Mauludir Rasul 1431H

144o years ago today on 12 Rabiul-Awal, Muhammad b. Abdullah was born to widow Aminah to the Hashimite of the Quraisy, in Mecca, Hijaz (part of the Arabian sub-continent). When his mother died, he was raised by his grandfather Abdul Mutalib and eventually his uncle Abu Talib.

At the age of forty, Archangel Gabriel came to Muhammad with the instruction from Allah s.w.t. to ‘Read’ (Iqra’). Terrified Muhammad was alleviated to the last Rasul and at the Isra’ Mikraj, his phophecy is completed when the instructions to kneel to God Al Mighty was issued.

Mauludir-Rasul is a day where Muslims commemorate to celebrate the man who brought Allah’s word that shed mankind out of darkness. This, will stand till the enf of time. An illiterate, Muhammad was a model leader, father, war commander, statesman, entrepreneur and above all, an examplry teacher. The teachings of Muhammad brought the Muslim Arabs from being a barbaric warring tribe into a united and discipline bonded military and intelectual force to be reckoned with.

Muhammad made Medinah as his capital and liberated and emancipated Mecca from pagans.

The death of Muhammad brought into the first consultative-democratic system, Khalifah Al Rashidin. By the end of the foruth Khalifah Ali Ibni Abu Talib, the capital of the Daulah Islamiah was moved to present day Iraq and Arab Muslims liberated the Arabian subcontinent, the Trans Jordan desert, most of Mediterranean coastal North Africa amd parts of Central Asia which include Persia.

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LGE: Habis madu, sepah dibuang

Dalam pada Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang Lim Guan Eng sibuk dengan urusan dan Istana Kebalnya di Komtar, Pulau Pinang, segelintir rakyat negeri Melaka yang dulu mengundi DAP kini terumbang ambing ibarat anak-anak tidak berbapa kerana para pemimpin DAP Melaka bercakaran sesama sendiri.  Setelah kalah dalam pemilihan Ahli Jawatankuas DAP Melaka, Guan Eng dan isterinya Betty Chew yang menyangka mereka diterima oleh akar umbi lari pula ke Pulau Pinang.

Kini Guan Eng macam tidak peduli apa jadi dalam DAP Melaka? Sejauh mana kebenaranya atau adakah Guan Eng menunggu masa untuk bertindak balas terhadap seterunya ADUN Kota Melaka, Sim Tong Him yang tidak menyokong Guan Eng dalam pemilihan berkenaan. Mungkin ada yang tidak sedar Guan Eng mempunyai kemnya tersendiri yang dianggotai isterinya sendiri dan ADUN Ayer Keroh, Khoo Poay Tiong. Manakala Sim Tong Him disokong ADUN Bachang, Lim Jak Wong dan ADUN Kesidang, Lim Jak Wong yang semenangnya tidak mahu Guan Eng menerajui DAP Melaka.

Betty Chew sendiri juga amat jarang sekali dilihat di kawasan yang diwakilinya iaitu DUN Kota Laksamana. Mungkin dia lebih aman tinggal dalam Istana Kebal bersama suaminya daripada menyelesaikan masalah penduduk di DUN Kota Laksamana. Maka…sanggupkah orang Melaka memberikan undi sekali lagi kepada isteri Ketua Menteri yang kini menikmati gaji dan elaun ADUN sedangkan dia sudah hidup senang lenang dalam istananya…? Tepuk dada, tanya selera!

Sedangkan Lim Guan Eng sendiri gagal selesaikan masalah kepimpinan di negerinya sendiri…macamana pula ‘Anak Terbuang Negeri Melaka’ ini hendak menyelesaikan masalah di Pulau Pinang? Patutlah kini ramai pemimpin dan ahli Pakatan Rakyat dan DAP Pulau Pinang memberontak dengan gaya kepimpinan kuku besinya. Inilah rupa sebenar Lim Guan Eng yang kononya mencontohi Khalifah Umar Abd Aziz dan cuba pula mempermain-mainkan orang Melayu/Islam di Pulau Pinang.

Penyokong DAP Melaka merungut kerana mereka di tinggalkan tanpa pesan dalam pilihanraya lepas dan kini mereka telah di anak tirikan. Perjuangan mereka telah di sia-siakan oleh Lim Guan Eng dan isterinya dan menyifatkan Lim Guan Eng lebih mementingkan diri dan mengamalkan politik rumah tangga dari mengutamakan penyokong sendiri.

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Malay man murdered in down under, where’s the DAP in this?

