‘Ariffahmi Gate’: MB ‘Flip-Flop’ Nik Aziz asked to go?

Nik Aziz in a Chinese Chauvinists anti-Islam/Malay DAP function with Lim Kit Siang

Since we at BigDogDotCom scooped that only Kelantan MB ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato Nik Aziz Nik Mat practiced cronyism by appointing his son-in-law Ir Ariffahmi Abdul Rahman as CEO of state owned GLC Perbadanan Menteri Besar Kelantan (PMBK) and abused that position for personal reasons and ‘irregularities’, things have not been to well for the PAS Spiritual Leader. After he was exposed of accepting a PMBK’s offer for a luxurious RM 65,000 per person Hajj trip for himself and some immediate family members, he started to make ‘Flip-Flop’ statements and stance on the sensitive issue.

Bernama.com  has the story:

Nik Aziz’s flip-flopping shows PAS leadership weak: Muhyiddin

 2009-11-24 19:27

PUTRAJAYA, Nov 24 (Bernama) — The fickleness of Kelantan Menteri Besar and PAS spiritual adviser Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat in making decisions is proof that the party leadership is weak, says Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

He observed that Nik Aziz was selective in making decisions, especially when it involved his personal interests, and was not firm, inconsistent and sometimes even contradictory on many matters.

“One example, was the sponsored package for him to perform his pilgrimage in Mecca. First, he said it was OK and later not OK. Then he said if someone wished to sponsor his Haj trip next year, he might go. So, we want to know what’s his doctrine.

“It is clear that the PAS leadership is inconsistent, vague and not transparent at all. To me, it shows a level of weakness in the PAS leadership,” he told reporters after chairing the 7th meeting of the National Mineral Council, here, today.

He was asked to comment on Nik Aziz ordering his son-in-law Abdul Ariffahmi Ab. Rahman to resign from his post of chief executive officer of the Kelantan Menteri Besar Incorporated yesterday.

“When there’s inconsistency, many things can happen and it can also give rise to suspicion,” Muhyiddin said.

He said sometimes not only the public would be confused with Nik aziz’s stance, but also the PAS leaders and members themselves.

“He’s been there for a long time; his direction is not very clear anymore.”

Muhyiddin also said that Nik Aziz instructing Abdul Ariffahmi to resign from his CEO post in the Kelantan government’s investment arm finally came after his decision to appoint his own son-in-law to the post was questioned by many quarters.

“Nik Aziz had defended his decision, saying the appointment was all above board, but now he has gone against his own decision by asking his son-in-law to resign from his post.

“He (Nik Aziz) became inconsistent when it involved his personal interest,” he said.

Asked whether PAS was seen as having two “ship captains,” Muhyiddin said, “I think there are two, three or perhaps even four, as they have conflicting stance on many matters.”


MB ‘Flip-Flop’ Nik Aziz made a very bad call by justifying his initial acceptance of going for the luxurious RM 65,000 per person Hajj trip from a PMBK contractor for himself, his wife,  daughter and PMBK CEO son-in-law and private secretary. The last minute cancellation prove the fact that the flak received on the high controversial ‘corruption’ case for a spiritual pilgrimage trip shed a damaging light on PAS and him being the PAS Spiritual Leader.

The fact is that PAS Leadership is very uncomfortable with these developments brewing, which shone a really bad light for the self proclaimed Islamist party. MB ‘Flip-Flop’ Nik Aziz made the announcement of ‘advising’ his son-in-law to resign from the PMBK top job right after PAS Leadership which include party President Dato’ Hadi Awang made a call on the former.

That is not all. Today Kelantan Exco Nik Amar Nik Abdullah made a call for MB ‘Flip-Flop’ Nik Aziz to announce his sucessor immediately. Even though Nik Ahmar claimed that the call is by no means ‘pressuring’ MB ‘Flip-Flop’ Nik Aziz to prematurely quit his job for 19 years, it is evidently clear that amongst Kelantan PAS Leaders they no longer have high regards for the PAS Spiritual Leader heading Kelantan.

