Lim Guan Eng: The Chauvinist Chief Minister

Today is BigDogDotCom’s third commemoration. From the bottom of our probably slightly enlarged heart, we would like to express out utmost sincere and deepest appreciation for the attention and support that so many have given us, over 2.8 million times these past three years. There are over 18,000 comments lodged and approved in 1,015 postings.

To commemorate such anniversary of socio-political blogging, we wish to post the letter which Penang State Government under DAP Chauvinist and Anti Malay Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng initially instruct to cancel this year’s traditional Maulidur Rasul annual procession, to mark the 1441th (gregorian) birthday of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.


Cancellation of Penang Mauldur Rasul 1431H

Cancellation of Penang Maulidur Rasul 1431H, Pg 2

Can the Deputy State Secretary II issue such instruction, without an explicit directive from the Chief Minister and/or his office?

The past 52 years of ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ rule of Malaya, then Malaysia, the predominant Malay government has never denied the Chinse their Lion Dances during Lunar New Years. Neither were the Indians denied their annual Thaipusam Hindu rituals.

For the record, when Penang was under 39 years of Gerakan Chinese rule, the Malays were never denied their Maulidur Rasul celebrations. Now, the mere second year of DAP Chinese Chauvinist rule, their true colours have been clearly shown.

Please make your own deductions and feel free to reflect them in here. Word of caution: This is aboout DAP and Pakatan Rakyat. This is not about other people! 

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  1. sure he can issue the directive one, please ask him la. mind your own bisness la.

    • You have such a small mind, boy. You have no clue how a Government works. No Officer can issue a directive on a sensitive matter such as religion that affects the feelings of Muslims in the entire state without the approval or, in this case, the instruction, of the very top – the Chief Minister. Understand?

      The Muslims in Penang should by now realise their mistake in voting the chauvinist and don’t-care-about- others DAP. They must not vote for those goons any more.

  2. this is another UMNO conspiracy. In fact the letter head is not the letter head of Penang State Secretary.
    Not to mention Guan Eng has already denied it during his speech of welcoming the chinese lunar year in front of chinese community.
    again UMNO must remember the GREAT ULAMAK in THE WORLD has said that perarakan maulidir rasul is bidaah.
    “UMNO must fight corruption before talking about maulidir rasul” mahfuz the father of drug addict from PAS told us.
    so, this is again another conspiracy by UMNO. you wait BD, 50 MPs from “down under” will sent another letter to tell the muslim in malaysia about maulidir rasul.. you just wait.

  3. This fellow is either blind or doesn’t understand Bahasa or both yet wants to spike in. Setia Usaha Kerajaan = State Secretary, you dumbass.

    He sounds like having absconded down under this gloaty goat. Why the hell does he still want to comment about Penang/ Malaysia? Must be rindu or utterly regretting absconding. Padan muka dia. Maybe he is in Melbourne and finding it tough being disliked and despised by the locals there. He should not be allowed to return like those from Penang absconding to UK, tore their passports and found not given permission to stay as reported in the papers a few months back.

    No Government Officer, even the State Secretary himself, dares to issue a letter like the above without the approval of, and likely in this instance, on the instruction of the top man himself – the chauvinistic pig LGE himself.

  4. Hah ini baru saja permulaan …

    Mungkin dlm masa yg terdekat akan ada undang2 baru – setiap rumah atap harus dirobohkan sebab menjadi satu bahaya kebakaran.

    Jika pemilik rumah ingin menyelamatkan rumah atap mereka, haruslah di ubah elok dgn menukar bahan rumah kepada zeng, batu bata ataupun simen yg tidak mudah terbakar.

    Rakyat yg miskin yg tak berupaya berbuat demikian akan dipindahkan ke rumah murah.

    Undang2 yg lagi satu – Mana mana tanah terbiar akan dihadiahkan geran tanah pada SESIAPA sahaja yg bersusah payah dan berusaha menjaga tanah ini utk 12 tahun sahaja.

