Is NST counter-spinning to gain ‘Middle Malaysia’ grounds?

Since the departure of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi almost a year ago, NST seems to be emancipated from the ‘evil clutches’ of Kalimullah “Riong Kali” Hassan and Brenden “Serial Plagiarist” Perreira, who have managed to dismantle the credibility and even integrity of the one time the premier English daily. Nowadays the quality of the political news have termendously improved, where reports are made based on quotations of the politicians themselves.

Lately, there are so many news about Pakatan Rakyat (PR) in the mainstream media. So many PR elected reps came out bashing their own or intra-party in wideranging political issues, which is centred around ‘self inflicted wounds’. NST has managed to produce the comments verbatim from these disgruntled politcians such as former PKR Secretary General Dato’ Sallehudin Hashim, Bayan Baru MP Dato’ Seri Zahrain Hashim, Kulim Bandar Baru MP Zulkifli Nordin, Nibong Tebal MP Tan Tee Beng, Wangsa Maju MP Wee Choo Keong and Indera Mahkota MP Azan Ismail. Of course, rebuttals of fellow reps were also allowed. Thiese reportings are not with standing the fact that PR has had problems with their YBs in ADUN Behrang, Changkat Jering, Jelapang, Bukit Selambau, Lunas, Penanti, Pelabuhan Kelang and recently Bayan Baru MP either left the party or resigned totally from their seats.

In the ‘misery’ of and within PR caused by their own doing, it is  surprised that NST allowed sordid attempt to paint the picture otherwise.


Don’t read too much into Pakatan troubles


The disarray in Pakatan Rakyat may not necessarily translate into rising support for Barisan Nasional, writes ZUBAIDAH ABU BAKAR

PAKATAN Rakyat has lost some momentum. Their leaders are expending a lot of energy on damage control these days, trying to get the ship back on course.

Across the divide, Barisan Nasional supporters sneer at Pakatan leaders struggling to check the declining credibility of the opposition pact.

But there are two issues at hand: one, the problems in Pakatan; the other, of voters returning to BN’s fold.

There are fears that Umno’s grassroots and some national leaders are getting too carried away with the misfortunes of an opposition front “on the verge of collapse”.

According to Mohd Sayuti Omar, a political analyst and author of several books on Malaysian politics, more damage is caused by too much publicity given to disgruntled Pakatan assemblymen.

“The mainstream media is going overboard giving space to these personalities when such publicity will not gain Umno or BN votes,” Sayuti says. “In fact, they give an advantage to (opposition leader) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.”

Seasoned Umno politicians warned of this with regard to Bayan Baru member of parliament Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohamed Hashim’s recent resignation from Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) to become an independent representative.

Prime Minister and Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak took the lead in cautioning BN supporters: “We should not be carried away with what is going in the opposition parties,” he said.

“It is important that we show that the party is capable of serving the public and fulfilling all the promises made, either by the government or the people’s representatives.”

Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal and supreme council member Datuk Mustapa Mohamed also reminded Umno and BN component parties not to be over-zealous in capitalising on the disarray in Pakatan.

Umno and the other BN component parties need only work for the people, said Shafie.

“It is important for us to deliver our promises and render help to the people who need them.

“The people will know we are a government that cares for their welfare and that we can be trusted, and doing so without having to tell them that the opposition cannot be trusted.”

Mustapa does not think BN should take advantage of the rift between leaders of PKR and DAP but should strengthen its own position instead.

It’s easy to see why people think Pakatan is crumbling, as all indications thus far show that all is not well within the opposition alliance.

Pakatan may have revealed too much of its weaknesses, affecting its credibility in the eyes of voters, but these internal conflicts could be turned to its own advantage if its components are forced to confront issues and find amicable solutions.

Many analysts see the disagreements among Pakatan leaders as part of the learning process of how to get along and that their alliance will get stronger as they learn to cope with one another.

To think that Pakatan is about to crumble is naive. To think that votes that had gone to Pakatan will automatically swing to BN is also off-track. Pakatan leaders will not allow problems to fester because its candidates may find themselves practically unelectable in the next polls.