Ir Ariffahmi Abdul Rahman, CEO PMBK and Son-in-Law to MB Kelantan and PAS Murshidul Am Dato Nik Aziz Nik Mat

The ‘Ariffhami Gate’ developments drew a lot of flak onto MB ‘Flip-Flop’ Nik Aziz as an MB, Spiritual Leader and now the brewing ‘Leadership Challenge’ in PAS Kelantan. Earlier, Kickdefella reported that MB ‘Flip-Flop’ Nik Aziz’s ‘inner circle’ was having problems with Senior State Exco Dato’ Husam Musa and insinuated that the latter was “Asked to go”.

These ‘rumbings in the interior’ within PAS Kelantan are very apparent. Even foreign media is highlighting these recent developments.

Straits Times reported:

Kelantan is shaken and stirred

November 23, 2009 Monday, 07:15 PM
Reme Ahmad discusses the woes within PAS in Kelantan and why Umno-BN is smiling.

THE stronghold of Malaysia’s opposition parties has always been Kelantan, the Malay-majority state in the east coast.In the 2004 general elections when Umno-led Barisan Nasional was at its strongest – due to reform promises made by the then-new ‘Mr Clean’ Prime Minister, Abdullah Badawi – the opposition was in disarray.Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) lost Terengganu state, and was nearly wiped out in the Malay-majority states of Kedah and Perlis.From 27 Parliament seats prior to the 2004 general election, PAS was left with seven. Still, PAS managed to hang onto Kelantan, with a slim majority of just two seats in the state assembly – PAS won 24 seats to 21 by Umno-BN.If only two PAS assemblymen had defected, Umno-BN would have taken the state. Yet none did despite widespread speculation of multi-million ringgit promises to jump ship.And after the March 2008 polls, PAS and its two partners in the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) alliance won five states.Now four states are left with PR, after Perak was wrested by BN last February.PAS has two menteris besar (chief ministers) in Kelantan dan Kedah.Penang has as its chief minister a leader from PR’s Democratic Action Party (DAP), and Selangor a leader from Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR).

PAS, DAP and PKR made up PR.

Selangor and Penang are the most industrialised of all 13 Malaysian states. Top industries are based there, both states have among the biggest ports in Malaysia and the highest-priced houses and commercial buildings.

Yet Kelantan remains the opposition’s stronghold because it is seen as the most politically stable, after being under PAS for 19 years now. Its menteri besar is the aging, but revered, Nik Aziz Nik Mat, 77, who is also the spiritual leader of PAS.

Although cash-poor, PAS, Nik Aziz and the Kelantan government are seen as clean, ramrod-straight and the rock on which PR could build its ‘church’ (or mosque, if you prefer).

For the sake of opposition politics in Malaysia, everyone knows that Kelantan has to remain rock steady. Never mind the typhoons and hurricanes that have hit Kedah, Penang and Selangor.

But in the last few weeks, Kelantan PAS looks like a train wreck.

There are whispers of corruption, nepotism, back-stabbings and possible defections – albeit to another opposition party.

– First, there was the scandal involving the appointment of the son-in-law of Datuk Nik Aziz as CEO of the Kelantan state investment agency, Abdul Ariffahmi Abdul Rahman.

– Although seen as capable, Mr Ariffahmi has been accused of being pushy and brusque, and allegedly name-dropped his father-in-law’s revered name too often to get things done his way.

– And then there was an investigation by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission into the affairs of the investment agency, Kelantan Menteri Besar Incorporated.

– Mr Ariffahmi did himself no favour by getting his father-in-law, Mr Nik Aziz, to recently terminate the employment of a close aide of a top Kelantan politician, Datuk Husam Musa.

– The aide, Syed Azizi Syed Abdul Aziz, uncovered more worms in the state agency, thus putting pressure on Mr Nik Aziz to remove his son-in-law just two months into the appointment.

– There were also questions why Mr Nik Aziz accepted sponsorhip of a RM65,000 ($27,000) haj package by a staunch supporter. The sponsor who is close to the Menteri Besar also has a timber concession in Kelantan, which raised questions over the propreity of the deal.

– Mr Nik Aziz has since said that he will not perform haj this year, though he angrily retorted that there was nothing wrong with the matter only that mainstream media and new media had attacked him

– And now, there are rumours that Mr Husam has asked to quit his post as the economic, financial planning and welfare minister (state ministerial posts are called Excos).

