DAP says “Go to hell” to Court of Appeal ruling

Chinese Chauvinist party DAP simply has no regard to court ruling. They are simply anti-establishment, despite that they claim that “The Supreme Law is the Constitution”.

Recently, Court of Appeal decided in favour of the MACC to allow questioning and interviews be carried out after office hours after a High Court ruling that MACC has to do about the business within office hours, on the application of Pakatan Rakyat Kajang Municipal Councillor Tan Boon Wah. Now, they conveniently want to ignore the Court of Appeal ruling.

The ‘Paper that cares’ has the story, here.

This very much is reflective of the ‘communist’ true-self of DAP Leaders such as Ronnie Liu. Why he is still allowed to walk the streets and be in power, baffles many. He is already shown that he a hooligan and has very little respect towards the law (except probably if the law is in his/their favour only). So is the Chinese Chauvinist, now anti-establishment and law-less DAP.

Authorities should seriously look into Liu’s latest outburst. As an elected leader and member of HRH Sultan of Selangor’s Goverment (now facing a lot of serious issues), he is teaching Malaysians not to respect court rulings. This must be not good to everyone, including DAP’s own slogan “Malaysian, Malaysia”.

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