PKR: The party with the highest turnover of leaders

Parti KeAdilan Rakyat (PKR) announced the appointment of Machang MP Saifuddin Nasution as the new Secretary General. He is replacing Dato’ Sallehuddin Hashim who unceremoniously quit few days ago.

NST has the story on Sallehuddin’s retreat:

Salehuddin quits PKR


By Syed Nadzri

KUALA LUMPUR: Parti Keadilan Rakyat secretary-general Datuk Salehuddin Hashim has quit the party, ending weeks of speculation about how unhappy he had become about its state of affairs. He said he handed in his resignation yesterday to party supremo Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and deputy president Dr Syed Husin Ali. Salehuddin, a lawyer, said he was leaving politics altogether and would now concentrate on corporate consultancy work at home and abroad. “I think I’ve had enough of all this.

It’s time to move on and I will do some travelling and focus on consultancy services,” he said.

“I am 58 years old. And I don’t think I have that many productive years left, so I had better make the most of it now.”

The resignation is another major blow to PKR which is already beset by internal bickering and the prospect of having Anwar go through another lengthy court process on a sodomy charge. Salehuddin, however, did not want to go into the issue of whether it was the internal problems in the party that drove him to resign.

“Frustrations, resentments, disappointments. I think it’s all part of life, part of political life. But I think that’s enough as I’ve given six fruitful years to the party — four as organising secretary and two as secretary-general,” he added.

Party insiders have long pointed out that the state of his relationships with several party officials have been a source of irritation. His run-ins with Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, an Anwar loyalist, were well known, with matters coming to a head with Khalid’s controversial plans to take over Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan, a poverty-eradication foundation.

Last month, it was reported how an irate Salehuddin had emailed party officials about what he described as the “crooks” and “dirty tricks” involved in the takeover by the Selangor government of debts owed by a private company to state agencies to the tune of RM391 million.


Saifuddin’s appointment is no surprise, despite that he is a PAS member ‘on loan’ to PKR as a strategist. He also known to be an Anwarista, since the 1990s where he served as Pemuda UMNO Secretary.

However, the rakyat need to be reminded that PKR has seen a very high turnover of leaders. PKR, which derived from the merger of Parti KeAdilan Nasional and Parti Rakyat Malaysia, actually was formed as KeAdilan. KeAdilan,  was the formalisation of Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim’s mobstreet movement ‘Reformasi’, which he former UMNO Deputy President and Deputy Prime Minister activated to stir up the anger and fury of the rakyat on his untimely sacking from the Cabinet and UMNO on 2 and 3 September 1998 respectively.

The nation, especially in Kuala Lumpur almost went topsy-turvy because of that. Two major international with involved world leaders were held in Klang Valley within the few months preceding his sacking and eventually arrest under ISA for instigating street riots; Commonwealth Games and Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation. Many, including political leaders, professionals, urbanites and students believed that Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad fabricated the ‘sodomy and sex-capades’ about him. It made the process to recover from the Asian Financial Crisis 1997 much more difficult.

‘The ‘Reformasi’ was all about him. Eventually, KeAdilan, PKN and PKR now is all about him. The party practiced the highest form of favourtism, nepotism and cronyism. His wife Wan Azizah Ismail was made President and she still is. His daughter Nurul Izzah Anwar is now the MP for Lembah Pantai. His aide Azmin Ali is now the Vice President. PKR is all about the fight for Anwar “King of Mobstreet Anarchist” Ibrahim and his personal agenda being formalised as a political struggle. So many are ‘sold’ into buying all the nonsense, via his amazing oratory and manipulative skills. Of course, not without help from his Jewish Neo Con friends who lend him enormous amount of support and resources.

Since then, high profile leaders have thrown their support and then left the former abuse-of-power-convict out of sheer frustration, disappointment and worse of all, being cheated and made used of for one man’s sordid personal agenda. Names like Dr. Chandra Muzaffar (former Deputy President KeAdilan), Abdul Rahman Osman (former Deputy President of PKN), Ruslan Kassim, Dato’ Marina Yusoff, Nell Onn, Prof. Dr. Jomo K. Sundram, Zainur Zakaria, S. Nalla Karupan (former Treasurer), Ezam Md. Noor (former PKR Youth Head), Lokman Noor Adam and the most recent, Dato’ Dr Jeffrey Kittingan. Despite being staunch Anwaristas, Dr. Chandra, Zainur and Ezam have since hit very strongly against their leader. Zainur and Ezam actually served time in jail for Anwar’s cause.

