Aide in ‘trouble’ is NMY’s PolSec?

Recently, the mainstream media highlighted a Political Secretary of a ‘Senior Minister’ under a lot of Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) scrutiny for “Amassing assets irregularly”.

The Star has the story:

Thursday December 3, 2009

Pol-sec said to have amassed wealth under probe


KUALA LUMPUR: A political secretary to a senior minister who is said to have amassed millions of ringgit in properties over a short period of time is under investigation by the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission.

It is learnt that investigators have obtained an order to seize and freeze several of the properties — including luxury cars and houses — besides freezing bank accounts to facilitate investigations under the Anti-Money Laundering Act.

Sources said the commission’s seizure list included at least four luxury cars and four houses which they believed belonged to the political secretary who is in his late 30s.

They said the commission was investigating the purchased properties — all in the Klang Valley — allegedly obtained from kickbacks received from the approval of several multi-million ringgit projects.

It is believed several of the properties seized were under the names of people believed to be proxies for the political secretary, and investigators would be calling on the people whose names were registered as owners.

Sources also said the investigators had identified several other people linked to the case and would also be calling them soon to assist in investigations.

Sources said a special team from the commission’s Putrajaya office started investigations about three weeks ago following information received that the political secretary was living well beyond his means.

It is learnt that investigation into the political secretary is among a few high profile cases the commission is investigating following reports and information provided by the public.

The commission’s officers declined to comment when contacted.


It is strongly believed that the Political Secretary under investigation is Hasbie Satar. He is the PolSec to Minister in charge of Economic Planning Unit Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yackop.

Recently, we highlighted Nor Mohamed’s follies here in BigDogDotCom, which attracted a lot of attention within bloggosphere. There is also a previous PolSec who has been charged on ‘money politics’ and the trial is on going.

If these investigations about a Pol-Sec of a ‘Senior Minister’ is true and MACC has enough evidence to throw the book at him, it would be a boon for Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak’s adminsitration and effort to improve the integrity of the powers that be. In his innaugral address as the seventh UMNO President on 28 March 2009 after UMNO via the AGM delegates endorsed the ‘takeover’ from PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, a fight against corruption is one of the three top most agenda.

The rakyat aspire for more corrupt leaders and their closest aides to be weeded out from the party and administration and this exercise must be done timely. The integrity of those who are given the mandate and trust to lead and administer is paramount. Even UMNO leaders are impatient for the party to be cleansed, especially when the next general elections is expected is within slightly over two years time.

The development of this case would be an item to be closely watched.

*Updated 300pm

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  1. mcm budak KJ Beruk aje si Hasbie Satar ni…:)

  2. Why go after small fish, What about Khir Toyo, unless
    MACC dig deep without Fear or Favour then it all
    a Big show MACC is putting on.

  3. Jadi berapa kali lagi nak bodohkan kita? Dulu pun Norza yang kena rasuah itu ialah pol sec Nor Mohd Yakob. Sekarang pun yang rasuah pol sec Nor Mohd Yakub sekali lagi. Sampai berapa kali kita nak jadi bodoh? Berani kah pol sec rasuah kalau boss dia tak rasuah? Jelas kalau pol sec rasuah boss dia lagi rasuah. Saya tidak hairan langsung mendengar bahawa setiausaha politik yang ditangkap itu bekerja untuk Nor Mohd Yakob, Menteri EPU sekarang dan dulu Menteri Kewangan No. 2. Dulu Abdullah Badawi dan Khairy amat gembira mendapat seorang Finance Minister 2 Nor Mohd Yakob yang begitu seronok mengikut semua perintah mereka. Tapi apa yang Khairy tidak sedar (dan juga Najib sekarang) ialah Nor Yakob bukan “Yes Man” begitu saja. Dia lagi pandai daripada Khairy, Abdullah dan Najib. Nor Yakob mempunyai pengalaman lama main duit besar. Dulu dia lebih sedar Abdullah pun crook juga. Apa saja yang Khairy atau Abdullah hendak dilakukan, Nor Yakob rela buat. Untuk pastikan Nor Yakob akan ikut segala perintah, Khairy pula melantik sec pol Nor Yakob pada masa itu. Nor Yakub peduli apa. Ini crook sama crook. Sewaktu di Bank Negara dia telah akibatkan kerugian besar RM17 Billion apabila guna duit Bank Negara untuk main judi Forex Trading. Tapi ramai orang tidak tahu bahawa pada masa yang sama, Nor Yakub juga menggunakan jaringan money changer dan Forex trader daripada kaum mamaknya untuk berjudi matawang Ringgit Malaysia untuk menguntungkan dirinya. Ini adalah perbuatan salah dan pecah amanah. Bila dia jadi kroni Anwar pula di syarikat pelaburan dana Abrar Asset Management, Nor Yakub telah pecah amanah sekali lagi mengarahkan Abrar Asset menggunakan duit pelabur am untuk menyokong harga saham Mun Loong Bhd di mana Nor Yakub adalah pemegang sahamnya juga. Ini adalah satu lagi kes pecah amanah yang amat serius. Tapi tiada tindakan diambil. Akhir sekali Mun Loong dan Abrar Asset Mgmt keduanya bankrap. Sekarang setelah dilantik menjadi Menteri, bukan saja Nor Yakob jadi lagi kaya tetapi kroni tertentu, ahli keluarga dan setiausaha politiknya semuanya menjadi kaya. Di ketahui umum bahawa seorang anak lelaki Nor Yakub sekarang memandu Lamborgini. Kononnya terlibat dalam bisness dengan taukeh China. Tetapi yang pelik sekali apakah sebabnya Najib begitu dunggu sanggup melantik orang yang telah disahkan sebagai terlibat dalam ‘financial scandal’ menjadi Menteri dan juga diberi tempat menjadi Wakil Rakyat? Sekarang sudah dua sec polnya sabit dgn rasuah. Malu bukan sebab rasuah saja. Malu sebab PM pun dunggu. Orang yg confirm rasuah dilantik lagi.