A Melakan-born Malay man Mohd. Shah Saemin was murdered brutally suburb of Liechart near Sydney. The driver to the Malaysian consulate was naturalised as an Australian 5 years ago and bludgeoned to death, in what is believed to road rage cause by hooligans.

The Malay Mail has the story:

Mystery surrounds murder of Malaysian consulate staff


Submitted by aazman on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010
Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010 01:16:00

MELBOURNE: Mystery surrounds the murder of a Malaysian Students Department employee in Sydney early Monday morning, in what police suspect could have been motivated by road rage.

Mohd Shah Saemin, 43, was stabbed and bludgeoned to death with a hammer.

As the victim, a divorcee, arrived at his home in Marion Street in Sydney’s inner western suburb of Leichhardt just after midnight, witnesses saw two men chase him across the road.

The attackers, one of whom the police confirmed as having curly hair, were last seen fleeing the scene in a black sedan.

Police said Mohd Shah, who worked as a driver with the department in Sydney, was a victim of a possible road rage.

“We do believe that there may have been a traffic accident…shortly before the attack occurred,” acting Superintendent Shayne Woolbank was quoted as saying, by the Australian Associated Press.

Asked if road rage was a motive for the attack, Woolbank said it was one of the possibilities.

Images of the murder scene, flashed on Australian television and carried by Sydney newspapers, showed a middle-aged female member of the Malaysian consulate screaming and weeping.

Emergency crews were called to help the man, who died despite the efforts of police officers who performed CPR.

“At this stage, we believe he sustained stab wounds and also bruising and contusions,” said Woolbank, confirming that a hammer might have been used in the attack.

“It was a very ferocious attack, there is no doubt about that,” he said.

Mohd Shah, an Australian citizen, had lived in Sydney for about three years.

The director of the Malaysian Students Department Australia under the Consulate of Malaysia, Dr Mohd Nasir Abu Hassan, said staff were shocked by the attack.

“He was an extremely nice person, he doesn’t talk too much. He was very, very composed and generally, very obedient,” he said, adding that preparations were underway to send the body to the victim’s family in Malaysia.

He said Mohd Shah had lived in Australia for the past 10 years and had worked for the consulate of Malaysia for the past three years.

Meanwhile in Kuala Lumpur, Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman, in a statement issued here today, said the ministry was informed of Mohd Shah’s demise, and had informed his family and next-of-kin in Malaysia of the incident.

“They have also made a request for Mohd Shah’s body to be brought back to Melaka for burial,” he said, adding that Mohd Shah had renounced his Malaysian citizenship in 2004 to become an Australian citizen.

“The ministry would like to extend its condolences to the family of Mohd Shah for their loss and, through our High Commission in Australia, will extend consular assistance, if necessary,” he said. 

He urged the Australian police and the relevant authorities to thoroughly investigate the murder to ensure that the incident was related to road rage and not a case of race-biased, hate crime


This is second highly publicised Asian murder in Australia of late. Nitin Garg was murdered last month in Victoria and the mystery is still unsolved.

This deploring act is shocking to most Malaysian. The point being raised in here, where is the DAP in this? Why has the Supremo “Emperor” Lim Kit Siang and the band-0f-biadaps been quiet about this? How come there is no strong statement to urge Wisma Putra to push the Australian authorities, more if not the same tone of discern on the support for the 50 biadap Australian MPs who demanded that the Malaysian Government interfere into Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim’s sodomy trial under Penal Code section 377B at the Kuala Lumpur Criminal High Court?

Victorian Premier John M. Brumby acuses Indian media of practicing double standard. The Lims should deplore this. They did not but instead they supported Brumby’s led initiative of band-of-Aussie-Parliamentary-Bandits in demanding the Malaysian Federal Government to intervene the Anwar’s case, which is a clear blatant disregard into Malaysia’s sovereignity, Judiciary and judicial process, democracy and democratic process and Federal Constitution and separation of Judiciary and Executive.

Is it because Mohd. Shah is Malay, hence the Chinese Chauvinist DAP did not bother to now push Brumby, in reciprocity? And/or the murder of Mohd. Shah is something the DAP could not capitalise on to further demonise the Malaysian Government via Malay dominated enforcement agencies and authorities such the Judiciary, Attorney General’s Chambers, Police, MACC and so forth?

Most probably, the mystery of Mohd. Shah’s brutal murder did not attract the attention of the Chinese Chauvinist DAP becuase it did not serve their narrow but malice-infested-communist-like politics. Unlike the ‘sudden death’ of former DAP Selangor State Exco Ean Yong’s Political Secretary. They even ‘sponsored’ the unqualified opinion of eccentric Thai celebrity-pathologist Dr Pornthip that Teoh was “80% chance being murdered” and hyped about it which became political. The second autopsy carried out by emminent Sungai Buloh chief pathologist Dr. Shahidan proven that Tepoh died because of the slamming into the hard surface from high floors.

