What nonsense is DAP talking about now, “Middle Malaysia”?

It seems that the Chinese Chauvinist DAP is changing its tone of  ‘Malaysian, Malaysia’ to woo the ‘silent majority’ for votes, which rest in the hands of the Malay majority. They are now promoting ‘Middle Malaysia’, as a new battle-cry in the hope that the Malays are now felt being championed by the Chinese Chauvinist DAP, which in the over 40 years tried very hard to undermine the needs of the majority.

NST has the story:

DAP on ‘middle Malaysia’ path



IPOH: DAP promoted “Middle Malaysia” at its national convention yesterday, a concept of a moderate and more tolerant Malaysia, based on cooperation and consultation. The party is seeking a Malaysia that is inclusive and shared.

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said: “A shared society is one that celebrates diversity and assures everyone a place in it” while guaranteeing democratic participation, respect for diversity and human dignity.

He was addressing some 1,000 delegates at the national DAP convention.

Present were Pas secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) vice-president Dr Lee Boon Chye, former Pakatan Rakyat Perak menteri besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, DAP chairman Karpal Singh and DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang.

“We are seeking the silent majority and not those on the fringes and extremists. We must not lose sight but take the middle ground.

Middle Malaysia belongs to every Malaysian. It is the firm belief that the country’s wealth, opportunities and resources belong to all Malay-sians,” Guan Eng said.

The Penang chief minister said DAP’s partners — Pas and PKR — shared its views.

To embrace the Middle Malaysia concept, he said Pakatan Rakyat must been seen as moderate and inclusive and distance and differentiate itself from exclusive, racist and extremist opponents.

Later, Guan Eng said the party was not abandoning the Malaysian Malaysia and Malaysian First vision.

“We are talking about political and electoral strategy to win power and unite the people,” he added.


In reality, that is not what is happening on the ground. For a party which is so called championing ‘Malaysian, Malaysia’ and “equality to all, regardless colour and creed”, DAP is actually systematically marginalising the Malays.

The Star has the story:

Monday December 14, 2009

Azhar: Poverty still in Penang

THE latest statistics by the Penang Federal Develop-ment Department showed that there were 1,994 poor families in the state, said Penang Regional Development Authority (Perda) chairman Datuk Azhar Ibrahim.

He said 1,500 families fall in the poor category while 494 families were identified as the destitute poor.

The statistics reveal that there are 818 poor and 272 destitute families in the north Seberang Prai district, 386 poor and 118 destitute families in central Seberang Prai and 208 poor with 76 destitute families in south Seberang Prai.

Over on the island, there are 50 poor families and 17 destitute ones in the South West district and 38 poor with 11 destitute families in the North East.

‘‘Due to the latest data, I am now puzzled that Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng made a claim that destitute poverty in the state had been fully eradicated,’’ Azhar said.

“This shows that Lim allegedly did not do his homework and did not go to the ground to check it out himself,” said Azhar who is the Penaga assemblyman and state opposition leader.

He was speaking after opening a community programme at the Caring Society Complex in Kepala Batas on Saturday.

Azhar claimed that Lim might be taking the easy way out by claiming there was no longer poverty at the destitute level in Penang so the residents would not be pressuring the state to undertake poverty eradication initiatives.


What nonsense are the Chinese Chauvinists DAP talking about?

Since when DAP has been “seen as moderate and inclusive and distance and differentiate itself from exclusive, racist and extremist opponents”?

Even in Pakatan Rakyat controlled states, the DAP could not care less about other ethnic groups but themselves. The ‘Kampung Berjaya Illegal Abatoire’ is a good example that the DAP threatened the Malay-majority-controlled Kedah PAS Government, despite the Chinese operator is illegally and unhygenically conducting his business in a residential area. In the case of ‘Kampung Buah Pala’, the DAP controlled Penang State Government couldn’t be bothered as the affected villagers are of Indian ethnicity and not Chinese.

Of course, DAP was very defiant, bold and abrassive in the defense of the pig cullings in Paya Mengkuang and Bukit Beruang, Melaka. They ‘defend’ lawlessness in their Chinese Chauvinist stance and have very little regard to others and serrounding.

DAP has been very good in manipulating facts and figures, by sensationalising it. The most recent example is the Federal Government annual allocation for Penang Vs income derived. The over sensationalisation and quick-blaming of MACC for DAP State Exco Political Secretary Teoh Beng Hock’s ‘sudden death’ is contradictory against the ‘sudden death’ of a Malay university student recently.

DAP should make a lot of effort to discard their ‘Chinese Chauvinism’ and prove themselves that they are ‘True Malaysians’. They could start by actively promoting Non Malays especially the Chinese to be ensured of comprising at least 30% of the applications into essential services recruitment especially the military, Police, Maritime Agency etc. Their stance on backing Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng’s return is not helping to shed their ‘Chinese Chauvinism’-ness. It can only be seen more of being anti-Malay, as majority of th security personnel are Malays and the communist terrorists  are of Chinese ethnicity.

This is no “Middle Malaysia” as far as we are concern. There is only DAP’s way of doing things. When they know they cannot get it, they manipulate circumstance in their favour as if they care. Look at the DAP Politburo and see how many Malay-Muslims (the majority of Malaysians) are being represented. In the DAPSY, it is even worse.



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