Mr Nik Aziz has denied that his blue-eyed exco was quitting. And Mr Husam himself also denied the wild talk. In the halls of power in Kota Baru, the state capital, everyone knows that Mr Husam is Mr Nik Aziz’s protege.

Mr Nik Aziz announced on Monday the removal of his son-in-law as CEO of the agency. This should reduce pressure on the menteri besar and cool the heads of thos in PAS who were angry about Ariffahmi’s appointment and alleged bad moves in office.

– But on Sunday the spiritual leader went further, which would add to the intrigue in Kelantan.

– Mr Nik Aziz heaped praises on Mr Husam.  Perhaps too publicly.  And certainly by too many words.

– This was what he said, according to Malaysian media:

“I had refrained from praising him all this while to avoid hurting the feelings of other exco members who have done equally well in their respective portfolios.
“But truthfully, he is a unique leader who is instrumental in not only changing the Kelantan political landscape but also the national politics.

“Allah did not create Husam for Kelantan, but for all Malaysians.”

That last praise: God created Mr Husam not just for the poor state but for all Malaysians, is being repeated and analysed by pro-PAS blogs – both by those who love him and those who don’t.

The chattering classes within the conservative Islamic state cannot believe their ears.

And on Monday, there is news that PAS deputy president Nasharudin Mat Isa – who defeated Husam to retain the deputy’s post just five months ago in June – has been rushed to hospital. This could only add to the intrigue in PAS at a time when its rock-steady state is wobbling.

On the sidelines, Umno-BN is smiling, amid rumours that Prime Minister Najib Razak might call for snap elections around the middle of next year to get his own mandate.

But that’s another story.


Earlier today, PAS Vice President Salahuddin Ayub was reported to have admitted that “MB ‘Flip-Flop’ Nik Aziz made a grave mistake by appointing his son-in-law as the PMBK CEO”.

Let us be reminded that MB ‘Flip-Flop’ Nik Aziz’s slogan on PAS is “Membangun bersama Islam” (Lets develop with Islam). In his 19 years tenure, he brought very little development into Kelantan, be it physical or spritual.  His slip ups have been iconical outragous. in 1999, he proclaimed that “Allah pun mencarut” (Allah also used profanities), to justify PAS Life Member Dato’ Shahnon Ahmad’s vulgar political literature work “Shit”. Later, he justified PAS’s relationship with anti-Islam Chinese Chauvinists DAP as “Boleh bekerjasama dengan syaitan” (It’s alright to work with the devil).

The latest was his outrage against UMNO Pergi jahanam UMNO” (Damn UMNO), when the PAS President Hadi Awang call for a ‘Unity Government’ debate was carried further even by PAS grassroot. Later it was discovered that his son-in-law Ariffahmi is an UMNO registered member.

Nik Aziz a 'thumbs up' endorsement to anti-Malay/Islam Singaporean Supremo Lee Kuan Yew

The ‘Baiah issue’ as per admitted by ADUN Gunong Semanggol Ramli Tusin during the Bukit Gantang by-elections in April 2009, which was highlighted in mainstream media by NST with the ‘confirmation’ of highly controversial Shah Alam PAS MP Khalid Samad clearly demonstrated MB ‘Flip-Flop’ Nik Aziz’s propensity to ‘lie and hipocrisy’.

On the issue of the ‘Unity Government’, which some PAS Leaders such as Deputy President Nasharuddin Mat Isa, Secretary General Mustapha Ali and Selangor PAS Commissioner Dr Hassan Ali saw as a ‘merit’ as compared to the rocky and unworkable ‘marriage-of-(in)convenience-between strange-bedfellows’ amongst Pakatan Rakyat partners, the PAS Spiritual Leader made a stern call for PAS to have an EGM to sack trio. That caused a lot of uneasiness between the PR strange-bedfellows and regarded as a ‘premonition to a pre-destruction’  of the flimsy political union. To save face and avoid a seriously brewing inter and intra-party ‘civil war’, PAS Exco opted for a ‘Seminar on Politics’ instead.

It is wise and timely that PAS Leadership and/or PAS Kelantan insist MB ‘Flip-Flop’ Nik Aziz to ‘prematurely retire’. Time and again, he has proven to be a bane for PAS and Kelantan.

*Updated Wednesay 25 November 2009 0900am

The ‘pressure’ is mounting for MB ‘Flip-Flop’ Nik Aziz to name his successor, as a precursor for him to leave.