Contrast the Teoh’s ‘sudden death’ to Wan Siti Farihan, who was found dead also in a Government facility (UKM). DAP was completely oblivion and silent about it. This very much proven the point that the much hype about Teoh’ ‘sudden death’ was all about chauvinist politics, protecting the extensve highly intricate web of the underworld vices where DAP provide the ‘patronage’ role and never about justice!


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Is NST counter-spinning to gain ‘Middle Malaysia’ grounds?

Since the departure of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi almost a year ago, NST seems to be emancipated from the ‘evil clutches’ of Kalimullah “Riong Kali” Hassan and Brenden “Serial Plagiarist” Perreira, who have managed to dismantle the credibility and even integrity of the one time the premier English daily. Nowadays the quality of the political news have termendously improved, where reports are made based on quotations of the politicians themselves.

Lately, there are so many news about Pakatan Rakyat (PR) in the mainstream media. So many PR elected reps came out bashing their own or intra-party in wideranging political issues, which is centred around ‘self inflicted wounds’. NST has managed to produce the comments verbatim from these disgruntled politcians such as former PKR Secretary General Dato’ Sallehudin Hashim, Bayan Baru MP Dato’ Seri Zahrain Hashim, Kulim Bandar Baru MP Zulkifli Nordin, Nibong Tebal MP Tan Tee Beng, Wangsa Maju MP Wee Choo Keong and Indera Mahkota MP Azan Ismail. Of course, rebuttals of fellow reps were also allowed. Thiese reportings are not with standing the fact that PR has had problems with their YBs in ADUN Behrang, Changkat Jering, Jelapang, Bukit Selambau, Lunas, Penanti, Pelabuhan Kelang and recently Bayan Baru MP either left the party or resigned totally from their seats.

In the ‘misery’ of and within PR caused by their own doing, it is  surprised that NST allowed sordid attempt to paint the picture otherwise.


Don’t read too much into Pakatan troubles


The disarray in Pakatan Rakyat may not necessarily translate into rising support for Barisan Nasional, writes ZUBAIDAH ABU BAKAR

PAKATAN Rakyat has lost some momentum. Their leaders are expending a lot of energy on damage control these days, trying to get the ship back on course.

Across the divide, Barisan Nasional supporters sneer at Pakatan leaders struggling to check the declining credibility of the opposition pact.

But there are two issues at hand: one, the problems in Pakatan; the other, of voters returning to BN’s fold.

There are fears that Umno’s grassroots and some national leaders are getting too carried away with the misfortunes of an opposition front “on the verge of collapse”.

According to Mohd Sayuti Omar, a political analyst and author of several books on Malaysian politics, more damage is caused by too much publicity given to disgruntled Pakatan assemblymen.

“The mainstream media is going overboard giving space to these personalities when such publicity will not gain Umno or BN votes,” Sayuti says. “In fact, they give an advantage to (opposition leader) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.”

Seasoned Umno politicians warned of this with regard to Bayan Baru member of parliament Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohamed Hashim’s recent resignation from Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) to become an independent representative.

Prime Minister and Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak took the lead in cautioning BN supporters: “We should not be carried away with what is going in the opposition parties,” he said.

“It is important that we show that the party is capable of serving the public and fulfilling all the promises made, either by the government or the people’s representatives.”

Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal and supreme council member Datuk Mustapa Mohamed also reminded Umno and BN component parties not to be over-zealous in capitalising on the disarray in Pakatan.

Umno and the other BN component parties need only work for the people, said Shafie.

“It is important for us to deliver our promises and render help to the people who need them.

“The people will know we are a government that cares for their welfare and that we can be trusted, and doing so without having to tell them that the opposition cannot be trusted.”

Mustapa does not think BN should take advantage of the rift between leaders of PKR and DAP but should strengthen its own position instead.

It’s easy to see why people think Pakatan is crumbling, as all indications thus far show that all is not well within the opposition alliance.

Pakatan may have revealed too much of its weaknesses, affecting its credibility in the eyes of voters, but these internal conflicts could be turned to its own advantage if its components are forced to confront issues and find amicable solutions.

Many analysts see the disagreements among Pakatan leaders as part of the learning process of how to get along and that their alliance will get stronger as they learn to cope with one another.

To think that Pakatan is about to crumble is naive. To think that votes that had gone to Pakatan will automatically swing to BN is also off-track. Pakatan leaders will not allow problems to fester because its candidates may find themselves practically unelectable in the next polls.

