Tun Dr. Mahathir: Everyone should behave as Malaysians

Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad asked the diverse multi-ethnic Non Malays to forget their origin country and start to behave and think like ‘Malaysians’. This is inline with Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s ‘1 Malaysia’ thrust for nationbuilding and moving forward.

Bernama.com has the story:

December 24, 2009 00:00 AM

Forget The Origin Country, We Are Malaysians – Mahathir


PENANG, Dec 23 (Bernama) — Everyone in Malaysia have to set a side their origin country and start calling themselves Malaysians for the success of the 1Malaysia concept, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said.

The former prime minister said they had to put aside their origin country such as India or China and start calling themselves Malaysians.

“They must put aside their origin country and call themselves Malaysians for 1Malaysia to be successful,” he said during an appreciation dinner with the Association of Muslim Kadayanallur here Wednesday.

Tun Mahathir called on the people to help realise the government’s aspiration of strengthening racial unity and harmony in line with the 1Malaysia concept.

He said people in Thailand and Indonesia called themselves Thais and Indonesians respectively but this did not happen here.

To a claim that the Indian Muslims in the country had been neglected, he said they should choose to either become a Muslim or an Indian.

“The country is very liberal and I think they (Indian Muslims) will be accepted by all if they can pick either to become a Muslim or Indian.”.

Tun Mahathir said there was no difference between the various races as everyone were Malaysians.

“The federal constitution also defined a Muslim very clearly. If they want to become a Muslim then just follow the constitution.”

He said if Indian Muslims in the country still called themselves as such, others might think that they still had links to the origin country.

“The problem of Indian Muslims will be resolved if they can decide and choose to become either a Muslim or an Indian,” he added.



This an important step for Malaysians to be  truly united and committed in the nation building process. Inline with PM Najib’s  ‘1 Malaysia’, Malaysians should totally subcribe to the Federal Constitution as the ‘Supreme Law’ of the land. This include special provisions such as Article 153.

Malaysians should also subscribe to the single school system and totally do away with the vernacular schools. This is actually being provided under the Education Act 1996. A single school system will ensure all Malaysian children undergo a same process of learning and this will eradicate the inter-ethnic prejudice, if unaddressed will eventually evolved into serious racial polarisation.

The responsibility to watch and take care this tanahair should also be shared, equally. Hence, we heree in BigDogDotCom once challenged Chinese Chauvinist party DAP (who advocated the ‘Malaysian, Malaysia’ call) to pro-actively do their bit and ensure that Non Malays make up the 30% application to join security and essential services such as Police, Armed Forces, Fire Services, Prisons and nurses recruitment drives. So should other authoritative bodies such as local authorities.

Multi ethnic and diversed culture Malaysians should now come together as citizens of Malaysia. The should make an effort to improve their knowledge of being parof diversed Malaysia, without compromising their own heritage and culture. To make ‘1 Malaysia’ work, everyone should feel and behave this way. Every citizen should feel proud that the belong in this tanahair. The sense of belonging is an important ingredient of nurturing the patriotism. Of course, it cannot be realised without a comprohensive understanding how Malaysia and Malaysians came about, till present time.

The enrolment into private universities and university colleges should also have a minimum 30% quota for Bumiputra. Since most private institute of higher learning are owned and managed by Non Malays, there should be a cross-subsidy system from the profits generated to esnure that bigger percentage of Bumiputras are provided with education organised by private institution.  Strategically, Non Malays business communities would benefit immensely with more of the majority being educated and the level of skills and human resource development would be raised to a higher level.

In nutshell. Malaysians should behave as if that they are playing in the same team. They have a single objective, subscribe to the same tactics, taking instruction from the same boss and the only the shared responsibility well ensure that they win. Of course, the ‘playing field’ will have to be leveled for Malaysians and Malaysia to ‘uninterruptedly’ progress. This actually makes a lot of economic sense.

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  1. We already considered ourselves the Malaysian but it is the UMNO that always refer us as ‘Pendatang’ and want to divide the Malaysian according to the race based politic.

    I agree the 30% enrollment to private education institution should be given to Malay but this should be based on meritocracy not freebie to the Malay.
    If Malay continue to live in the green house, they will not survive long outside the green house.

    Actually in Malaysia there is no such thing as racism. Actually, this is the tactic used by BN particularly UMNO to gain the support especially the poor Malay to support them blindly. This is indeed the divide and conquer. The end result is rampant corruption. And when questions raised regarding corruption, the UMNO will use the excuse of Malay privilege so that the poor Malay will defend them blindly but the corrupted UMNOputras (including those in MCA and MIC) constinue to prosper thorugh corruption and every Malaysian including Malay suffer.

    PKFZ is a fine example that no racism exist in Malaysia because everyone in the BN got involved. They combine force to rob the Malaysian tax payers to enrich themselves.

    Malaysia is indeed going toward Zimbabwe style under the leadership of UMNO. UMNO along with MCA and MIC should be destroyed at all cost in next election.

    • you have not live in zimbabwe, have you?