    Dah Fed-up

  4. Dah dah…nak kaitkan KJ…apa lah…ayam berkoko pon sebab KJ ka? Hasbie org sarawak…

  5. whats with Khir Toyo? one ADUN told the nation about his ’24 million’ mansion which turn out to be only 3-4 million. all the documents are shown. not backing khir toyo and all that, but got documents or not?

    got, then present. no got, then move on. till now, if like 24 million price, despite all the connection they got (one even went like AWOL all over the globe), still cannot get document. so time to move on.

    this is not small fish. this is a big catch. that lad is a pol. sec for god sake. of course he got somekind of unfair opportunity to make some unfair money. but u guys will just not stop. forget about transparency. lets shoot BN all over again. ‘see how corrupt they are’ should be the usual line.

    i wonder the same would be said to flip flop of RM1 Economic Adviser. it turn out that RM1 is PR tool, but he will be receiving cars, stay places, benefits, etc etc. but these dumb, rotten head will say nothing. as usual.

    i see the pattern of these rotten head doing things. if got documents, then malaysiakini got exclusive coverage. or raja petra will highlight it plus some magical typing line to further damage the thing. wonder how will he do if lets Disney World ask him to write up High School Musical 4. maybe he try MCKK version of that musical. surely all will be going. south again.

    or if no documents, then these blardy people will do like SD. if that ADUN can do SD, surely hes now at jail or something. because 3-4million is not 24 million.

    putar? better be good at it.

    • Well said Sir. But will ever this thick skin listen?


  6. it is known fact that yakoop is the biggest money changer operator…this is not new news…this country is so screwed up left by pak la..sleeping on the job..dr m left a firm foundation for growth ..all we had was just 1 pak salah we are screwed left n right kau kau kopi !

  7. kadang2 orang mcm ni la yang menjatuhkan moral penyokong2 kerajaan. kita sokong depa, tapi depa buat taik pulak. tangkap aje, kalau cukup bukti, dakwa kat mahkamah, beku semua harta. biar dia rasa macam mana hidup susah.

    • bukan kadang-kadang… selalu!

  8. something is going on …. wait and see

  9. Susahnya nak dapat projek gomen – buat working paper bagus2 gi kat bank, bank kata project is viable,very good tapi kena dapat government’s approval so gi nak jumpa menteri,tapi kena lalu depan ramai penjaga pintu,last2 tak jumpa pun Pak menteri, orang dia kata submit jer la,so submit la, tapi last2 dengar orang lain yg dok pulon projek tu,aduh, sakitnye hati!
    So kalu you tak kenal orang mcm yang kat atas tu,forget it,Einstein pun depa tak layan.No wonder our corruption ranking is so like that.

    • Sdr Ampatuan

      I can almost feel your pain.I am sad these people dirtied UMNO.

      The smiling devil is still smiling!

      May Allah be on the side of MACC



  10. Saudara BigGuy,

    Bagus kalau SetPol Nor Mohamed ni kena (kalau cukup buktila)!

    Ini sebab sejak pemilihan UMNO Mac lepas, tak da sekor pun yg berrtanding tu kena heret oleh Lembaga Disiplin Parti. Tak kan dlm berpuluh yg bertanding MT UMNO tu, sekor pun tak main ‘politik wang’?????

    UMNO perlu tunjuk pada rakyat yg sistem mereka menolak pemimpin yg amalkan rasuah, termasuk politik-wang.

    Selagi pemimpin UMNO tidak berani “bite the bullet” dan selesaikan episod ‘politik-wang’ yg makin kronik membelengu UMNI, maka akar umbi akan makin hilang keyakianan.