A series of retreats has been slated for next month to brainstorm strategies to counter BN. The first is for Pakatan partners in Selangor on March 7, followed by the national-level retreat in Penang in conjunction with the coalition’s second anniversary of taking control of several state governments.

“We have to prepare ourselves to fight back,” says PKR vice-president Azmin Ali. “Now we are more determined than before.”

Ezam Mohd Noor, the former PKR Youth chief who is now with Umno, thinks BN should do more to gain the people’s confidence on its own strengths in serving the people well.

Unless BN can regain non-Malay confidence, says Prof Mohamed Mustafa Ishak of Universiti Utara Malaysia, things will not improve in the next general election.

“Umno has undergone some transformation but the MCA, MIC and People’s Progressive Party have not done much to regain their strength.

“These parties are mired in unsettled disputes that show no sign they can be resolved in time for the 13th general election.”

The disputes within Pakatan have unsettled supporters and left people wondering whether the component parties can function well politically and be a force to match the sturdy BN.

The resignation Zahrain, citing disappointment with the leadership of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, along with PKR’s troubles within the opposition pact, may have exposed weaknesses in the Pakatan linkage.

So have criticisms of Pakatan leaders from Kulim-Bandar Baru MP Zulkifli Noordin, Nibong Tebal MP Tan Tee Beng, and Wangsa Maju MP Wee Choo Keong.

But resignations from PKR have been common, even when it was still Parti Keadilan Nasional.

Big names who quit the party include Chandra Muzaffar, Marina Yusof, Ruslan Kassim, Zainur Zakaria, Datuk S. Nallakaruppan, Mohd Annuar Tahir, Abdul Rahman Osman and, more recently, serving assemblymen Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi (Behrang), Mohd Osman Jailu (Changkat Jering), Badrul Hisham Abdullah (Pelabuhan Kelang) and Mohd Radzi Salleh (Lunas).

Almost two years since the last general election, Pakatan has yet to come together as a political coalition with a common aim and leadership like BN.

It may have found rough agreement on legal and economic issues and a consensus on ethnic and identity politics, but doubts remain over its prospects for long-term survival.

The BN, which is showing signs of regaining support from the people following a series of new holistic socio-development programmes launched by the prime minister, has to strive to win back the hearts and minds of the people on its own merits.


The facts is that what is and has been happening to PR since their unprecendeted and totally unexpected win on 8 March 2008 is sustainable and now clearly showing digression. The failure of the state governments they managed to wrest is now apparently felt and even amongst PR  leaders and supporters themselves have started to demonstrate their dismay in the open and rather loudly.

Even Chinese Chauvinist DAP Supremo Lim Kit Siang admitted the PR failure and slow but systematic death.

The Star report on 31 January 2010:

Sunday January 31, 2010

Kit Siang: Pakatan is bleeding


PETALING JAYA: The Pakatan Rakyat disciplinary committee must meet to restore public confidence in the discipline, commitment, cohesion and unity of the loose coalition, said DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang.

The subject of holding a Pakatan disciplinary committee had been on the agenda of its leadership council since last year, he said.

The internal haemorrhaging, he stressed, must end particularly when Umno and Barisan Nasional were intensifying their political offensive.

“This will be the challenge of the Pakatan leadership council when it meets tomorrow,” he said in his blog yesterday.

His latest posting on the issue came close on the heels of the latest attack against Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng by former PKR state chief Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohd Hashim. Zahrain, who is also Bayan Baru MP, had called Guan Eng who is DAP secretary-general and Lim’s son a dictator, a chauvinist and communist-minded leader who was unfit to lead the state.


If this is NST’s attempts to provide a ‘balance reporting’ for Malaysian political diet, then it is a very poor attempt to do so. The circumtance which PR is facing at the moment is purely self inflicted and like so many right wing analyst have expected that the self destruction of PR within and by their own in their fashion of ‘unholy marriage of (in)convenience between strange bedfellows’ has proven to be true and now evidently clear.

For one, Mohd. Sayuti Omar is the least respected political analyst to quote from. His writtings have never been regarded by any quarters except of political gutter and ghetto consumers. In this analysis, Sayuti’s thoughts given first referrence depicts that the writer is desperate to produce a piece to rebut for the PR hurriedly.

In the writer’s previous analysis, her attempt to spin that DAP is shedding their Chinese Chauvinist image and approach is really lame and now actually starting the get Malay support. The fact is that PKR MPs for Bayan Baru Zahrain Hashim and Nibong Tebal  Tan Beng in their own words pronounce and confirmed DAP’s Chinese Chauvinism.