      • 2ndClass
        you have not lived in Singapore, have you? I suggest you give it a try.

      • I recommend it, too. And don’t come back.

    • Balik2, UMNO jugak yg dituduh rasis. DAP apa cite? Yang asyik pertikai Hak org Melayu memang layak pun korang kena title pendatang sebab tak sedar diri.

      • PS:

        Reading further down I now realise this Ex fellow has absconded to Singapore and wants to live there. Enjoy yourself with Big Brother and all the freedom and equality you think you can find there. Well, good riddance.

        Don’t come back after you find such things as they have a law authorising the Police to accost you walking with 1-2 others in the park like TDM pointed out in his blog. Malaysia is not a try-if-you-like country for goodness sake.

      • What rubbish? All in Malaysia if you walk in a group and carry a candle light you can get arrested. Or wear black shirt on NO BLACK SHIRT day.

        Dr. Mahathir is a liar. He lies so he can fool all the Malays who are lack the experience or the sophistication to perceive his lies. I am ok with that, does not hurt me one bit.

        But Singapore is really good. Especially the cabbies. Clean, efficient and trust worthy. Meter is $4, bill is $4. No hanky panky.

        But my number 1 respect is for the business community. Pick up the phone, and they are polite. Go for a meeting and they are prepared. In Malaysia I waste so much time, in Singapore – its just getting things done. No wonder even though Singapore only is 0.2% of Malaysia in terms of size, it has an economy comparable to the entire Malaysia.

        That is efficiency. That is freedom.
        That is Uniquely Singapore.

      • Read the law, man, read the law. Of course you won’t dare ask around, for you might run into Big Brother and there’s no telling where that’ll get you to.

        Then again, see the logic of this fellow. I talk about the law allowing the Singapore Police to accost Singaporeans walking in a group of twos or threes (as TDM has written in his blog), he countered about large group candle light vigils in Malaysia. Of course la, large group gatherings may be interpreted as illegal assembly, dumbass. He even accused TDM of lying. What a rude bloke having no respect for an Elder Statesman.

        Only he and his kind understands the kind of logic this fellow uses. Wait till he comes across Big Brother logic. Remember old boy, you admire Spore so much you should stay put there and not come back. Especially when you keep bad-mouthing Malaysia. Even on some funny logic.

    • so you consider yourself and your communitty as malaysian?but why SJK still exist?

      • And why does BTN exist?
        Be a man, tell the truth.

      • Read the following link, dumbass. Good that this Ex fellow at least asks questions. Although he appears to have some preconceived ideas by saying “Be a man, tell the truth.”

        Read the boxed details on the BTN courses given in the link:


        It’s about the history of the country, independence from the British, the Constitution, about loyalty (other than merely saying I love this country and I pay tax), and such matters.

        He might still persist with his ill-conceived ideas about BTN even after reading the above. But we’ll keep throwing the book at this kind of anti-national elements whose loyalty might well be questionable.

        People are talking about being Malaysian but he and his kind are not subscribing to the idea fully. What the kind of “Malaysians” are these?

      • Really? ha ha ha.
        Ok if you say so.

    • The very name 2nd Class is mischievous. Trying to imply that the fellow and his kind is unfairly treated. He refuses to acknowledge that he got citizenship in exchange for the Special Position of the Malays. He refuses to accept Article 153 of the Constitution which spells out that. Of course he hates Tun Dr Mahathir for pointing out that there is no equality when there is Article 153 in the Constitution.

      He only accepts the part of the Constitution that entitles him to citizenship. And he wants more, more and more. The word gratitude does not exist in his vocabulary. He does not realise that when he questions the special Malay rights, the Malays can also question his and his descendants’ right to citizenship. Because the special Malay rights were directly linked, was in fact in exchange for, his citizenship right. He must be told not to do these because it would not be good for anybody.

      He probably even dislikes Tun Tan Siew Sin for having said in 1969 that the Malays have been “generous enough” in agreeing to non-Malay citizenship at Merdeka and relaxing citizenship rules after Merdeka. Him and his kind are a bunch of terrible ingratiates.

      Now he says he has already considered himself a Malaysian. Probably by just shouting out those words loudly every day. Or by claiming that he pays tax. He refuses to accept what others say that even the foreign labourers pay tax in the form of a “levy” and they are not even Malaysians and don’t have to show loyalty to this country. What a fellow.

      He talks about meritocracy and makes insinuation against the Malays. He probably refuses to accept the fact that even the Chinese in China lived on affirmative action done by a foreign power, the Manchus, who ruled China for hundreds of years until early last century. The Manchus allotted the southerners 25% of administrative posts because they were backward compared to the northerners. He’ll probably argue that it was long ago. He will not admit that the fact that it happened long ago is not relevant. What is relevant is that assistance was given to the disadvantaged group at any given time.

      He has never said anything good of the country since I first observed him. Now he talks about “divide and conquer”. He refuses to admit that his kind had used that tactic more than anybody else. They’ll exploit any fault or weakness they can find and look for any opportunity to drive a wedge among the communities in this country, or even within one single community.