Since the 8 March 2008 12th General Elections, PKR seen a large number of elected representatives (YBs) of the multiracial party leaving the for one reason or another. In 2009, Mohd. Osman Jailu (Changkat Jering), Jamaluddin Md. Radzi (Behrang), Mohd. Fairus Khairuddin (Penanti), V. Arumugam (Bukit Selambau), Mohd. Radzhi Salleh (Lunas) and the most recent, Badrul Hisham Abdullah (Pelabuhan Kelang) quit from the party or as ADUNs.

On the other hand, PKR has been attracting ‘rejected’ leaders from othe parties. The most recent are Dato’ Zaid Ibrahim (who was suspended from UMNO) and Dato’ Seri Chua Jui Meng (who failed on the bid to run for MCA Presidency).

This peculiar pattern of high turnover of leaders in one political party, should be a worrying concern. These are the facts rakyat must consider. Exodus of high profile leaders and the magnetism on rejected leaders. They also should be reminded that Anwar announced the ‘Black 14’ “Ketuanan Rakyat” and “16 September 2008 take over the Federal Government” promises, which have yet to be materialised. In the final analysis, this is all about Anwar “Master Anarchist” Ibrahim and what leaders close to him eventually discover. Again now that he is facing another recuring sodomy charge, ten years after the first, Anwar “Compulsive Liar” Ibrahim (who failed t0 produce and make good his “31 BN MPs ready to cross over by 16 September 2008) is turning back into ‘anarchy’ as his pre-emptive defense mechanism.

Probably, if and when Dato’ Seri Mohd. Nazri Tan Sri Aziz is sacked from the Cabinet, he might join Anwar as well. He has clearly shown his trait as a ‘samseng, something so Anwarista-ish. After all, unlike UMNO which was given birth in a palace, PKR was  born on the streets by mobs and thugs.

*Updated 300pm

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  1. BD,

    In all honesty I doubt if many BN people think those that jumped to their side are people of the highest pedigree. I for one think that Badrul Kelang guy is a joke.

    Sakmongkol wrote a very intelligent piece about UMNO being syok sendiri about the disarray in Pakatan. I think you should have a read.

    • Hi Jef,
      THis is one good thing about UMNO in that the members can criticise the leadership and even the party.
      This is sorely missing in PKR.

    • Do you know what’s his name has been called as a Malay apologist?

      Mlays don’t need to read him. Thank God he was ADUN for only one term.

  2. I agree with the last statement. Anything happened to NAzri, he will be running straight to PKR.

  3. last statement was a low blow, being that, nazri will be running like a puppy dog back to his master anwar….
    but worth the thought!! and i like that statement.. BRRRRRR!!! (like that coke ad)

  4. Not only becoming a party for rejects. There are also an exhibitionists, a violent ear biter cum strip teaser, a master fabricator of photos (actually a big fraud), an incompetent MB and a junk load of manifold idiots especially big time political looser. I guess the next large migration will begin when the lover of abnormal sex gets time off to enjoy his cell back at Sungei Buloh; I doubt the new secretary general can stop the imminent tide. Congratulations to the out going secretary general – enjoy your quality time. Nazri – he got a damn large loose cannon that always misfire loudly in trying to remain relevant to his present boss; he’s a little smarter than those rejects for he knows PKR is already a sunken ship and getting irrelevant by the day.Nazri will find a way to swallow his ego.

    • Parti Kumpul Reject!

      Parti yg gambor telanjangnya boleh didapati dlm internet (Tak nafikan pulak tu!)

      Ini ke parti yg rakyat pilih sampai ketua umumnya boleh jadi ketua pembangkang?????

      SEDORLAH WOIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. They are a party of rejects, are they not? Anwarul Jalan Belakang is clearly an UMNO reject, Syed Hussin has been a voter reject after failed attempts at the polls, many other big names of theirs were also rejects in one form or another.

