Why are the British so stupid?

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown admitted at the Inquiry of the Iraqi War that 179 service men and women were killed from the British forces involvement of armed conflict in Iraq.

Amidst the British public outcry in sacrificing lives and resources for what undoubtably had been a worthless effort that achieved nothing if not worse of for the British, Brown who succeeded from Tony Blair admitted that “We made the right decision for the right cause on Iraq” and “We have to be prepared to face international action if we want peace”. He also admitted that “Diplomatic routes will end up in defiance”, blaming post Cold War rogue states ‘sponsoring terrorism’.

“It was a principled war” while in the same breadth describing Iraq as “Serial violater to international sanctions and resolutions” as excuses to justify what the international community describe as ‘unlawful and illegal war’.

Brown who was the Chancellor of the Exchequer when PM Blair lied to the British public in early 2003 and committed British forces to join US forces and made Britain a pariah in international by becoming President George W. Bush’s lackey. He also cited experiences in Rwanda and Bosnia as “Britain had to exhaust all diplomatic avenues before we committed to use of force”. The war in Iraqi already estimated to cost the British tax payers GBP 8.5 billion. In 2006, as the Chancellor he admitted that the war had cost Britain GBP 2.6 billion, then quickly revised to GBP 4.0 billion. Brown also said in the inquiry that the estimated cost of construction of Iraq which is mainly cost by the unlawful and illegal war to be GBP 45 billion.

Despite being a very senior Cabinet member and traditional next in line to the premiership of UK, Brown was giving the impression in the inquiry that he was ‘out of the loop’ and as the Chancellor, he confined his responsibility to the role  Treasury Head, the sourcing and funding of the military option and how it decision would have cost Britain. He denied having access nor knowledge to various papers except involving the Treasury (funding and costing of a ‘military option’) which led to PM Blair’s decision to take to the Cabinet for a decision to go to war in Iraq. He maintained that the decision to  war was ‘right’ with all the mitigating circumstance but also qualified that a long term diplomatic solution was necesasry.

Brown also denied having access to any correspondence or privy to any of PM Blair’s direct communications to and with President Bush.

Depite getting overwhelming support of the House of Commons, record had shown that PM Blair lied to the British public about the reason for Britain commit to directly for a ‘military option’ and co-advocate the invasion of Iraq was about “Weapon of mass destruction”, which was never proven to exist and let alone threaten her neighbours and peace of the region.

Not everyone in Blair’s Cabinet supported the illegal war of invading Iraq in March 2003. Former Foreign Secretary and Leader of the House of Commons Robin Cook summarily resigned in protest to Britain’s advocacy and active participation in the unjustified war.

Brown also said at the inquiry “I don’t think we could have anticipated everythig that happened” and was hopeful that the Iraqis could rebuild the security forces in time, as a blatant excuse to the question why Britain is still committed as an ‘invasion force’ in Iraq after seven years and a democratically elected government already installed. Clearly taking the stance of defending his predecessor’s stance, Brown took an irresponsible position to ‘wash his dirty hands’ as part of the ‘collective responsibility’ in deciding on the war which suffered millions of Iraqis far worse than ‘liberating them from the evil clutches of Saddam Hussein’.

Brown also said that he favoured decision to commit should be brought to the House of Commons and “In future, the recommendation from Cabinet should be brought to the House of Commons”. When asked whether the UN Security Council should be consulted before such commitment, Brown was twisting politically-correct statements to give an uncommittal answer despite repeatedly using the word ‘unequivocal reason’ to justify his predecessor’s unlawful and illegal war effort.

However, in the inquiry Brown as the British Prime Minister whose government was a advocate to the destruction of Iraq irresponsibly said “There should be an international agency to oversee the reconstruction process of Iraq”.

What baffled us is that, after all that has been said about Blair lying about committing Britain to an unwinnable war in Iraq, the present government is still in power after seven years. Being branded as a diplomatic pariah and lackey to Bush’s America just to be an active promoter and parcticipant to an obviously a much publicised brutal war, are the British who have been known to play games gentlemanly now reduced themselves to be so stupid?

As people who in past have been known to ‘play any games the gentlemen way’, Britain must take full responsibility ‘severally and jointly’ to the reconstruction of Iraq, at their own cost. If Brown’s estimates at the inquiry were acurate, then British tax payers should be footing the GBP 22 billion Iraqi reconstruction bill on their own resources.

What is worse is that, despite conscious of all these why some Malaysians are even more stupid to invite former British PM Tony “Butcher the Liar” Blair to come to Malaysia and speak.




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