      His kind even uses secret societies, thugs and gangsters since the time Long Jaafar and Ngah Ibrahim brought them to mine tin in Larut in the mid-19th century. They still do that in the Selangor State Government – One PKR ADUN and one PKR MP said the Selangor DAP Exco has links with the Underworld, even cohorting at the Selangor State Government premises.

      Finally he says Malaysia is going Zimbabwei way and calls for the destruction of the BN component parties. It’s him and his kind that should be destroyed instead.
      Those who don’t respect the Constitution have questionable loyalty to this country. One even wonders if they can call themselves Malaysians. Enough of this kind of ungrateful and greedy fellows.

      • Well said Nono, you’ve made my day, you’ve reduced the racist 2nd class to a no class puppy. bravo.

    • Yang aku tak paham, kenapa ramai Bukan Melayu terutama keturunan Cina yg lahir dlm Tanah Melayu/Malaysia selepas merdeka & mengaku sebagai warga negara Malaysia, TIDAK BOLEH BERBAHASA MELAYU?

      Dia org ni tak sekolah ke????

      Mereka ni cakap mengenai hak sampai bergegar gegar, tapi bila bab kena tunai ‘hak negara’ spt mengkehendakan rakyat Malaysia berbahasa Melayu (bahasa rasmi), tidak pulak mereka tunaikan!

      Sekolah vernakular mmg patut dihapuskan ini. Ini warisan penjajah yg tidak relevan lagi. Prof Khoo Kay Kim pun kata macam tu, banyak kali!

      Bagaimana hak mempertahankan negara? Berapa ramai sgt Bukan Melayu terutama keturunan Cina yg ladi polis dan askar? Kenapa tang pertahankan negara, ianya seolah olah menjadi ‘tanggung jawab’ org Melayu & Bumiputra shj?

      Aku setuju sgt desakan Big Guy utk parti poloitik Cina pastikan kemasukan dlm polis & askar terdiri dari Bukan Melayu.

      This what is known as collective responsibility. Bukan Melayu mesti tunjukan kesungguhan mereka sanggup gadai nyawa utk pertahankan negara, secara kolektif!

      • Tiada guna kalau mereka tu petah bercakap dalam Bahasa Melayu. Tetap dipandang serong oleh masyarakat. Tetap dianiaya sewaktu berurus dengan kerajaan. Tetap dimaki, dihamun dan diperkecilkan oleh media massa UMNO.
        Bagi aku lebih baik orang Bukan Melayu tidak paham Bahasa Melayu. Kalau gitu, mereka tidak akan merasa begitu marah ketika membaca nukilan racis yang terpapar di Utusan Melayu tu. Membakar hati je.

        Hidup Singapore!

  2. Big Guy,

    Tapi Najib sendiri tu faham ke laungan 1-Malaysia dia tu? Ataupun cakap tak serupa bikin?

    1. Pi kat 1-Malaysia blog dia. Bahasa apa yg pertama dia pakai? Inggeris, bukan? Kenapa letak BM ditempat kedua? Lepas tu, apa perlunya bahasa Cina? setelah didesak, dia letak Bahasa Tamil pula. Saya nak tunggu bila dia nak letak bahasa Murut, Iban , Kadazan, Dayak, Senoi, Kelate, Ganu, Oden, Hangpa etc. Prof. Khoo, kata jangan “konfius” bahasa ibunda dgn bahasa rasmi yg boleh dijadikan bahasa Kebangsaan.

    2. Ramai org menyokong Sekolah Satu Aliran, penyokong kerajaan, pembangkang, neutral, NGO etc. Apa kata Najib? “Mari kita kuasai Bahasa Mandarin” dan “Saya bagi jaminan bahasa sekolah-sekolah vernakular tak boleh diganggu”. 1-Malaysia tahi kucing!

    Suara-suara telah mula kedengaran. Tak kan Najib masih nak berdecit dlm lubang tanah macam tikus sementara sepupunya menyorok bersama keris dalam almari?

    Org telah meluahkan isi hati:-

    Orang dah semakin geram. Ada beberapa artikel ditulis terus menerus:-

    Orang Melayu dah sangsi terhadap Najib!

    • Saya setuju dengan pendapat bahawa orang Melayu sudah sangsi dengan Najib. Tidak pasti sama ada dasar 1Malaysia nya akan membuat “Non Malays to forget their origin country and start to behave and think like ‘Malaysians’”.

      Antara lain, disebalik ramai orang mahukan Sekolah Satu Aliran, dia melawat satu sekolah menengah Cina dan megumumkan sistem sekolah Cina boleh diteruskan. Dimalam mengundibudgetnya diParlimen, dia dijunjung sorak dimajlis makan malam sekolah Cina. Sehinggakan nyaris kalah undi budget itu – menang dengan hanya 3 undi. Bukan Melayu mesti naik tocang akibat dasar Najib sejak jadi PM.

