Judge Dredd?

The news about the judgment on lawyer and former Political Secretary to Prime Minister Matthias Chang from a RM 20,000.00 fine to the jailing for 30 days was just simply shocking. A devout Christian Chang is a litigation lawyer and we are very confident his ability to know where to draw the lines, especially in court.

"I am da-low (the law)!"

We were away overseas for the whole week when the case was heard and we only followed the developments of the case and Chang’s sentencing via e mails, news portal including MSMs’ and smses from friends. This include Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s take on the ‘Judge Dredd’-like behaviour in his latest blog posting of “Contempt”.

However, the e mail we received from his son Christopher Chang this afternoon was equally shocking too. We produced it verbatim for the benefit of bloggosphere readers:

If you look at the Committal Order, it is in Malay. However, do not worry, as Para 1 in summary is just talking about how the Court finds Matthias in contempt of court under Order 52 1(A) of the Rules of the High Court.

Then followed by para 2 – In English – THE CHARGE, which was not even read out to him before he was arrested, under the instigation of the Defendant Counsel (who shouted ARREST HIM! ARREST HIM!) and my father was taken into custody. My father did not leave the Court. In the charge it said “thereafter left the Court during the Court Proceedings.” He was still in COURT!! and the judge ORDERED THE POLICE OFFICER “TANGKAP DIA!” “TANGKAP DIA!” “TAHAN DIA!” which literally means ARREST HIM! ARREST HIM! in Malay, echoing the words of the Defendant Counsel. The charge was only prepared after the Judge ordered the police officer in charge to take him into custody and sent to Basement 2 (Police station/lock-up) of the Court Complex. In any event, Justice Noor Azian said, “You can do what you like.” when my father said that his counsels and him have been abused by her the whole morning, and he will complain to the Chief Justice and will now take leave and retire.

You may not wish to comment on what happened that day. But if you can, please comment on the charge itself as prepared by Justice Noor Azian. and express your views.

I will post them on the website and circulate.

Yours sincerely,

Christopher Chang


Was the charge defective?

If what Matthias Chang claimed that the charge was not read properly and he was still in court where else the charge stated that otherwise is true and as what had actually happened, then a thorough investigation has to be carried out. Malaysians have the right to know whether what had happened to Matthias Chang in Court was proper or not and was there any miscarriage to the process to sought justice.

The stature of the courts to be fair and just and the continuous perception  of such must be maintained for Malaysians to have comprehensive confidence in seeking recourse. It would probably be wise for the YAA Chief Justice himself to personally investigate the matter for the sole purpose of maintaining the integrity and divine perception on the Judiciary of the nation.

Matthias Chang have since went on hunger strike as a sign of ultimate protest to his sentencing. We are very sympathetic to his family, respect his wishes and struggle and we seriously hope that he gets the justice he deserved, as soon as possible so that he could end the strike. He was said to be getting weaker by the day.

God help Matthias Chang. God also should protect the Malaysian Judiciary from any attempt to have a ‘Judge Dredd’: Judge, jury and executioner.

*Updated Monday 5 April 2010 1945hrs

Matthias Chang is getting physically weaker. He was transfered to Serdang Hospital for medical treatment. The fifth day into the hunger strike, it is starting to seriously affect his health. Never the less, he is adamant about being ‘victimised’ by the Judge and is still going ahead to prove his point.

His brother Michael Chang, has visited Matthias in Serdang Hospital, and has issued this statement:

“I understand from the Prison Authorities that Matthias has been transferred to Serdang Hospital as they fear for his health.”

“Matthias is physically weak but is lucid and still determined to carry on his campaign. He is on a drip and will only drink water.”

“I would also like to thank the Pengarah (Director) of Penjara Kajang (Kajang Prison), Tuan Nassif, DSP Basakaran, DSP Mohd Asri and all the prison officers who have extended every courtesy to me and the family.”

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