Black eye pee

Black eye pee

It is quite obvious that Former-abuse-of-power Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim is getting jittery about the coming sodomy case with Saiful as shown by his numerous attempts to postpone and delay the proceedings. 

What causes Anwar’s jitters can be easily deduced but the more important thing is to not to take for granted what he is capable of doing to derail the case and distract the public from giving attention to the real issue which is whther he sodomised Saiful or not.

There have been reports that Onetime-acused-for-sodomy Anwar is working hard to ensure that the foreign support for him does not dwindle this time around. It seems that he had met some 30 foreign diplomats in a hotel in Ampang on 19 January 2010.

This week, it is learnt that he is organising a meeting with the foreign media.

All these debriefing by Anwar is basically to preempt the court proceedings. Whether the foreign diplomats and press corp are gullible enough to be charmed by Anwar into believing his tale is anybody’s guess.

He has also not spared his closeness to Yusuf Qardawi and the latter is being used to spread word to the international Islamic circle that he is yet again being victimised. This is to ensure that him being a “victim of a political conspiracy” is being planted in their minds before the case begins.

Anwar must be hoping for another Rahim Noor to be around so that he can verbally abuse him into retaliating. Anwar knows another “black eye” will do wonders for him as in 1998 so much so that people ignored the court proceedings and accepted that he was victimised.

At the rate things are going for him and the manner PKR is disintegrating, Anwar “needs” another black eye when he goes to court of 2 February 2010. 

The question is can he get a black eye. Of course he can self-inflict but what he needs more is a dramatic turn of event in which he obtains the “injury” in a public place. 

If it happens, he will without doubt parade the “injury” when he goes to court for the world to see. 

If that happens, no matter how solid the case is against Anwar, public opinion will swing towards him.  But to sustain the injury in public and inflicted by a security personnel is not easy to come by unless it is planned.

The easiest way would be by holding a public rally or demonstration and then ensure that the tension escalates into a possible riot and when the authorities attempt to control it, anything can happen in the midst of the chaos. 

There is a PR gathering planned for 29  January 2010 in Lembah Pantai, the constituency held by his daughter Nurrul Izzah. 

Can the gathering turn unruly? And can Anwar get his “black eye” there. Let’s hope the authorities are alert about this and not repeat their mistake of 1998.

The whole country wants to see a healthy Anwar appearing in court without a black eye or any other injuries. The nation wants to see an Anwar brimming with confidence. The Neo  Con Jewish foreign media has already started their ‘shelling’, as expected.

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  1. bagaimana penjenayah seperti anwar ibrahim masih boleh berkeliaran di malaysia padahal saiful seperti terpenjara utk memastikan anwar di adili seadil adilnya di mahkamah? adakah saiful di jaga di sebabkan ada ugutan dan ancaman dari anwar ibrahim?
    yang pastinya sekarang selagi anwar lari dari kes, memang sahlah anwar seorang yang bersalah kerana banyak sangat alasan yang di gunakan utk lari dari kes atau jenayah yang telah di lakukan. semoga saiful kuat menerima dugaan yang hebat ini.

  2. Looks like you already knew that Anwar is going to be arrested for sure. And I certainly hope that he will be send to jail as his sacrifice will awaken more votes for the Pakatan Rakyat. BN and UMNO never learn. The issue is not about Anwar, it is about the arrogant of BN especially UMNO and the perceived corruptions among them which bring them down in last election.

    • ha ha ha.
      you are entitled to your dream. dream on!
      Don’t stop believing – Gleee

    • “arrogant of BN especially UMNO and the perceived corruptions among them”

      2nd class, those remained PERCEPTIONS, whereas anwar’s sodomy, corruption as well as abuse of power was proven beyond a shadow of doubt even though he was defended by a large team of capable lawyers

      • Biasa la, orang jadi leader abuse power. And let’s not forget he was an UMNO man when he did that, which meant that was something common in umno back then

    • What utter nonsense these PR hopefuls hv in their
      sordid thinking!

      Mat King Leather has already been arrested. Now, he is facing trial. With all the legal delay mumbo-jumbo, the trial is still on. He is running out of excuse this time.

      And what does Mat King Leather do? He goes on a roadshow again. He is hopeful that this will risen the rakyat for another round of mobstreet reformasi.