    Jadi apek, nyonya, tambi, achi, aneh, amoi bolehlah bekerja kuat utk menjaga tanah terbiar, kemudian boleh menjadi TUAN tanah.

  5. Salam Bro,

    Apabila kita menegor kesilapan DAP atau Pakatan Rakyat akan dituduh sebagai conspiracy of UMNO. Apakah UMNO tak de kerja lain ke? Kepada penyokong DAP terutama Melayu Melayu yang menjilat Lim Guan Eng seperti timbalannya sedarlah diri hingga sanggup menjual maruah kerana kedudukan. Pemikiran Chauvinist anak haram LGE harus ditentang. Kepada MELAYU P.PINANG yang mengundi Pakatan Rakyat pada PRU12 saya sedarlah kesilapan anda memilih telah mengakibatkan Melayu P.Pinang menjadi pariah di negeri sendiri…..INGAT MELAYU MUDAH LUPA

  6. Saudara Fauzi,

    LIm Guan Eng yang kamu tuduh chauvinist itulah yang dipenjarakan 18 bulan dan hilang kelayakan bertanding pilihanraya selama 5 tahun kerana membela seorang gadis bawah umur yang dirogol DS Rahim Thamby Chik dan mengandung, Rahim merupakan ketua pemuda UMNO ,parti yang kamu sanjung tinggi itu. Lim Guan Eng hanya menjalankan tugasnya sebagai ahli parlimen kawasan gadis itu tapi apa yang terjadi? Rahim Thamby Chik tidakpun didakwa,dia lepas bebas dan kaya raya, menjadi orang terpenting dalam UMNO…dan Lim Guan Eng merana hampir dua tahun di dalam penjara!

    Cuba kamu letak dalam kepala hotak kamu itu akan siapakah yang lebih berjasa kepada melayu.

    • Bodoh punye budak bernama zane

      Lim Guan Eng berjasa? Bodoh punye budak bernama zane. Tak tahu undang2. tak tahu cerita hujung pangkal. Main tibai je cakap. Bodoh punye budak bernama zane. Bangang! Mangkuk Hayun punye budak.

      • Lihatlah penyokong tegar UMNO..mereka tidak dapat membalas fakta dengan fakta..aku cabar kamu, cuba terangkan rentetan peristiwa Lim Guan Eng dipenjarakan..mengapa dan kenapa..cuba kamu ceritakan versi kamu,aku ingin sangat mengenali “kebenaran”!

    • I hope the people of Permatang Pauh realise the damage they have done for voting in someone who has been judged to indulge in homosexual activities.

      To LGE, he may be starting a backlash his community may live to regret.

      • Has been judged? By whom? When? If you think people are stupid, think again. We have sources from all angles, we know this is yet another set up! Wake up bro!

    • Hey zane,

      Lim told a news conference his government will do away with the New Economic Policy, the 37-year-old affirmative action program for Malays, in awarding state contracts.

      • As Orang Kelang wrote, budak bernama Zane pakai tibai saja. Please read up what the judges wrote about Anwar indulging in homo activities. Hope you see the light.

      • Do you know that 2 in every 3 judges go to hell? The judge did not send Anwar to jail because of sodomy mind u, he was convicted of corruption, for using his status to stop the investigation against him which was to extract about his so called with Azmin’s wife! Umi hafilda Azmin’s sister was involved and she spread the lies.

        So you see, it is not difficult for the people to suggest that Anwar is framed, he is deemed guilty even before the judges deliver the verdict. Even without penetration, even with alibi…

        You won’t live forever you know…and Allah will judge you for the slander you spread against Anwar. Be remorseful!

    • Alahai zane

      None so blind as those who would NOT see. You gotta check your facts and make sure these are not merely propaganda with vested interest.

      Have you seen LGE taking the public transport ONCE UPON A TIME – he made sure he was photographed.

      Now this is what seasoned politicians understand – MANAGING PERCEPTION. Which is actually just a showbiz coz they tell each other that “You must be SEEN to be doing the right thing”.

