Selling sand to Singapore, still?

Are we still selling sand to Singapore?

We are made to believe that Malaysia banned the selling of sand to Singapore. It became a highly sensitive and heated issue when the “proposal to sell 1 billion cubic metre of sand” was brought into the ‘Scenic Bridge Replacing Johor Causeway’ negotiations tabled in first quarter 2006, which saw the outcry of Malaysians especially Johoreans.

The other reason was the request as a part of the condition for the Scenic Bridge buy in to allow Johor airspace for low flying Singapore Air Force aircrafts. As a result, PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi abruptly and unceremoniusly cancelled the ‘Scenic Bridge’, amidst construction already started and the RM 1 billion brand new CIQ complex in Bukit Chagar was nearing completion.

The “Selling of 1 billion cubic metre sand proposal” later was discovered to be a ‘Malaysian proposal’, instead a formal request from the Singaporeans at the negotiations table. As a reaction of the outcry, it was announced that the sale of sand to the island city state was banned.

Today, it seems the situation is a little different. Yesterday, Works Minister Dato’ Shaziman Abu Mansor announced in Johor Bahru that “500 trucks carrying sand passed through the Causeway”. It somewhat caused traffic congestion, on top the usual goods that go to Singapore on road.

NST has the story:

Extra lane at CIQ complex to ease traffic congestion



JOHOR BARU: Contractor Gerbang Perdana will build an extra lane to ease congestion at the Sultan Iskandar Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) complex.

Works Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor said the extra lane would be a ramp leading to the new Eastern Dispersal Link on the Johor side, and would be completed in a month.

Shaziman said once the new lane was completed, there would be three lanes for cars to enter Johor Baru, after the Customs checkpoint.

The new lane is among several routes, called medium-term routes, that will be completed by the end of next year.

“We have asked Gerbang Perdana to complete the work earlier as all medium-term routes are supposed to be completed in March 2011.

“The work is 47 per cent complete. The medium-term routes cost RM253 million.”

On complaints of congestion caused by lorries at the Causeway, Shaziman said the problem should be resolved as the cargo checkpoint for lorries in Tanjung Puteri began operating 24 hours since Sunday.

He said the congestion was caused by Singapore-bound lorries that wait near the Tanjung Puteri cargo checkpoint after clearance by Customs.

“Many lorry drivers wait for the right time to enter Singapore. They usually wait for the operation hours (of businesses) to begin at 9am before proceeding. This is one cause for the congestion,” Shaziman said after visiting the CIQ complex and cargo complex for lorries at Tanjung Puteri.

He said 700 lorries travelled from Singapore to Malaysia through the Causeway daily, while the daily number of lorries from Malaysia to Singapore was 1,000. About 500 of the Singapore-bound lorries carry sand.

Shaziman said he would brief the cabinet on Friday on other measures to ease traffic congestion at the CIQ complex.

Among them is a proposal to add another 36 immigration booths to the current 36 at the complex. “PLUS (Projek Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan) Bhd has agreed to this.”


If there is a ban against the ‘Sale of sand to Singapore’, why is it there are “About 500 of the Singapore-bound lorries carry sand” passing through the Sultan Iskandar Complex, daily?

When was the ban on the ‘sale of land’ to Singapore lifted? Who is responsible to allow this to happen?

It is appalling to learn from the NST report that Works Minister Shaziman is only briefing the Cabinet on the congestion, without discussing the ‘sale  of sand’ via the Causeway that is calculated at one milliion cubic metres per annum.

For the record, we decided to call Dato’ Seri Abdullah “Prime Minister ‘Flip-Flop’ ” starting from the ‘Flip-Flop’ decision to cancel the ‘Scenic Bridge’ project, nine weeks after making a strong statement that the project “Is proceeding as scheduled“. Tengah Air Base, is situated at north west of the island republic which is only a few kilometres of the coast of Kota Iskandar in Nusajaya is the most likely where SAF aircrafts need the Johor airspace for easy clearance. Johoreans at Gelang Patah and Tanjung Piai area have been complaining of these low flying aircrafts for years.

And the msytery of the sale of sand, looms……….

*Updated 730pm

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  1. Its true.
    We did still sell sand to the singapore and the government denying it as saying that we only exported “SICA” which are drench from the river of johor, what the heck are they talking about! any difference?. Its is a normal view in jb for a trailer of sand going towards causeway. and Yes its not 10 wheeler lorries @ 26 metre cubic per loads that we normally seen in construction area but its 500 x 85 cubic metre per load per day . Just imagine!!!

