“Butcher of Malaya” return: DAP chauvinism true colours shown

In the midst of public outcry of vehemently denying the approval for the return of Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng to his hometown Sitiawan and be buried there, DAP’s Chinese chauvinism true colours are shown. As they are known to be anti-Malay authority and establishment, the Chinese chauvinist party is making a  call for Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng’s nonchallant and  insincere apology be accepted and him being allowed to return back to the country he once waged a war and committed atrocities.

The Star has the story:

Monday November 23, 2009

Disagreement on Chin Peng’s apology

PETALING JAYA: The Government should accept Chin Peng’s apology and allow him to return to Malaysia, said national DAP chairman Karpal Singh.

However, former International Movement for a Just World (JUST) president Dr Chandra Muzaffar disagreed, and brushed off the apology as insencere.

PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayub, meanwhile, suggested a referendum to let the public decide if the apology was acceptable.

“The 20th anniversary of the peace accord between the Malaysian government and the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) on Dec 2, 1989, and now, an official apology by Chin Peng, should prompt the Government to allow him to return to Malaysia,” Karpal said in a statement yesterday.

Karpal was responding to Chin Peng’s apology for the deaths of innocents published in The Star yesterday.

He claimed the former secretary-general of the CPM had always been a citizen of Malaysia although there were suggestions that Chin Peng did not apply for citizenship after the country achieved independence.

Karpal also said Chin Peng was already 85 years old and had expressed his desire to return to Malaysia. Chin Peng has made arrangements for him to be buried near his father’s grave in his hometown of Sitiawan.

“This should strike a chord in the hearts of those in power.”

He said Chin Peng’s plan to take his case to the International Court of Justice after having lost out in Malaysian courts would give Malaysia unnecessary negative publicity and should be avoided at all cost.

Dr Chandra considered Chin Peng’s apology insincere because of his stand in defending the killing of innocents by his group.

“If we examine his statement, he does not admit he did something wrong.

“He said there would be civilian casualties in war, and said that communists, too, were killed by security forces.

“This shows that his apology is insincere,” he told mStar Online.

“Saying that civilians get killed in war shows he is trying to legitimise what has happened,” added Dr Chandra.

“We also have to consider the feelings of the relatives of those in the security force,” he added.

Salahuddin said a referendum would decide the issue.


For DAP to make such call clearly demosntrated that they have very little regard for the authorities and security personnel, who have risk and lost their lives, if not permanently maimed to make Malaya/Malaysia a peace and stable place to live defending the rakyat and tanahair from the “Butchers of Malaya” atrocities and terrorism throughout 54 years of insurgency. Of course, particularly the ‘Heroes of the Hadyaii Accord’ who worked very hard so that peace be achieved. The fact  that majority of the security and essential services personnel are Malays, it also illustrated their anti-Malay true self.

Otherwise, we at BigDogDotCom once challenged DAP who calls themselves “multiracial party” and advocated “Malaysian, Malaysia” to do their bit for the defense of the realm in getting an influx of Non Malay applicants into the Police, Army and other essential services each time there is a recruitment drive.

On the excuse of Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng’s justification to come back and spend the remaining of his natural live in Malaysia so that he could be burried next to his father, should not arise. He is a Moist-Leninist commnunist and denounced religion, traditions and heritage values. As such, the issue of going back to his roots should never arise. Afterall, he left home to fight even his own fellow Chinese ethnic and fled to China for sanctuary. Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng no longer belong here, in this tanahair.

Another fact remain, his armed rebellion was all about grabbing power, even at the cost of butchering innocent lives. If the intention of chasing away the British colonialists was his reason to wage an armed rebellion, then he should have considered democratically elected Malayan Chief Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra’s offer for total amnesty and coming back into the societies fold by laying downs arms at the Baling Talks on 28 December 1955, despite atrocities already committed. He vehemently refused. Then the much awaited Merdeka came on 31 August 1957. Now that Federation of Malaya is a sovereign country with a Constitution, a parliament consist of democratically elected rakyat based on the constitutional monarchy and most importantly Britain was no longer in control of Malaya and Malayans, he still continued to wage the armed rebellion for another 32 long years.

A quarter of million dollars bounty for Chin "Butcher of Malaya" Peng, from a 1950s Straits Time headline

In 1951, Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng was Malaya’s PUBLIC ENEMY NO. 1. There was a bounty of quarter of million dollars for his capture, which was a princely sum then.

