Ultimatum for Samy: Ensure BN’s victory in P094 or go

MIC President Dato’ Seri S Samy Vellu must ensure the victory of BN’s candidate for P094 Hulu Selangor by election on 25 April. This is because despite UMNO’s pressure to field their candidate in a Malay majority constituency, it was summarily turned down by PM Dato Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak, announced last week.

Three names are being speculated for BN’s candidacy. MIC Deputy President Dato’ G Palanivel, who is Samy’s personal choice and currently the most talked about. Palanivel served as the MP for four terms, before being defeated by PKR Dato Dr Zainal Abidin Ahmad at the last General Elections by a slim majority of 198 votes..

The other is MIC Youth Vice Head V. Mugilan, an Hulu Selangor native. He also Hulu Selangor MIC Youth Head.

The other is MIC Information Chief P. Kamalanthan, who hails from Rawang. He is the most popular amongst the locals, even within Malay communities. Kamalanathan is also a blogger and was a former educator. He is currently serving one of the subsidiary under Bernas Group and a PR and Corporate Communications Manager.

Our bet here in BigDogDotCom goes to Kamalanathan.

This is a huge challenge for Samy and MIC. The failure on 25 April means that MIC lost twice consecutively in a constituency once regarded as a ‘safe haven’, because of the Malay ‘ fixed deposit’.

MIC must be seen as losing their ‘political currency’ with this defeat, if it happens.. Samy’s thirty-over-years-near-dictatorial Presidency has already been plagued with huge resistance from the Indian community and personally has been regarded as ‘ failed to deliver’, despite having the luxury of being the third most senior partner in BN. The dismay of the Indians have been clearly demonstrated in the HINDRAF demonstration-turned-ugly in late 2007 and the inception of Makkal Sakhti as a political party.

Many already deduced that once ‘safe haven’ constituency like P094 Hulu Selangor lost to the Oppositions is due the Malays now can no longer be influenced by UMNO to support MIC, which opinion also include Supremo-bloggo-journo Dato’ A Kadir Jasin’s. The series of scandals which include MAIKA Holdings fiasco and  inability for Samy to ‘pacify’ the majority Indians into the mainstream dynamism of development and progress have resulted into chronic poverty related social issues. One of the outcome is the ill feeling harboured and as a minority, coming out blaming the majority for their massive misfortunes has been thought to be the factor of the lost of ‘camaraderie’ by even UMNO grass root. For the record, Samy himself lost his traditional seat of Sungai Siput in 8 March 2008 12th General Election, also considered a ‘safe haven’ due to the Malay majority ‘fixed deposit’.

The relationship of MIC as a component of BN of which had been always benefitted from the grace of UMNO canvassing for Malay majority support which has already managed to put countless number of Indian ethnic politicians into position of power, had been preicarious lately. We here at BigDogDotCom had demanded Samy Vellu’s resignation and MIC being sacked from BN for the ‘kurang ajar’ness of their own leaders, in official party fuunction.

Regardless, Samy’s poor leadership already cost DUN Bukit Selambau lost to the Oppositions, twice within a span of slightly over a year. He should have resigned or ‘be made to resign’, a year ago. This should be an ‘ultimatum’ for Samy: Shape up or ship out!.

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