Australians setting ‘border post’ here in Malaysia?

It seems that the Aussies are setting up their ‘border post’ here in this tanahair, Malaysia and not down under in the smallest continent on the planet. Their excuse is to curb ‘human traficking’.

The Star has the story:

Saturday February 6, 2010

Australia sets up border post in KL

PETALING JAYA: Australia has set up its Customs and Border Protection Service post in Kuala Lumpur to combat human smuggling activities in the region.

Australian High Commissioner Penny Williams, who opened the post yesterday, said the facility would further enhance her country’s ties with Malay­sia.

She added that the co-operation would also include common border security interests.


The ‘Customs and Border Protection Service’ post officiated yesterday by Her Excellency Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur means that the Australian Home and Defense Ministry officials will do their examinations and screening on the entry into Australia from our borders, which is 3,000 kms away from the actual Australian coast.

How this will be implemented is not clear. Will there be white Aussies with side arms and encrypted communications here in our borders, determining what is allowed to leave our coast bound for Australia using Australian laws and discretion? Will there be armed Australian vessels plying our coast and free to board and inspect any vessels that leave our coast bound for down under?

What rights have the Aussies to impose their laws here in our tanahair, even for the benefit of their own security? Did the Foreign, Home and/or Defense Ministries formally agree to all these arrangements?

Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak did agree on principle with Aussie Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in July 2009 upon the latter’s first official visit to Putrajaya, on the ‘human traficking problem’ that looms Australia where one of the source or transit point is from Malaysia and measures are to be taken to resolve this problem. However, it does not mean at all cost that the Malaysian Government will ever concur in ‘surrendering’ our sovereignity and allowing our maritime borders be subjected to the maritime controls and authorities’ processes of another country. This is not even by our immediate neighbours such as Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Phillipines or Vietnam. Let alone, Australia who is not even our neighbour!

Our suspicion is that neither Foreign, Home nor Defense Ministries ever agreed to this. More over the mechanics. If such, then the Aussies really have a nerve to impose something in someone’s else home without proper consent. This is pure ‘Policing’, being an unauthorised ‘Sheriff’ but from our home is really unacceptable!

Pure Aussie arrogance and kurang ajar!

* Post scriptum: If the Aussies are imposing this, can the Indians impose their Police and laws to protect their citizens, in Australia?

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  1. BDDC, let me share something with you. I flew into Australia about 10 times throughout the last 4 years (studied there).

    If my memory is right, the night flights check point for MAS-Australia had an Aussie-looking officer at the relevant Gate together with our own uniformed officers and plain clothes officers.

    Not sure about day flights … the last time I flew into Australia (day flight), there wasn’t any Aussie-looking officer.


  2. Aiyahhh!!! semua kasi tonggeng!!! cuma jangan kasi tonggeng pada orang Melayu & Bumiputera saja.. ini negara pun kasi lelong sama orang asing !!! Tulur yilek munya masat !!!

  3. I don’t mind it if it is really for mutual interest. But let’s examine a little what those mutual interests are and who’ll benefit more, such that it might be serving a one-way interest.

    Australia will definitely benefit. Their White-Australia policy, declared or undeclared, has been there for ages. They have a huge land mass, referred to as a continent sometimes. But they would never accept random immigration from their immediate neighbours, the poor Indonesians and Papua New Guineans who can easily cross over to their land in boats, sampans and perahus.

    They accept only selected people, many being Chinese. Even so, they accept only those with money. The frustrated lot in this country, who vent their frustration by being rude and throwing all sorts of accusations at the Establishment, at anything resembling Malay authority, will never be accepted there because these fellows mostly don’t have money to prove to the Australians that they can sustain themselves and not be a burden to the Government if allowed to live in Australia.

    Those who are allowed to migrate into Australia will bring foreign exchange to that country, drain a little of Malaysia’s coffers. These aspects of the matter are therefore certainly not to Malaysia’s interest but purely Australia’s interest.