A series of retreats has been slated for next month to brainstorm strategies to counter BN. The first is for Pakatan partners in Selangor on March 7, followed by the national-level retreat in Penang in conjunction with the coalition’s second anniversary of taking control of several state governments.

“We have to prepare ourselves to fight back,” says PKR vice-president Azmin Ali. “Now we are more determined than before.”

Ezam Mohd Noor, the former PKR Youth chief who is now with Umno, thinks BN should do more to gain the people’s confidence on its own strengths in serving the people well.

Unless BN can regain non-Malay confidence, says Prof Mohamed Mustafa Ishak of Universiti Utara Malaysia, things will not improve in the next general election.

“Umno has undergone some transformation but the MCA, MIC and People’s Progressive Party have not done much to regain their strength.

“These parties are mired in unsettled disputes that show no sign they can be resolved in time for the 13th general election.”

The disputes within Pakatan have unsettled supporters and left people wondering whether the component parties can function well politically and be a force to match the sturdy BN.

The resignation Zahrain, citing disappointment with the leadership of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, along with PKR’s troubles within the opposition pact, may have exposed weaknesses in the Pakatan linkage.

So have criticisms of Pakatan leaders from Kulim-Bandar Baru MP Zulkifli Noordin, Nibong Tebal MP Tan Tee Beng, and Wangsa Maju MP Wee Choo Keong.

But resignations from PKR have been common, even when it was still Parti Keadilan Nasional.

Big names who quit the party include Chandra Muzaffar, Marina Yusof, Ruslan Kassim, Zainur Zakaria, Datuk S. Nallakaruppan, Mohd Annuar Tahir, Abdul Rahman Osman and, more recently, serving assemblymen Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi (Behrang), Mohd Osman Jailu (Changkat Jering), Badrul Hisham Abdullah (Pelabuhan Kelang) and Mohd Radzi Salleh (Lunas).

Almost two years since the last general election, Pakatan has yet to come together as a political coalition with a common aim and leadership like BN.

It may have found rough agreement on legal and economic issues and a consensus on ethnic and identity politics, but doubts remain over its prospects for long-term survival.

The BN, which is showing signs of regaining support from the people following a series of new holistic socio-development programmes launched by the prime minister, has to strive to win back the hearts and minds of the people on its own merits.


The facts is that what is and has been happening to PR since their unprecendeted and totally unexpected win on 8 March 2008 is sustainable and now clearly showing digression. The failure of the state governments they managed to wrest is now apparently felt and even amongst PR  leaders and supporters themselves have started to demonstrate their dismay in the open and rather loudly.

Even Chinese Chauvinist DAP Supremo Lim Kit Siang admitted the PR failure and slow but systematic death.

The Star report on 31 January 2010:

Sunday January 31, 2010

Kit Siang: Pakatan is bleeding


PETALING JAYA: The Pakatan Rakyat disciplinary committee must meet to restore public confidence in the discipline, commitment, cohesion and unity of the loose coalition, said DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang.

The subject of holding a Pakatan disciplinary committee had been on the agenda of its leadership council since last year, he said.

The internal haemorrhaging, he stressed, must end particularly when Umno and Barisan Nasional were intensifying their political offensive.

“This will be the challenge of the Pakatan leadership council when it meets tomorrow,” he said in his blog yesterday.

His latest posting on the issue came close on the heels of the latest attack against Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng by former PKR state chief Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohd Hashim. Zahrain, who is also Bayan Baru MP, had called Guan Eng who is DAP secretary-general and Lim’s son a dictator, a chauvinist and communist-minded leader who was unfit to lead the state.


If this is NST’s attempts to provide a ‘balance reporting’ for Malaysian political diet, then it is a very poor attempt to do so. The circumtance which PR is facing at the moment is purely self inflicted and like so many right wing analyst have expected that the self destruction of PR within and by their own in their fashion of ‘unholy marriage of (in)convenience between strange bedfellows’ has proven to be true and now evidently clear.

