Mahathir to see through their intentions and a stupid leader like Mr Flip Flopsy and his wretched SIL to want to cohort and cater to the scheming and manipulation of the Little Emperors.

    Remedy the Iskandar development we must. Realign its path to the best interest of the state and the country.

    • Let me add.

      SAF recently acquired Leopard III MBTs, AH64D Apache Lowngbow attack helicopters, F15ST Eagle air superiority fighters (on top of existing four sqdns of F16s) and multirole ships.


      This the proof that Singapore is Israeli disciple and partner in the East!

      Johor, is Singapore’s agenda equivalent to Israel wanting trans-Jordan, on top Palestine they already have!

      BE WARY!!!!

      • Yes, this is valid argument.

        Singapore is city-state island 650 sq. km. and there is no real threat or votality to have a military force as per listed.

        In fact, the last regional conflict was even before Singapore became an independent state (Confrotation with Indonesia 1963-64). It does not warrant that a state with very strong connections with the US Pacific Fleet based in Yokohama need to have such a lethal fighting force, which is constatntly under training and alert.

        It is so obvious that Singapore, influenced by their Israeli advisers, should have a large and powerful first strike force with the ability to be the aggressor (as a tactic to defend herself) stead of defense capability.

        This was spelt out by Defense Analysts Tim Huxley in “Defending the Lion City” and his other analysis.

        This “I have a large shotgun and parang, even in a very cordial and ultra peaceful neighbour where there has never been any untowards incidence, ever!” is definitely not a neighbourly gesture.

        We often wonder, why the military build up and arms race with a specific referrence to Sinagpore was never raised at ASEAN meetings.

        They should! Be real friendly neighbours and not insult them with ‘distrusting’ prepratory and acquisitions.

      • *comments deleted

        Your thoughts no longer valued here in BigDogDotCom

      • We must indeed be wary, always on the alert and react sensibly to the scheming of LKY. He difinitely adores the Israeli Zionists and the Jews as a nation, follows every trick the Israelis can show them in the so-called defence of an “encircled state”.

        Only that the line between defence and offence is very thin in terms of defence planning and weaponry assemblage. And the Zionists talk about “the deterrent factor” – that of nuclear weapons. The bloody Jewish Lobby, even in the early years after the creation of Israel, managed to get the US send a nuclear reactor and now, while the military blokes and political leaders chuckle in non-admittance, others talk of a formidable nuclear defence force that they have. LKY wishes he has those and don’t be surprised if he has not begun or already have dug underground in Bukit Keranji to produce such an arsenal.

        Otherwise there would be nuclear powered and nuclear armed submarines acquired, in the name of defence against piracy in the Straits of Malacca. And the shrewd fellows, perhaps through the now very powerful Jewish Lobby, have managed to get the US on their side. “Don’t want to
        encourage encirclement” they would say.

        The Israelis managed to whack several of the large the Arab states cold in a Six- Day War in 1967, leading to the occupation of Palestine and untold miseries to the Arabs there. LKY must have marvelled about that and his Israeli-advised military planning must be aimed at a blitzkrieg, getting both Malaysia and Indonesia flat out in a zippy. But has both Malaysia and Indonesia planned to counter this scenario? It’s naiive to think it’s far-fetched.

        And the possibility of Fifth Columns from the IRD? Sure it exists. We might not be able to do much to prevent Singaporeans living in the IRD on whatever visas that may be granted. But we can try to ensure that we get the maximum, and they get the minimum, benefits from their business and economic participation in Johor. Get the right people in the planning and the implementatuon of the project, both in Johore and in KL/ Putrajaya, at the State and Federal Government levels.

      • I have a chat with an old friend marvelling at the defence/attack strategy of North Korea. They have tens of thousand of missiles as deterrents. So far it works.

        I say why not Malaysia? He said we can’t because we might offend singapore.


  5. Biggie,

    If I maybe so bold, let me add. Singapore is really expanding on their tourism & entertainment industry, particularly the gaming & casino. Sheldon Adelson (with an Israeli wife) wants his Marina Sands Resort to be the biggest ‘entertainment’ complex in Asia.