      Guess what? The rakyat dont bloody care anymore! Mat King Leather can only attract few hundred tops, if the rally is without PAS or PKR.

      There is no conspiracy in this. No Govt. No UMNO. Its all about one Saiful Bukhari making a police report & AG decided to charge him in court.

      UMNO is more focused on the PKR defecting & now the sporadic infighting within PKR, which is bring the ideology-less party into chaos and selfdestruction. Zul Nordin Vs Zaid Ibrahim Vs Azmin Ali Vs Khalid Ibrahim Vs Saifuddin Nasution Vs Sivarasa = self-desctruct!

      2 years before the next GE???? PKR would be self-splintered into a thousand pieces then!


  3. Eksklusif: Exco Pemuda UMNO Minta KJ Letak Jawatan di

  4. The case of the “other” Thunder Cats !!!

    Nice blogpost title, Big Guy! hehehe…

  5. 2nd class citizens will refuse to admit the writings on the wall because that’s what they are – mere refuse (garbage) of the Nation. Yes, Mat King Leather will rely on foreign interests to support his 2nd case of his liking for abnormal sex because he is their planted icon to create disorder and chaos to our 1Malaysia; birds of a feather flock together; the US Administration and Mat Leather King have common interest – the liking and promotion of sodomy under the slogan “greater freedom and liberty”.

    But what is sad is the dirtiest of local politics – the DAP under the slogan of Malaysian Malaysia dare to forgets the true colors of this sodomite who also promotes the use of Allah by Non-Muslims. Thus we can infer this piggy chauvinist party is no difference to the US administration and other foreign interest with the grander plan of creating disorder in this country. What about the Roman Catholic Church with their dirty historical record of political interference in many countries- same, birds of a feather flock together.

    This sodomite is scared shit; he’s looking for the Black Eye Peas to come to his support by peeing on his eyes so that they become black. We care not those liberal Muslims who support Mat Leather King; what can you do when these liberals may indulge in the same abnormal sex. With this 2nd trial, let’s hope more Malay Muslims will be conscious of the dangerous kind brought about by such lovers of abnormal sex. For the kiasu party, they don’t give a damn so long as they can continue deceiving the Malays and innocent Muslims who are not street wise to their deception or where absolute power have corrupted their belief.

    Feb 2 is just round the corner and so is the demise of Pakatan. Wow What a big bang in the days to come!!!!

  6. Delay tactic to gain sympathy:

    I think no sympathy from majority Muslims, only a smattering of so-called liberal Muslims, some of whom may even get fed up of his endless antics.

    His PR coalition leaders also getting fed up with him, not concentrating on intra-party issues, too much time going on the road to gain sympathy. LKS has already sighed at the propspect of losing Anwarul’s input – which input may in the coming years be as a Librarian of Sg Buluh Prison again.

    His own PKR leaders are definitely fed up with him as can be seen from Zaid’s and others’ comments regarding Zulkifli Noordin and Anwarul’s lack of action, possibly due to lack of time to think about it, not even replying to Zulkifli’s email.

    The foreign groups – they don’t matter 2 sen. They’ll report to their Governments that Malaysia ia blah, blah, blah as usual. His foreign personal friends like the former Jewish bachelor, possibly also gay, US Defence Secretary, are no longer in power. But as neo-cons and part of the hugely strong Jewish Lobby, they can do damage by arranging for secret funds (Anwar was reported to have amassed RM2-3 billion during his Finance Ministership, anyway) or agent provocateurs from among the locals during rallies and demonstrations. Good that ISA was applied on 10 fellows 1-2 days ago – should make such fellows think twice before doing such mischief.

    On wanting another “black eye” –

    Agree fully with Big Dog. Slowly becoming like a rabid dog, he doesn’t care for anything so long as it will damage the reputation of the authorities and bring him some sympathy. This is a highly frustrated and desperate man who sees the prospect of PMship dwindling by the day. His katak-lompat coup de’tat attempt failed and he knows he is not getting any younger. Patience is not his virtue for, if he had waited and not attempted to topple Tun Dr Mahathir, he might have becmoe PM years ago already.

    As a human being, we can kesiankan dia. As responsible citizens, we should wish him to be in prison as long as possible because of his uncouth and unprincipled ways.

  7. anyone has saiful no.