Evidently clear that NST editorial intentionally allowed such ‘skewed’ analysis to be published, which is actually giving the wrong impression of the current political scene and projections. These writings are laced with certain agenda which befits the flavour in alternative media such as Malaysiakini dan The Malaysian Insider.

If this low quality analysis attempt is NST’s effort to entice ‘the people from the other side’ in their effort to be the premier mainstream political and business daily from during the days where Tan Sri Dr Nordin Sopiee or Dato’ A Kadir Jasin were the journo supremos, then the NSTP BOD  should really relook into their business model and approach. Recently regenerated and rebranded oldest English tabloid Malay Mail is doing much better in their political reporting and analysis, now starting to gain grounds.

Pakatan Rakyat is undoubtably on a self destruction mode and pattern and this has moved into higher gears of inevitability in the turning out of events which some might pessimitically regard as, ‘fate’. This is especially with the failure to deliver so many promises and expectations, led by partyless-Opposition-Leader Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim and his sordid “16 September 2008 Federal Government take over”  unrealisable wet dream. Of course, now his ongoing personal hedious sexual deviant criminal case is affecting PR as a whole and PAS already abstaining their suffort for a bretheren political-in-partner-in-crime. The party which was formed for and around the former-abuse-of-power-convict also saw themselves on an almost sure self destruction mode.

NST should also be mindful the ‘Middle Malaysia’ ground they are attempting to gain, which targets the more affluent, educated, professional and  often, higher placed segment of Malaysians. These are the same people who actually have access to seamless streams of information, especially technology driven without even mentioning ‘market talk’. For NST to allow pieces with preferred referrences from political gutter and ghetto analyst should only be regarded as negative-counter-spinning. In time, this shall be proven equally as damaging when Riong Kali and “Serial Plagiarist” Perreira were there, spinning NST into oblivion and digression.

 *Updated 200pm


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DAP is selling Malaysia out and away

It is very clear that the Chinese Chauvinist DAP is selling Malaysia out and away. In the recent issue of 50 Australian MPs demanding that the Federal Government intervened in the trial of Opposition Leader Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim currently at Kuala Lumpur Criminal High Court for sodomy under Penal Code Section 377B, the DAP said that the protest made by 11 BN (plus 1 Independent) MPs against the Australians is not reflective of the Malaysian feeling.

Malaysian Insider has the story:

Kit Siang: Not all MPs support demo against Aussie MPs

By Syed Jaymal Zahiid

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 18 — DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang is calling for a special Parliamentary meeting to discuss the demand made by 50 Australian MPs to drop the sodomy charge against Opposition leader

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Lim stressed that the demonstration at the Australian High Commission yesterday, organised by Barisan Nasional’s (BN) youth wing, was not the official Parliamentary stand.

“It is imperative that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak call for a special meeting to clarify this issue,” he told reporters here after attending Anwar’s sodomy hearing.

“What happened yesterday does not represent the views of Malaysian MPs in general. The views of a few BN MPs is not reflective of all MPs,” added the Ipoh Timur MP.

Yesterday, BN Youth claimed it had gathered 600 members — led by its chief Khairy Jamaluddin and his Umno Youth deputy, Datuk Razali Ibrahim — for the demonstration. Present also were supporters from the right wing group Perkasa.

Khairy later led a delegation to hand over a memorandum to High Commissioner Penny Williams. They blasted the 50 MPs and called their demand rude and akin to encroaching on Malaysian sovereignty.

Lim, however, called for the Malaysian government to respect the views of the Australian legislators.

The Australian MPs, just like Anwar’s peers within the Pakatan Rakyat coalition he leads, believe the sodomy charge is a conspiracy to cut down the opposition’s rising influence.

Anwar has also received the backing of the United States. Senator John Kerry had issued a statement demanding that Anwar be tried in a fair and transparent manner.

Lim has called for an immediate convening before the March 15 Parliament sitting. ”If the PM refuses to do so, this will be the first demand by the opposition,” said the seasoned DAP leader.

He also said the meeting will be used to hand over a memorandum to the Attorney-General to drop the sodomy charge.

PAS vice-president Datuk Mahfuz Omar, speaking at the same press conference, said his party will also be sending a memorandum with similar objectives.


The 50 Australian MPs demand is about Australia being blatanly disrespectful on Malaysia’s:

  • Judiciary and judicial process
  • System of constitutional monarchy, where the separation between the executive and judiciary is defined under the Malaysian Federal Constitution
  • The democratic process and democracy
  • Sovereignity and membership of the Commonwealth and United Nations
  • The DAP should be protecting the interest of Malaysia and her position as sovereign state. Instead, they are now calling that the Dewan Rakyat hold a special session to debate on the issue, which it is obviously ‘clear and present danger’ that maruah Agama, Bangsa dan Tanahair is being molested here.