For one, Mohd. Sayuti Omar is the least respected political analyst to quote from. His writtings have never been regarded by any quarters except of political gutter and ghetto consumers. In this analysis, Sayuti’s thoughts given first referrence depicts that the writer is desperate to produce a piece to rebut for the PR hurriedly.

In the writer’s previous analysis, her attempt to spin that DAP is shedding their Chinese Chauvinist image and approach is really lame and now actually starting the get Malay support. The fact is that PKR MPs for Bayan Baru Zahrain Hashim and Nibong Tebal  Tan Beng in their own words pronounce and confirmed DAP’s Chinese Chauvinism.

Evidently clear that NST editorial intentionally allowed such ‘skewed’ analysis to be published, which is actually giving the wrong impression of the current political scene and projections. These writings are laced with certain agenda which befits the flavour in alternative media such as Malaysiakini dan The Malaysian Insider.

If this low quality analysis attempt is NST’s effort to entice ‘the people from the other side’ in their effort to be the premier mainstream political and business daily from during the days where Tan Sri Dr Nordin Sopiee or Dato’ A Kadir Jasin were the journo supremos, then the NSTP BOD  should really relook into their business model and approach. Recently regenerated and rebranded oldest English tabloid Malay Mail is doing much better in their political reporting and analysis, now starting to gain grounds.

Pakatan Rakyat is undoubtably on a self destruction mode and pattern and this has moved into higher gears of inevitability in the turning out of events which some might pessimitically regard as, ‘fate’. This is especially with the failure to deliver so many promises and expectations, led by partyless-Opposition-Leader Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim and his sordid “16 September 2008 Federal Government take over”  unrealisable wet dream. Of course, now his ongoing personal hedious sexual deviant criminal case is affecting PR as a whole and PAS already abstaining their suffort for a bretheren political-in-partner-in-crime. The party which was formed for and around the former-abuse-of-power-convict also saw themselves on an almost sure self destruction mode.

NST should also be mindful the ‘Middle Malaysia’ ground they are attempting to gain, which targets the more affluent, educated, professional and  often, higher placed segment of Malaysians. These are the same people who actually have access to seamless streams of information, especially technology driven without even mentioning ‘market talk’. For NST to allow pieces with preferred referrences from political gutter and ghetto analyst should only be regarded as negative-counter-spinning. In time, this shall be proven equally as damaging when Riong Kali and “Serial Plagiarist” Perreira were there, spinning NST into oblivion and digression.

 *Updated 200pm


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  1. et tu brute … oh no … not you too Brutus.

  2. Bring kadir to screw the paper one more time.

    • Yahhh…. Bring Back all the Deadwoods!

  3. Sorry bro, I have to disagree with you this time but you are right about the Middle Malaysia.
    I think it is a fair reporting.

    Like RPK said, the person is immaterial…it is the ideas and issues that matter.

    Sadly, there too many fanatics in Malaysia … UMNO fanatics, PAS fanatics, AI Fanatics (PKR no fanatics, just confused) and of course, TDM fanatics.

    Just answer me one question bro, how come the whole BN and Govt machineries cannot handle one RPK ?

    Let me give a suggestion – Do not attack RPK, engage him instead.

    Another good advice from Sakmangkol:

    “If I were Najib, I would go back to the drawing board with genuine plans on how to fight corruption, attract foreign investments, prevent brain-drain, appoint only capable ministers, promotes racial harmony and whatever it takes to start a good government”

    • It is good we do not have RPK fanatics 🙂

  4. Aye, I agree with you.

    This phase in PR political life shelf is called obsolete..because PR is built on hijacked momentum due to Mr Flip Flop failure to clean the acts of Menantu Hantu and Kali Gang. The momentum skyrocketed to its apex in Gen Election 12 and then sizzle our due to non performance and non comformance of its MPs/ADUN to the principles and values they championed

    NST needs a proven person with good track record to bring back the credibility it so much needed. Datuk A Kadir Jasin fits the bill