Never the less, let us remind Malaysians of the sufferings of almost 18,000 families who lost love ones in the 12 years Emergency (1948-60), where 60% of them are non combatant civilians, which include innocent women, children and old folks.

This was published in Starmag, The Star on 28 September 2003:

My father’s murderer

ON the night of Dec 19, 1948, my father, the headmaster of the Chinese school in Simpang Dua, Sitiawan, Perak, was resting with his pregnant wife, also a Chinese school teacher, and his seven children at home after dinner. Some people came and called my father, so he wore his shirt and stepped out of the house into the dark. According to my mother, a conversation took place followed by the sound of two gunshots.

The shock was too great for a pregnant woman to bear. Four days later, I was born, prematurely and fatherless.

I used to go for Cheng Beng (All Souls Day) to take flowers to my father’s grave every year. Next to his grave is that of my classmate’s father. He was the headman of Simpang Dua at that time and was also gunned down by Chin Peng’s men on the same fateful night.

When I was studying in ACS, Sitiawan, I used to look at Chin Peng’s son, who was my senior in the same school. He could walk out of the class when Mr Moses Tay taught Malayan history about Chin Peng, but I could only sit there and wish that my father was alive. Perhaps if he had not been a headmaster but just an ordinary teacher, he would not have been murdered and my mother wouldn’t have had to suffer so much, bringing up eight young children single-handedly.

In my birth certificate, in the column for “Father”, is written: “Ditembak mati” (shot dead). It should be “Ditembak mati oleh Chin Peng, the villain”!

Impossible to Forgive & Forget,

Klang, Selangor


The same lady also said this, as reported by The Sun 28 Oct 2003:

Eyes glistening with tears and her voice stifled by emotion, Loi apologised as she tried to speak: “Chin Peng did not just kill headmaster Loi Hieng Poh but deprived me of a father-daughter bonding.”

At all cost, Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng should not be allowed to step foot and breathe the air of the independent and peaceful Malaysia (Malaya) he once terrorized and tried to destroy. If the DAP is insistent that the “Butcher of Malaya” be allowed back in, then they must also insist that the man be made to stand trial as a war ciminal and crimes against HM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong, Federal Constitution and rakyat.

If the argument of not making Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng to stand trial for war crimes is about of his 85 year old age and the Hadyaii Accord was signed 20 years ago, then consider that there is a 90 year old Nazi war criminal now being prosecuted 64 years after the Nuremberg trial ended. He is the “Butcher of Malaya” and tens of thousand families deserve to see justice prevail.

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  1. What “striking chord” is this fellow Karpal talking about? Strike a cord in a noose around Chin Peng’s neck, yes.

    No going to ICJ and that nonsense. Don’t waste public money and effort. Just ignore those fellows. Tons of records can be produced, including from the British archives, to show what the brute did. He can even be brought to War Crimes Tribunal for his atrocities. But just don’t waste the time and money. No, no, no.

    Agree with Dr Chandra’s opinion – the bugger’s apology is insincere. In fact, it’s no apology. Even if it’s construed as apology, it must not be accepted.

    Remember, the bloke caused loss of a lot of lives, untold hardships, misery and suffering. Plus hampering economic progress for over half a century. If he could doggedly stick to his communist dogma, why can’t we doggedly stick to him being not a Malaysian citizen, having agreed to be couped up in Betong, Thailand.

    What “always have been a citizen” that Karpal is talking about? Does he think Tan Sri Professor Khoo Kay Kim is not qualified to have checked the records and stated that the bloke was not a citizen? What proof has Karpal got? Were not all non-Malays stateless until after Merdeka? Does he know the facts Prof Khoo put out? This Karpal fellow wants to politicise the Chin Peng fellow, ha? Nonsense. Tak masuk akal.

    • Ya, skrew this chin peng fellow. Stay in Thailand, malaysia dont need you here. he aint got right in this country and surely he is not wanted. come back straight to the gallow may be is acceptable! what trial does he need? public money is already wasted by the saving failing companies and corruptions. Dont need more spending lest more excuses for fuel hike again!!

      spend your time to catch the EO and killers on the loose is more productive

  2. *Comment deleted

    This commenter’s privilege to share thoughts in here has been revoked

    • Does this vinnan bloke know what the Haadyai Accord is? If he is eligible to enter Malaysia under the Accord, then why the hulabaloo about not allowing the Commie fellow to enter?

      I thought this vinnan fellow’s priviledge of commenting here has been withdrawn. Is he a communist terrorist, too, completely disregarding established rules and regulations, forcing his way in despite being banned?