  8. “Thus We have appointed you a middle nation.”
    (Qur’an, Surah Baqarah, 2:143)

    Mengenai Middle Malaysia yg dikemukakan oleh DAP sebagai strategi dan wawasan Pakatan Rakyat.

    • Tengok dia ni. Ayyat Qur’an pun dia nak politikkan. Segala apa yang dia boleh bahan dan belit. Mengarut punya maanusia.

      Dia pulak datang dah terlambat. Orang dah Middle Fingerkan Middle Malaysia DAP tu dalam post yang lalu.

      Sorila Johnny come lately fellow.

      • Sdr Jitu

        Inilah taktik mereka, sebab tu mereka ni sungguh sungguh nak gunakan kalimah ‘Allah’ untuk terjemahan pada BM.

        “Win them over with their own rules”.

  9. On January 28, 2010 at 11:55 pm zacharias Said:
    “Biasa la, orang jadi leader abuse power. And let’s not forget he was an UMNO man when he did that, which meant that was something common in umno back then”

    Whoi zacky, the 2nd part to your overly-simplified plot is this – The then great statesman, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir, UMNO #1 man himself, KICKED anwar’s ass OUT of UMNO.

    bahalol betul lah si tongong ni, sheeesh

    • tapi ramai betul yang sokong dia.. kira2 hampir separuh juga la.. sampai dia buleh menang lawan ghafar baba.. maksudnya ramai la pengikut dia.. so it was considered acceptable

      • so what happened to this large troop of followers eh?

        waiting behind curtains to topple Najib?
        or are they now with him in pakatan?

        many of his so-called close FRIENDS have now turned against him …

        I believe he is now just a wannabe HAS-BEEN

  10. Agree with you Ray,
    Amwar Ibrahim,Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Nick Aziz and Samy Vellu are all relics of the past.
    They are no longer relevant as they never did anything great or memorable in their era at the top.
    Hope they will step back before being kicked out.

    • I ‘hope’ so too! But they got voted back again and again except Samy Vellu. They will certainly be there to irritate the UMNO in next election.

      • yeah

        precisely becoz 2nd class citizens need these relics to create significance for themselves

        well at least they have a role even though it is a miniscule role which is to irritate and thereby put the halo on UMNO by comparison

      • Agree with you, ray.

        Not just to irritate but also to instigate, belit, then masturbate (these are syiok sendiri fellows!) and finally ejaculate – into Anwar, LKS, LGE etc, their Masters. Hope those words rhyme for him!

        These are the sorts of things 2nd Classes do. They never recognise the Social Contract, what their grandfathers have agreed to at Merdeka, never thankful for their citizenship which was in exchange for the Malay Special Position Article 153, always want more, more and more, even encroaching on others’ rights, call themselves 2nd Class and spin anything they can find against UMNO and the Establishment, like this 1-2 liner 2nd Class fellow.

        I’ll also join in his game in future and do a 1-2 liner against him, too.

      • 2nd Class,
        Its about renewal and rejuvenation.
        We want a better opposition.
        If you are happy with drama’s and opposing for opposing sake, then you are truly 2nd Class.

  11. 1. You are giving ideas to Anwar.. shut it…
    2. LKS, Nik Aziz, Karpal, should learn from THAT old man. Retire when you are at the top.
    3. I really hope anwar get jailed in guantanamo bay. he has been a pest in this country.

  12. Ini ada sedikit permintaan : Jemputan umum ditujukan kepada semua lelaki lembut di Lembah Kelang untuk datang ke Mahkamah KL, 2hb Feb ini untuk memberi sokongan moral kepada DSAI. Anda digalak memakai pakaian wanita. Polis jamin tak akan tangkap. Sekian maklum.

  13. […] yang diputuskan oleh ‘mesyuarat pelarasan’ malam ini telah pun dijangka. Anarki merupakan strategi Anwar untuk mengalihkan pandangan terhadap kes, yang mungkin akan […]

  14. org takan didakwa 2x kerana kes yg sama klu tak melakukanya. ini bukanya fitnah tapi fitrah org yg tidak diakui umat oleh nabi Muhammad saw. hanya ada 2 sebab orang yg masih menguja beliau petama org yg ada kepentingan denganya ke2 org yg jahil dan belum dpt petunjuk.

  15. Salam…

    APCO tu bukan kepunyaan Jewish jugak ke…?..tolong huraikan skit kalau saya salah..

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