PM Najib: Be my partner to help transform Malaysia

PM Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak invited journalists as ‘partners’ to assist the Government to transform Malaysia and educate Malaysians, on top of doing their job reporting and making analysis.

“On top of telling stories to sell your newspapers, you should help me to transform Malaysia”.

The example he used was helping the Government to educate the Malaysian subsidy. “We provide RM 73 billion in subsidies. This most probably one of the highest per capita”. He then talked about how some of these subsidies should be reduced, gradually.

“Media should also help to educate Malaysians that we are subsidizing 60 sens per kg for sugar compared to our neighbours and should also talk about using less sugar will be better for the economy and personal health”.

In his speech also, he welcomed the criticism the media had on the Government, to a point where it is morally correct to judge when at the same time journalist should also be judged on the way they did their job. The media should be ‘socially responsible’ not to incite or instigate and any angry segment of society would be counter productive in the nation building process. PM Dato’ Seri Najib cautioned that freedom of media should be utilised with a lot of caution, and responsibilities and not a ‘license’ to create instability and chaos. It is clear that he was talking about all the ‘universal values’ that liberalists fond of using like ‘human rights’ and ‘democracy’ as excuses to condemn the ruling government and ‘tip the balance’.

Earlier in his welcoming speech NPC President Dato’ Ahirudin “Rocky” Attan thanked PM Najib for gracing and the first prime minister to attend NPC dinner in 15 years. As a closing point, PM Dato’ Seri Najib promised he would return for the next, if invited..

*Updated 1015pm

For immense contribution to journalism, former NST Managing Editor and ISA detainee Allahyarham Tan Sri A Samad Ismail was awarded the legend journo award. His eldest son Hamid Samad received on behalf of the family. Other recipients of NPC awards are former The Star editor veteran jourmo Dato’ V. K. Chin and legend cartoonist Dato’ Mohd. Nor “Lat” Khalid.

Rocky also presented PM Najib with his NPC membership card, the first Prime Minister to be admitted as a member.

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  1. Salam Tuan,
    Cakap pasal gula, Jajib should stop giving the exclusive right/AP to the Raja Gula billionaire & his family for decades at the expense of us ordinary Malaysians! The same thing for exclusive rights for gambling licenses to Raja Judi billionaires Vincent Tan & the Goh Tong families! These ARE FORMS OF SUBSIDY AS WELL!! Cakap no subsidies for small fries like us rakyat, BUT the bl**dy BIG FISH lepas! What type of KPI is Najib talking about? Cakap tak serupa bikin… reminded me of one flip-flopper before him lah!?

  2. excuse me UMNO, explain what is APCO doing with UMNO?
    stop screaming anti-Israel or burning their flags when UMNO themselves are giving business to the Jews to bomb Palestine…RM 20 million of Malaysian hard earning tax, goes to Israel’s machinery to bomb Palestine and Gaza…all thanks to your party…

    hypocrite bastards, you should be burning your own political flag instead

    • You tell first, la, what APCO is, the how, what, where and when the deal with UMNO is said to have taken place.

      Not verybody follows all the news every day. You want to accuse, you explain first. Give proofs, quote authorities – at least source of the news, date, time, etc. And, for goodness sake, explain what RM20 mill going to Israel “to bomb Paletine and Gaza”, etc.

      Then people won’t accuse you of shouting thru your nose.

      • Too Bad you only know how to get on to Big Dog Site……

        The rest of us have all seen public domain info on this company on the Internet

    • relak lah brader!! not good for your health you know, you appear near-hysterical, dearie …

      Have you heard of this strategy “Keep your friends close but keep your enemies CLOSER”.

      Now if you are perceptive enough, Najib’s style is discreet, and that does not equate with stupidity unlike his predecessor.

      They can advise all they want, the final say is still with him. So far he has quietly gone about DOING things unlike his competitor rabble rouser. Nothing came out of him except the PERJANJIAN KERAMAT 916 (of which year donno).

      Now if your IQ is high enough to understand this very basic principle “If there are too many things to do, PRIORITISE them”.

      Do you seriously expect Najib to tackle and undo all that paklah had messed up ALL AT ONCE???

      This joseph is one very demanding fler – wonder how much taxes he paid annually.

      • Yeah Ray,

        Poor Joseph, he can’t see why DS Najib has to rely on Orang Puteh (god forbid if its Jew, although Jews are supposed to be smarter than the rest of us) to convince the Malays how they should think….

        Is The latest Partnering Thing is another APCO recommendation? They have to Recommend Something after all they are paid handsomely….

        Don’t quite understand why our Local PR Companies are not up to it!

  3. Petanda Malaysia akan lingkup sekali lagi di tangan Najib.
    Dulu pun Paklah kata ‘bekerja bersama saya’ bukannya bekerja untuknya…tapi akhirnya, semua milik anak menantunya.
    Kali ini Najib minta kita jadi ‘partnertnya’ atau lebih kurang jadi ‘sleeping partner’ – duduk diam diam, setuju dan angguk kepututsannya.
    Apakah 4 bekas Perdana Menteri sebelum ini (1,2,3 dan yang ke 4) tidak menjadikan rakyat ini yang membangunkan negara ini. Perbezaannya mereka lakukan dan bertindak untuk memajukan negara, kuat kerja kurang bercakap tetapi Paklah dan Najib lebih banyak bercakap seolah olah hari ini bercakap, esok akan jadi, bagaimana dengan perlaksanaannya??? Mana repot kad Paklah..samalah dengan KPI Najib?

    Semuanya karton dan sandiwara untuk menipu rakyat dengan janji jani manis.

    • Najib wants more partners? Wow.. What would Rosmah Say…

  4. Siapa Agaknya Partner kepada Utusan Melayu dan Straits Time dan Berita Harian dan..dan…

    Siapa lagi yang tinggal yang nak dipartnerkan? China News? Nanyang Siang Pau? Arumugam News?

    Kenapa Pulak Tidak Harakah atau Rocket Times?….??

    • Hhhmmmm …

      mungkin puak puak dan keturunan mahlok yg bernama jongang hitam kot

      macam cerita seram dan misteri

      • Bukan Seram Atau Misteri….

        Cerita Lama…..

  5. 72 billion? get ur facts rite. subsidy is more like 25 billion/yr

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