Who is paying RPK’s bills in London?

There have been too much speculations on fugitive-blogger Raja Petra “Cyber-Anarchist” Kamaruddin’s where abouts, since he fled the country eight months ago. Currently, he is under two criminal court case for seditions and criminal defamation and jumped bail. The popular bet that he is now in the UK, probably in London.

The Star has a story:

Monday December 21, 2009

Raja Petra may be holed up in London

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Raja Kamaruddin has been reported to be in London.

There is information that Raja Petra, who was allegedly hiding in Mel­bourne, Australia, is currently holed up in a luxurious apartment.

Mingguan Malaysia reported that the editor, popularly known as RPK, was now believed to have been staying at the six-storey Trinity Court Apartments in Gloucester Terrace, Bayswater.

It is understood that Raja Petra has been renting a two-bedroom unit there with two toilets, a kitchen and a living room.

Secret hideaway: The luxurious apartment in London where Raja Petra is believed to be hiding in.

However, the source did not reveal how long he has been living there. There are also claims that Raja Petra is staying in Manchester.

Two arrest warrants were issued against Raja Petra after he failed to turn up in court on April 23 and May 23 for his trials over a seditious article on his website www.malaysiatoday.net defaming the Prime Minister’s wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

Raja Petra is also accused of defaming Rosmah and two others in a statutory declaration made at the Jalan Duta Court complex on June 18, last year.

The Sessions Court later granted him a discharge not amounting to an acquittal on Nov 11 and 13, as the police had yet to serve the warrant of arrest on him.

When contacted, Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar declined to comment, adding that police were still trying to hunt down Raja Petra with the arrest warrant issued against him under Section 4(1)(b) of the Sedition Act.

It was earlier reported that the police had managed to trace Raja Petra’s movements who had fled to Thailand illegally before flying off to Australia.


This is an interesting development indeed. The reported states that Raja “Techno Anarchist” Petra is believed to be staying in the luxury London West End area of Bayswater. A typical two or three bedroom flat in this area has the average rental of GBP 1,000-1500 per week. Realistically, for Raja Petra to have lived in this neighbourhood would have costed GBP 30,000 – 45,000 the last 30 weeks or so. That is effectively RM 165,000 – RM 250,000.

If factored for a sustenance cost to live in London at GBP 500 per week, that would calculate to GBP 15,000 or RM 82,500. Plus other costs which include travelling, communications and internet and satelite TV access, Raja Petra with his usual lifestyle would have required to burn between RM 280,000 – RM 370,000 for the past 2/3 of the year. That is roughly RM 420,000 – RM 500,000 per annum (at current exchange rate). Had the exchange rate gone to RM 6.50 to the quid (like how it had stablised for quite a while), then it would be in the neighbourhood of RM 500,000-600,000 per annum.

That is a lot of money for a fugitive family of three  to live in London and still maintain the controversial blog Malaysia Today. It is widely known that Raja “Compulsive Liar” Petra is an undischarged bankrupt. Legally, he is not supposed to possess that kind of cash to withdraw and burn.

So who or which organisation is footing all these bills?

There are calls to expose who or which organisation is footing the expensive bill to live in London.

The Star has the report:

Published: Thursday December 24, 2009 MYT 4:32:00 PM

Call to expose Raja Petras sponsors


PETALING JAYA: Those who sponsored fugitive blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s stay in London should be exposed, said Batu Pahat MP Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi.

It was more crucial to know those who were supporting the blogger than to initiate extradition exercise against him, he said.

It has been reported that Raja Petra, a bankrupt, was staying in Trinity Court, a posh neighbourhood in Gloucester Bayswater in the heart of London.

“It is of national interest to ascertain the motives of the people who sponsored Raja Petra, as he is a controversial writer who is daring in his attack on the government and making claims that could undermine national security,” he said.

Dr Mohd, who is also the deputy Education Minister, said the police should also ascertain the owner of the posh apartment where Raja Petra was allegedly seeking refuge.

“Such places cannot be simply rented by walk-in tenants,” he said, adding that it was obvious that the sponsors had regarded Raja Petra as an asset as he could be used as a tool to disrupt national security.

“Raja Petra will need to have a huge fund to continue living in luxury in London,” said Dr Puad who also congratulated the police for tracking him down.

Two warrants of arrest were issued against Raja Petra after he failed to turn up in court on April 23 and May 23 for his trials over a seditious article on his website http://www.malaysiatoday.net which defamed the Prime Minister’s wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

Raja Petra is also accused of defaming Rosmah and two others in a statutory declaration made at the Jalan Duta Court complex on June 18, last year.