    Like expected, DAP is not about being a constructive Opposition. They are simply about taking every single oppportunity and eventually ‘prostitute’ the very fundamentals of this nation to structurally and systematically destroy the fabric that binds Malaysians together as ‘1’. Even up to a point where they are willing to support foreigners’ call to antagonise the Judiciary and judicial process, all in the interest to sordidly salvaging any remaining shred of the Pakatan Rakyat near bankrupt politics, especially Former-abuse-of-power Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim’s and soon-to-be disintegrated PKR.

    It is blatant shame that the DAP is supporting the effort for these biadap foreigners to deface instead of  protecting Malaysia’s sovereignity. It is also clear that the DAP is purely acting on behalf of foreigners, to be the ‘fifth columnist’ and systemtatically destroy Malaysia.

    DAP’s chauvinist and anti-Malay role as Singapore’s PAP illegitimate-son-trying-to-win-his-arrogant-father’s-heart is clearer now, more over the latter prematurely being expelled from the Federation of Malaysia almost 45 years ago. The agenda of being a pseudo-Singporean ‘banana’ (‘yellow’ on the outside, ‘white’ on the inside)  as an agent for the Anglo Saxon and Neo-con Jewish’s agenda to re-colonialise Asia.


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    Why bloggers were ‘stood up’ infront of the Aussie High Commission

    Yesterday, right wing SOPO bloggers walked with a Malay NGO Perkasa to the Australian High Commission in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. They intended to submit their memorandum of protest to HE Miss Penny Williams on the recent 50 Aussie MPs signed demand that the Malaysian Government interfered in the trial of Opposition Leader Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim in the Kuala Lumpur Criminal High Court for sodomy charge under Penal Code section 377B, which carry a maximum  jail sentence of 20 years.

    This was the prepared SOPO bloggers memorandum:


    Date:  17 February 2010


    Her Excellency High Commissioner

    Australian High Commission to Malaysia

    6 Jalan Yap Kwan Seng

    50450 Kuala Lumpur


    Attention: HE Miss Penny Williams


    Socio-political bloggers

    Malaysian National Alliance of Bloggers (All-Blogs)




    We, Malaysian socio-political bloggers deplore the suggestion of Australian Members of Parliament that the Malaysian Federal Government interfere in the judicial process of the trial of Opposition Leader and Right Honourable Member of Parliament for Permatang Pauh Anwar bin Ibrahim, on the charge in Kuala Lumpur Criminal High Court for sodomy under Penal Code Section 377B.

    This reflects blatant disregard and disrespect of the Malaysian:

    1. Judiciary and judicial process
    2. System of constitutional monarchy, where the separation between the executive and judiciary is defined under the Malaysian Federal Constitution
    3. The democratic process and democracy
    4. Sovereignty and membership of the Commonwealth and United Nations

     With this, we vehemently protest the suggestion of the Right Honourable Australian Members of Parliament and demand a withdrawal and public apology of the ill intent, which unchecked could invoke a diplomatic issue between the two friendly countries.

    Yours truly,

     Undersigned, Kuala Lumpur, 17 February 2010


    This was a strong demand for Australia, as a friend to Malaysia and fellow member of the Commonwealth.

    However, when Pemuda UMNO ‘hijacked’ the event from Perkasa and walked into the Australian High Commission on their own, not only they did not invited All-Blogs protem President Ahirudin “Rocky’s Bru” Attan (who is also the National Press Club President) to present our protest to HE Miss Williams, neither did they bring this memorandum in as well.

    It is clear blatant that Pemuda UMNO wanted to hog the issue for their own politics, which is already dwindling within UMNO circle, let alone mainstream Malaysian politics instead of taking the interest of the majority of Malaysians, apolitical and oblivion to the politics. What planned out to be a strong voice of Malaysians against these Biadap Aussies, turned out to be a notch on Khairy Jamaluddin’s sordid attempt to remain relevant in mainstream politics, including UMNO.

    Many of the SOPO blog readers are apolitical and not members in any political organisation.That include Parpukari, A Voice and Bujai. And yet, as patriots, they brave themselves out in the open and hazzard to be arrested by the Police for illegal assembly to champion the noble cause of defending ‘Maruah Agama, Bangsa dan Tanahair’, from an Aussie attempt which strategically should be viewed as nothing but “Orang Putih mahu ‘menjajah’ semula Asia“.

