Mauludir Rasul 1431H

144o years ago today on 12 Rabiul-Awal, Muhammad b. Abdullah was born to widow Aminah to the Hashimite of the Quraisy, in Mecca, Hijaz (part of the Arabian sub-continent). When his mother died, he was raised by his grandfather Abdul Mutalib and eventually his uncle Abu Talib.

At the age of forty, Archangel Gabriel came to Muhammad with the instruction from Allah s.w.t. to ‘Read’ (Iqra’). Terrified Muhammad was alleviated to the last Rasul and at the Isra’ Mikraj, his phophecy is completed when the instructions to kneel to God Al Mighty was issued.

Mauludir-Rasul is a day where Muslims commemorate to celebrate the man who brought Allah’s word that shed mankind out of darkness. This, will stand till the enf of time. An illiterate, Muhammad was a model leader, father, war commander, statesman, entrepreneur and above all, an examplry teacher. The teachings of Muhammad brought the Muslim Arabs from being a barbaric warring tribe into a united and discipline bonded military and intelectual force to be reckoned with.

Muhammad made Medinah as his capital and liberated and emancipated Mecca from pagans.

The death of Muhammad brought into the first consultative-democratic system, Khalifah Al Rashidin. By the end of the foruth Khalifah Ali Ibni Abu Talib, the capital of the Daulah Islamiah was moved to present day Iraq and Arab Muslims liberated the Arabian subcontinent, the Trans Jordan desert, most of Mediterranean coastal North Africa amd parts of Central Asia which include Persia.

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