    • Setuju 100%.

      Ini akan meyakinkan rakyat bahawa pemerintahan Najib benar benar inginkan “pembersihan” drp politik wang.

      Ini juga akan memberi satu amaran yg terang dan tegas pada pengamal politik wang yg masih belum tertangkap.

  11. Apa nak heran. Malaysia ni kan tengah dijual Najib..

  12. ooi nampaknya all the melayus when they have the money
    the first thing they do is buy a sports car

    a sports car is chick magnet. get all the chicks . a
    lambo can get the rich guy an actress or a newsreader
    from media prima.

    so these melayus want to fuck around like europeans.

    no matter new morality – ok to fuck around and kelepek a
    few if can a couple of hundred of millions so long
    as he does not butt fuck another guy`s arse.

    so as long his godfather is around – carry on fucking .
    after all there are bound to be supporters like you to cheer him on and
    take potshots at the oppossition and the ulamas.

    so fellas carry on fucking- go fuck the nation good! and mohamed if you think this is not a 5year old should tell his dad
    carry on too
    what a 5 year old should be telling

    • Sdr zuhri

      Some years back I bought a sports car Toyota MR2. A really nice car and used it over eight years. Clocking more than 300,000KM.
      During those time I did not get any woman other than my wife. May be it is a cheap japanese sport car.


      • Sdr zuhri

        Just to add. I love five year-olds. They are wonderful human being. When they try to wriggle out of a sticky situation, it is beautiful to watch. When my own son does mischief he will blame his stuff rabbit. And what is most fascinating, his mother agrees with him

        When Nik Aziz tried to blame others for his misdeed, some of us believe it is not so nice.


    • zuhri hj zubir, you are shaming your dad, who has performed his haj. I assume so by his name.

      Through your crude and vulgar language, I am of the opinion that you are a non-malay and non-muslim.

      You also have a hang-up over witnessing rich Malays driving great sports cars and getting the beautiful ladies that you secretly desire.

      I would advise you to get a life.

  13. Bukan Setpol yang sorang ni aja yang kaya cara macam tu. Ada jugak Setpol lain yang dapat hadiah(?) kereta besar 3-4 buah waktu baru dilantik jadi Setpol Menteri. Siasat sama bekas-bekas Setpol yang jadi kaya raya waktu mereka pegang jawatan dulu. Akta Pencegahan Rasuah bolehkan korek benda-benda yang dah lama berlaku, gunakanlah.

    Yang UMNO pulak, kalau tak nak orang menyampah, jangan asyik dok tukar polisi tentang penjawatnya yang didakwa di mahkamah. Ada bunyi kata beberapa ketua bahagian yang sedang didakwa boleh pegang jawatan semula. Kalau UMNO nak tunduk kepada 3-4 orang ketua bahagian yang berkenaan mengatasi kepentingan sebilangan besar ahli yang lain, teruskanlah kemusnahan sendiri.

    Yang Najib pula dengarnya nak lantik Ketua Pemuda partinya jadi Menteri. Elok sangatlah tu. Maklumlah, dia Perdana Menteri dan dia lebih tahu siapa yang dia nak lantik dalam kabinetnya. Biarkan, biarkan……

  14. Muak! Rakyat dah muak dengan permainan politik yang tidak mementingkan Agama, Bangsa dan Negara. Kenapa masalah si penganggur paling kaya di dunia ni tak selesai? Nak tunggu BN telungkup? Sudah2 lah… Jgn lah duk penmtingkan duit!!!
    Letih, penat dan tak berbaloi bila kempen bersihkan imej BN tapi pemimpin dok takuk lama!
    Geng didahulukan, RM diutamakan?

  15. karma
    what goes around comes around
    take it man.
    rasekanlah bila aniaya orang, orang aniaya ko balik.

  16. aku kenal sangat mamat ni satu kampung dgn aku.. kekayaan die memang menakjubkan ade ilmu tarik duit agak nye he he… harta die yg korang tahu tu cuma sedikit je kat sarawak ni lagi banyak kalau nak siasat..

  17. […] months ago speculations were about the same person was under MACC scrutiny. Rumours has it that he had a ’subtantial unaccoutable assets’ in his position, which […]

  18. Jangan suka aniaya oranglah

  19. […] Nor Mohamed is a rogue corporate personality in his own right. His name is synonymous with certain criminal breach of trust cases during the days of Abrar Corp Bhd. in the 90s. His notorious reputation is carried through even in his political position in Government, when two of his political secretaries Dato’ Mohd. Norza Zakaria and Hasbie Satar being charged for corruption. […]

  20. […] HASBIE SATAR Nor Md Yakcop Set Pol ( sumber Bigdot) […]

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