  7. COngrats bro, on your 3rd anniversary. So we were all at the Australian High Comm today to celebrate this Big day!

    Thank you for the postings!

  8. LGE deserves such political blunder, this chauvinist doggie’s attempt to govern with the objective of sidelining the Malays; LGE and his kind knows nothing about Islam, cares not about the sanctity of Islam and as a result they have sunken deep into the stinking political shit created by power crazy Malays (PAS) who explicitly wants to show their form of Islam is true Islam.

    This ugly episode reflects LGE’s proud, arrogant and selfish communist traits, thinking that being transparent and being no-nonsense, his battle cry will master more communist chauvinists to fall into his political entrapment. He fails to recognize his type of governance and deceptive objectives will fail in a multi-racial society like Malaysia. This bodoh sombong has been played out by PAS in this blunder, just as he played out the Melayu with his Malaysian Malaysia and now Middle Malaysia concept.

    The time is near for both PAS and DAP to realize they just can’t work out the mechanism to collaborate together and that they best go their own ways for their own political survival. My congratulations to LGE in undermining PAS’ Islamic credentials and misleading them; keep working with PAS and hold each other’s hands tightly to doom.

    Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary.

  9. Salam Bro,
    Betapa sewel,cetek-akal dan rusaknya pemikiran manusia bernama Zane ini sehingga bolih menggapkan LGE yg anti Melayu dan kebangsaan sebagai berjasa kepada orang Melayu kerana kononnya beliau telah juba membela seorang gadis yg kena rogol, padahal tidak ada kes pun.Sabaleknya beliau buta mata dan buta hati tidak dapat melihat tentang begitu banyak jasa Kerajaan membuka peluang kepada orang Melayu menjadi para cendiakawan,ahli-ahli profesional dan usahawan yg dulunya bolih bilang dengan jari.

    Sunggoh malangnya negara ini jika kita mempunyai ramai manusia yg tidak rasional,sewel dan tidak pandai menilai yg senang diputarbelit, diperbodoh dan diperdayakan seperti budak Zane ini.Jika puak puak ini dapat menguasai negara ini alamatnya Negara ini akan tergadai dan terjajah lah nanti.

    Askar Tua

    • Biasalah.

      Sebagai seorang yang anti-Melayu Tegar, LGE akan menggunakan apa peluang sekalipun, termasuk menyalahi undang undang semata mata untuk menjahanamkan reputasi dan karrier politik pemimpin Melayu.

      Dalam kes membela gadis Melayu bawah umur yang kunun kununya telah di’perkosa’ oleh KM Melaka Tan Sri Rahim Thamby Chik:

      1. Peguam Negara tidak mendakwa Tan Sri Rahim kerana tiada kes
      2. Gadis itu sendiri apabila cukup umur (maknanya boleh disaman dalam Mahkamah) membuat sidang media menafikan apa apa hubungan beliau dengan Tan Sri Rahim.

      Tuan Punya Badan sendri nafikan!

      Maknanya, LGE berbohong!

      Mana mana Melayu yang percaya tindakan LGE ini sehingga dipenjara kerana menyalahi Akta Penerbitan ialah membela gadis Melayu ialah, MEREKA SEBENARNYA KENA KENCING!

  10. When proven that DAP did issue this … simply because they are chauvinistic anti-Malay anti-Islam communistic-minded subversive elements; they will turn around and say, “Aiyya, ini summa UMNO punya salah laa … Ketuanan Cinna manyak babot ohrrr”

  11. Sdr,

    DAP sebelum ini tidak lah menonjol sanagt. Tidak ramai rakyat Malaysia yang menyokong perjuangan DAP. Mungkin boleh dikatakan DAP agak menonjol sedikit pada tahun 1969 yang akhirnya mencetuskan peristiwa 13 Mei.

    DAP hanya agak menonjol selepas kerajaan yang di pimpin oleh Pak Lah terbungkam dek kerenah anak menantu (?)