    History recorded that this is not the first time Aussies wanted Malaysian Government interfere the Malaysian judicial process and Judiciary. In the case of Kevin Barlow and Geoffrey Chambers who were charged for the traficking of heroine in 1985, they were very strong in their demands. Exhaustively when Barlow and Chambers were hanged in Pudu Prison in 1986, Aussies called Malaysians as “Barbarics”.

    It is apparent the KJ’s brand of Pemuda UMNO’s interest into the Aussie infringements into our sovereignity is insincere. Pemuda UMNO under Khairy Jamaluddin was surprisingly very ‘silent’ when recently Miss Williams announced that the Australians were setting up border controls here from Malaysia. Perhaps Pemuda UMNO needs to be reminded that it is Khairy Jamaluddin and his family who have super luxury holiday homes in Perth. Hence, yesterday was most probably  just theatrics that he is known for.

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    Lim Guan Eng: The Chauvinist Chief Minister

    Today is BigDogDotCom’s third commemoration. From the bottom of our probably slightly enlarged heart, we would like to express out utmost sincere and deepest appreciation for the attention and support that so many have given us, over 2.8 million times these past three years. There are over 18,000 comments lodged and approved in 1,015 postings.

    To commemorate such anniversary of socio-political blogging, we wish to post the letter which Penang State Government under DAP Chauvinist and Anti Malay Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng initially instruct to cancel this year’s traditional Maulidur Rasul annual procession, to mark the 1441th (gregorian) birthday of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.


    Cancellation of Penang Mauldur Rasul 1431H

    Cancellation of Penang Maulidur Rasul 1431H, Pg 2

    Can the Deputy State Secretary II issue such instruction, without an explicit directive from the Chief Minister and/or his office?

    The past 52 years of ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ rule of Malaya, then Malaysia, the predominant Malay government has never denied the Chinse their Lion Dances during Lunar New Years. Neither were the Indians denied their annual Thaipusam Hindu rituals.

    For the record, when Penang was under 39 years of Gerakan Chinese rule, the Malays were never denied their Maulidur Rasul celebrations. Now, the mere second year of DAP Chinese Chauvinist rule, their true colours have been clearly shown.

    Please make your own deductions and feel free to reflect them in here. Word of caution: This is aboout DAP and Pakatan Rakyat. This is not about other people! 

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    Did MACC arrest NMY’s PolSec?

    Yesterday strong speculations arise about Minister-in-charge-of EPU Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yackop’s Political Secretary was arrested for “corruption and abuse of position” by the MACC. If this news was any true, then the mainstream media was particularly silent about it.

    Two months ago speculations were about the same person was under MACC scrutiny. Rumours has it that he had a ‘substantial but unaccountable assets’ in his possession, which include luxury cars.

    The question now looms; Is it just the PolSec?

    How about the Minister? Shouldn’t investigation be carried out too, especially immediate family members have been seen flaunting ‘extra ordinary’ wealth? The position of the Minister, who was Second Minister of Finance during the controversial PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and “pseudo-EPU” ‘Level Four Boys’ tenure, where the former is at  the very nerve of the Federal Government’s ‘project approval’ pulse-point and has numerously been precariously over speculated with a lot of ‘hanky panky’ practices.

    These speculations must not be good  for Prime Minister VI  Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak, whose ‘1 Malaysia’ Cabinet in April 2009 was about ‘cleansing the mess’ of the previous regime. Not only his Cabinet members must be clean, they must also perceived to be clean. If any how the Minister is clean, then there is an onus responsibility to  let the rakyat know too, especially when the authorities are satisfied thoroughly.

    Lets watch these speculations and developments closely. The ‘year of the tiger’ seems to already growled and mauled.

    *Updated Sunday 14 February 2010

    Sunday February 14, 2010

    Pol-sec held with bundles of cash in his apartment


    BUTTERWORTH: A political secretary to a senior minister was detained by the Malaysian Anti-Corrup­tion Commission (MACC) — with RM2mil in cash.

    It is learnt that MACC officers from Putrajaya raided an apartment in Teluk Air Tawar at 3.30pm on Thursday and seized the cash in bundles of RM5, RM10, RM50 and RM100 notes.

    A 4WD vehicle registered under the name of a Pulau Tikus-based company was also seized, along with a BMW registered in the name of a person from Sarawak.

    It is unclear where he got the money from and why he had kept such a large amount of cash.

    It is also learnt that the political secretary’s bank accounts have been frozen to facilitate further investigations.

    The Star had reported on Dec 13 last year that MACC was investigating the political secretary, who was said to have amassed millions of ringgit in properties over a short period of time.

