Malay man murdered in down under, where’s the DAP in this?

A Melakan-born Malay man Mohd. Shah Saemin was murdered brutally suburb of Liechart near Sydney. The driver to the Malaysian consulate was naturalised as an Australian 5 years ago and bludgeoned to death, in what is believed to road rage cause by hooligans.

The Malay Mail has the story:

Mystery surrounds murder of Malaysian consulate staff


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MELBOURNE: Mystery surrounds the murder of a Malaysian Students Department employee in Sydney early Monday morning, in what police suspect could have been motivated by road rage.

Mohd Shah Saemin, 43, was stabbed and bludgeoned to death with a hammer.

As the victim, a divorcee, arrived at his home in Marion Street in Sydney’s inner western suburb of Leichhardt just after midnight, witnesses saw two men chase him across the road.

The attackers, one of whom the police confirmed as having curly hair, were last seen fleeing the scene in a black sedan.

Police said Mohd Shah, who worked as a driver with the department in Sydney, was a victim of a possible road rage.

“We do believe that there may have been a traffic accident…shortly before the attack occurred,” acting Superintendent Shayne Woolbank was quoted as saying, by the Australian Associated Press.

Asked if road rage was a motive for the attack, Woolbank said it was one of the possibilities.

Images of the murder scene, flashed on Australian television and carried by Sydney newspapers, showed a middle-aged female member of the Malaysian consulate screaming and weeping.

Emergency crews were called to help the man, who died despite the efforts of police officers who performed CPR.

“At this stage, we believe he sustained stab wounds and also bruising and contusions,” said Woolbank, confirming that a hammer might have been used in the attack.

“It was a very ferocious attack, there is no doubt about that,” he said.

Mohd Shah, an Australian citizen, had lived in Sydney for about three years.

The director of the Malaysian Students Department Australia under the Consulate of Malaysia, Dr Mohd Nasir Abu Hassan, said staff were shocked by the attack.

“He was an extremely nice person, he doesn’t talk too much. He was very, very composed and generally, very obedient,” he said, adding that preparations were underway to send the body to the victim’s family in Malaysia.

He said Mohd Shah had lived in Australia for the past 10 years and had worked for the consulate of Malaysia for the past three years.

Meanwhile in Kuala Lumpur, Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman, in a statement issued here today, said the ministry was informed of Mohd Shah’s demise, and had informed his family and next-of-kin in Malaysia of the incident.

“They have also made a request for Mohd Shah’s body to be brought back to Melaka for burial,” he said, adding that Mohd Shah had renounced his Malaysian citizenship in 2004 to become an Australian citizen.

“The ministry would like to extend its condolences to the family of Mohd Shah for their loss and, through our High Commission in Australia, will extend consular assistance, if necessary,” he said. 

He urged the Australian police and the relevant authorities to thoroughly investigate the murder to ensure that the incident was related to road rage and not a case of race-biased, hate crime


This is second highly publicised Asian murder in Australia of late. Nitin Garg was murdered last month in Victoria and the mystery is still unsolved.

This deploring act is shocking to most Malaysian. The point being raised in here, where is the DAP in this? Why has the Supremo “Emperor” Lim Kit Siang and the band-0f-biadaps been quiet about this? How come there is no strong statement to urge Wisma Putra to push the Australian authorities, more if not the same tone of discern on the support for the 50 biadap Australian MPs who demanded that the Malaysian Government interfere into Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim’s sodomy trial under Penal Code section 377B at the Kuala Lumpur Criminal High Court?

Victorian Premier John M. Brumby acuses Indian media of practicing double standard. The Lims should deplore this. They did not but instead they supported Brumby’s led initiative of band-of-Aussie-Parliamentary-Bandits in demanding the Malaysian Federal Government to intervene the Anwar’s case, which is a clear blatant disregard into Malaysia’s sovereignity, Judiciary and judicial process, democracy and democratic process and Federal Constitution and separation of Judiciary and Executive.

Is it because Mohd. Shah is Malay, hence the Chinese Chauvinist DAP did not bother to now push Brumby, in reciprocity? And/or the murder of Mohd. Shah is something the DAP could not capitalise on to further demonise the Malaysian Government via Malay dominated enforcement agencies and authorities such the Judiciary, Attorney General’s Chambers, Police, MACC and so forth?

Most probably, the mystery of Mohd. Shah’s brutal murder did not attract the attention of the Chinese Chauvinist DAP becuase it did not serve their narrow but malice-infested-communist-like politics. Unlike the ‘sudden death’ of former DAP Selangor State Exco Ean Yong’s Political Secretary. They even ‘sponsored’ the unqualified opinion of eccentric Thai celebrity-pathologist Dr Pornthip that Teoh was “80% chance being murdered” and hyped about it which became political. The second autopsy carried out by emminent Sungai Buloh chief pathologist Dr. Shahidan proven that Tepoh died because of the slamming into the hard surface from high floors.

Contrast the Teoh’s ‘sudden death’ to Wan Siti Farihan, who was found dead also in a Government facility (UKM). DAP was completely oblivion and silent about it. This very much proven the point that the much hype about Teoh’ ‘sudden death’ was all about chauvinist politics, protecting the extensve highly intricate web of the underworld vices where DAP provide the ‘patronage’ role and never about justice!


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