  5. anakbukitgantang is spot on! nst needs the likes of Kadir Jasin to steer the newspaper with some clear focus about what a newspaper is all about. the owners should by now realize that having a mere business-development bloke to head the company is akin to privatising the royal malaysian police and handing the force over to a consultant-appointed IGP. nst is a newspaper first and everything else second, it not all about money. nst should reconsider serving its original purpose and not be allowed to be hijacked by some businesstimes blokes with ZERO knowledge about the prevalent political undercurrents. dont let traitors who would sell the malays and everything that this nation stands for …for a few dollars more. if the prime minister is busy, i hope his advisors start opening their eyes and not allow the nstp group be hijacked via the backdoor.
    p/s really thougt such shit was over with badawi-kalimullah-khairy-brendan era.
    save it before its too late.

    • Eeeerrrr Friend, all that is happening is on the PM’s instructions!

  6. Roh dan semangat hindu god and muslim priest masih lagi hidup ke dalam NST?

    • Selagi ujud ahli Lembaga Pengarah yang masih ‘setia’ kepada rejim lama, maka ianya cerita lama, pelakon lama dan hanya pentas sahaja baru.

      Ini realiti.

  7. BigGuy,

    Look around who’s who in NST now. Zubaidah is unable to pubish her very pro Anwar and Dap articles if Zainul and Nuraina did not allow.

    Why? What is their agenda?

    The most important point to consider is that, can all these be checked? Who has the power to check on all thse?

    Dr Jawhar? He is a very close associate and personal friend to the ‘HIndu God and Syiah Priest’! Dato Mat Talib? Pleaselah, Tok Mat has no backbone! Is he willing to take a position and stand by it?

    Can we count on Zainul? He was Business Time editor. He has no inkling on politics, what NST is all about. Nuraina? Pleaselah! She’s an Anwar sympathiser and makes no qualms about hiding that fact.


    You are spot on! Bring back Kadir. He should be made Executive Editorial Adviser. No question about that. Kadir would bring a lot of credence and set things right, ever since Dollah Kok Lanas and ‘Hindu God and Syiah Priest’ ruined it all.

    When I was growing up, my father reads NST every morning at breakfast table. Now the retired civil servant only pick up the one time broadsheet only when there is nothing left to do!

    Its timely a pro UMNO bloke like you talk about NST. I hope you get the attention of the decision makers.

    • Boss,

      Tolong jangan lupa Kamrul. Dia ni banjingan dr saki baki ‘hindu-god-muslim-priest’. Pasal apa NST simpan banjingan yg dah terbukti menymbang kpd penjahanaman NST, aku pun tak berapa pasti!

      Apasal NSTP amik Zainul sebagai group editor pun tak brapa clear? Kenapa amik Mior sebagai ketua pengarang BH pun tak tau sebab apa. Yg nyatanya, Mior ni deadwood!

      Lagi satu, kenapa kontrak Syed Nazri disambung???? Tak da org lain yg layak ke dlm NST hari ni ????

      Nuraina mmg pro Anwar Al Juburi! Apasal dia jadi ketua pengarang NST pun aku heran sesangat!! Datuk Tengku Sharafudin tak nampak ke semua ni?????

      Aku setuju cadangan ko. Bawak balik Datuk AKJ dlm NST. Lepas aku nak tambah. Bawak balim Datuk Reejal Arbee utk jawatan yg sama dalam BH. Perkukuhkan editorial dua suratkhabar ni!

      • Yes.

        It is our concern here at BigDogDotCom as well. In fact, NST was one of the big issues that we listed that needed attention for 2010.

        NSTP has not rescind their suit against Blogger-Journo Ahirudin “Rocky’s Bru” Attan and Politico-Blogger YB Jeff Ooi. We are not happy about the case even though Riong Kali, Brenden “Pligarist” Perreira, Hishamuddin Aun and Syed Faisal Al Bar no longer in the group.

        Bringing back Dato’ Kadir and Dato’ Rejal is a very good suggestion. Their welath of experience and wisdom is invaluable for the NSTP Group.