  2. 1.remember MMLKY came to “visit” Peninsular Msia ?
    de deal was made then, followed up by wife of PM cosy up to MMlKY and PAP womensection ?
    2.The sand is now absolutely vital since Singapire coasrt is receding due to melting poles ice cap causing waters to rise,
    3.Professor Blauchard of University of mexico forecast that 30 years from now, the coastal cities(Include Singapore ?) will be innundated with water.
    4.Cm of Melaka proposing bridge to Sumatra,and dat connection is fr the Sinagaporeans who already buy up Melaka to,escape to Riau.
    5.question is who is involved, dont say every one dunno 500 lorries can escape EMBE Ghani attention.
    6.Add salt to injury those a—les in singapore allow their shipping industry participants to dump sludges in Pontian waters.
    7.there shud a whole minstryr to be set up :
    to manage and control anything that has sumting to do Singapore, from food,petrol,Iskandar region ,military incursions ,sand ,water ,espionage,arms race, etcetc readers can add,since these issues affect all the govertment dept but no boyy has the authority(testicles) to focus,there those a—-les skrew Msia everyday,inluding the sick joke about slapping pple twice in the dark trains.
    Aiyah,no end to this greedy business of 500,or 1000 lollies of sand.
    Sure got kira wan,n summore tose a—-les say and snigger, how uncorrupt they ar.
    Mah Ngah Tong

  3. Don’t blame others. It is always Melayu selling the Sand to Singapore.

    • Yes,It appeared Melayu are going sell a lot more than sand. Sad!!

      Ops.. for Melayu read pemimpin Melayu


  4. Sepupui KJ Shaziman ni patut digugurkan sajalah. Duit pun dah banyak sapu dari zaman TNB.

  5. I hate Malaysian leaders after Tun M stepped down. And that hatred is keeping stronger by the day. I just can’t figure out why leaders of a country can be sooooo stupid and destructive like ones we have today.

  6. *Comment deleted

    Commenter has lost his privilege to share his throughts here.


    Salam kesedihan buat semua
    Prihal berlaku sukar percaya
    Perkara tersembunyi terbuka
    Pasir haram dijual, halal rupa

    Tuah negara nama singapura
    Punya satu jiran mudah goda
    Berbeza Indonesia tegas jaja
    Ada sekat pasir ke singapura

    Apakah gerangan jadi perkara
    Terbuka haram, sulit boleh aja
    Bukankah lori atas jalan raya
    Senjak bilakah gerangan ada

    Shaziman bercakap bersahaja
    Kesesakan lori, pasir angkara
    Tanpa pasir, 500 lori tak ada
    Bila izin pasir ke luar negara

    Apa pun istilah pasir diguna
    Spesis pasir kategori serupa
    Apakah alasan konkrit gesa
    Mudahkah haram, halal pula

    Dimanakah maruah negara
    Haram jual hebahan merata
    Harga jual beli semesti ada
    Rakyat semua berhak tanya


    • ckp tak serupa bikin. melayu mudah diperkotak katikkan. sering lupa tentang harga diri kerana nafsu yg tidak ada kesudahan. sanggup gadaikan maruah dgn imbuhan yg tidak seberapa, maka inilah hasil yg kita dapat dibumi bertuah yg sudah tidak ada makna lagi kpd rakyat marhaen. rasuah berlaku dari sekecil2 kehidupan hingga ke atas dgn menjual diri. memalu dan meloyakan!!

  8. Good job Bigdog , we dont care who they are .. gets this bloody culprit !!!

  9. *Comment deleted

    Your prvilige to share your thoughts in this blog has been revoked.

    • Get a rubber stamp, BD. So you can stamp it everytime the uncouth vinnan fellow presents his passport at your counter, just chop it “Reject” or sumthin’ that you don’t have to type.

      Wasting people’s time and distracting our attention.

      Wish you wd do the same on that 1- or 2-liner 2nd Class fellow. No meaningful input at all. He doesn’t even bother to explain. Simply accuse and make caustic remarks. Bothering your readers’ attention and spoiling their mood.

      • Vinnan is no longer allowed to share his thoughts because he failed to maintain his decorum here.