    Menonjolnya DAP ini kenapa? Kerana sokongan PAS dan PKR yang di ketuai oleh orang sedang menghadapi tuduhan di mahkamah sekarang ini.

    Kenapa PAS & PKR menyokong DAP? Kerana ada di ana
    tara ahli-ahlinya (Melayu) yang berakal singkat, setaraf lembu yang dicucuk hidungnya. Ditarik oleh pemimpinnya yang sudah tidak keruan dgn Take Beer, seks bebas, rumah urut, kandang babi dan berbagai-bagai onar lagi.

    “Tanah ini Tanah Melayu”

  12. […] dapat disangkal lagi DAP ialah anti Islam. Apabila kuasa berada ditangan mereka, tergamak dibatalkan perhimpunan tahunan sambutan Perarakan Maulud Nabi di Pulau […]

  13. […] Lim berbohong. Isu pembatalan Majlis Sambutan Mauludir Rasul 1431H di Pulau Pinang merupakan contoh amat terang beliau dan DAP anti Melayu dan anti Islam. DAP juga menyokong hasrat […]

  14. Salam Sejahtera.

    Salam Belia, Salam 1Malaysia.
    Nampak je label 1Malaysia ni, ramai orang alergi kan?

    Permainan politik ni luas. Kalau tak bersikap talam dua muka, jangan masuk menentang politik Malaysia. Aku tak nak mendabik dada aku tahu segalanya. Kerana, aku mungkin tahu yang korang tak tahu. Begitu juga, korang mungkin tahu apa yang aku tak tahu.

    Fokusnya, di dalam pembangunan sesebuah kerajaan perlulah berdasarkan kepada keadilan. Ada komen yang kata perarakan ini bidaah. Tapi, jangan lupa ada bidaah hasanah. Yang menolak perarakan tu ada gak orang Islam. Kalau nak ikut, bersanding atas pelamin pun biadaah kawan. Nak beri pendapat biar tepat.

    Sekarang bukan persoalan biadaah atau tak, tetapi adat yang selalu dilakukan itu dibataskan. Kalaulah kita berarak Maulidur Rasul ini dibantah, kita tak marah ke? Tapi, agak-agakla kalau perarakan agama lain kita batalkan, diorang marah tak? Fikir guna otak. Semua orang ada hak. Tetapi, tetap kita memiliki Raja dan Sultan sebagai ketua agama Islam.

    Apa guna nak bergaduh-gaduh dalam sini.
    Aku sedia jumpa sesiapa sahaja yang nak bertukar pendapat dan pandangan. Setakat nak permainan politik, tak payah. Aku dah jelak.
    Ini anak Kuala Langat. Sekali aku bersuara, ada beribu orang lagi dibelakang aku.

    Cuba fikir, “ramai politic-player cakap-aku boleh buat banyak pertuduhan pada diri aku sendiri, dan aku kata orang lain jahat dengan harapan aku boleh mendapat sokongan.”

    mengadu-domba dan fitnah diri sendiri selalu menjadi elemen utama untuk membuatkan orang kesian pada diri kita. Politik adalah bukan yang macam kita sangka. selalunya adalah seperti yang kita tak sangka.


    kita boleh berbincang lanjut.
    Kalau nak bersatu-padu pun salah, apa yang betul?
    Kalau POLIS pun kita dah tak percaya, siapa agaknya nak kawal keselamatan kita jika parti anti-Polis yang berkuasa? Fikir2lah….

    Yang kutuk British macam2…termasuk Malaysia ni dituduh acuan British, ASKAR kita tu siapa yang tubuhkan dulu, kawan? Jadi aku fikir, lepas yang Anti-British ni memang, gerenti ASKAR pun dia kasi mansuh. Lepas tu siapa nak jaga negara? Masa tu lah Kuasa Veto Asing masuk ke dalam Malaysia.

    Gaduh punya gaduh, akhirnya kita sendiri MERANA.
    Ada AKAL PAKAI!.

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