    Well, you can have gaming, clubbing, wining & dining, shopping, theme parks and even night zoos as a part of a very comprehensive package for an entertainment & tourism industry. However the most important component is left out.


    That is where JB comes in. Look around JB how “health spas” are thriving. Paragon, New York, Blue Wave, The Zon, Crystal Crown and even Mutiara Crown Plaza “health spas” are offering these “Packages”.

    It wa said that busloads of Singaporean foreign workers, like India cross across the causeway to patronise these establishments.

    Government should really look into this! Seriously!

    • Singapore has the whole of Geylang and many other places. Trust me, their prostitution flesh trade is a much bigger monopoly than ours, perhaps even bigger the whole of Malaysia. It’s only more expensive.

  6. It is amazing a tidy dot in the Map kicked out by Malaysia 44 years old without any natural resources and post such a ‘threat’ to Malaysia! So in stead of challenging them, we should just close our door and bury our head in the sand and hope that Singapore will rot by itself.

    • “hope that Singapore will rot by itself”

      2nd class your wish will be granted soon.

    • Your wish may come true sooner than you think.

  7. Wow – your beginning to sound like Matthias Chang. Anyhow, so as to prevent getting a yellow card or subsequently a red card from you, I’ll keep the bulk of my comments to the article.

    1. SJER is supposed to help Johoreans :
    If indeed you as the defacto voice of the Johoreans want it scrapped, then scarp it lah. But I still think the PM has a final say

    2. On Petronas
    100% I agree. Petronas is a success story, but the Federal Govt. deficit is partially funded by Petronas dividend. So in a way, the Federal Government is creating opportunities through this funding. I dont think its long term sustainable, but I’ll leave my comments to that. Personally, since Petronas is very well run, from a corporate finance point of view, it should be spending more to reinvest in its own operation.

    3. As to the greater Singapore conspiracy
    Why should Singaporeans give a damn? They are out to make money and if the ‘wet kitchen’ is all the crumbs they can throw, then its the choice whether the country wants to accept the investment.

    On one hand, there is a complaint that the growth in Johor is sluggish with a property overhang (I read it somewhere, not saying its from you). On the other hand there is this quite a strong attack against investment from Singapore.

    To me it looks like a hopeless muddle. Well – let the Johoreans decide whats best for themselves.

    If they want SJER canned, I’m all for it.

    <i<(PS: I do not like Johoreans)

  8. I wish to comment on the 2 issues raised by the a few commentators.
    1) About the developments at the IDR, I would not even care if the foreign investors are from Singapore or Timbuktoo. And whether these investors are going to produce flying saucers or breadcrumbs in IDR is none of my concern. I consider them as any other businessman, like myself, where at the end of the day it will profit me. The sentimentality of the notion that it is a sellout is a defeatist attitude. So what if it fails. Will IDR be another state carved out of the bigger Johor? Our National Land Code is sufficient enough to protect from that to happen. The worst scenario is that it will be like the abandoned malls around JB, eg, the Waterfront City, Pacific Mall and Kemayan City.
    2) Why the fear of Singapore Armed Forces? They can have all the arsenals, fighting hardwares and what not and it is none of my concern. Say lah, they got irritated with Malaysia and they launch an all out assault over the Peninsular. Say lah, the whole of Johor ( up to Kluang or Segamat) will be capitulated.
    After that, even the Singaporeans shudder to think what options can they take next. Decimate the entire Malay Muslim population? See lah how?

    • “To completely and ruthlessly destroy our enemies”

      I believe is one of the doctrines of their armforces.

      “Decimate the entire Malay/Muslim population?”
      May be not all. Because they need some Malay/Muslim for cheap labour.

      By the way, why stop at Johore if you can take the whole peninsula?


      • Just the Singaporean 20 Apache squadron and 70 F16 fighter jets, they can take out all the Malaysian Air Defense in days. Malaysian only answer is probably suicide bombers.

      • The pessimism is appalling!

        You do your best to for the defense of realm. Unless, you prefer not to be Malaysian.

        Then you should opt to be 3rd class citizen!

