Expect another drama from the ‘Drama King’

Disappointed with the lack of response from his supporters on Friday, Former-abuse-of-power-convict Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim, it is reliably learnt, has ordered his lap dogs to make sure that they pull no stops to organise massive rallies and demonstrations to protest his court case.

Words have already leaked that these lap dogs have been working overtime “inviting” supporters and party members to gather at the Federal Territory Mosque in Jalan Duta on Monday morning and then proceed to the Jalan Duta courthouse where Anwar’s sodomy trial is being held.

Having failed to postpone the trial despite numerous attempts, the demonstrations is probably hoped to do the job.

While demonstrations and Anwar is synonymous, what is disturbing is that the mosque in Jalan Duta is being used as the rallying point, a desecration of the sanctity of the religious house. Lest people forget, in 1998, when the ‘Reformasi’ demonstrations were in full swing in Kuala Lumpur, Anwar and his supporters were unabashedly using mosques to gather and gear their demonstrations.

Anwar, his Anwaristas and supporters may not realise that the mosques are attended not only by those who supports him but also by those who are neutral as well as those who could see him for what he really is.

By using the mosques and its premises, he is turning away some of the congregation apart from further dividing them. If the ummah is already divided due to the political differences, the mosques is where some kind of ceasefire or unity can be realised albeit temporarily.

By taking the demonstrations to fulfil his personal agenda and ego, what little semblance of Muslim unity which can be found in the mosques is also being sacrificed.

Muslims, regardless on which side of the political fence they belonged to, must be able to see this and not allow Anwar to use the mosques for his political end.

Otherwise, the last space in the country, where political differences can be placed aside as the Muslims congregate to perform their religious obligations to their Creator, will also be politicised and turned into a centre of divide.

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