        Have some pity on commenter 2nd class. After all, he is a 2nd class citizen. Nothing in the Federal Constitution about different classes of citizenship. However, this poor fellow claims he/she is.

        Obviously he/she is suffering from Acute Lackofattentionitis (I am borrowing this from a commenter!). If ‘2nd class citizenship’ makes him/her feel that he/she had made a point, so be it.

        Its like a person with serious lack of self esteem sighing “Nobody loves me, I’m so unwanted!”, for a shred of attention of for BigDogDotCom readers to empathize.

        If he/she decides to use foul language in here, we shall bannish him/her as well.

  10. Apparently some royalty is involved..Istana that is…the sand is declared as Kaolin..and its sold to make the casino city..
    The Johor Custom is hapless..Ghani Othman the goon is already bought because he is a Kerabat. have been forced to allow the lorries.The lorry drivers are acting like crooks because they know that a certain royalty is behind them.
    Please stop all these nonsense..

    • Can you please substantiate these claims that certain ‘royalty’ and/or ‘Istana’ is behind the sale of sand to Singapore?

      Otherwise, how do we take this issue further.

  11. Isn’t sand, like land, a state matter? If so, the Menteri Besar is wholly responsible. The digging and moving of sand is obviously a Pejabat Tanah Dan Galian and has Land Office involvement. The Land offices have enforcement officers. Are they not taking action, at least tracing where the the sand is dug from and reporting it to their higher authorities?

    Isn’t the exporting to Singapore a MITI or Federal government matter? If so, the Minister responsible, and ultimately, the Prime Minister is responsible.

    If there was any approval made on whatever grounds, why isn’t there any co-ordination on the matter and a bit of public relations done, instead of waiting until Big Dog discovers some telor tembelang in the Minister of Works’ statements? Is this what we have gotten into – so sorry a state of affairs in the country?

    If approved, the approval and the justification(s) must now be made public. If sand is taken from our low lying areas, it’s a nono because we might get engulfed by the ocean ourselves when the global warming effects reach their peak.

    There must be a limit to our foolhardiness. There must also be a limit to our being nice to Singapore. There must be a quid pro quo. Have the experts studied what we get from Singapore for what they get from us all these years?

  12. Why blame singapore when we have thieves in our midst,hey nono two liner this one.

    • Not you my friend. It’s the 1-2 liner 2nd Class fellow. U r 1st class, u r OK.

      But am taking note of BD’s point. If it’s a she and cute,I may want her. Haha.

  13. Kalau saya, nak trace macam ni –
    1. Buat spot check di CIQ dan cekop Pegawai CIQ on the spot.
    Tanya mana surat yg suruh tutup kedua mata ?
    Siapa yg sign surat tu ?
    Kalau tak de surat,check samade pegawai kena rasuah dek SPRM.

    2. Selidik dgn teliti surat tu, samade berpunca dari YB atau …
    3. Cekop dan bungkus dari yg kecik hingga yg paling besar tanpa batasan YB (Yang Berlakon) atau …

    Pokok pangkal nak siasat ke tidak je dan ‘arahan’ dari atasan yg menjadikan ‘siasatan’ tu swept under the carpet. Macam PKFZ, dulu Yang Berlakon Azmi-PAC kate tak de kes, tiba-tiba sekarang suruh SPRM selidik pula.

    Just my thoughts.

    • malaysia, bang! kalu tak, takkanlah perkara haram jadah tu menjadi2. mereka yg kaki rasuah tu mmg suka masuk neraka! mereka tak ada maruah, beri anak bini makan hasil wang haram itu! Janji Allah, masuk nerakalah sesiapa yg memberi dan menerima rasuah!! masaalahnya, mereka2 ini tak percaya akan ayat2 Allah ini, sbb biaanya balasan yg terima bukan sekarang walau pun ada juga yg dapat cash ketika hidup ddunia lagi! Allah dan nabi dh ingatkan bahana rasuah ni, tapi orang kita, nama saja islam, tetapi nilai moral mereka, maaf cakap lar, lebih rendah dari orang yg bukan islam!! sungguh menjijkkan perasuah2 ini!

  14. BD stop acting like a child go to jb n u do go there dont you,the whole of jb knows about it and yet you pretend as if not to know.

    • Agree with BD. Get the full facts and present them here. BD may know but doesn’t have the full facts, with details, documents and anyone willing to be quoted (if not testify).