The Malaysian Insider’s story on this:

Nik Aziz bayangkan pelapis, tapi siapa?

KOTA BARU, Nov 25 — Selepas 19 tahun mengetuai kepimpinan pentadbiran negeri, Mursyidul Am PAS Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat sudah membayangkan barisan pelapis yang bakal menggantikan beliau.

Semalam ketika ditemui di sini Nik Aziz (gambar) tidak menolak terdapat kumpulan pelapis dalam PAS Kelantan yang bakal mengambil alih tempatnya jika beliau melepaskan jawatan Menteri Besar Kelantan.

Beliau yang enggan membayangkan nama yang disebut-sebut bakal menggantikannya itu, bagaimanapun memberi gambaran ia tertakluk kepada hiraki dalam parti di peringkat negeri.

Antara nama yang disebut-sebut sebagai bakal menggantikan beliau ialah bekas Naib Presiden PAS Datuk Husam Musa yang juga Exco Kerajaan Negeri dan Timbalan Menteri Besar Datuk Ahmad Yaacob.

Dua hari lalu, leh Exco Kerajaan Negeri Kelantan Datuk Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah menggesa agar Nik Aziz menamakan penggantinya ketika pentadbiran kerajaan negeri pimpinan beliau yang sudah tahun ke-19, terus dibelenggu isu demi isu.

“Saya secara peribadi rasa perlu Tuan Guru Nik Aziz menamakan pengganti atau sekurangnya bagi petanda untuk mudahkan proses,” kata beliau kepada The Malaysian Insider.

Mohd Amar menambah: “Kalau berlaku tiba-tiba (perubahan pucuk pimpinan), mungkin orang yang naik (pengganti) perlukan masa untuk stabilkan keadaan.”

Kata beliau, pandangan itu bukan bertujuan memaksa Nik Aziz berundur sekarang.

Pada hari yang sama Nik Aziz, ekoran tekanan dalam parti dan luar parti, telah meminta menantunya Abdul Ariffahmi Abdul Rahman melepaskan jawatan sebagai Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Perbadanan Menteri Besar Kelantan.

Nik Aziz sebelum ini mempertahankan pelantikan Ariffahmi. Ariffahmi kini disiasat oleh Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia.

Nik Aziz, 78, juga tetap menegaskan beliau tidak akan meletak jawatan semata-mata kerana kemelut yang kini melanda dalam PAS atau atas desakan mana-mana pihak.

“Saya tidak akan melepaskan jawatan kecuali kerana uzur atau tua, tetapi pada masa ini belum sampai masanya lagi,” katanya kepada Bernama ketika dihubungi di rumahnya di sini malam tadi.

Nik Aziz dilantik sebagai Menteri Besar Kelantan selepas PAS menguasai negeri itu dalam pilihan raya umum 1990.



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  1. The chickens have come home to roost…

  2. Tok Guru has the courage and integrity to make the decision to remove his son in law. Now tell me, who in UMNO has the integrity to do the same for En. KJ?

    People in glass houses should not throw stones.

    • MB ‘Flip-Flop’ Nik Aziz did not sack his son-in-law ou of his freewill. He thought Ariffahmi is one hell of a great man. MB ‘Flip-Flop’ Nik Aziz sacked Ariffahmi because PAS Leadership can no longer tolerate the ‘Ariffahmi Gate’.

      Now tell us, which UMNO MB or Chief Minister appointed his own son-in-law to be the CEO of a state GLC?

      PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, blur and practices nepotism as he maybe, never appointed KJ as the CEO of any Federal GLC.

      BTW, UMNO grassroots ‘fought’ PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah. Considering with the power that he got, how he was ‘protected’ by the powerful establishments and the intencity his dissenters were pressured upon, within 2 years he left. He was the PM with the shortest ternure, considered of his record breaking landslide performance on 11th GE March 2004. Yes, UMNO pushed for changes!

      • Big Dog,

        Good that you use the title “Flip Flop” on TG Nik Aziz as well. I support that. He really has been flip-flopping.

        What I wanna see is his flipping away from the kafirun that he sleeps with. Merosakkan bangsa, mengkhianat bangsa, melemahkan Melayu.