The Sessions Court later granted him a discharge not amounting to an acquittal on Nov 11 and 13, as the police had yet to serve the warrant of arrest on him.


Some people say Anwaristas, probably Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim himself is paying for Raja Petra and his family to live in West End. This is believable as partyless-Opposition-Leader Anwar “Drama King” Ibrahim very much in need of Malaysia Today’s (dis)service to continue the propaganda to rubbish the Government under PM Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak and authorities such as the Judiciary, Police and MACC. Since 2005, Malaysia Today has had unprecedentedly great success to create distrust and even some degree of hatred against the Leadership, BN and her component parties and establishment, which include enforcement agencies and authorities.

Former-abuse-of-power-convict Anwar “King of Anarchy” Ibrahim also needed another ‘diversion’ against his second sodomy case, which has been postponed several times due to his usual legal-delay-tactics.

The unholy-marriage-of-(in)convenience-between-strange-bedfellows Pakatan Rakyat has also been stormy, which have been plagued by highly controversial issues such as the premature loss of Perak State Government, Elizabeth Wong sex scandal, intra-party squabbles, Kg. Berjaya illegal pig abattoir, sale of alcohol and ‘Sek 23 Hindu Temple’ in Selangor and continuous problematic administration in PR controlled state governments. PKR itself is facing issues such as Khalid Vs Azmin, Zaid Ibrahim antics and loss of faith of leaders and ordinary members to the Leadership.

It is also rumoured that media persona-non-grata Kalimullah “Riong Kali” Hassan is ‘financing’ Raja Petra’s expenses. Since the fall of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s regime, it is also believed that the former NST King-pin is now taking steps to strategically see the failure of PM Najib’s administration, especially from the public perception. To meet this objective, it makes reasonable sense that Raja Petra is allowed to maintain its cyber-anarchy via Malaysia Today, even from abroad.

So far, Malaysian Insider which many believed linked to Riong Kali has contributed some ‘damage’ to further create controversies (previously held by Malaysia Today and Malaysiakini), in the name of freedom of press and speech. Since it is being run by professional mainstream journalists, the subtlity of reporting has since somewhat managed wedge into the erosion of confidence amongst the proferssionals and educated Malaysians, especially in the urbanites. Anwar Ibrahim and PKR thrive on the minds of ‘confused’ and emotionally charged Malaysians.

Regardless, the origin of the funds to maintain and sustain Raja Petra’s life as a criminal fugitive is still a mystery. Before we at BigDogDotCom is being framed again by Raja Petra for “getting information from the Police Special Branch”, we wish to state that it does not require so much complications to figure this out about Raja Petra’s stay in London. For the record, Raja Petra has immediate family living in Manchester. A few months ago he met a senior UMNO politician in the West English city.



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55 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. Mari lah sama2 kite bagi dia gelaran Ayoyoitulah Raja Petra Kamaruddin

  2. Mate, I think you should consider adding the phrase ‘cowardly’ to the title of cyber anarchist, especially for rpk.

    • Just shows you don’t understand him

  3. If he is living in Commonwealth countries like UK and Australia, he definitely would be flushed out soon. As the IGP said, it’s only a mter of whether the British want to pprosecute him first for any offence he may have committed in their country.

    That he is an undischarged bankrupt clearly shows he cannot be living overseas for any length of time without the financial support of interested parties. Particularly those who would benefit from his writings or whatever other acts he can conjure to help put political enemies down.

    That he has very serious allegations against the PM’s wife, which by implication is an attack on the PM himself, suggests that those wanting the PM’s image be blemished could be financially supporting him. The more and the longer he can continue to write, the better for the PM’s enemies. The timing could be related to PRU13.

    That Anwarul Jalan Belakang is a strong enemy of the PM is clear since the days of katak lompat. Anwarul has been very sore at failing to achieve the so-called Sept. 16, 2008 attempted katak-lompat “coup de’tat”. Then sore again by the Perak katak lompat to the extent his boys had to hold meetings under the tree, much to the amusement of foreign groups that he tried very hard to impress all those years.

    That Anwarul has the funds to finance RPK living in expensive places can be borne by the allegation made by his own former staff that he had amassed RM2-3 billion during his tenure as Finance Minister.

    That Anwar and RPK have espirit de corps can be deduced from the fact that they both came from MCKK, a wholly boys residential school. The old school network often does wonders and may include jalan belakang as well.

  4. Under the Laws of Malaysia, RPK’s acts may be punishable by death. Stripping him off from the citizenship of Malaysia, should be of the very least and more considerate if we still see RPK as a human, not a bastardous beast!


    • What about those stealing our 2 jet machines? What about the person who earned 500million from our sub marine deal?