      Otherwise how to stop it? Only shouting at it.

      DS Nazri said MACC can investigate TG Nik Aziz just on the basis of newspaper reports. But next thing he said he has spoken with Nik Aziz and felt that the old man honestly didn’t know the law. How can like this? Now what message is he giving to MACC? He is a lawyer and knows the fundamental principle that ignorance is no excuse under the law. What is he trying to say, or do?

      What has become of this country?

      Lik that, how can Nik Aziz continue to be MB? Teruklah orang Kelantan dan negeri Kelantan!

  15. 500 per day, how many days already have past..!!
    How many days since the statement??

    Well,we hafta wait and see..!!

  16. if we say melayu [pemimpin melayu/raja melayyu/ ]
    tak pandai[to be blunt ngong ] people are bound to say we are
    racist. But look at this kind of transaction- macam tak berwawasan-
    a gang of shitheads making decision.

    sometimes the call for more control of the royalty as had been
    done by mahathir is recommended. Otherwise if left to their devices
    the royalty behaved as if they are ‘body incompetent’ to make any
    decision that is good for their state.

    I pray for the coming of a prime minister who could shackle the
    powers of the royalty to do transactions which are deemed contrary to
    national interest.

  17. Menurut maklumat yang baru diterima dari pihak kastam diraja malaysia yang mengawal keluar masuk lori di sempadan Tambak Johor, 500 lori yang dianggarkan oleh Menteri Kerja Raya membawa pasir ke Singapore untuk di jual adalah tidak tepat kerana mengikut laporan yang baru di terima dari pihak Kastam Diraja malaysia Johor ( Mohd Subre Ishak) “Kastam Department Director” menyatakan anggaran 500 lori yang melalui CIQ hanya 40 lori sehari yang membawa produk Silica untuk pembuatan berasaskan kaca, selebihnya adalah lori yang membawa pelbagai barangan untuk di export ke negara jiran, Menurut Mohd Subre Ishak pihak Kastam Menafikan kenyataan yang telah di buat oleh Menteri kerja raya, pihak Kastam Diraja Johor juga menegaskan bahawa pihaknya sentisa mengawal setiap “checkpoint” dengan ketat dan akan mengambil contoh silica yang di bawa keluar dari johor untuk di analisa.

    • Kita masih lagi memerlukan kenyataan rasmi Menteri Kerja Raya Dato’ Shaziman Abu Mansor kerana artikel ini berdasarkan laporan atas kenyataan Menteri itu di Johor Bahru pada hari Selasa.

      Kastam DiRaja Johor juga perlu membuat kenyataan rasmi bagi membetulkan fakta yang salah (sekiranya kenyataan Menteri ini tidak benar).

      Sekiranya tiada kenyataan rasmi, maka kami menganggap kenyataan sebagaimana dilaporkan NST ini benar.

  18. […] Malaysian blogger asks if the ban on selling sand to Singapore is still in effect. Cancel this […]




    i. Pengeksportan bahan batuan dari Johor ke Singapura adalah merupakan perniagaan tradisi antara kedua-dua negara.

    ii. Berkuatkuasa pada 30 Ogos 1997, Kerajaan Persekutuan telah mengenakan larangan eksport pasir melainkan pasir silika dan pasir penapis keluar negara.

    iii. Kerajaan Negeri Johor melalui mesyuarat pada 3 Januari 2000 telah bersetuju untuk menguatkuasakan larangan eksport pasir yang dikuatkuasakan oleh Kerajaan Persekutuan.

    iv. Pada 24 April 2002. Kerajaan Negeri Johor telah menguatkuasakan larangan eksport bahan batuan (batu pejal) berukuran 9” keatas.

    v. Kerajaan Negeri Johor mempunyai dasar pengeksportan bahan batuan keluar negara iaitu tidak membenarkan pengeksportan melebihi 50% dari pengeluaran bulanan.

    vi. Bahan batuan yang dibenarkan untuk dieksport oleh Kerajaan Negeri Johor adalah:

    a. Batu Pejal dibawah 9”