        Pergi jahanam Nik Aziz. He had used those words on UMNO. It’s tit for tit! Pun intended.

      • kj was appointed as the ceo of khazanah holdings …

        is he no longer in khazanah?

    • becoz so much hatred this kampong talking without integrity … hahaha .

    • When was KJ appointed CEO of Khazanah Holdings Bhd……..????

      Please get your facts right.

  3. I beg your pardon? courage and integrity? he was defending SIL (lelaki muda terbaik di Kelantan) by heaping accusations and excuses on everybody else but himself until he was PRESSURED into making that decision. Please la! Kalau nak defend TGNA pun, biarlah pakai otak.

  4. Sorry off-topic, pls read – http://cucusangalgojo.blogspot.com/2009/11/kuala-lumpur-in-eyes-of-famous-first.html

    • Nani,

      Perenggan pertama rencana itu tidak off-topic langsung, terutamanya ayat –

      “Ini kerana hanya dari pandangan orang luar sahajalah orang yang di dalam, yang terlibat sepenuhnya dengan ‘subject matter’ dapat menilai ‘subject matter’ dengan lebih baik, lalu membaiki kesalahan atau kelemahan yang ada.”

      Banyak yang mengkritik TGNA orang luar Kelanatan. Dia harus menilai, membaikki kesalahan dan kelemahan yang ada. Cara yang paling baik ialah dengan meletak jawatan MB dan pangkat Mushidur PAS.

  5. Nik Aziz tua kutuk ni menjahanamkan Melayu ja!

    Menyesatkan org Melayu dgn tafsiran ugama Allah semata mata utk politik sempit dia!

    Mainkan sentimen dan emosi Melayu terhadap guru ugama!

    Sejahat jahat musuh Allah si Abi Lahab (yg ada surah khusus sebut nama dlm Quran), dia tak kata “Allah pun mencarut”!!!!

    Tergamak Nik Aziz al Laknatullah-ahlul-nuraka-aljahanam HINA ALLAH!!!!

    Nauzubillah min zaliq….


    Usahamu utk menentang musuh Allah dibumi melayu ini spt Dajal Nik Aziz Al laknatullah-ahlul-nuraka-al-jahanam amat mulia!


    • “Nik Aziz tua kutuk ni menjahanamkan Melayu ja!”

      Saya setuju!

      Memang sah dan nyata anak-anak Melayu Kelantan tidak terbela dibawah pimpinan Nik Aziz!

      Mereka hanya dibuai dengan mimpi syurga bila menyokong. Mereka diugut akan dihumbang keneraka jahanam jika tidak, seolah-olah neraka dan syurga ini dia punya, atau pun dia ada pertalian rapat dengan yang Umpunya.

      Fikirlah Melayu.

      Ra’akyat Kelantan hampir 100% Melayu. Ternyata bijak. Kerajaan Persekutuan di pimpin oleh Melayu. Yang paling lantang menentang Kerajaan Persekutuan adalah Ketua Menteri dari Kelantan dan Anuar Ibrahim. Mereka Melayu juga.

      Tak boleh berbincang ke? Kalau Melayu bersatu, dah cukup nak memerintah tanpa melutut ke kaum minority.

      Fikir, fikirlah. Kedua2 melayu ini perlu dikorban demi untuk masa depan kita.

      Negeri ini asalnya dipangil Tanah Melayu


  6. Tok Guru good leadership by example. Unlike this Jawa Khir Toyol who modified his nose and live in bigger palace mansion then the Sultan. Look at Balkis & Rosmah as example of abuse by the wives of BN UMNO. Between Rosmah & Tun M wife Siti Hasmah…I prefer Tun M then this fat Rosmah.

    Ah Chin

    • haiyaa ah chin what happen when Khir Toyo want to sue that bastards liar from DAP , their friends Teng abuse power to cover his friends liar .. the bastards liar DAP so scared lorr to go to court ! why u dont say aboutthis apek Lim Kit Siag son about the banglo .. and of coz the DAP corruption and this bastards even get nerve to call why only Chinese ADUN get investigate by SPRM ..haha thats so racial harmony aa hahaha !! hypcorite DAP !

      The Balkis ?? what about that , wive of PKR want to songlap that money aa ? , soo pity laa PR wive only know to songlap other people money like their husbands , get your own self laa .. of coz many PKR and DAP women expect in kangkang show , make that show and collect the money laa hahahaha ..

      till know your people get nothing of evidence ,only know to accused with perception .