  9. Datuk Najib ni sama cam Pak Lah Al Flip-Floppy, akrab dgn Singapork. Tengoklah negeri pertama dia laewat lepas ganti Pak Lah!

    Itu sebab dia tak buat keputusan mengenai Jambatan Bengkok.lepas tu tak semena mena pi umumkan nak buat jambatan ketiga!sampai Tuanku Sultan titah!

    Singapork ni TAK BOLEH PERCAYA LANGSUNG!tengok apa LKY buat kat partner PAP dia sejerus dia dpt kuasa! ISA terus!!



    Aku tau ko ni ANTI WPI! Sejak zaman KMU lagi. Ko mesti perjuangankan utk Johor! Sama cam ko perjuangkan utk jatuhkan Pak Lah Badawi Al-Flip-Floppy.akhirnya jatuh juga!

    Terharu aku ko usaha utk sedarkan org mengenai Singapork!

  10. Am totally opposed to Singaporeans having a stake in IDR…do govt officials read blogs?? Even those with good rationality.
    Also, to me “Malaysia my second home” concept is just a conspiracy to bring in fat profits for developers.

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  13. Typical racist UMNO Melayus, no balls to face the shit you people have created. Nizar was right UMNO nothing but pondans.

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  15. Guys you sound as bad as the aussies here. Look I am ex singporean chinese. Hate to say this JB even malaysia need singapore as much as singapore needs malaysia. If both countries co-operate together malaysia and singapore will be very rich. Instead of fighting you guys should get together and run a business or several business to cater for the services that singaporeans need. eg the nursing homes, medical clinics, luxuries you know most singaporean are materailistic

  16. In today’s globalized world, we are no longer competing with each other (eg. Malaysia versus Singapore), instead with the RISE of China & India, they out number us by the billions ! As we speak today there are 100 “singapores” (cities in China with 5 million or more) being built and will be completed in 5 – 10 years time. Even if Iskandar and Singapore work togerther we are both still in deep “trouble”. Please wake up and understand that ONLY if we work together, regardless of race Indian, Chinese, Malays regardless of religion, Muslim, Hindu, Christian or Buddisht then maybe we can survive. There’s not much time left, the world is moving at lighting speeds.(eg. QATAR city was a dessert in 3 years there now about 20 – 30 high rise buildings all over.) What it took KL and SG 20 years to build, today Globally, they (our real so called “enemies”) can do it in 3 years ! Yes Malaysians “so called hate” singaporeans cause this and that or singapore “hate” malaysians cause this and that (over small stuff la), but if we are too busy “fighting” among ourselves, we will not save our ship form sinking. It’s time to forgive and stop this madness, and lets get on with the real issues. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing, better place, a better world for all our people of different races and religions. Get back to the basics of life, back to those days when everyone was “poor” and had a “rich” life. today we have cars, malls, houses etc and still jelous of one another ? In the end, we are only humans, doesnt matter how big ur assets were, u still cant bring it with u where ure going. Right now, we must stand togerther to build a better life for all. and yes we all can still believe and practise our respective faiths or cultures (races) without putting others down. Come on guys, grow up, let go of the past, and make Iskandar, Singapore, KL or where ever a good place to live work and play. My warmest regards to everyone.

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  18. […] we ever learn from history? Malaysia under PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah already sold of the most valuable part of Johor off to Singapore and under his watch, negligently lost Pulau Batu Puteh. Then it is proven as what George Santayana […]

  19. Nevermind, got it!

  20. singapore just scare with Iskandar b’coz..when the bridge from nusajaya to s’pore is build, most of the kargo will come to johore bahru

  21. Does your website have a contact page? I’m having a tough time locating it but, I’d like to send you an email. I’ve got some suggestions for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great website and I look forward to seeing it improve over time.

  22. […] program for the Singaporeans to ‘annex’ Johor is very systematic and […]

  23. […] and designed by the ‘Level Four Boys’ and created for the inadvertent agenda for the ‘Annexation of Greater Johor Bahru’. Then chummy-chumy G-to-G relationship and attention towards Iskandar Malaysia plus RAPID provided […]

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