      Sebaliknya Melayu melihatnya sebagai tidak menghiraukan kepentingan orang Melayu. Liberalisasi ekonominya, Ekuinas dan sapertinya tidak nampak faedahnya kapada orang Mmelayu. Omar Ong yang tidak bayar tutuntuan Petronas dan diheret keMahkamah pulak disumbat Najib ke Lembaga Pengarah Petronas. Ditolak kali pertama, dipasaknya lagi kali kedua. Seolah-olah ada kepentingan tertentu Najib berbuat demikian. Nyata itu bukan kepentingan Melayu.

      Dengan keaddan demikian, Melayu pun mula berpendirian tidak “Malaysian”. Tidak rela bukan Melayu sahaja dihemahkan. Melayu dianak tirikan. Majlis Tertinggi UMNO harus mengambil tindakan berkenaan perkara ini.

    • Najıb pun bukan ada teloq pun nak lawan cakap bısnesmen cına.

      Tun M pun, bıla dah tak ada kepentıngan, tak ada jawatan baru beranı sebut.

      Yang beranı cakap, nazrı azız sorang je. tapı bıla dıa cakap apa2 orang laın marah.

      Jadı lebıh baık semua orang dıam

      • Tak boleh diam saja. Keadaan banyak porak peranda sekarang sebab banyak orang diam saja kapada mereka yang memorak perandakan keadaan.

        Termasuk yang tidur. Dahlah flip flop selalu.

        Ada yang kata A good man does nothing. But so does a stupid one.

        Najib? Where is he heading to? Is he looking for a legacy of being the most liberal PM? Will he cut down by another 200% the budget for Institut Kemahiran MARA? And another 60% for MRSMs? Or close all of them? And instead open another few thousand Chinese schools?

        The Malays might pea on his grave instead of think any good of him legacy-wise.

  3. Sdr Big Dog

    There is something inside me that wants the Malay to get up, dust off his backside, shake his head to remove the years of cobweb and start venturing out of our “comfort zone”.

    Protect the 50% that is allocated for us and fight for the rest as advice by our Kings.

    So far fiery speeches and raising krises and poor leadership seems like “same shit different days”

    We have to start at the grass root.

    “Attack is a good form of defence”


    • i agree with mohamed. melayu banyak sangat bual kosong. pi buat kerja, kurang sikit berpolitik. rebut peluang kat dalam & luar negeri. kalau nak tunggu gomen tolong bagi subsidi sampai ketua ler…

      • Betul. Mesti buat kerja, mesti usaha, jangan tunggu subsiidi sahaja.

        Tapi jangan buang sistem subsidi. Dalam rangka NEP. Kalau hak kerakyatan bukan Melayu boleh selama-lamanya, kenapa NEP atau sebagainya tidak boleh selama-lamanya? Itu quid pro quonya.

        Tapi jangan beri subsidi atau nikmat NEP kapada salah orang. Jangan hijak NEP. Luaskan liputan mereka yang diberi faedah. Hentikan rasuah dan sistem kroni. Bukan Melayu yang benar-benar berpendirian sebagai rakyat Malaysia terima konsep NEP, hanya tidak terima cara-cara mengimplementasinya.

      • Tan Sri Hassan Merican berjaya membuktikan korporat Melayu mampu rebut peluang diluar negara dengan projek projek yang Petronas berjaya dapat bawah pengurusan beliau. Dalam medan ini, tiada permainan subsidi.

        Hari ini Petronas disifatkan sebagai ‘The New Seven Sisters’ yang dihormati dan segani.

        Peluang yang Tan Sri Hassan dan Petronas rebut ini adalah hasil ‘pintu-pintu yang berjaya dibuka’ dan hubungan kommersial yang berjaya dipelupuri semenjak pentadbiran Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad sebagai Perdana Menteri IV.

        Kerjasama dan perkongsian strategik dengan Mercedes GP ini adalah memanjangkan peluang yang berjaya diraih untuk memantapkan lagi jaringan produk dan branding Petronas.

      • But how rude of me for not thanking you Big Do g for your blog. I followed your blog for 2 years and it was your blog that convinced me, there is ZERO HOPE for non Malays in Malaysia.

        Rather than 2nd class who comes and whines here, I had to do put in a strategy. Went for many interviews down South, sitting in the bus for 12 hrs every time, but in the end, when the day I got the Employment Pass, was one of the happiest days of life.

        Now I can live and work in Singapore. I don’t have to suffer at the hands of the Malays in Malaysia. The Chinese may not be the nicest on the outside, but their sincere. For them you do a good job, you can move up. For the Malays, they can be nice on the outside, but they cantas you to pieces.

        At when I go to meet clients, no longer is there any fear that we will face some racist Malay on the other side. Its so much better in Singapore.

        Thanks Big Dog for giving me the push.

  4. Big Dog,

    That’s why we need to applaud Hassan Merican’s achievements. But unfortunately more often than not kita kutuk dia especially on his personal life. This holier than thou attitude has to go. If I’m looking for a saint, I wouldn’t look at him as a model but we are talking about looking at Melayu that has shown management capability, extraordinary achievements especially in an industry as competitive as oil. Some people might argue “what’s so difficult about running a state-owned entity” but if that’s the case why aren’t other state-owned entities show similar results.