    • typical DAP communist bastard. go back China wheere your ancestors chinese communist belongs,. this is Tanah Melayu/Malaya

  3. i seconded this motion without a second toughts being a son of an army officer we have had our fair share of encounter especially during the 70’s up north in the state of Perak. more often than not many soldiers were killed and those communist bastard aswell were given fair share of life.

    no chinpeng let him rots and die elsewhere … this is not human right anymore it’s about principle …. principle of life .., period

  4. and yes. let him rot in hell. many soldiers who lost their eyes, legs, hands can wait at the airport and bring hoe,machete and myself too will bring stick for this bastard. my grand father was called one day and asked to go somewhre. he entered that building and was hacked by shovels, machete, hoe and murdered by the bastards chin peng man.i will do the same to this bloody bastard if he happen to come back here in my tanah melayu aka malaya..bastard chin peng and karpal singh..go to hell u.karpal singh ,,u will die rot in the wheelchair forver. god does not take yf life easily..he will make you suffer as long as you can. just used that bloody wheelchair of yours until you mampos barua lawyer penipu, pembohong..as for chin peng ,,if you dare you come home. i will dig your grave and hang in the place where my grandfather was murdered..in Yong Peng, Johor.


    Kapir harbi ni darahnya halal utk diperangi!

    Nasib baik kita ada undang undang.kita tidak lagi berperang. Jadi kita seret dia dlm mahkamah!

    Oleh itu betul cakap BigGuy. Kita adili Chin Peng ala Nuremberg. Sekarang ni pun Karadszic sdg dimuka pengadilan. Jenayah yg sama!

  6. “Chin Peng plans to take his case to the International Court of Justice”

    Heh heh …

    Ask the WORLD, would they accept Osama as an american citizen if he were to SINCERELY apologise for the obliteration of world trade centre.

  7. Indeed the DAP’s true colors as a chauvinist pig party are revealed. While Kapal Singh is talking “cock”, the PAS VP is talking “pussy” with the DAP when calling for a referendum. Thus the MF PAS VP must have a big pocket to finance a memorandum on a single individual “bastard” known as the Butcher of Malaya; isn’t it better for the VP to spend the money to enable some poor Muslims to perform Hajj or give sedekah to the unfortunate? Funny for this PAS VP to sniff the butts of chauvinist pigs, perhaps he wants to follow the footsteps of the adviser of Pakatan who loves nothing less than butts; birds of a feather flock together.

  8. heiiyyaa. 1946. satu kampuong sana batu pahat. gwa umok 5 tawun itu jam. gwa apak selale pak naib / asisten penghulu.

    ini pak naib lua hali tatak balik lomah. olang kampuong pigi cali. jumpa lalam sangkak babi. lalam singei. sutak mati.

    itu malam olang kampuong baca loa alwah. olang cilita. pak naib tatak mau kautim sama bintang tikak. tatak mau kasi galam gula telok. tatak mau kasi tolong lia olang. belakang bintang tikak kasi gwa apak selale satu kali mati.

    itu chin peng cibai mau mali arrrr … kasi lia mati satu kali. sapa sapa olang sukak itu chin peng sini mali … kasi gasak satu kali sama lia olang … kasi habit itu dap singh cibai.

  9. Hi Comrades,
    Chin Peng is just an image & icon just like how Osama bin Laden represented certain ideals & beliefs. When you talk about would Americans forgiveness of Osama Bin Laden….the similar sentiment share & express by you people here is the exact similar sentiment feelings the Americans have against Osama Bin Laden and certain international community. And you wonder why our world is constantly at war & conflict. Chin Peng might not personally killed the Billions people around the world or in Malaysia, but he represent the Communism ideals and definitely have its fair share of extremist followers who shoot & kill the innocent for their ideals to propagate communism as how Osama have its Islamic fundamental beliefs that people killed & died in 9/11 are needed sacrifices for their fight. Do Osama personnally kill & maim the Americans & multinational innocents when the Twin Tower collapse? No…he don’t have the time & logistic to do so himself…but his extremist followers did it for him. How many have died and their family anguish all because of Osama Bin Laden…the American media has many label for Osama, the Butcher, the Killer..if Osama to appear in the heart of American Texas , he would be instantly shot dead on sight. Do Americans need to forgive Osama after the media has created an Evil icon of a leader of him?? Well…the world always like to demonize someone using a popular figure…be it Bush, Stalin, Mao, Osama, Hitler and our very own Chin Peng. Thanks this blog for propagating the world violence and never allow or accept forgiveness because we loves to continue violences. An eye for an eye makes the whole world goes blind.