        NST did bring former Journos back as Editorial Advisers, such as Pak Samad and Pak Melan. Its time to bring these two legends back in and give them executive function.

        This is the same basis Dato’ Ahmad A. Talib is given an executive position in Media Prima.

        Another concern is why NSTP is in the process of making private. Is there a hidden agenda to taking the co. private?

        Maybe someone could answer that in here.

  8. BigDog,

    Nothing Like Giving BN Supporters Enough Red Herrings that they won’t know what hit them when the numbers Stack up against them on election day!

  9. Sorry to leak this but The New Straits Times is being turned into a purely business entity without any other social, political, societal or religious obligations whatsoever. The much hyped new direction -as per the aspirations&direction of BusinessTimes editors plus the implanted advice of rebranding consultants – heads towards a ‘we owe the Malays or BN NOTHING’ kind of operation and stance. Melayu and agama Islam sanggup dikorbankan demi untuk menonjol sebagai akhbar yang LIBERAL. Isu-isu yang sensitif dan negatif berkenaan puak pembangkang konon-nya akan menjauhkan pembaca setia nst dan bh. apakah golongan ini yang selama ini menyokong nstp. khabar berita dari rakan taulan si-zainur mengatakan balaci kalimullah&khairy saudara rashid yussuf akan dibawa kedlama hiraki nst&bh untuk propaganda pakatan khairy dan sekutunya. berwaspadalah sebelum terlambat dan belajarlah dari kesilapan lampau dimana kalimullah telah menghancurakn nst&bh dalam jangkamasa yang begitu pendek. jangan biarkan sejarah berulang kerana kali ini nasib mungkin tidak akan menyebelahi kita lagi. jika situasi didalam akhbar yang diperolehi (dari perpisahan dengan straits times asal) hasil titk peluh pejuang bangsa ini tidak diperbaiki secepat mungkin, anasir yang bergelar anwar ibrahim akan menguasainya menerusi ‘pintu belakang’. coretan ini bukan sekadar cerita hantu untuk menakutkan sesiapa tetapi fakta nyata yang akan menjadi kenyataan jika kita masih alpa. jangan biarkan pisang berbuah dua kali kerana nstp mungkin dihancurkan, di-jenamasemula dan berkiblatkan pertubuhan lain yang tidak ada belas kasihan untuk negara bangsa Malaysia.
    ada juga anasir ditampok pengurusan nst yang sanggup sabotage solusi PPSMI nukilan Tan Sri Muhiddin dengan bersekongkol dengan ngo dari luar.
    AWAS! kita disituasi yang cukup kritikal dan berisiko menghancurkan diri sendiri jika tindakan tidak diambil. elakan tabiat tidak-apa dizaman mantan PM Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Bdawi yang memberi ruang kepada anasir bermaharajalela.

    • Benar.

      Sejarah membuktikan bahawa pemimpin UMNO yang berjaya memisahkan NST dari Straits Times (Singapura) dan membawanya balik ke Kuala Lumpur. Ini merupakan satu langkah strategik Presiden UMNO ketika itu Tun Abdul Razak Hussein dalam ‘Agenda Melayu’ untuk memartabatkan kepentingan Bangsa Melayu.

      Dengan adanya NST ini, maka Bangsa Melayu mempunyai ‘lidah (tidak rasmi)’ dalam Bahasa Inggeris dan dunia memberikan perhatian sepenuhnya perkembangan dan kemajuan pembangunan Bangsa Melayu. Sekaligus, martabat dan kedudukan Bangsa Melayu mula meningkat semenjak masuk kedalam ‘radar’ media yang mendapat perhatian masyarakat antarabangsa.

      Oleh demikian kami amat menyokong desakan agar penulis dan pengarang yang tiada ‘roh’ UMNO tidak diberikan peranan dan kedudukan utama dalam akhbar ini. Mereka berkemungkinan besar akan menjadi produktiviti songsang kepada ‘Agenda Melayu’ untuk meningkat dan memartabatkan kepentingan Bangsa Melayu.

