‘Mat King Leather’ is PR’s problem

Partyless Opposition Leader and PKR ‘Adviser’ Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim admitted to his supporters that Pakatan Rakyat is facing a problem.

Bernama reports:

Sunday March 7, 2010

Anwar: We have a problem

MALACCA: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has admitted that the party is facing a problem after three MPs quit recently.

He said the resignations served as a good lesson that only loyal members should be chosen as candidates in future elections.

“PAS had the same problem when its president quit while the late Tunku Abdul Rahman also quit Umno. Keadilan is now facing a little problem,” he said at a political rally at Pulau Gadong on Friday night.

PKR MPs Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohamed Hashim (Bayan Baru), Tan Tee Beng (Nibong Tebal) and Mohsin Fadzil Samsuri (Bagan Serai) recently quit the party.

“We purge the party of such people. It is better for them to leave now than later,” Anwar added.

He said PKR elected representatives and leaders would be given courses to make them strong in facing challenges and to remain loyal to the party.

Meanwhile, PAS has come out in support of Anwar as Opposition Leader despite the resignation of the three PKR MPs.

“The three parties that form Pakatan Rakyat will continue to give full support to Anwar,” PAS secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali told a press conference here yesterday.

He said the Government and the Dewan Rakyat Speaker had no right to decide on the Opposition Leader as it was determined by Opposition members.

The issue followed the resignations of the three PKR MPs to become independents.

Mustafa said the resignations did not affect the cooperation of the three Opposition parties.

The resignations could be due to frustration as they lacked the financial resources unlike those in the government who received RM1mil each for development projects.

He did not discount the possibility that it was connected to Barisan Nasional’s quest to garner support from Opposition members to regain the two-thirds majority in Parliament. – Bernama


This is an understatement for someone who was convicted to blatant abuse of power as the Deputy Prime Minister, at the times where ‘all the chips were up’ and ‘market was super bullish’. The facts= still remain, Pakatan Rakyat is about the coalition exist as ‘Marriage of (in)convenience between strange bedfellows that have adverse dreams despite sharing the same bed’. At the top of that compost heap now firmly fermenting is Anwar “Compulsive Liar” Ibrahim, whom so many recalcitrant leaders with PAS, DAP and PKR is hopeful for.

Anwar lied about ‘Black 14’. Anwar lied about “Forming the Federal Government by 16 September 2008” when “31 BN MPs ready to cross the party”. As per today, not only seven PR ADUNs either left to independent representatives or quit the party entirely, three PKR MPs quit the party and yesterday a dissident and vocal MP Zulkifli Nordin was sacked by PKR. For the record, the Kulim Bandar Baru MP was one of Anwar’s team of lawyers.

Anwar via his Anwaristas practice acute nepotism and favourtism, despite being themed as ‘Justice’. As some one who is not a member (most probably he wants to keep his ‘options’ open, as his undying wet dream is to be Prime Minister at all cost could open up opportunity for him to come back into UMNO for strategic positions in the government). Thus he is not a card carrying member of PKR.

His wife Wan Azizah Wan Ismail is the Presidet. His aide and closest confidante is the Vice President. His eldest daughter is an MP for Lembah Pantai (considering that PKR used to have 31 MPs as at 8 March 2008, one is the mother, one is the daughter, one is the father “special friend”, one is father’s lawyer and one is father’s ‘close and personal friend’), that’s 16% of the MPs is related to Anwar.

PKR leaders and members are tired. It is obviousthat the party was about and around Anwar. The rakyat is now tired. PKR is nothing but politicking, just to fulfil Anwar’s personal agenda and unrealised ‘wet dream’. So many hopeful and trusted politicians have since abandoned Anwar. This politicking include the recent sacking of vocal Kulim Bandar Baru MP Zulkifli Nordin on obviously ‘Kalimah Allah’ issue, which wedged not only within PKR but intra-Pakatan Rakyat.

For the record, Zulkifli was one of Anwar’s personal lawyers. The other Anwar’s personal lawyer who jumped into active politics for him is Zainur Zakaria, who recently turned his back against his former client and now an active advocate against Anwar and Anwarism. Zainur even called Anwar a “Traitor” back in 2007.

