Australians setting ‘border post’ here in Malaysia?

It seems that the Aussies are setting up their ‘border post’ here in this tanahair, Malaysia and not down under in the smallest continent on the planet. Their excuse is to curb ‘human traficking’.

The Star has the story:

Saturday February 6, 2010

Australia sets up border post in KL

PETALING JAYA: Australia has set up its Customs and Border Protection Service post in Kuala Lumpur to combat human smuggling activities in the region.

Australian High Commissioner Penny Williams, who opened the post yesterday, said the facility would further enhance her country’s ties with Malay­sia.

She added that the co-operation would also include common border security interests.


The ‘Customs and Border Protection Service’ post officiated yesterday by Her Excellency Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur means that the Australian Home and Defense Ministry officials will do their examinations and screening on the entry into Australia from our borders, which is 3,000 kms away from the actual Australian coast.

How this will be implemented is not clear. Will there be white Aussies with side arms and encrypted communications here in our borders, determining what is allowed to leave our coast bound for Australia using Australian laws and discretion? Will there be armed Australian vessels plying our coast and free to board and inspect any vessels that leave our coast bound for down under?

What rights have the Aussies to impose their laws here in our tanahair, even for the benefit of their own security? Did the Foreign, Home and/or Defense Ministries formally agree to all these arrangements?

Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak did agree on principle with Aussie Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in July 2009 upon the latter’s first official visit to Putrajaya, on the ‘human traficking problem’ that looms Australia where one of the source or transit point is from Malaysia and measures are to be taken to resolve this problem. However, it does not mean at all cost that the Malaysian Government will ever concur in ‘surrendering’ our sovereignity and allowing our maritime borders be subjected to the maritime controls and authorities’ processes of another country. This is not even by our immediate neighbours such as Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Phillipines or Vietnam. Let alone, Australia who is not even our neighbour!

Our suspicion is that neither Foreign, Home nor Defense Ministries ever agreed to this. More over the mechanics. If such, then the Aussies really have a nerve to impose something in someone’s else home without proper consent. This is pure ‘Policing’, being an unauthorised ‘Sheriff’ but from our home is really unacceptable!

Pure Aussie arrogance and kurang ajar!

* Post scriptum: If the Aussies are imposing this, can the Indians impose their Police and laws to protect their citizens, in Australia?

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