  10. En.Zainul mungkin boleh redesignate jadi Business Development Manager atau Advertising/Marketing whatever. Jadi tourist guide to New York and Washington pun quite suitable coz he has good links there. check it out if you tak percaya Bigdog.

  11. Eversince Kali ‘the hindu god’ and Brendan Paria took over the daily running of NSTP,I’ve stop buying and reading NST,I only read NST online.

    Its very sad if the owner of NSTP ,umno cannot identify the correct person to run its own newspaper.Fully agree that Nuraina is pro ANWAR AL JUBB and there are still some ANWARS konco inside NST.

    The suitable person to do the cleaning of NST is non other than Dato A Kadir Jasin.NST very badly need to be clean of ANWARS influence and it need to be done fast.

    • Tuan,

      Tepat & setuju!

      Bring back Datuk AKJ & Datuk Reejal Arbee!

  12. Biggie,

    JUSTREAD into why Zainur and NST BOD maintain the suit against Datuk Rockybru and you could see snakes driving around in brandnew Mercedes Benz and hunting for datukship. How different are these goons from Kalimullah MHassan and Branden Pariya?

  13. BIG DOG.

    AhmadTalib holiday di Taman Negara brader, tangkap ikan macam-macam ikan. Minggu yang lagi satu tangkap ikan diterenganu naik bot. katanya mesyuarat dengan tpm pun sudah ketahap tak penting.bagaimana nak urus petualang bangsa dalam bh dan nstp?lebih afdal jadi tvhost encik mat.

    • Kami baca dalam Sunday Times hari ini.

      Kita tidak berminat mengenai isu yang dibangkitkan ini. Artikel ini tertumpu kepada isu analisa politik yang tidak tepat NST atas ruang dan peluang kepada penulis yang ternyata amat bersimpati dan berusaha untuk melakukan ‘damage control’ kepada Pakatan Rakyat, yang jelas dalam menghadapi kemelesetan.

      Soal yang kami bangkitkan ini: Agenda siapa ini? Mengapa NST membenarkan agenda ini berlaku?

  14. Don’t whack Noraina Samad bro, her hands are tied. Zubaidah is running riot with the full support of Zainul and Syed Nazri plus another arse by the name of Kamrul.
    Noraina has been trying very hard but some ‘virus’ from the former Business Times have been implanted so deep that she’s often sidelined.
    NST no doubt is heading to the doldrums. Should buy them Porsche and Ferrari so it get them there faster.

    • Beb,

      Ini soal NST bagi ruang & peluang utk Fuckatan Riot buat damage control!

      Secara kebetulan, Nuraina A Samad kawan baik Anwar Al-Juburi!

      Belasah beb, jangan tak belasah!!!!


      Aku tak kirahlah, ko ni baik dgn Nuraina ke, tidak ke. Ini soal apa yg betul. Memang betul apa ko tulis – Fuckatan Riot mmg tgh tenggelam! Alih alih NST pulak bagi damage control!!!!

      Kalau bagi peluang sekali pun, mana puak puak Fuckatan Riot nak abgi kredit pd NST. Belasah cam sial lagi ada!

      Bodoh ke apa ke????

      Kalau ada Datuk AKJ & Datuk Reejal, tak mana boleh buat cam ni!

      • Terima kasih.

        Kami kira cukup setakat artikel ini membangkitkan mengapa analisa yang amat memberikan Pakatan Rakyat (yang sedang tiris sokongan dan menghadapi kemelesetan dan perpecahan) cukup ruang dan peluang untu membuat ‘damage control’ dalam NST dibenarkan dan sudah menjadi amalan sejak kebelakangan ini.

        Kami sebenarnya tidak berapa pasti keputusan dan tanggung jawab siapa ini. Namun tujuan artikel ini ialah untuk menarik perhatian.