  5. mingguan malaysia..? the newspaper’s that have been declining it sales for 2009 year? ahakss.. no wonder that all Your writing based On rumours and gossip merely.

    If RPK does not spreading the blogger medias, i WONDER where You will doing now, perhaps reading news from utusan like usuall.

    because of RPK chaos, that U now exist in these industry. hehe not only kenang JASA UMNO, but pls also do kenang jasa rpk on you. Bigdog.

    • My dear boy, if you think RPK writes based on solid facts, why was he brought to court before, why is he sought by the Police and the Interpol like a common criminal?

      If what he writes are facts, he would not have been hauled into Court and no need to run away like a fugutive and a warrant for his arrest issued.

      Ada ngerti?

      • Salam Sdr Isa

        I totally agree with you. This boy failed to see the logic.

        If what RPK wrote is based on solid facts why is he running away? Bastard


      • Hohoho, honestly, do you yourself believe in our judiciary system not receiving instruction from ‘the authority’? Ask yourself, is our police force, MACC, AGC, Judiciary worth its’ gold and acting IMPARTIALLY? Only an idiot (and of course supporter of some “strictly for idiot only party”) will believe they are.

        What happened to Altantuya’s case, tell us please. Why Razak Baginda being acquited while those 2 UTK guys, acting under instruction are put to death sentence? Who GAVE THE INSTRUCTION. Pakailah otak!!! Just because the judge say so is it? AGC say no need to appeal then no need to appeal lah, Razak Baginda is clean as Fab + Breeze + Dynamo washed linen kah, pakailah otak oii…

      • Mudah aja apabila persoalkan mengenai RPK ni:


      • I can not believed my eyes reading your comment anyway everyone has its own opinion. I agreed with stupid dog.

    • What industry and chaos he make ??? he only tell a lie and make fantasy that people(with no brain) like u want to believe.

      RPK run like a cowards .

      RPK is example blogger medias from Pakatan Rasuah . hahahahaha

      • i saw superman and superwomen…but sam’s brain is beter than cicakman..

    • Lari tak semestinya takut geng! Kalau dah sistem perundangan macam hampeh, bodohlah kalau masih serah nasib.

      What he did is a wise thing. PI Bala kena paksa tukar SD pastu terus hilang. It is an open secret. Semua orang tau kenapa dia tukar SD dia dan kenapa dia hilang. orang bodoh je yang buat tak tau. So, kalau RPK duduk kat Malaysia lagi, either dia akan ikut jejak Altantuya atau dia memang akan ‘dihilangkan’ oleh orang2 tertentu.

      Tak guna kita tutup mata kita kata takde apa yang berlaku padahal kita semua tau something really bad happened in our government. Tak guna jadi orang Islam lah kalau takat nak jaga periuk nasi sendiri je tanpa hiraukan orang disekeliling.

      Tak puas hati dengan comment saya? dail 1-300-gimampos-88

      • sistem perundangan yg ko kata macam hampeh tu laa yg melepaskan anwar aljuburi bedebah yg menyebabkan negara tunggang terbalik, org melayu terkulat2 dan jadi mcm bodoh …PAS lagi bengap pi kawen dgn DAP dan bermadu dgn PKR yg tak ada asas tujuan.. ngokkkkk pakai akal la

  6. hahaha this cowards RPK run like a cowards becoz this retard know , he got nothing to proof . All his writing is baseless , the funny thing still many people want to believe lie !

    RPK show Malaysia Today readers got no brain !!!

    • who got better brain? sam or rpk???

  7. I believe neither Petra no Malaysiakini is the most damaging critics to Najib’s Administration. That honor (by actions and words) goes to Pemuda UMNO and Tun M… And Big Dog acts innocent, yet his continuous attacks on Omar Ong also did not constitute any substance…. Everybody wants to be PM!

  8. Salam, strip off his raja title since he complain much about the royalties. Manusia tidak tahu makna bersyukur. Elok tukar kepada rajalingam baru padan dengan perangai.

  9. I dont care about Raja Petra.

    What is more important is that the pengkhianat negara who stole the fighter jet engine (and God knows what else) should be caught and hung by their balls.

    The AG and Bank Negara should be prosecuting all the pengkhianat negara who have been sending out money illegally via the money changers.

    The fact that you are wasting time “reporting” about Raja Petra while our country is being sold from under our feet speaks volumes.

    • I care. I am a Malay. RPK carries a royal title. Royal is very important to us Malay. This RPK is a disgrace. Some called him a coward.

      Probably he is always “has to write something” outrageous which he himself could not believe. May be he knew he was wrong. When challenged, he ran.