    We need a Melayu’s Jack Welch but not a Melayu’s Madoff. The way I see it many Malays thinks our Malay brethren in power are practicing one giant Ponzi scheme. At the expense of many of us Malays!

    What kita Melayu need is to highlight these kinds of people, both good and bad. Let’s treasure a Hassan Merican but we must also revile those that betray our trusts. And we can find both kinds across the political divide.

    • We can start by highlighting the one who hammered in Omar Ong into Petronas BOD despite being rejected by the BOD the first time, despite the fellow having shown a lack of responsibility and not fit to be a Director for failing to fulfil his fiduciary obligation to Petronas, to the extent that he was dragged into court and Petronas eventually got a Court Order against him.

      And so many people have been asking what was the purpose in hammering him into the BOD. Nobody bothered to explain anything, leading to some conjecture that he was sent in to take over from Hassan Merican. If it is so, woe betide. The fellow is not known for corporate excellence. Ethos Consulting was reported to have some stains and became a baggage. There must be something sinister in pushing OO so hard into Petronas. The action defies logic. Let’s highlight the fellow responsible for doing it – Najib.

      • If Omar Ong the Petronas scholar who did not pay his dues until forced ever replace the good Tan Sri Hassan at Najib’s insistence, then Najib knows that his time is up. He could probably end up being the shortest reigning PM in Malaysia’s history.

  5. Why is this guy changing his tone? Last time he called non Malays pendatang now Malaysians? Ha ha ha.
    Big Dog, FYI non Malays who were in the army and navy were frequently by passed for promotion. The last officer crop sort of retired in the mid 90s. Why join an organization that does not want you? Furthermore there are cases of mysterious deaths.

    I have come to the conclusion, really for all concerned, the best choice is for every capable professional non Malay to just leave Malaysia, if you want equality. Big Dog is rite, stay in Malaysia = 2nd class, thats the deal.

    FYI I left a couple of months back to Singapore and wow what a great move. My only regret is I had not done it earlier. Singapore is one heck of a place. People get along quite fine, and even the Indians from India arent as badly treated as the treatment dished out to the “Malaysian” Indians.

    So to all, quite whinning, pack your bags and move south to singapore, to australia or wherever.

    Leave Malaysia to the Malays. They can lose their jet engine themselves.

    • 1. When did Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad called Non Malays as “Pendatang”? Please provide proof of event and incident (date, venue etc).

      2. Who says Non Malays have no opportunity to assume high position in Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM)?

      Taken from Apanama2020 blog:


      1.Brig Jen (Rtd) Arulpragasam – Commander, 6th Malaysian Infantry Brigade.
      2.Brig Jen (Rtd) Chong Thean Bok – Commander, 1st Malaysian Infantry Brigade.
      3.Brig Jen (Rtd) Baljit Singh – Commander, 1st Malaysian Infantry Brigade.
      4.Men Jen (Rtd) Johan Hew Abdullah – General Officer Commanding, 3rd Malaysian Infantry Brigade.
      5.Men Jen (Rtd) N.Selvaraja – General Officer Commanding, 4th Malaysian Infantry Brigade.
      6.Men Jen (Rtd) Lai Chung Wah, Commandant, Armed Forces Defence College.
      7.Brig Jen (Rtd) M.A.A Rodrigo – Commander, 12th Malaysian Infantry Brigade.
      8.Brig Jen (Rtd) Hon Mun Loong – Commander, 9th Malaysian Infantry Brigade.
      9.Brig Jen (Rtd) Rajban Singh Gill – Deputy General Officer Commanding, 2nd Malaysian Infantry Division.
      10.Brig Jen (Rtd) Philip Lee.
      11.Beig Jen (Rtd) S.Mahendran – Commander, 9th Malaysian Infantry Brigade.
      12.Men Jen (Rtd) Leong Siew Meng – Commandant, Armed Forces Defence College.
      13.Beig Jen (Rtd) Goh Ah Bah – Commander, 9th Malaysian Infantry Brigade.
      14.Brig Jen S.Jeyabalan – Commander, 3rd Malaysian Infantry Brigade (current position).
      15.Men Jen Dr. R William Stevenson – Malaysian Armed Forces Inspector General (current position).


      1.Laksamana Muda (Rtd) Tan Sri Thanabalasingham – RMN’s first Chief of Navy.
      2.Laksamana Pertama (Rtd) Parvithran Krishnan.
      3.Laksamana Pertama (Rtd) Malcolm W.Alvisse
      4.Laksamana Pertama (Rtd) Lim Say Kiang.
      5.Laksamana Pertama (Rtd) V.Ramachandran.
      6.Laksamana Pertama (Rtd) T.Thiruchandran.
      7.Laksamana Pertama (Rtd) Foong Soo Hoi.
      8.Laksamana Pertama (Rtd) K.Arasaratnam.
      9.Laksamana Pertama (Rtd) Tan See Ming.
      10.Laksamana Muda (Rtd) Daniyal Balagopal Abdullah.
      11.Laksamana Pertama Tang Eng Seng – current Commandant Armed Forces Defence College.
      12.Laksamana Pertama S.Gunaseelan – Chief of Staff, Fleet HQ.


