The Police shouldn’t be shy towards these manipulative and provocative DAPs

The Police shouldn’t be apologetic in their powers as provided by the Federal Constitutionand and shy towards  these manipulative and provocative Chinese Chauvinist DAP leaders. They have manipulated circumstances far too much and provoke every single opportunity made available. Thus, the book should be thrown at them.

Time and again, they have recklessly misused any shred of information (even suggestive and speculative in nature) and uttered statements meant to create ambiguity, provoke and worse of all, infuriate. More often, against the sensitivities of the majority. When there are reactions against their initial provocations, then they will cry for being victimised and wrongfully penalised, just because they are minority. The best all time exmaple is the entire process of post May 1969 General Elections, which led to the bloody 13 May 1969 racial riots.

Current case in point is the Inquest on Teoh Beng Hock’s ‘sudden death’. DAP leader Gobind Singh Deo who represented the Teoh family demanded that another autopsy be carried against Teoh’s corpse upon the unqualified autopsy-via-photos by eccentric-but-controversial-media-craving Thai pathologist Dr Porntip Rojasunan. As a consequence of the controversies created by Dr. Porntip’s preliminary opinion,  magistrate Azmil Muntapha ordered the second autopsy on 17 November 2008, which was conducted  by Sungai Buloh Hospital Chief Pathologist Dr. Shahidan Md. Nor. Eminent British pathologist Dr Peter Vanezis and eccentric-but-media-craving Thai pathologist Dr. Ponrntip Rojasunan oberserving.

Now that the autopsy concluded and the Inquest has yet to reconvene to be presented with the findings of the second autopsy, DAP Secretary and Penang Chief Minister General Lim Guan Eng chose to make a pre-emptive subjudice statement in a Pakatan Rakyat convention on 19 December 2009 stating that Teoh Beng Hock was murdered. Deemed to be contempt of court, Selangor Police initiated an investigation and it is suggested that Lim has breeched Sedition Act. As expected, DAP cried being victimised in this initiative and now irresponsibly demanding the Police to stop investigations.

The Star has the story:

Wednesday January 6, 2010

Exco member wants probe on Penang CM for sedition to stop

PETALING JAYA: Selangor executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah has slammed the police for investigating Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng for sedition in relation to his statement about Teoh Beng Hock.

“I urge the police to cease their investigations against Guan Eng immediately.

“The people want the Barisan Nasional government to return truth and dignity to Teoh Beng Hock,” he said in a statement yesterday, adding that the police had acted with “undue haste.”

“I also urge (Home Minister) Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein to explain the police’s actions,” he said, alleging that the police were being “manipulated” by certain quarters.

The death of Ean Yong’s former aide Teoh is now the subject of an ongoing inquest.

Teoh was found dead on July 16 at the fifth floor balcony of Plaza Masalam, where the Selangor Malaysian Anti-Corrup-tion Commission (MACC) office is located, after being interrogated overnight.

Ean Yong also claimed that the Government was “hiding facts” related to Teoh’s death in order to delay the inquest process.

Earlier, he had turned up at the Shah Alam police headquarters at 10am to give his statement pertaining to claims that he had tried to intimidate the police recently.

He is being investigated under Section 506 of the Penal Code, and the Communication and Multi-media Act 1998, for his statement requesting the police to stop the investigations against Lim.


The tone of this call by Selangor Exco Ean Yong is really manipulative and provocative.

The facts are:

1. DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng should be investigated under Seditions Act. His statement in Shah Alam on 19 December 2009 speculating the cause of Teoh Beng Hock’s ‘sudden death’ before the Inquest was presented by the findings of thse second autopsy is clear that Lim (Exceprts from the Sedition Act):

  •  “(c) to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the administration of justice in Malaysia or in any State;”

2. The whole process of Teoh being investigated by MACC, ‘sudden death’ where body is found outside the Selangor MACC office, the investigation by the Police and incorporation of the Inquest has got nothing to do with the Barisan Nasional Government. These are provisions and procedures under the Federal Constitution.

3. Is Barisan Nasional Government able to “hide facts related to Teoh’s death in order to delay the inquest process”?

The Inquest is conducted by the Judiciary. BN has no power at all over the Judiciary. To “hide facts” will risk and BN members of obstructing the process of justice and that is punishable by law.

4. The Inquest on Teoh Beng Hock’s ‘sudden death’ is already in the hands of the Judiciary. Hence, the dignity on Teoh’s untimely demise would be vindicated by the process as per provided by law.

5. Home Minister Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin Hussein need not to explain the Police’s action. The investigation on Lim Guan Eng is entirely a Police matter, under Penal Code:

5.1. The Police is acting under provisions of the law

5.2. The Selangor CPO DCP Dato’ Khalid Abu Bakar offered adequate public statements on the investigation on Lim

6. What right does Ean Yong has to ask to Police to cease investigations?

Isn’t that clearly ‘obstructing the process of justice’?

The fact is also that Ean Yong is currently under investigation for corrupt practices. Teoh was Ean Yong’s Political Secretary and many believed he was ‘spilling the beans’ when he ‘volunteered’ information to the MACC, the day before the former was found dead. For someone who is under investigation for a very serious crime and could be breaking point for an infant DAP ‘controlled’ in Malaysian politics, it is very important that the whole process of ‘finding the truth’ being torpedoed and the story sunk into abyssal depth.

The motive is pure and simple. Evidently, Ean Yong has ulterior motive to derail the entire process on  Teoh’s ‘sudden death’ inquest since he is directly linked to the deceased man, as a former boss and implications on the ongoing corruption investigations. As such, Ean Yong should also be investigated under the Sedition Act. Clearly, he too is trying to obstruct the process of justice with this call to stop investigations on Lim.

The Police should administer and enforce the law without fear or favour. These Chinese Chauvinist DAP Leaders have gone far too much as free citizens of this tanahair and time and again, abused their privileges recklessly. The luxury of ‘freedom of speech’ should be utilised with care and responsibility. When one abused the borders of being responsible in they exercising the ‘freedom of speech’, then they should face the music.



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