    It is in the nature of rejects that they eject themselves out after they realise that jumping into PKR out of disgust with their former parties had brought them so many surprises in the way the party is run, in the varied character and peculiarities of the main players, in the thinking of those holding key posts. The Secretary General, for example, could no longer tolerate years of abuse of his own position, not listened to, just pushed aside, like apparently TS Khalid of Selangor did.

    Btw, what does “takeover by the Selangor government of debts owed by a private company to state agencies to the tune of RM391 million” mean, can anyone tell me? I imagine that the State Governemnet and the taxpayers in Selangor are made to pay for those, correct? Khalid takes over the debts in the name of the State Government and the Government pays from its Treasury.

    No wonder he kept saying no money and wants to use even the Muslim zakat money for development. No wonder the resigning PKR Secretary General was so flabbergasted at Khalid’s rape of the Selangor tax-payers to the extent of using the words “crooks” and “dirty tricks” used by the problem-infested MB. Likewise, Anwarul is also problem ridden, his Jalan Belakang court case is coming up in 2 weeks.

    Wonder if they have been trying to find anything to divert the attention of the public from their personal poblems. But let’s leave it to the Police to investigate and determine the motives of the Church burning criminals.

    • This indeed a party of rejects.

      Look at their list of elected leaders now:

      1. Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim
      2. Dato Dr Zainal Abidin Ahmad
      3. Tian Chua
      4. Wee Choo Keong
      5. Kamarul Bahrain Abbas
      6. Dato Zahrain Mohamed Hashim
      7. William Leong
      8. N Gobalakrishnan
      9. Elizabeth Wong

      and many more.

      These are rejects on their own right. They cant make it in the previous parties. Look at Wee. DAap threw him out!

      Khalid, Kamarul Bahrin, Zainal Abidin and Zahrain are failed Umno politicians. So is Fauzi Abdul Rahman.

      The fact is that they voters elected them not becoz thy hv faith in these people. It i becoz they simply loathe the name “Abdullah Ahmad Badawi” and “Khairy Jamaluddin”!

      They are YBs becoz of protest vote against BN!

      Now that one term is up, go dowalkabouts in these constituencies. See how many willing to return these rejcts into power. I live in Kelana Jaya. No way we will put that idiot Loh Gwo Burne back into Dewan Rakyat representing us!

  6. PKR is actually a garbage bin full of wreathing worms, constricting anacondas and poisonous vipers so powerful that no human can destroy it from outside.

    The worms are pestilential agents of the soil. The anacondas hypnotized all passers by. The vipers super pollute the air with its breath. These ‘powerful’ qualities themselves destroy the whole garbage bin from inside.

    The rot leaves such a stench that super vultures from as far as Israel and God-Nation-US and as near as Little Middle Kingdom Singapore send emissaries to represent and safeguard their ‘intellectual investments’ in the virus that spawned tumor and abnormal growth in animate being; that virus manufactured in hell given an ungodly name ALJUBURI.

    The national call should be, “O ye humans languishing in PKR, join your brothers who found their senses in abandoning this rotten garbage bin before your flesh feeds the rot. You are born for far holier purpose”

    • I’m liking your comments by tyhe day, my friend. Siap dengan interesting quote pulak itu. I don’t even mind the Al title you confer on the unpricipled, uncouth fler.

      I believe there are many more among them frustrated and exaperated at the goings on in PKR and PR. But they don’t know where else to go. I’m not sure whether UMNO should offer to take the disgruntled/ misled Malays back – they really have split and weakened the Malays by their words and actions. Their loyalty to the Malay cause is questionable, their not sabotaging Malay unity in the future cannot be guranteed. Maybe just let them rot or go berserk among themselves.

  7. How about 1/2 UMNO + 1/2 PKR such as Zahid, KJ and many more?

  8. “Probably, if and when Dato’ Seri Mohd. Nazri Tan Sri Aziz is sacked from the Cabinet, he might join Anwar as well.”

    If u should mention Nazri Aziz, it’s only proper to cite Zahid Hamidi as well.

    • Yes, originally we was tempted too mention that. However, we refrained.

      Yes, we get a lot of comments like what you mentioned here.