Today, DAP and PAS is still clinging onto Anwar in the hope that his oratory skills can mesmerised the imaginations and minds of the idealistic young Malaysians. On their own, neither DAP and PAS will never expand their market share beyond their existing domain and the leaders are so aware of this. Hence, they are hopeful for Anwar to ‘blind’ the minds of the young Malaysians based idealism, universal values and sordid hunger for gutter politics. Rhetorics, “promises that one don’t intend to keep” and demonising authorities are the only marketing strategy that the desperate politician knows how.

In reality, Anwar never did bring about new original ideas. His ‘Ketuanan Rakyat’ is what New Economic Policy all about; eradication of poverty and alleviation of the quality of life. The sacking of Zulkifli and the summary quitting of PKR Bayan Baru, Nibong Tebal and Bagan Serai MPs proven that there is no ‘democracy and justice’ in party which Anwar claimed risen from the fundamental of fighting ‘justice’.

Without doubt, Anwar is the problem. PKR and almost PR is about Anwar implementing his UMNO style management. The recent second sodomy trial proven that PR refused to back their de facto leader, especially when Anwaristas actively attempted to regenerate the mostreet demonstration ‘Reformasi’ to deflect the focus on the trial.


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    Setiausaha Agung PKR Saifuddin Nasution berkata “Zul Nordin bijak mainkan persepsi yang dia pejuang Melayu Islam”.

    Baca berita baru dengan sepenuhnya di sini.

  2. You have “a” promlem ANUar? You are a problem … err rather your Anu is big problem.

  3. Masalah berpunca dari kepala kecik anwar tidak boleh control kepala besar anwar.
    Masih belum terlambat untuk Anwar laksanakan ‘bai’ah’ kepada semua wakil rakyatnya termasuk yang berbangsa china dan india untuk mengelakkan mereka dari lompat parti.
    Tetapi anwar sendiri perlu berhati hati, kalau mereka pula dipecat, anwar pula yang tertalak 3.

  4. Assalamualaikum Big Dog dan para pembaca yang lain:

    Sila baca dan fahami rencana ini yang bertajuk “Nasib Melayu di Pulau Pinang” (klik di sini).

    Kalau kita benar-benar ambil berat mengenai nasib orang Melayu di Pulau Pinang, wajib baca rencana ini.



    • Big Dog Said,

      “Without doubt, Anwar is the problem. PKR and almost PR is about Anwar implementing his UMNO style management.”

      Kalau dia Implement UMNO Style Management …..Tak Ada Problem Laaaa..

      Kan UMNO Management Style itu BESTttt…..

      • Yeah Joe,
        UMNO management style is the best.
        Agree with you on that.
        It got us independence and has transform us from agricultural to manufacturing.
        However it may not work well in PR yet cause for it to work DAP must be less Chinese centric and PAS religion centric towards concensus and understanding.
        Hope PR can work this out.

    • Ke mana perginya berjuta-juta, malah berbilion ringgit lagi, yang diperuntukkan khusus untuk orang Melayu Pulau Pinang, sama ada dari dana kerajaan negeri atau kerajaan pusat, sejak bertahun-tahun lamanya sebelum ini?

      Haa, yang ni la UMNO kena jawab sebelum menuding jari ke DAP? Tanya la apa gerakan dah buat?

  5. ei, UMNO cakap besar la…kalau berani pergi berdebat kat penang…mulut je lebih tapi bila dijemput dikoyak-koyakkan pulak…ingat-ingat UMNO cakap besar tapi bila berdebat kecut pulak bolanya

  6. Bro,

    Kalau nak tahu, blog Tukar Tiub sekarang blog Melayu paling top di Malaysia.

    Ranking mengikut Alexa.com ialah #473 (antara 500 blog paling top di Malaysia). Tahniah Hishamuddin Rais!

    Rockybru pulak dah kalah teruk, ranking Rockybru dah turun menjunam giler, ranking #912 jer.

    Bro, kita kena berusaha jadikan BIG DOG sebagai blog top Melayu, kalau tak kita yang menyokong UMNO akan ketinggalan!

    • Boleehhhh tapi Big Dog Kenalah tulis MORE intelligently dan LESS abusively….

      Baik ketinggalan dari menjadi bodoh jangan ketinggalan dalam menjadi pandai…..