  15. biggie…

    PM kita sekarang tak berbeza dengan Abdullah Kaki Tidor? Don’t tell me PM pun tidor, tak peka dengan masalah kronik. Mengapa mereka yang nampak pengkhianatan seperti ni dalam nstp tak bersuara. Takdak telor barangkali ishk ishk kecut telor. Kadir Jasin kata penyakit KORO.


    • I am afraid you are right!

      NSTP still unable to resolve the suit against Rocky and Jeff Ooi. This is appalling for bloggosphere!

  17. Najib should ask Umno media like Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian and government tv and radio channels to give him a chance to prove that he is Prime Minister for all Malaysians.


  18. Dear Mr Dog

    Allow me to be frank with the editors in umno-owned newspapers and TV stations.

    To be honest, Najib has made one of the biggest blunders by choosing the wrong people to run these news operations (except in Utusan). Some are interested in going fishing rather than sitting in the news rooms making sure Umno get the best coverage in trying to regain the confidence and win the hearts and souls of the voters.

    These editors are not interested in their jobs. Their interest is in making sure they have jobs (please note that the present crop of editors are mostly jobless before they were given seats in the various Umno owned organisations especially in the Media Prima Group).

    Some have been conferred Datoships. We can count the number of editors who have been made Dato’s since the new crop took over at the helm at the newspaper companies. Even well known blogger like Rockybru who once preached openness and hammered Pak Lah to the pulp today has become a Dato and relegate himself to just a transvestite.

    In the next few months, mark my word, there will be a few more new Dato among the editors. On one side, the politicians want to buy these editors over by using the Datoship to buy space in newspapers and on the other side, these editors are buttering up the politicians to ensure their staff in the news room will be forced to call them dato.

    Look at the bloody papers and TV stations owned by Umno. Day and night are full of pictures of opposition leaders. Just do a count. On TV3, it is either about Nik Aziz, Zaharin, Guan Eng or Anwar Ibrahim. PM has to take a back seat. Why is it happening? Because the person looking after TV3 has gone fishing and Umno is shitting in its pants and these people in the media don’t give two hoot about it.

    Kalimullah is dead and buried. But these editors are even worse than Kalimullah. At least Kalimullah ensured Pak Lah and Umno were given good coverage and didnt matter whether it was good enough to convince the voters.

    But the current crop of editors are nothing but it i just about promoting and decorating themselves with titles.

    All the best to Najib. God saves you and Umno and thanks to those in the media.

    P/S: I am an Umno strongman. I don’t care people hate my party. But I care when Umno media don’t care about Umno. We feed you. So be gracious or leave and you can fish as you like.

  19. etbrute.

    NST’s circulation is now around 75000 copies. Thanks to bunch of clowns in NST.


  20. he he this is very funny. why talk about zubaidah. she is well known as a a good friend and loyal supporter of the late pas president fadzil noor. she is very close to pas and pkr guys and nuraina knows this well. but the problem is nuraina cannot do anything as zubaidah is very close to zainul and zainul will support zubaidah. so where does that leave nuraina. a few weeks ago zubaidah merajuk with ahmad talib and nuraina and send in an email to zainul and nuraina that she wanted a transfer out but oh no zainul went to see her and said no no no the malaysian politics will die without you. but if zubaidah is true to her self she should stop writing about politics. why drama. look at last week, she wrote a pr piece for khairy aiyoo uwekk

    what is wrong with nst. i thought they have other good writers. people like hamidah, sajahan, farah and sheridan are far better writers. make use of them. on that note, i though sajahan’s earlier piece on umno youth was far superb than the bodekking piece by zubaidah, but again zubaidah is closeee to zainul

  21. Ko orang janganlah marah2. Janganlah jelos. Kami editor lah. Kami punya hal lah nak minta dato ke nenek ke. Ni le peluang kami nak dapat dato. Baru2 ni kami enjoy sakan kat jogjakarta. Ko orang jangan dengki. Ko orang kuli. Kami editor le. Kesian aku tengok ko orang. Tiap2 hari asyik tanya bile nak dapat ex-G. Kita editor tak payah tunggu ex-G. Gaji yang ade pun tak habis makan. Paper laku ke tidak bukan leh hal kami. Tanya circulation le. Yang penting dapat kami Dato. Tunggu le, bulan 3 ni dapat le ex-G. Kami bagi le apa yang patut. Jangan lupe ye sokong branding yang kami nak buat ye. I love you.