  7. […] adalah masa sesuai untuk MB ‘Flip-Flop’  Nik Aziz Nik Mat untuk di”Korban’kan, demi kepentingan dan kesejahteraan rakyat Kelantan dan ahli PAS. Ini kerana MB […]

  8. it is interesting to note the government under
    successive prime ministers have the same modus
    operandi in doing work or in giving out projects.

    i am amazed by all the effort and funds wasted in
    employing spinning by using pr firms and long
    list of cybertroopers.

    to say that the incumbent gomen wants to progress
    with a corresponding spin – rakyat di dahulukan
    /kpi thingy whatever and on top of it the gomen
    appoint a minister in charge of kpi thingy and had
    a flying honcho from mas and a host
    of high flying machais to do the high faluting
    executive monitoring.

    all the spin generated and with the busy cybertroopers
    spewing venoms and expletives in every pro gomen blog
    upon nik aziz and his dap cohorts cannot hide the ugliness
    and stupidity of the gomen operational policies.

    the days of gomen is always right and might is right
    is now eroding before our eyes. in the previous years
    gomen can hide the policy decisions by elegant silence
    and simply not dishing out news of the ugly part ie
    selective truth aka spinning in the msm. nowadays
    there will always be pro bono analysts that write
    in blogs. if one popular blog does not publish send the
    same material to many many blogs until they get published
    in msm or neutral or opposition minded blogs

    it is an accepted fact that our neighbour down south
    is superior in all aspects of government operations and policies management.
    our gomen [ at least the toyo gomen did] send people
    to advanced nations on a mission to study better methods and technologies.
    the question that need to be answered is- is the gomen employing
    the best practice and and policies for maximum public benefit.
    I do not intend to delve into the social cost and benefit of
    public policies because our ministers and level 4 boys appeared
    to be well qualified in economics and graduated from top universities
    to boot.

    At the end of the day is the quality of the policy decisions up to par
    that can propel the country to a slightly better level?
    Obviously not. The current policies management seemed just like
    the well announced rakan muda thingy introduced in the past. the
    gomen of the day spend near about rm 90million in operations in 1980 s but
    the returns to date is never released. My estimate probably under rm 10 million!

    on the part of the rakyat we can only give feedback, hoping that somebody up there will
    take notice

    • “all the spin generated and with the busy cybertroopers spewing venoms and expletives in every pro gomen blog upon nik aziz and his dap cohorts cannot hide the ugliness and stupidity of the gomen operational policies.”

      Hannah why you show your own stupidity , so we cannot say about DAP ? DAP and their bloggers in many years have spread hatred and lies to UMNO .

      And we had enough with that !!! and its time for our voice . Why you soo “terperanjat” and “terkejut beruk” .. you called us a cybertroopers ?? and who are you ,you a dirty person who will defend everything for DAP and will accused someone who attack DAP .. thats so free of speech hahaha

  9. […] Nik Aziz Nik Mat dan mendapat perhatian media perdana dan alternatif sehingga menjadi skandal ‘Ariffhami Gate’ dan Murshidul Am PAS itu di’bayang’kan untuk berundur, keadaan menjadi lebih kronik. Kini, bermula ‘perebutran kuasa’ antara Kepimpinan PAS […]

  10. […] Al Bukhary dipecat, PAS sedang melalui proses ‘perang saudara’ dimana Politiburo PAS sendiri mahukan CEO PMBK Ariffahmi Abd Rahman berundur serta serta dan bukan bulan Mac 2010, sebagaimana […]

  11. […] menunaikan Haji musim 1430H dengan kos RM 65,000 seorang), sehingga menimbulkan pergeseran dimana Kempimpinan Tertinggi PAS sendiri mendesak agar Ariffahmi dipecat dan isu ‘Ariffahmi Gate’ ini diselesaikan serta […]

  12. […] amalan rasuah melibatkan bapa mertuanya, MB Kelantan Dato’ Nik Aziz Nik Mat. Ini termasuk lawatan mengerjakan haji bernilai RM 65,000.00 seorang untuk Murshidul Am itu, isterinya dan dua lag…terdekat pada musim haji […]

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