      Many people are now fed up of these callous accusations. They want the police to follow up.

      I fully agree with you on the F5E engines and the money changer bit. Give them the full wrath of the laws. It would give me the most sasisfaction.


      • As far as we know (at this point of time), the F5E missing engine & money lenders stories are still under police investigations.

        RRK’s case is way beyond ‘investigations’. He is now at criminal court, being charged under cenal code for criminal charges (just like a common thief!).

        It is so different between the other two cases, still being investigated. The moment the yellow belly coward RPK jumped bail, refused to go through the trial & now considered a fugitive, he should be considered as a ‘HUNTED ANIMAL’. It is the same way villages should treat a tiger or wolf which hv been killing livestocks & probably villages children, & now being hunted!

        The fact RPK took a cowardice step, shows that his stories can’t hold water!

        At least Rocky & Jeff faced their accusers, like real men! These are true bloggers!

      • Dear Big Dog/Admin

        Would you please delete two of the three “mohameds” in my comment

        “On December 27, 2009 at 9:23 am mohamed Said:”

        It is finger trouble. I am sorry.



      • Mohamed Malay Kangaroo courts.. Melayu pakai Law of the HUTAN MALAYA

      • Tok Tina aku selalu ingatkan aku:


      • Please learn to spell “satisfaction” before you write about issues you don’t fully understand. You are trying to shoot the messenger (RPK). The country is being plundered and you are trying to put the blame on RPK. Get real and don’t live in bubble……

  10. Dear BD,
    I think there is no problem to whisk RP and wife out of the apartment quietly ’cause UK is a free country. PDRM maintains a very cordial relationship with UK security services and could seek assistance from them if needs be. However the Brits are always very wary if there is political implications involved. Well RP and supporters surely are aware of this and must have been quitely spreading the rumours that RP is actually a political refugee.
    Whoever is paying his bills must have so much extra to throw about or they are using him him for some other “works” against the Govt.
    I think let it be, his usefulness is definitely wanning.

    • It is important that Malaysia do its best to tell the world that we do not tolerate criminals. RPK is being charged under Penal Code for sedition and criminal defamation. Its never a political persecution!

      DS Najib, AG & IGP must show seriousness that we mean business. Had this been Singapore, RPK would hv been hurled like a rabid dog on the way to the dog pound!

      • a lot of ordinary people think that Najib, Musa Hassan, Ghani patail (and Lee Kuan Yew aned co) are worse scumbags than RPK. His stories may have some ‘ajinimoto” added in, but many people perceive these as true. The sources of his stories come from both sides of the political divide. BIG Dog is pro-najib, while RPK is against Najib. Just because u don’t agree with his writings, doesn’t mean that he deserves to be stripped of his citizenship. What has he done? Stole two FE jets? Killed a Mongolian model? He has every reason to fear the Malaysian courts, looking at the “strange” rulings they have passed. And of course, he has his sponsors. You would too, if you are principled and consistent in your views, rightly or wrongly.

      • Tok Tina aku selalu ingatkan aku:


  11. It’s very amusing to note the number of readers so actively interested in the so-called funders of RPK? Why the need for speculation on their identities or the whereabouts of one rogue blogger? Surely he cannot be such a threat to the stability of our country?

    Why not question the individuals responsible for the “missing” jet engines stolen from a top security military base? Why have the culprits managed to escape punishment? Surely, this is a issue of national security and a cause for serious concern, no? Covered up for 2 years and finally seeing the light of day now.

    Sad to see where the priorities of some lie….

  12. My fren is married to kali’s daughter and they are staying in trinity court’s. been there before..didn’t see RPK tho;)

  13. Lets go back to that Kali fella. So now he is waging war againts Najib ah? Hmmm, lets assume this Kali fella is sucessfull in bringing down Najib,what then? And he brings Pak Lah as a knight on shining armour to ‘save’ us? Can you picture it? Paklah making a comeback? Ayoyo…please lah.

  14. BIG Dog is not pro najib he is pro mahathir if i may say

  15. The Malays condemn the British, they run down the English language and they blaspheme Christianity. In short they HATE anything to do with ENGLISH.
    These are the same idiots who want to visit ENGLAND.
    They want to dress WESTERN
    They want to talk with a slang
    They want to socialize and have sex like the whites
    They want to behave like the ORANG PUTIH
    Will you NOT AGREE with me that they are a confused RACE with the HIGHEST hyprocritcy.

    charge me for this !!!!!!!!!!

    • Agree!!! I sokong u…..ini lah org yg berotak.