    (termasuk Quarry Dust, Aggregate, Chipping dan Crusher run);

    b. Batu Bata;

    c. Rumput;

    d. Pasir Silika;

    e. Pasir Tapisan;

    f. Genting;

    g. Batu Hiasan

    h. Tanah Liat Putih


    i. Jabatan Ketua Pengarah Tanah dan Galian Persekutuan (JKPTG) telah mengeluarkan satu surat pekeliling pada 15 Januari 1997 menetapkan bahawa semua jenis pasir adalah dilarang untuk dieksport kecuali pasir silika bagi industri pembuatan dan pasir penapis (filter sand). Pasir Silika dan Pasir Penapis adalah dibenarkan eksport dengan syarat pengeksport mempunyai permit eksport (AP) yang dikeluarkan oleh Kementerian Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar.

    ii. Berkuatkuasa pada 1 Ogos 2008, Ketua Pengarah Jabatan Mineral dan Geosains Malaysia telah mengeluarkan satu pekeliling berkaitan garispanduan prosedur penyediaan Surat Penilaian Teknikal (SPT) mengeksport pasir silika untuk dikemukakan kepada Jawatankuasa Permit Eksport Mineral (JAPEM), Kementerian Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar sebagai dokumen yang diperlukan bagi pertimbangan permohonan pasir silika.

    iii. Kuasa meluluskan lesen / permit eksport untuk mineral dan semua jenis bahan batuan seperti disenaraikan dalam Perintah Kastam (Larangan Mengenai Eksport) (Pindaan) (No. 2) terletak kepada Kementerian Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar.


    i. Pasir – Perkataan pasir merujuk kepada partikal-partikal mineral atau bahan batuan yang terbentuk secara semula jadi dimana 75% daripada bahannya adalah bersaiz antara 1/16mm hingga 2mm. Kebanyakan pasir mempunyai kadar kandungan silika yang tinggi dalam bentuk kuarza.

    ii. Pasir Silika – Pasir Silika merujuk kepada pasir yang mengandungi 95% minimum silika seperti yang ditentukan oleh cara analisa standard.


    i. Pengeksport dikehendaki mendapatkan kelulusan dan kuota eksport melalui Pentadbir Tanah Daerah (PTD) dari Pengarah Tanah Dan Galian Johor (PTG);

    (Sebelum perakuan kebenaran eksport pasir Silika dirujuk kepada PTG, bahan tersebut akan dirujuk kepada JMG untuk dianalisa kandungan bahan dan ulasan. Hanya kandungan silika SIO2 diatas 95% akan dipertimbangkan untuk dieksport manakala dibawah 95% tidak dibenarkan untuk dieksport.

    ii. Selepas mendapat kelulusan dan kuota eksport, pengeksport dikehendaki mendapatkan Permit Pengalihan (Permit 4C Kanun Tanah Negara) di pejabat-pejabat tanah daerah berkenaan;

    iii. Pengeksport juga dikehendaki mengemukakan Borang Kastam No. 2 pin. 8/89 untuk mendapatkan Permit Eksport (AP) dari Kementerian Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar;

    iv. Menjelaskan bayaran royalti eksport dan mendapatkan kupon UKE 2:3:1 dari PTG;

    v. Pemeriksaan bahan batuan dan dokumen oleh Unit Kawalan Eksport PTG di Komplek Kastam Tanjung Puteri Johor Bahru / Sultan Abu BakarGelang Patah;

    Dokumen yang perlu dibawa untuk pemeriksaan:

    a. Permit 4C;

    b. Borang Kastam No. 2 dan Permit Eksport (AP);

    c. Surat Kelulusan Eksport;

    d. Kupon Eksport PTG Johor UKE 2:3:1;

    vi. Pemerikasaan dan pengesahan Dokumen Sistem Maklumat Kastam (SMK) dalam Komputer ‘Other Government Agency’ (OGA);

    vii. Pemeriksaan Kastam untuk perlepasan.


    i. Anggota Kuatkuasa PTG ditempatkan di Komplek Kastam Tanjung Puteri Johor Bahru dan Sultan Abu Bakar – Beroperasi dari jam 0700 pagi hingga 1800 petang setiap hari melainkan hari Ahad dan Cuti Umum.

    ii. Setiap pengeluaran eksport, pihak PTG dan Kastam akan mempastikan segala bahan batuan dan dokumen yang diperlukan untuk mengeksport dipatuhi dan disahkan betul sebelum pelepasan dibenarkan. Jika terdapat sebarang keraguan, pihak PTG / Kastam akan menahan dan merujuk kepada JMG untuk pengesahan.

