Wish list for military hardwares

Merry Christmas everyone.

Since today is two days post ‘Boxing Day’, we would like to state our ‘wish list’. For a while, we have had this ‘wish list’. It is for the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM). We believe that this ‘wish list’ could further enhance the defense of the realm.

Royal Malaysian Navy

4 Perdana Menteri Class Scorpene submarines (2 fitted with the Mesma AIP)

2 Type 45 class destroyers

2 F 2000 Lekiu class frigates

2 FS 1500 Kasturi class corvettes

4 Laksmana class corvettes

8 A 100 Kedah class NGPVs (fitted for and with) anti ship and anti aircraft missiles

4 Perdana class FACGs

4 Handalan class FACGs

6 Jerong class FACs

4 Mahamiru class minehunters

Mistral class LHDs

4 Fincantieri LHDs

12 LCACs

Naval Air Wing

24 AV8Bs Harrier IIs

6 Agusta Westland EH101 Merlins

12 Eurocopter AS 532 SC Cougar

12 Eurocopter NH90

12 Super Lynx 300

12 Eurocopter AS 550 C3

Royal Malaysian Air Force

32 Su 30 MKMs Flanker C

16 J39 Grippens

32 F 18 F Hornets

8 F 18D Hornets

24 Hawk 100s

24 Hawk 200s

16 Aermacchi MB 339Cs

4 Embraer R99 AWAC/AECs

8 CN235 MPA/ASWs

12 A 400Ms

18 K/C 130Hs

6 KC40s (converted B737-400)

6 CN 235s

12 Agusta Westland EH101 Merlins

36 EC 725 Cougars

Malaysian Army

48  PT 91M MBTs

48 AMX 32 MBTs

48 FV101 Scorpions

96 CV90 MICVs


96 FV 101 Stormers MICVs

288 ACV 300 Adnan MICV/MIFVs

192 MOWAG Piranha III MIFVs

384 Condor APCs

96 Atros II MLRSes

48 G6 155mm Self propelled howitzers

96 G5s 155mm howitzers

Army Air Wing

30 UH71Hs

24 A109Es

24 AH2A Rooivalk attack helicopters

Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency

Offshore Patrol Vessels

  • 2  Langkawi Class OPVs
  • 8 Superflex 300 OPVs
  • Patrol Vessels

    • 15 Gagah Class Ship
    • 5 Ramunia Class Ship
    • 2 Nusa Class Ship
    • 15 Sipadan Class Ship
    • 2 Rhu Class Ship
    • 10 Pengawal Class Ship
    • 1 Peninjau Class Ship
    • 5 Pelindung Class Ship
    • 5 Semilang Class Ship
    • 2 Penggalang Class Ship
    • 4 Penyelamat Class Ship
    • 1 Pengaman Class Ship
    • 38 Kilat Class Ship
    • 4 Malawali Class Ship

    Air Wing

    6 CL41 Amphibious patrol acs

    6 AS 355 Dauphins

    The cost is expected to be exhorbitant.

    Yes, we at BigDogDotCom advocate peace and war should be criminalised.

    However, we also believe that Malaysia has the sovereign right to defend her citizens, teritorries and exclusive economic zones. Malaysians must have the peace of mind that they are being defended, so that the confidence of investments and new business ventures would be developed.

    Malaysia is an area 329,000 sq km, 2,670km of borders, 4,675km of coastlines and a mass body of water (South China Sea between Peninsula Malaya, Sarawak and Sabah), which is inhibited by more than 28 million people.

    The Malaysian economy (GDP adjusted to PPP) is USD 385 billion per annum, of which GDP per capita is at USD 15,000. Currently Malaysia is spending 2% of the GDP on defense as compared to Singapore (6%), Thailand (1.8%) and Indonesia ( 3%).

    Malaysia also had actively participated various peace keeping roles at global level and will continue to do so. Hence the military assets listed are required for all these roles and applications, domestic or abroad. In recent times, the ATM have had great success in Namibia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Somalia, Cambodia and Lebanon and won various international accolades.

    Anti piracy, anti terrorism and disaster relieve and search and rescue operations have been the main focus of the ATM, especially in the region and waters where Malaysian registered merchant navies ply. The dependence on the large navy, air force and support for both operations depicts the importance on the operational applications.

    Hence, this ‘wish list’ is presented for upcoming 2010. This is part of the RMK 10 extending well into RMK 11 and 12. This ‘wish list’ is a precursor of Malaysia being a developed nation status by 2020, as per planned 20 years ago. The ‘blanket of security’ is imperative to provide the sense of protection and residents, be it natural persons or firms the comfort of feeling ‘safe’.


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