    Ah Chin

    • sob sob sob

      hoo hoo hoo

      my heart goes out to you peace-lover, peace-maker

  10. This Chandra Muzzaffar is a mamak…a lot of the world problem is caused by mamak…not indian or malay…but mix….no 1 in pusing and chauvisnistic at that…oh mamak kuti…Zambery is also a mamak. Look at Perak….

    • Aiyah chin peng,

      You just ask us to forgive and I actually shed tears, you know.

      NOW you want us to go to war with the Indians.

      You OK or not?

    • i thought this Chin Peng have a mercy and forgiveness … but he/she just shown how totally hypocrite like his/her idola Chin Peng . hahaha

  11. If Chin Peng is serious of his apology, he should withdraw his lawsuit against the Government at the ICJ.

    What make him so sure he can be buried in Setiawan? He is not a citizen and he has no birth cert to proof his citizenship.

    Chin Peng must not be allowed to be buried in Setiawan!!!

    • Well at the rate of widespread anger against him, he may not even survive long, once he step into Malaysia.

  12. Chin Peng’s case against the Malaysian Govt at ICJ will be a close case as the case against Chin Peng is really heavy. He is a commie. Big Western countries like the US of A, Britain etc do not like the Commies. They have an allergy towards Communism. Unless of course, the jury is biased against Malaysia, then Chin Peng might win …Anyway, if he dares to come back, I think a lot of people especially the children of the Police Force, the Army and other civilians will be waiting to settle their accounts with this blardy murderer Chin Peng.

  13. But I suppose if Osama sneaks into Malaysia, he will be given a hero’s welcome because he stood for destroying the enemies of Islam?

    • Exactly.

      Chin Peng arouses the sympathies of some Malaysian Chinese, even though he was declared the butcher.

      What matters is that he should not be brought into Malaysia as that agitates his victims and their family members. The trauma is unimaginable.

      Osama will never ask to go to america, why should chin peng be allowed to return to the home of his victims. He should sneak into China.

    • hehehe this is example of the mind DAP supporters . Always full of perceptions about Islam and how hatred they’re

  14. The issue of Chin Peng coming to Malaysia again surface due to some idiotic and unpatriotic people like DAP and gang or people like Vinnan (a popular anti Malays and government commentators – just like what the Malaysian Insider have been doing – agitating and destroying the unity of this country. Not to say the main spy to LKY and Singapore). There’s only one conclusion that I could derive that this idiots like Karpal Sing and Vinnan with those ning-cam-pook communists hidden their ideology behind the so call Pakatan Rakyat (Pas too seem to be communist…) are actually the REAL COMMUNIST and the FUTURE LEADER PLANTED BY COMMUNIST…if not, why this issue which already becoming so sensitive in the past is now becoming so insensitive to those idiots…didn’t that somebody are playing the string…the real communist behind it…berhati-hatilah…as what the communist ideology said…”all people are comminist…even if they say no but if it keeps on telling them as communist…they become communist’…

  15. Who is actually the “Butcher of Malaya” ? Did the CPM kill more Malayans or did the Japanese or the Brits ? I think whoever the leader of the party that killed the most Malayans should be given that title.

    I don’t have the facts but I think it was more likely the Japanese. We should then be directing our dismay to the Japs instead. But even Tun M was taken in by the Japs regret and of course subsequently, initiated the Look East policy.

    But it looks like we don’t accept the remorse and apologies of someone who actually fought the Japanese invaders. Malays, Chinese & Indians might all be speaking Japanese now, hypothetically, if not for the Fat Boy and Little Man.

    Chin Peng, Rashid Mydin, Musa Ahmad and Shamsiah Fakeh all have a place in Malaysian history, even if they had Communist/Marxist leanings. They wanted the Japanese out as well as the British. They wanted Malaya for Malayans. Unfortunately, their means were not acceptable.

    • What utter rubbish. You see any Japanese taking Malaysia to court merely for a burial plot???

      Best if you balek kampung tanam jagung, like all GOOD gardeners do.

    • whooaa so many communist sympathy here … hey what about Brit and Japanese ?? .. nobody trying make them as National hero , like what DAP and their supporters trying for Chin Peng .

      So what wrong with looking to the east policy ?? you think all Japanese wrong for what japanese Army did .. if you think like that , its mean – we must punish all Chin relative who still living happily in Malaysia !!! youre joker !