      • o wow…kelau mecem itiu..semua orengg puun seme la..ade semua bengse bengse pun seme le..ini orengg shatu malayshia cekep cekep..cekep..kicap..

    • especially the UMNO MELAYU…hahaha

  16. That’s not the way to address anyone..! I hope you understand.

  17. Whatever might be said of these stories but it does make us all Malaysians think about what is being spread as lies to all to read and speculate.
    We are not brainless and mindless peoples!
    We can analyze and see the trees from the jungles!
    We can smell a dead rat, a dying rat and an almost dead rat!
    We shall know what is the truth, the day will dawn on all of us!
    We shall see the end game!
    We shall have peace after this big episode is really OVER and DONE with!


  18. Guys..many lies, allegations and false truths are (and will continue to be) made by bloggers. Even the main stream media do it! What’s so special about RPK?

    Are we going to prosecute every blogger making such statements? There are much more bigger issues to worry and be concern about. We have a failed police, anti corruption and judiciary system, continue waste and abuse by the government causing loss in billions, corrupt political parties (and its leaders)with just so many allegations of money politics, scandalous high level murder implicating our PM and his wife, etc.

    And here we are debating the where about of RPK and his funders. This is the real issue affecting Malaysia??? C’mon, let’s be real. This is not going to change anything. Instead take your small heads out of the ground and start focusing on the REAL issues affecting Malaysia!

  19. “Bloggers United” ????

    Dear, dear dear!

    I can only see bloggers slanging each other over here.

  20. What bloggers unit! This is political war, mate. Bash the other side. Whack them. Slander them. Lies, lies and more lies.

  21. RPK ni adik ‘angkat’ Anwar Brahim kat MCKK.Sapa class of Anwar Brahim can you give a clear picture.Most of MCKK old boys are afraid and disgrace to tell about their past experience.

  22. the likes of rain and stupid dog looks like fuckers who doesnt know anything.

    You fuck up little bastard. Its not about disbelieve in our judicial system or whatever,

    The fact is this :-

    Rpk has all the chances in the world to testify against rosmah and najib in front of the whole fucking world. He had the chance to expose it in the court/in front of the public/ the local and internationally pressess.

    He got nothing to lose if he expose everything.

    Isn’t that what you pr monkeys is about?
    Expose and expose n expose n expose

    isnt that wat you pr monkeys wants? A chance to crucified gov in front of the whole world@court@press.

    Then why does this fat bald bastard by the name of rpk ran away?

    • Seang aja jawapan:


  23. Tak perlu nak berpolimik berhubung dengan orang yang dayus! Kita jagan lupa Pesurohjaya Tinggi kita ada di sana, dia orang bolih varify kalau RPK ‘ is holed up in Bayswater’. Bodoh la kalau kakitangan Pesurohjaya Tinggi kita tak tau!!!!

  24. The power of blogging is a scary thing these days!

  25. […] we trust Riong Kali this time? Since the story about Kalimullah “Riong Kali’ Hassan is the culprit who is sponsoring fugitive-blogger Raja &#…, the mainstream media have been harping on the issue continuously. Yesterday, Riong Kali denied the […]

  26. […] between Riong Kali and Raja Petra was highlighted when mainstream news carried stories about Riong Kali partly finance Raja Petra’s stay in London, whilst running away from Malaysian law and the trial that already started against the […]

  27. […] amalan demokrasi dan kebebasan bersuara dan media’. Sekiranya kekurangan sumber asas bagi menampung kos kehidupan yang amat tinggi di kota raya seperti London, maka ‘Anjing pun akan gigit tangan Tuan yang memberinya […]

  28. […] leash around his neck that did the trick. His role as an unreliable blogger can  be seen in another post here where he gave an in-depth fictitious hypothetical but mischievous post alluding to how RPK could […]

    • Just compare the comments from this blog’s supporters and RPK’s supporters. You will see which is the more civilized/educated party.

      I hope you people who worship the leaders who are holding your leashes wake up soon. The whole world is running at this stupid rhythm and it’s time you people wake up. More and more people realize that the powerful will always hold the weak down because the weak will continue churning money for them like zombies.

      *** Kalau tak faham, balik sekolah belajar. Ada sebab Bahasa Inggeris ini bahasa yang paling digunakan di dunia. Sebab segala ilmu pengetahuan yang pernah diterbitkan dah diterjemahkan ke Bahasa Inggeris. Belajar la sebelum anda dibelajarkan ***

  29. […] to ‘sell of information on Malaysians to parties abroad’. He was also implicated of harbouring fugitive techno-cyber-anarchist Raja Petra “Compulsive Liar” Kamaruddin in London, of which the former categorically […]

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