      1.Men Jen (Rtd) Gophal Ramdass
      2.Brig Jen (Rtd) Ansar Ali Majeth
      3.Brig-Jen (Rtd) Richard C. Robless
      4.Brig Jen (Rtd) Huang Chew Siong.
      5.Brig Jen (Rtd) Soon Lian Cheng.
      6.Brig Jen (Rtd) T.Parameswaran.
      7.Brig Jen (Rtd) Samsuri Welch Abdullah
      8.Brig Jen (Rtd) Toh Boon Fook.
      9.Brig Jen (Rtd) Goh Seng Toh
      10.Brig Jen (Rtd) Loke Kok Yee.
      11.Brig Jen (Rtd) Stephen Ngiau.
      12.Brig Jen (Rtd)Ranjit Singh Gill.
      13.Brig Jen (Rtd)Koh Kia Lim.
      14.Brig Jen (Rtd) Lau Kong Cheng.

      These fine senior officers hold the position of ‘Panglima’ as one star or above officers in their respective service. What do you mean by “Passed on for promotions”????

      3. What “Mysterious deaths”? Again, please provide proofs and facts (events, names etc).

      BTW, This is a bloody good opportunitry for all these ‘pendatang’ to be Malaysianised. Live as Malaysians, as provided by the Federal Constitution, which include using Malay language daily and respect Article 153 and adhere to Education Act 1996 (Which supersede the Razak Report 1956).

      • Well said Bro, you just give that hypocrite Ex a black eye. Ex is Typical “singapore loving” racist Malaysians.Shameless person.

      • The bloke is just trying to sow seeds of distrust in the Armed Forces without giving any details of who, how, when and where. He also was trying to justify the poor response from non-Malays on the calls to join the Armed Forces. He is a loose tongue and a dangerous kind. Good riddance to him.

        He is a sore loser. Hope he’ll find Big Brother on the wall always watching what he says and does. I bet you he won’t dare say anything against the Singapore Government, his balls eventually shrunk to non-existence. I challenge him not to return to Malaysia after that.

        Those who do not accept Article 152 and 153 of the Constitution should not call themselves Malaysians and are not welcome in this country. I welcome those who do and am proud of them as fellow Malaysians.

  6. Waah very good. TDM’s racism is plain to see. He made those remarks at a Malay NGO gathering just b4 his son lost in the KP race. Don’t feign ignorance. Furthermore, he was supportive of Ahmad Ismail’s statments.
    On one hand you guys call us “pendatangs” when you like it and on the other hand you deny it?
    What is this – hypocritical racism??
    Be consistent and be a man. Don’t change your spots and you choose it.

    Great you put up the list. Out of the 41 high ranking officers, why is 90% retired??? That was the story prior to this GUILTY BY RACE agenda favoured by Dr. Mahathir. So maybe in the current 100,000 armies, there are perhaps 10 plus high ranking non Malays. Very good – they can be in charge of all the Corporate relations stuff.

    I don’t understand at all your point. Malaysia hates non Malays, Just Admit it and Encourage the Non Malays to leave. Then you guys will get your Malay utopia and we can laugh at you from down south, or wherever else we are.

    And to all Non Malays

    • Tun Dr. Mahathir’s call is very consistent. The ‘pendatangs’ should Malaysianised themselves and seriously show that they want to be part of Malaysia (not just paying taxes only!), in form and substance.

      They should speak Malay, adhere to the Federal Constitution (Art 152, 153 and respect Islam is the religion of the Federation – since their religion is already allowed to be practiced, don’t feel too comfortable and start to make demands!), ready to enrol themselves in essential services such as the Police, Military, Maritime Patrolers, Prisons, Fire Services, MACC, Anti Drug Agencies and as nurses, give up vernacular shools and since this is a democratic country, respect the decision of the majority. If they fail to do all of these, then they should not be offended when ‘sons of the soil’ call them ‘PENDATANG’.

      Supporting Ahmad Ismail’s call does not mean he made the ‘pendatang’ statement. Many Malays who felt some of the pendatangs have gone way arrogantly over their head (people such as Karpal Singh, Theresa Kok), should be dealt with.

      We the Malays welcome ‘guests’. Its in our culture. However, we don’t take to kindly to ‘guests’ who started to go over their head and eventually ‘KURANG AJAR AND BIADAP’.

      Even the English have a saying, “When in glass houses, don’t throw stones”. The ‘pendatangs’ should behave accordingly. Then we can have peaceful community, living together and sharing a lot of things (including the responsibility to take care of this tanahair).

      Yes I totally agree with Anak Watan Malaya. Too many Non Malays (born and live in Malaysia after 31 Aug 1957) can’t even speak Malay properly (which is strange since Bahasa Melayu is a compulsory subject in schools, even vernacular). Some don’t even know basic culture of the majority. And these are educated and professional lots. Once, a manager of Chinese ethnicity called ‘Hari Raya Aidil Fitri’ as “The Malay New Year”. Twice, bank officers of Chinese ethnicity called me when I am having my weekly Friday prayers. In all three cases, they live and study in Malaysia.