  9. BD,
    Sori kalu komen ni tak kena tajuk diatas, tapi teman kecewa benor dgn sikap gomen kita yg cepat2 sangat nak mintak maap dan cepat2 pulak nak membela nasib gereja2 yg tebakor tu.Kot ia pun tunggu le sampai polis abis siasat dulu,ngape nak tergesa-gesa? Kita tahu sangat perangai puak malaun ni-duit bantuan di kebasnyer tapi jam mangkah dia tetap pangkah roket gak,kite macam nolong anjin tersepit jer..Udah-udah le berapologitik tu,tunjukkan sikit kita ni ada telo! (Grrrrrrr geram bebenor teman dibuatnyer!)

    • DS Najib beri RM500,000 kapada gereja itu. Dulu dia balik dari Kuala Trengganu dia beri RM50 juta kapada sekolah Cina.

      Pernahkah dia buat begitu bila tengok Melayu susah? Berapa selalu? Berapa juta?

      • Maafkan dia. Munkin dia ni Afghanistan kot. Najibullah binti Barak Obama. Bukan Melayu. Mana dia kenal penderitaan Melayu. Berdiri tegap sasa sama tinggi dengan LHLoong.

      • UMNO Youth Akhramsyah Muammar Sanusi has scolded DS Najib.

        “a load of nonsense”, he said, pointing out that the government was not responsible for the arson attack.
        The act again will be seen as the government being apologetic rather than addressing issues distressing Malays, wrote Akhramsyah in his blog.

        “This will open the door to accusations that the government is now bringing the state’s treatment of other religions on par with Islam which is the only religion acknowledge by the constitution. This is extremely dangerous,” he reasoned.

        “Paying RM500,000 gives the impression that the government is taking ultimate responsibility for the arson attack,” he added.

        He further argued the donation could prompt Hindus the right to claim for compensation for their demolished temples and encourage arson for the sake of gaining state funds for rebuilding.

        Thank God PKR is in disarray. Otherwise they’d spin, spin and spin. Malaysian Insider, the blog that twisted DS Hishamuddin’s words by saying last Wednesday that KDN had allowed the Kg Bahru mosque demo last Friday, now spins that Syed Hussin was resigning the Deputy PKR post. Syed Hussin quickly denied it.

        But let MI spin and let PKR goes spinning.

  10. ada ka org mature nak baca artikel yang diselang-seli dgn kata-kata nista macamni, too personal and downgrading. macam penulis tu bagus sangat.

    • budak ini baru saja masuk dunia blogging nampaknya.

  11. Funny, how party of ‘reject’ won most of the by election as oppose to buying the election. We shall witness in the not too far future insyaAllah, the arrogance of the existing ruling elite of claimed ‘non reject’ be rejected and ejected entirely.

  12. […] the rate things are going for him and the manner PKR is disintegrating, Anwar “needs” another black eye when he goes to court of 2 February […]

  13. […] peluang terbaik untuk ‘mengambil kesempatan’ tatkala Anwar sibuk menghadapi kes ini. PKR sendiri menghadapi krisis yang amat meruncing dan sebenarnya diambang perpecahan, walaupun Anwar begitu berusaha untuk menentukan PR terus utuh, relevan dan masih menerima sokongan […]

  14. […] jawatan ini merupakan YB ke VII PKR yang telah meninggalkan parti yang diujudkan semata mata agenda peribadi Anwar itu. Published […]

  15. […] Pakatan Rakyat is undoubtably on a self destruction mode and pattern and this has moved into higher gears of inevitability in the turning out of events which some might say, ‘fate’. This is especially with the failure to deliver so many promises and expectations, led by paryless-Opposition-Leader Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim and his sordid “16 September 2008 Federal Government take over”  unrealisable wet dream. Of course, now his ongoing personal hedious sexual deviant criminal case is affecting PR as a whole and PAS already abstaining their suffort for a bretheren political-in-partner-in-crime. The party which was formed for and around the former-abuse-of-power-convict also saw themselves on an almost sure self destruction mode. […]

  16. […] and more who failed to see the light at the end of the tunnel will eventually come to their senses. PKR had been and will always be a personal and greedy agenda for former-abuse-of-power-convict Anwa… to realise his ‘undying wet dream to come to power and what ever cost’ and more of […]

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