    Even some of those with money may not be acceptable to them if having unacceptable behaviour or mindset. In Melbourne and elsewhere there have been quarrels between the locals and the Chinese who generally have become resented. Stay in Melbourne for a few days and one can feel the resentment. Perhaps they want to use the border post in this country also to do thorough checking on applicants for migration to Australia. If that is the case, banyak sedap dia orang – ambil yang bagus saja, tinggalkan yang hantu syaitan di sini. Remember, they need immigrants to help their country develop. But they want good immigrants and let us suffer with the lousy ones who, by applying to migrate, indicate a lack of loyalty to this country.

    I can’t think of any real interest or benefit to Malaysia having the arrangement referred to. Human trafficking to Australia is not Malaysia’s problem. Getting rid of unwanted elements is Malaysia’s problem -are they helping out? I don’t think so. The simple answer of “non-interference in the internal affairs” of our country – the very words the bloody Imperialist British used for ages when it suited them.

    They want to be able to prevent those detected here to be under human trafficking schemes from entering Australia. But would they help get rid of those who have landed on Malaysian soil? If so, how come nobody is saying it?

    As far as joint efforts on crimes are concerned, there is already sufficient channel for communication – Interpol, joint drug enforcement activities, etc. No need for them to be here. I’m afraid it’s again an example of Melayu being nice to everybody without thinking of the benefit to us.

  4. Could be the first step to what Dahram is to Saudi Arabia …. “all for the Saudi’s protection against hostile neighbors”

  5. This is unbelievable and definitely require further details on how this so called “service” will be carried out and monitored. Without knowing the details we cannot appreciate nor comment on its full implications.Based on the media report it appears to be an infringement on our sovereignity!. Australian High Comm. or Wisma Putra PLEASE ELABORATE!

  6. Big Dog,

    Inilah KECERDIKAN PM kita.. Rules the country with his populist mindset and not wisdom. Malaysia dijajah oleh Australia. Stupid PM after Pak Lah in Malaysia history.

  7. Tuan.

    1.Adakah ini satu lagi peluru daripada kabinet Najib untuk diberikan kepada PKR!!

    2.Atau sangkaan saya, zaman Ketua Negara DUNGU (G Bush, Dollah Badawi, Gus Dur,dll) dah berlalu adalah meleset!

    DSN kena rombak cabinet. Zahid, Hishamuddin kena undur dan serahkan kepada mereka yang lebih berwibawa.

  8. ini kerjasama antara komanwel kot. soalan ini kena ditanya di parlimen, barulah boleh dapat jawapan lebih jelas.

  9. Aussie will protect Malaysia from Sink-pore.
    Westerner now battling Chauvinism-small head ppl O.C to becoming world power

  10. even Malaysia pun tak pernah nak set up border post in Indonesia or Bangladesh, despite the influx of Indonesians and Bangladeshis (both legally and illegally) in our country.

    kerjasama antara komanwel apa kebendanya? even Singapore does never set up such thing on Malaysian soil.

    mula-mula benarkan negara asing buat border post on our own soil. lepas ni, pangkalan tentera asing pulak kot? memang dasar JUAL NEGARA je Najib nih…

    • “Jual Negara” adalah lebih sesuai kepada pentadbiran PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah & Co, apabila ‘Budak Tingkat Empat’ menekan agar SJER diujudkan dan kemudian pada persidangan dengan PM Brig Gen Lee Hsien Loong Mei 2007 diLangkawi, Singapura secara rasmi diundang pada peringkat Pegawai Tinggi dan hubungan G-to-G dalam 4 taskforce untuk perancangan dan perlaksanaan WPI.

      PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah juga membuat keputusan unilateral membatalkan ‘Jambatan Bengkok’ walaupun Singapura tidak langsung memberikan apa apa tekanan, jauh sekali protes atas projek yang sebenarnya memberikan keuntungan kepada Johor dari sudut strategik, keselamatan, perdagangan, logistik dan alam sekitar.

      Buat ketika ini, mungkin tidak adil menuduh PM Dato Seri Najib Razak atas perkembangan ini. Menurut sumber yang kami percayai, keputusan Australia ini merupakan tindakan unilateral, tanpa merundingkan mekanism untuk menghalang ‘penjualan insan’ (human traficking) terlebih dahulu dengan Wisma Putra, KDN dan Bukit Aman.

