Tun Dr. Mahathir: Everyone should behave as Malaysians

Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad asked the diverse multi-ethnic Non Malays to forget their origin country and start to behave and think like ‘Malaysians’. This is inline with Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s ‘1 Malaysia’ thrust for nationbuilding and moving forward.

Bernama.com has the story:

December 24, 2009 00:00 AM

Forget The Origin Country, We Are Malaysians – Mahathir


PENANG, Dec 23 (Bernama) — Everyone in Malaysia have to set a side their origin country and start calling themselves Malaysians for the success of the 1Malaysia concept, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said.

The former prime minister said they had to put aside their origin country such as India or China and start calling themselves Malaysians.

“They must put aside their origin country and call themselves Malaysians for 1Malaysia to be successful,” he said during an appreciation dinner with the Association of Muslim Kadayanallur here Wednesday.

Tun Mahathir called on the people to help realise the government’s aspiration of strengthening racial unity and harmony in line with the 1Malaysia concept.

He said people in Thailand and Indonesia called themselves Thais and Indonesians respectively but this did not happen here.

To a claim that the Indian Muslims in the country had been neglected, he said they should choose to either become a Muslim or an Indian.

“The country is very liberal and I think they (Indian Muslims) will be accepted by all if they can pick either to become a Muslim or Indian.”.

Tun Mahathir said there was no difference between the various races as everyone were Malaysians.

“The federal constitution also defined a Muslim very clearly. If they want to become a Muslim then just follow the constitution.”

He said if Indian Muslims in the country still called themselves as such, others might think that they still had links to the origin country.

“The problem of Indian Muslims will be resolved if they can decide and choose to become either a Muslim or an Indian,” he added.



This an important step for Malaysians to be  truly united and committed in the nation building process. Inline with PM Najib’s  ‘1 Malaysia’, Malaysians should totally subcribe to the Federal Constitution as the ‘Supreme Law’ of the land. This include special provisions such as Article 153.

Malaysians should also subscribe to the single school system and totally do away with the vernacular schools. This is actually being provided under the Education Act 1996. A single school system will ensure all Malaysian children undergo a same process of learning and this will eradicate the inter-ethnic prejudice, if unaddressed will eventually evolved into serious racial polarisation.

The responsibility to watch and take care this tanahair should also be shared, equally. Hence, we heree in BigDogDotCom once challenged Chinese Chauvinist party DAP (who advocated the ‘Malaysian, Malaysia’ call) to pro-actively do their bit and ensure that Non Malays make up the 30% application to join security and essential services such as Police, Armed Forces, Fire Services, Prisons and nurses recruitment drives. So should other authoritative bodies such as local authorities.

Multi ethnic and diversed culture Malaysians should now come together as citizens of Malaysia. The should make an effort to improve their knowledge of being parof diversed Malaysia, without compromising their own heritage and culture. To make ‘1 Malaysia’ work, everyone should feel and behave this way. Every citizen should feel proud that the belong in this tanahair. The sense of belonging is an important ingredient of nurturing the patriotism. Of course, it cannot be realised without a comprohensive understanding how Malaysia and Malaysians came about, till present time.

The enrolment into private universities and university colleges should also have a minimum 30% quota for Bumiputra. Since most private institute of higher learning are owned and managed by Non Malays, there should be a cross-subsidy system from the profits generated to esnure that bigger percentage of Bumiputras are provided with education organised by private institution.  Strategically, Non Malays business communities would benefit immensely with more of the majority being educated and the level of skills and human resource development would be raised to a higher level.

In nutshell. Malaysians should behave as if that they are playing in the same team. They have a single objective, subscribe to the same tactics, taking instruction from the same boss and the only the shared responsibility well ensure that they win. Of course, the ‘playing field’ will have to be leveled for Malaysians and Malaysia to ‘uninterruptedly’ progress. This actually makes a lot of economic sense.

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