  22. zbedah tu god’s gift to journalism. zainul pulak turun dari langit untuk selamatkan nst. zbedah tak payah buat kerja pun. fwd sahaja rencana yang telah siap sepenuhnya yang datang dari bekas pengarang kumpulan nst brendan dan kmullah. la setakat nak fwd email pun patah sangat? dapat gaji riban-riban pulak. tak payah datang pejabat. boleh lepak dengan pengerak pkr, pas, dap dan kekadai macai khairy untuk cover line. makan kiri kanan betina nie. dari sebelah sana dapat habuan jadi informer hal-hal dalaman nst dan berita harian. arahan editor kepada reporter diketahui pihak lain diluar sebelum reporter sempat melangkah keluar pejabat pun. makan kiri kanan, inilah middle malaysia. haramjadah ker apa ah?

  23. salam, bro

    i’m glad you are reading the NST.

    i’m glad you take the trouble to read the commentaries in the NST.

    i appreciate your comments and your criticisms.

    But…hmmm some of the comments made about me and NST (in your comment box) — adoi mak.. Tapi biasa-lah, kan?
    Kita pun blogger.
    Aah. The hazards of producing a paper. And a paper like NST — a pro-establishment paper with a circulation that is unenviable.

    As my late father used to say: ingat bikin surat khabar ni macam bikin sabun, ke?

    i’ll always remember that because that is so true.

    i think the NST must be doing something right — orang PKR bantai kita dan orang BN bantai kita…

    by the way…yes I know Anwar Ibrahim very well, from the days he was heading Yayasan Anda and a student activist.
    I have written about that too. When I first met him when he held a press conference on Yayasan Anda, he was told that I was Pak Samad’s daughter. At that time my dad was under the ISA. He kirim his salam and gave two signed books for Bapak.

    We never forgot each other since. When Dr Mahathir handpicked him into Umno, Bapak (who was already released and was the Star editorial adviser) had a coup with an interview with Anwar.
    He also spoke to me (I was with NST)as well.

    So, yes. I don’t hide the fact that I know Anwar well, and his wife and Nurul Izzah. He has shown my father utmost respect.

    That is personal. Not politics.

    Kenapa tak cakap yang I am an admirer of Tun Dr Mahathir? I’ve written about that in a special NST pull-out to commemmorate his stepping down as PM.
    Or that I’ve known Najib way back when he was a young politician? Or Muhyiddin? And Ku Li? And all those Umno and former Semangat 46 people. Pas leaders? Arwah Fadzil Noor, Hasan Shukri. And yes, the late Yusof Rawa with whom my father’s family had strong kinship.

    Orang lupa, ke. Saya menceburi bidang kewartawan lebih kurang 30 tahun.

    Orang ada problem, ke, dengan kenalan dan kemesraan saya dengan ahli2 politik?

    Tak pelik, you know, for a journalist to know many politicians, from all sides.

    i am not a politician-lah.

    Bagus-lah tu. Orang Pakatan kata saya pro-Umno dan orang Umno kata saya pro-Anwar.

    Thanks, again, Bigdog, For taking an interest in NST.

    Salam. And today, kita beri selawat atas Nabi Besar kita!

    • Kak Ena,

      The piece is not about who journalists in NST knows. It is about NST gving writers room and opportunities for Pakatan Rakyat (which is now sliding and even in LKS’s own words, “Bleeding!”) to have ‘damange control’ spins, via NST.

      Its not about you, Zainul, Syed Nazri, Rehman, Zubaidah etc.

      What is the agenda of this PR ‘damage control’ via NST?

      This is the premis these commenters react and share their thoughts here, in this piece n how the think and feel about NST.

      Salam Maulidur Rasul dari Salisbury Plains

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