      Namun begitu, tujuan kami menengahkan isu ini kerana inginkan menarik perhatian agar pengunjung cybersfera akan membangkitkan hal dan debat ini, semoga mendapat penelitian Wisma Putra, KDN dan Bukit Aman.

      • terima kasih BGDC kerana memilih untuk mengupas komen saya walaupun ada komen2 lain yg saya kira lebih bernas. yang tidak menyenangkan kita ialah, mengapa seperti ada kerahsiaan terhadap perkembangan ini, dikuatkan lagi dengan gambaran seolah-olah Canberra mengambil tindakan unilateral dalam wilayah kita sendiri. saya bersetuju dgn pendapat Truthseeker seperti di bawah yg mengatakan Australia bertindak seolah-olah Malaysia ini 8th state mereka.

  11. And worst still, Australia set up the “post” without the consent of the Home Ministry. I hear there was no discussion with the home ministry, the matter was neither brought to the cabinet nor discussed in parliament.
    And Australia has the cheek to set up the facility here. They claim it is not a “physical post” and that they have only created “positions” to check human trafficking. THE NERVE they have, setting up a post here and treating us like their SUBJECT.

    • Tengku A Rahman once said to a senior Government Officer questioning his decision which ran contra to existing policy, “I’m the Praim Ministar. If you don’t follow what I say, who else you follow?” Maybe Najib thinks the same.

      Allowing Special Officers being stationed in this country for that kind of work enables Australia to gather intelligence on the political and other situation in this country. They can easily slip in Intelligence Officers into that scheme, even though Embassies usually have 1-2 in in the ordinary course of “diplomatic business”. Remember, the Aussies are not naiive, their external intelligence has been operating since World War II. Their front line is no longer Indonesia; it may now be Malaysia – good old Commonwealth buddy!

      Is Najib not naiive?

  12. Biggie
    What’s the problem with that? I think it’s a great idea, it shows our cooperation in the issue of human trafficking or over-stayers in Australia.

    British immigration officers are stationed in Gare du Nord in Paris, likewise French immigration are stationed at London Eurostar station in London. It can be an instrument to filter all the intended illegal immigrants to Britain from Malaysia that conveniently disappear in some ‘towns’ in England. Therefore save us from applying for visas to go to Britain.

    • The British-French immigration inpection is a bilateral policy and mechanism, agreed by both parties.More over, there have a common border.

      In this case, it is a unilateral decision and implementation. Malaysia has no borders with Australia. In fact, it is separated by a mass body of water and over 13,000 islands in between.

      A vast difference there.

  13. Well, this could be a blessing in disguise. My take is that many racketeers are exploiting Malaysia as a transit point for illegal activities.

    Smuggling of drugs, flesh trade, adoption, weapons, etc.

    Taken in a proper context, this could be mutually beneficial.

    For all we know a nation with 1st class citizens could be the masterminds by recruiting locals as runners.

    Remember the rage over forest burning – blaming poor Indonesian farmers who were paid peanuts daily.

    If I recall correctly, this investigative trail led to an article entitled something like “The Singapore connection”.

  14. Biggie,
    Yeah, you’re right, thousands of Australians are sneaking into Malaysia for economic asylum. I would rather they do this than slapping us with high visa fees to go to Australia.

    Oh btw, ever flown to the States from Heathrow? The Yanks also have their officers to vet passengers before boarding. But then no Brits at the other side of the atlantic.

  15. Get used to the idea Bulldog! Oh..sorry Bigdog! Shows you how little anyone outside Malaysia actually believes what any Malaysian says. Least of all coming from the government!! So when you don’t believe what you are told, you set up your own Border Post la. And in case you are wondering why they don’t say so. Well, actually they also understand Malaysian culture about face and so on. So they give you some bullshit reason la.

  16. […] was surprisingly very ’silent’ when recently Miss Williams announced that the Australians were setting up border controls here from Malaysia. Perhaps Pemuda UMNO needs to be reminded that it is Khairy Jamaluddin and his family […]

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