DAP is selling Malaysia out and away

It is very clear that the Chinese Chauvinist DAP is selling Malaysia out and away. In the recent issue of 50 Australian MPs demanding that the Federal Government intervened in the trial of Opposition Leader Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim currently at Kuala Lumpur Criminal High Court for sodomy under Penal Code Section 377B, the DAP said that the protest made by 11 BN (plus 1 Independent) MPs against the Australians is not reflective of the Malaysian feeling.

Malaysian Insider has the story:

Kit Siang: Not all MPs support demo against Aussie MPs

By Syed Jaymal Zahiid

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 18 — DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang is calling for a special Parliamentary meeting to discuss the demand made by 50 Australian MPs to drop the sodomy charge against Opposition leader

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Lim stressed that the demonstration at the Australian High Commission yesterday, organised by Barisan Nasional’s (BN) youth wing, was not the official Parliamentary stand.

“It is imperative that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak call for a special meeting to clarify this issue,” he told reporters here after attending Anwar’s sodomy hearing.

“What happened yesterday does not represent the views of Malaysian MPs in general. The views of a few BN MPs is not reflective of all MPs,” added the Ipoh Timur MP.

Yesterday, BN Youth claimed it had gathered 600 members — led by its chief Khairy Jamaluddin and his Umno Youth deputy, Datuk Razali Ibrahim — for the demonstration. Present also were supporters from the right wing group Perkasa.

Khairy later led a delegation to hand over a memorandum to High Commissioner Penny Williams. They blasted the 50 MPs and called their demand rude and akin to encroaching on Malaysian sovereignty.

Lim, however, called for the Malaysian government to respect the views of the Australian legislators.

The Australian MPs, just like Anwar’s peers within the Pakatan Rakyat coalition he leads, believe the sodomy charge is a conspiracy to cut down the opposition’s rising influence.

Anwar has also received the backing of the United States. Senator John Kerry had issued a statement demanding that Anwar be tried in a fair and transparent manner.

Lim has called for an immediate convening before the March 15 Parliament sitting. ”If the PM refuses to do so, this will be the first demand by the opposition,” said the seasoned DAP leader.

He also said the meeting will be used to hand over a memorandum to the Attorney-General to drop the sodomy charge.

PAS vice-president Datuk Mahfuz Omar, speaking at the same press conference, said his party will also be sending a memorandum with similar objectives.


The 50 Australian MPs demand is about Australia being blatanly disrespectful on Malaysia’s:

  • Judiciary and judicial process
  • System of constitutional monarchy, where the separation between the executive and judiciary is defined under the Malaysian Federal Constitution
  • The democratic process and democracy
  • Sovereignity and membership of the Commonwealth and United Nations
  • The DAP should be protecting the interest of Malaysia and her position as sovereign state. Instead, they are now calling that the Dewan Rakyat hold a special session to debate on the issue, which it is obviously ‘clear and present danger’ that maruah Agama, Bangsa dan Tanahair is being molested here.

    Like expected, DAP is not about being a constructive Opposition. They are simply about taking every single oppportunity and eventually ‘prostitute’ the very fundamentals of this nation to structurally and systematically destroy the fabric that binds Malaysians together as ‘1’. Even up to a point where they are willing to support foreigners’ call to antagonise the Judiciary and judicial process, all in the interest to sordidly salvaging any remaining shred of the Pakatan Rakyat near bankrupt politics, especially Former-abuse-of-power Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim’s and soon-to-be disintegrated PKR.

    It is blatant shame that the DAP is supporting the effort for these biadap foreigners to deface instead of  protecting Malaysia’s sovereignity. It is also clear that the DAP is purely acting on behalf of foreigners, to be the ‘fifth columnist’ and systemtatically destroy Malaysia.

    DAP’s chauvinist and anti-Malay role as Singapore’s PAP illegitimate-son-trying-to-win-his-arrogant-father’s-heart is clearer now, more over the latter prematurely being expelled from the Federation of Malaysia almost 45 years ago. The agenda of being a pseudo-Singporean ‘banana’ (‘yellow’ on the outside, ‘white’ on the inside)  as an agent for the Anglo Saxon and Neo-con Jewish’s agenda to re-colonialise Asia.


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