    iii. Anggota Unit Kuatkuasa PTG juga telah diarah supaya membuat pemantauan diluar masa yang ditetapkan terutamanya selepas jam 1800 jika diperlukan.


    i. Mengikut rekod pengeksportan PTG Johor antara September hingga 20 November 2009, purata pengeluaran eksport bahan batuan ke Singapura adalah antara 350 hingga 400 lori sehari. Diantara jumlah tersebut, 10 hingga 15 lori sehari adalah lori yang membawa pasir silika manakala baki dari jumlah tersebut adalah lain-lain bahan batuan seperti ‘Quarry dust, Aggregate, Chipping dan Crusher run’.

    ii. Habuk Batu ‘Quarry Dust’ adalah bahan batuan yang diletakkan dibawah katogeri batu pejal.

    iii. Dalam pemantauan yang dibuat oleh Unit Kuatkuasa PTG, tiada terdapat kebenaran pengeksportan pasir dilakukan untuk ke Singapura.



    ( Quarry Dust,
    Aggregate, Crusher
    Run & Chipping

    01/11/09 – – AHAD
    02/11/09 10 364 374
    03/11/09 11 380 391
    04/11/09 11 347 358
    05/11/09 12 342 354
    06/11/09 9 317 326
    07/11/09 13 369 382
    08/11/09 – – AHAD
    09/11/09 11 321 332
    10/11/09 11 335 346
    11/11/09 11 204 215
    12/11/09 12 309 321
    13/11/09 11 344 355
    14/11/09 14 347 361
    15/11/09 – – AHAD
    16/11/09 10 310 320
    17/11/09 10 353 363
    18/11/09 6 374 380
    JUMLAH 162 5016 5178

    Disediakan :

    Unit Kuatkuasa PTG Johor

    Tarikh : 21 November 2009

    • Thank you.

      However, we are very suspicious of the authencity of this ‘statement’, so called by “Unit Kuatkuasa PTG”:

      1. Why isn’t there a formal statement like ‘Press Realease’ on official correspondence issued by either the Commissioner of Land and Mines Johor (PTG), State Secretariat or even the Menteri Besar’s office on this?

      2. How come mainstream media did not carry this statement? Afterall, NST reported on this “500 lorroes carrying sand through CIQ to Singapore” was a statement made by the Minister of Works, in Johor Bahru dated 18 November 2009.

      3. Why did the Minsiter of Works made such a glaring statement in Johor Bahru? Isn’t he aware of the repercussions of making such a statemet and it is false or inaccurate?

      4. How come this statement is posted here as a comment and not appear in dedicated pro-UMNO Johor blogs/portal like MyKMU.Johor?

      5. Can and should a third party blog reader make a comment to explain the actual situation on the “sale of sand to Singapore”, on behalf of “Unit Kuatkuasa PTG Johor”?

      In our experience for over 10 years in political bloggosphere, this is the FIRST TIME EVER AN OFFICIAL STATEMENT IS EXPRESSED AND REBUTTAL ON A MINISTER’S STATEMENT MADE VIA COMMENT TO AN ARTICLE!

      It is very suspicious that this comment is about person/s is/are more interested to ‘blow’ the powers of Johor’s arse, then findng and uncovering the truth for such a controversial issue.

      We now wonder, is there an attempt to cover this “Sale of sand to Singapore” up?

      If it is not, then the attempt of this commenter clearly demontrated that the commenter is:

      1. Stupid
      2. Very inexperienced in the bloggosphere
      3. Have minimal understanding how issues are raised, debated and resolved in bloggosphere


      BTW, even if it exist, it should be “Unit Penguatkuasa PTG” instead “Unit Kuatkuasa PTG”!

  20. Yes agreed. There so many lorries sending sands to singapore and most of them either registered with a Johor registration plate no or Singaporeans. And this has caused a massive conjunction at Causeway especially at night after 8pm when all the sand lorries are leaving from Singapore.

    I just don’t understand why our ministers or Cabinet memeber are NOT consistent in adopting the policy that they have approved. Aren’t they supposed to think carefully before making any statements or decisions? It is the same thing with the petrol price issue.

    If their predecessor has agreed NOT to sell sand to singapore how come this is still happening now? And don’t tell me MB Johor is not aware about this. What about our PM? Is he also not aware about this?

    Or is it because somebody is getting a huge benefit from Singapore and disregard the precedence to the sand policy which was made during Tun Mahathir era?

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