      Oooo CPM want Japanese out and Malaya for Malayan ??? you must be kidding .. this CPM just go war becoz their soo hatred the Japanese , after the Jap did to their motherlands , of coz chinese immigrate to Tanah Melayu becoz so many reason like problem with japanese .. this CPM never into war for this beloving country and their trying make Tanah Melayu is as part of China Communist !!! Since when this assholes in CPM sincerely want liberate Tanah Melayu !

      If Chin Peng very sincerely , just happily living in Thai and no one bothers him , just get a happy live there!!! , and dont ever show his face in Malaysia .. but this assholes only like to create so much problems by doing this !!!

  16. the case for chin peng is simply analsyed as follows-

    Up to 1945 he might have have been properly labelled as
    a nationalist.

    post 1945

    when he refused the amnesty he was waging a war against
    malaya- under the british

    post 1957
    Persekutuan Tanah Melayu was established and he was
    was waging a war against the ydp Agung. As it stood
    he represented a foreign government [china] in waging a
    war against Malaysia.

    2009 and beyond

    Any Malaysian killing him anywhere in malaysia in the
    name of protecting the sovereignty of the country
    would not be charged under the Malaysian Law.

    Unless Chin Peng gets a pardon it will be open season
    for peace loving malaysians to take a pot shot at him.

    What say you, members of the Malaysian bar?

    • right on the dot!

      but hey, sorry can’t help with the answers. i’m not that BAR man you were looking for. I’m just a bar-man, you know… busy around alcohols… (but aren’t they the BAR man just the same?)


  17. During World War II, Japanese Army will terrorize the kampong folk in daylight, at nighttime Communist will terrorize the kampong folk. If kampong folk can’t give rice and livestock they will be killed. Perhaps someone could visit Changkat Tin mosque and you could talk to one of Imam. This Imam came from Kajang due to Bintang Tiga and Japanese brutality he ran away to Perak.

    After Japanese surrender, this Bintang Tiga has killed many innocent people. According to old folks they use to say “Cina Raja Seminggu” massacre. Many civil servants have been label “Japanese collaborator” even the civil servant has been working during English master before. My grandfather was a policeman, during this event he manage to kill three “Bintang Tiga” which try to drag him infront of his family and still keep his “keris” with me.

    For people who support Chin Peng, shame on you..
    In Singapore PAP/DAP was right wing to CPM fought for urban warfare, where CPM fought for Guerrilla warfare. last minute Master Tai-Chi LKY work with English master.

    I agreed with Hanana,

    Post 45 – WWII hero
    Post 57 – Nationalist
    1957 – 1989 = Butcher of Malaya/Malaysia
    2009 – should put on trial for every massacre he did.

  18. PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayub, meanwhile, suggested a referendum to let the public decide if the apology was acceptable.


    pandai betol si salahuddin ni

  19. Let this commie die outside of Malaysia. His body or ashes or even his shadow is NOT welcomed in Malaysia. I spit on his bloody soul.

  20. The white australians have says sorry to the aborigines, the germans have says sorry to the german jews. Obama has says sorry to the Islamic world. The British has says sorry to the young children they sent to far away land. New Japan leader vows never to visit soldiers of war crime shrine as implicit sorry for the atrocities committed. So far, the countries that never says sorry to each other are Pakistan & India, Israel & Palestin(other Arab countries). So the violence continue there because its hard for them to say sorry. Just use nuclear and nuke these countries off the face the earth…..because these leaders like playing politic and peoples feeling.

    Ah Chin

  21. […]one another nice source on this subjectis ,bigdogdotcom.wordpress.com,[…]

  22. Some communist ass-lickers have been writing to the Star, arguing that Noordin Mat Top was being allowed to be buried in Malaysia although he was a terrorist. They said the Govt was bias and racist by doing so.

    I say let Chin Peng died the way Noordin died, bombed and mutilated, then we allowed him to be buried in Sitiawan. Better still if we put his ashes in a toiletbowl in someone’s house located in Sitiawan, so that he can rest in peace with all the taik and air kencing. So he’ll get what he wishes for – a deserved place for him, in his “homeland”!

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  36. […] The Chinese Chauvinist and racist DAP leaders and the like-minded minority groups even resorted to insult position, role and authority of HRH Rulers, Islam as religion of the Federation of Malaysia. They even resort to be seditious.  This is not with standing the fact of their continued open support for Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng and his attempt to come back to Malaysia. […]

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