      Bahasa Melayu is the language of the Federation. So is Islam. These are close to the hearts of the majority of Malaysians. So why can’t the Non Malays “Come to Rome and behave like the Romans do?”

      Is that too much to ask?

      Hence Tun Dr. Mahathir is right. The Non Malays should forget their ‘home country’ and live and behave like true-blue Malaysians, where they adapt themselves to the majority. That is only natural, anywhere. Even in the West.

      BTW, there is a serving two star who is a Non Malay. Malaysian Armed Forces have had Non Malays given the same opportunity to rise up in the services (except in Royal Malay Regiment), even upto a service Chief (First Malaysian Chief of Navy happens to be someone of Indian ethnicity). One of the three star Policeman (Commissioner of Police), who is also a Director of Commercial Crime Division in the Police is of Chinese ethnic origin. In a Chinese Chauvinist enviroment like Singapore, only recently SAF allowed a Non Chinese (Malay) to assume the rank of Brig. General! Like Apanama 2020 said, who is the one is actually racist?

      P/S What baffles me is that these Non Malays who can’t speak Malays properly if they live abroad (especially in the West, more so in Europe), they are able to speak the local language well!. They even subscribe to the local culture and practices. So how come they remain to be ‘arrogant’ about not wanting to grasp Bahasa Melayu well?

  7. And to Jitu,
    Singapore is so nice. The Government here is very good. You can only appreciate Singapore Government after you have been abused, humiliated and discriminated by the Malaysian Government.
    Every day you count your lucky stars that you had managed to cross the Tambak Johor from a land that oppresses you to a land that welcomes you.

    • Goodbye and Good riddance lah beb. Indulge yourself in Singapore we are all so very happy for you, wish more of your ungrateful kind will leave Malaysia for your good old Kiasu Utopialand where citizens does not have a right to complain or oppose or you will be bankrupt by the PAP Government. Yes Merry X’mas and happy new year.

      • Actually nothing to complain about. But you must have lived in Malaysia first where young children get slapped and beaten up by their teachers on account of their race, people mysteriously fall out from buildings, national newspapers regularly attack and ridicule your race.

        With that, you thank your lucky stars you can step on this tiny red dot. For 626 sq km you are a free man. In Malaysia’s 336 000 sq km, your a pendatang.

        Happy New Year to you too.

      • Btw, contrary to popular opinion, business is booming here. And people are super efficient, hantar 1 email 2 days b4 Christmas break, and you can get a detailed reply the next day. And the companies operate with skleton staff. Having worked in Malaysia for 10 yrs ( i am 32) i was amazed.

        And those 10 yrs was the worst period of my life. Thank you all for your kind wishes, next stop change the Passport.

        All the best Big Dog, I had waited 2 yrs to say this. All the best to you and your struggle.

      • eddy,

        Ditto, ditto, ditto.

        The fler is a sore loser. He does not accept Article 153 and perhaps other Articles of the Constitution for which he got Malaysian citizenship (presumably). Non-acceptance of the Constitution is definitely a sign of questionable loyalty to this country. Now he has absconded to Singapore. Plain and simple good riddance.

        And he wants to contunue bad-mouthing Malaysia when in Singapore. For that he does not deserve Xmas or any good wishes from me. A complete nono for ill-intentioned disloyal-ex-Malaysians.

      • Aww shucks. I like Eddy better.
        Your a spoil sport. I can accept whatever interpretation of Article 153 you want to spin.
        What I cannot accept is being humiliated and insulted by the Government on account of my race. Step in the shoes of a non Malay and deal with the Government, no matter how good you can speak Malay, you will still get humiliated and treated like a Thambi Boy. Or pick up a national newspaper and have an editor insult your race . Or read a paper and find out a SRK teacher is abusing Indian children – those that are poor and lack any sort of proper support.

        Yes I am an Indian by race. In Malaysia its wrong to be an Indian. Here in Singapore is ok. I think you’ll comment that only pariah kelings will come and say stuff like this.

        Your right once again.

        But my purpose is 3 fold
        (1) Thank Big Dog for showing me there is a land where your not called a pariah keling
        (2) Telling other pariah kelings if you work hard, stay in school and are prepared to take some time to look for a job in Singapore, its SOO worth your time.
        (3) Just pissin all you guys off a bit.

    • Since you love Singapore so much and Malaysia is bad for you, please surrender your Malaysian citizenship (first) and then apply to be a Singaporean.

      That would be good for a lot of people, including your ownself. Malaysia definitely has no place for a true-and-true ‘pendatang’ like this.

      BTW, Please don’t bother replying or responding to this as we no longer appreciate your thoughts in here.

      • Pro-Singapork (+ PAPigs), sebijik cam Kerry-Jamban!