    It was then learnt that investigators had obtained an order to seize and freeze several of his properties — including luxury cars and houses.

    The report said the commission’s seizure list included at least four luxury cars and four houses. It also said the commission was investigating the purchased properties — all in the Klang Valley.

    The report also quoted sources as saying that the investigators had identified several other people linked to the case and would also be calling them soon to assist in investigations.

    The sources said a special team from the commission’s Putrajaya office started investigations following information that the political secretary was living well beyond his means.

    It is learnt that the investigation was among a few high profile cases the commission was investigating following reports and information provided by the public.

    According to sources, the political secretary was trailed by the MACC officers after allegations cropped up that he had secured properties by being the middleman in deals for approval of multi-million ringgits projects.

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    Happy Lunar New Year

    We at BigDogDotCom wish our readers and friends a good lunar new year, 2010. May the year of the tiger brings prosperity and producitivity to all, in harmony.

    Those travelling these few days, please be extra careful on the road. We heard there was an extra ordinary massive traffic on the North-South Expressway, all day today.

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    Lim Guan Eng: Diktator, chauvinis, komunis

    Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat (PR) di Pulau Pinang menghadapi krisis apabila Dato Seri Zahrain Hashim, MP Bayan Baru dan Tan Tee Beng, MP Nibong Tebal masing-masing dari Parti KeAdilan Rakyat (PKR) mempertikaikan cara pentadbiran Lim Guan Eng, Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang  sebagai diktator, chauvinis dan komunis.

    Sikap diktator Lim Guan Eng yang jelas apabila didakwa membuat keputusan sendiri tanpa berbincang dalam menentukan sesuatu perkara. Bagi mereka yang menjadi ahli parlimen mewakili PKR tidak dilantik menganggotai sebarang jawatan dalam pentadbiran negeri berbanding ahli parlimen DAP seperti Jeff Ooi Ketua Staf di Pejabat Ketua Menteri, dan beberapa pemimpin DAP yang lain. Disamping itu juga, Lim Guan Eng bukan sahaja hanya mengawal keseluruhan pentadbiran PR di Pulau Pinang dan menentukan kedudukan DAP di negeri tersebut malah cuba campur tangan dalam pentadbiran Parti di Selangor dan Johor sehingga menimbulkan perasaan tidak puas hati serta bertentangan pendapat dengan pucuk pimpinan DAP negeri seperti Teng Chang Khim (Selangor) dan Dr. Boo Cheng Hau (Johor). Selain itu, Lim Guan Eng juga cuba mengenepikan golongan veteran di dalam DAP. Dalam hal ini (diktator) memang benarlah kenyataan MP Kulim Bandar Baru Zulkifli Nordin bahawa DAP parti “ anak bapak” saja menguasainya.

    Sikap chauvinis Lim Guan Eng pula dapat ditafsirkan melalui dasar-dasar yang dilaksanakannya di Pulau Pinang lebih mementingkan kaum Cina berbanding kaum Melayu apabila gerai dan kedai milik bumiputera yang telah wujud sudah berpuluh tahun dirobohkan sedangkan gerai dan kedai kaum Cina tidak diambil tindakan. Begitu juga dengan pengamalan sistem tender terbuka yang banyak memberi ruang kepada kaum bukan bumiputera sehingga menimbulkan perasaan tidak puas hati Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Pulau Pinang.

    Manakala sikap Lim Guan Eng didakwa seperti komunis apabila beliau tidak pernah menyanggah untuk membantah kepulangan Chin Peng ke Malaysia malah pendirian DAP tetap menyokong kepulangan Chin Peng ke Malaysia dengan menyediakan perkhidmatan pembelaan terhadap perbicaraan Chin Peng. Turut dikatakan Lim Guan Eng telah mengarahkan beberapa pemimpin DAP untuk mengadakan siri perbincangan dengan Chin Peng di luar negara.

    Dalam pada itu, maka terbukti benarlah Lim Guan Eng adalah seorang diktator, chauvinis dan komunis. Tambahan pula kewibawaan Lim Guan Eng sebagai bukan anak tempatan untuk mentadbir Pulau Pinang adalah menafikan hak anak Pulau Pinang yang berkebolehan sebagai Ketua Menteri. Jika dibiarkan kemungkinan kedudukan Lim Guan Eng di Pulau Pinang bolehlah disamakan seperti Presiden Fujimori yang berketurunan Jepun menjadi pemimpin di Peru yang banyak terlibat dengan penyalahgunaan kuasa dan penyelewengan ketika pemerintahannya.

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