      Cuba Contohi Lah “The Scribe” atau Dato’ Sak baru orang kata Melayu Pandai. Mereka pun Ahli UMNO Juga….Tapi yang Bijak Pandai…

  7. Actually bd i have always considered u as a good writer but since the day u joined trash like parpu kari n geng it has been downhill sorry if i offend u but it is the truth.

  8. Sdr Big Dog
    Just went over to have a look at tukar tiub blog. Wish I did not. It left a bad taste in my mouth.

    I dont care if it is top in Malaysia. I am more at home in this blog.


    • Yes Sir Sdr Mohamed,

      I agree with you. It is the quality not quantity that matters.

      Aina NF and Joe black are not representative of BigDog blog readers. Parpu has his own following too.

      I think these people are indulging in “Give a dog a bad name and hang him” or “Repeat lies long enough till people begin to believe it’s the truth”.

      • Bro Ray,
        Thank you so much.

    • The bad taste in your mouth is due to too much Foul Language and not the fault of tukar tiub blog

      Try washing the mouth with Dettol….That might help.

      • This joe black is the kind of trash that pollutes the blogosphere. It is like the vermins and parasites living off the flesh of those curly-tailed and short-legged critters.

        Try putting yourself into the washing machine and spin dry your filthy manners, unfit to be called civilised.

  9. […] wakil rakyatnya. Kenapa dan mengapa? Buat masa ini, saya rasa perlulah ditanyakan kepada kepalanya. BigDog berpendapat DS Anwarlah sebenarnya masalah dalam Pakatan, dan berdasarkan PRK dan perkembanga…. Terbaru, DS Dr Wan Azizah mencabar YB Zulkifli meletak jawatan supaya PRK boleh diadakan. […]

  10. Sdr Ray
    Thanks again brother. Your coment makes me smile. If this guy is spinning in the washing machines, I dont mind to spend the whole day watching.


    • Che’ Mat or Mamat as your mum might have called you.

      Spending time watching Washing Machines Spin is not a productive past time. Why not try NatGeo or the History Channel on ASTRO….

      You might be able to stir the unwise mind into thinking productive thoughts..

      I am sure Big Dog would have agreed with me on this.

      • “This joe black is the kind of trash that pollutes the blogosphere. It is like the vermins and parasites living off the flesh of those curly-tailed and short-legged critters.”

        A perfect description


  11. Dear BD,
    It is really sad to see the opposition is led by a party that does not hold a majority of seats in the opposition & by one who is not even a party member.
    Looks like the days of meritocracy, accoutability & 2 party system will not come true.
    I hope the DAP drop their Ketuanan Melayu crutch & take over the Opposition Leadership.

  12. I am at awe with people who still support UMNO/BN even after their unsuccessful and miserable reign for the past 50 years. Malaysia should be highly regarded in this region had it been properly managed over the years.Our monetary value slide miserably against other major currencies even Singapore. No guilt no remorse for poor showings and yet scramble for supremacy and power just to get their hands on the wealth of the country, if there is anymore left that is. Don’t talk about protecting Malay rights and what not as they are all bullshits.UMNO/BN only look after their own backyards and the rest of us can go to hell.I am sorry to say it but you guys with UMNO/BN are all hypocrites or are mislead. Have a heart just look around you and see for yourselves if Malays are well off. If you say yes, you are really an UMNOPUTRA. SORRY!

    • So you suggesting support for whom?

      PR with PAS+DAP+PKR?

      or MCA or MIC

      You see cuurency value is just ONE measure of “success”

      A pertinent criteria would be “QUALITY of life” – can be seen in the ready smiles of rakyat, the gentle and courteous manners, the caring of elderly citizens, the handicapped, the needy …

      Investors are already saying that Malaysia offers VALUE for money.

      Singapore has high currency valuation, yes – also high rates of heart diseases, kidney failures, mental patients, HIV infected persons …

      and low fertility rates, low creativity, low happiness levels, low tolerance …

      Any more to add, eh Che mohd ali ismail (hopefully you are a true blue Malay)

      • “A pertinent criteria would be “QUALITY of life” – can be seen in the ready smiles of rakyat, the gentle and courteous manners, the caring of elderly citizens, the handicapped, the needy … ”

        What more, all these come from the hearts of the majority of the Malaysian.

        They are the rare jewels nurtured by the true teaching of Islam and good upbringings


  13. […] Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim and Azmin Ali have now become a liability to PKR, if not PR. […]

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