      • this EX guy soo retard laaa , no wonder being humilate becoz he act like monkey when see Malay and Goverment civil . But i bet its just EX imaganation and how this EX soo hatred Malays and Islam …

  8. And chicks here are hot 🙂

    • Since you come here to abuse you privilege of sharing your thoughts recklessly (no proofs or facts to substiate your points, “Just pissin all you guys off a bit”, the rate of your comments is regarded as ‘spamming’) and we have tolerated your nonsense for a little bit too much now, then we are pleased to announced that your privileges to share your thoughts here have been revoked (Just like other commenters such as Wenger J Khairy and Chairman Kaga, who happened to be the same person!).

      Please take your thoughts elsewhere, especially in blogs where you are not treated as a “pariah keling”.

      BTW, the Malays (for that matter, other ethnic groups) did not invent the word ‘pariah’. It is an Indian word, the caste system comes from India and the practice of discrimination and/or segregation of families/tribes/heritage is practiced by and amongst Indians. If the Indians did not each us, we can’t even imagine the use of the word. So never blame others if you have this problem!

      Infact, blame yourselves (amongst the Indians) for being ‘pariahised!

    • hahahaha this EX just know talking shit without any proof same like DAP and they supporter. Becoz they so hatred Malay and Islam , they will make wild accusation … and spread hatred !!!

  9. *Comments deleted

    The commenter lost his privilges to share his thoughts here, due inability to maintain decorum

  10. “They must put aside their origin country and call themselves Malaysians for 1Malaysia to be successful,”

    ==> Who is calling CAMPUR like me, as pendatang..in the first place..? we all already assuming ourselves as malaysian but DO UMNO ever want to realise that..?

    “The country is very liberal and I think they (Indian Muslims) will be accepted by all if they can pick either to become a Muslim or Indian.”. –> finally, TUN M made a conffesion, yes, malaysia is a liberal and sekular country, islam just as an accessory in the closet.

    INDEED, bigdog, i do agreed with U ideas, about 1 school, but Umno must first has to change their dasar, no more such malays supremency should be prasticing in this country, no more. all races merge as one nation become one malaysia. say no to UMNO then we can build One malaysia. 😉

    • Pendatang words come when people cannot accept the constitution and critise it , and when they get critic back , their jump like a monkey .. But in the same time their minded still from their origin country and hypocritely shout about Malaysian Malaysian hahahaha and this totally crap come from DAP and PKR .

      As i belief you just jumping in conlcusion word liberal in Tun Mahathir statement. Since when Tun said liberal about country and constitution.

      1Malaysia only can achieve if everyone respect each others and without dirty minded .

      Malay Supremacy ??? i bet you just use the words blindly and for hatred purpose .

  11. […] should make a lot of effort to discard their ‘Chinese Chauvinism’ and prove themselves that they are’True Malaysians’. They could start by actively promoting Non Malays especially the Chinese to be ensured of […]

  12. to dear antihipokrit,

    i hope you read this for your own benefit due to your ignorance… Im only a student but i can tell you that, no body(especcialy malays) have the right to call anyone a ‘PENDATANG’ because malays are not the native ppl of this land!!! malays are from the sumatera and jawa region!!! CHECK UP ON YOUR HISTORY! secondly, there should be no special subsidies for malay students in private education institutions!!! this is unfair, education is a priveledge that must be earned based on merit and not just given freely to a certain group of people! what about the indians who are so left out in this sector? what about the other races? we are equaly important! we also contribute to the system! pls reconsider your motion on the issue ! bottom line, EQUALITY!!! 1Malaysia will be truly achieved on this basis!

  13. it maybe a little late from original post but cant help reading and thinking now..giving my thoughts.. im non bumi, have plenty frens who are. but seriously unless they are really good at heart or they owe u their life or understands the importance of unity equality and believing that working close together gains more then division in social ascepts and class.. they still have and automatic prejudice.. somehow after so many years of growing together in malaysia ther is still a click thing between bumi , non bumi.. serious no point hiding facts behind laws and acts wherethe problem is rooted through family uprising to begin with.. anyone can vouch for a malaysian chinese mother who treats or think of any malay frens as closely and indifferently? its all roots, its up to the next generation tofigure things out through proper media exposure from young age to broaden their perspective of life as a whole.. to know that worlls larger and more complex are out ther to explore and soak in. rather then kao taoing to rascism and clicks we are all human being all the same .. but the corruption in malaysia in really getting on my nerves , the goveremnt should never be one sided .. theres a black president in the u.s now will there be an indian or chinese p.m in malaysia oneday? heck no.. why?? the goverment education system is so minuscule has to be upgraded ..why not teach malay or bumis.. chinese in school? we learnn malay too..when all our cultures get shared properly we can finally understand each other proper.. they say chinese are good at buisness and stuff why not study from the chinese.. and the chinese should give goverment work like being policemen and fire fire fighters or the army a fair chance.. i think its because the goverment dont publish those work class goo enough look at our cops , how many chinese how many malays? its ridiculuss.. all aboout roots.. they say non racist .. its all bull .. skin colour does matter in malaysia somehow.. psychologically its quite hard to get rid off..

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