Liberal Zaid Ibrahim is PKR’s man for conservative P094

Sacked UMNO member and former Minister of Law Dato’ Zaid Ibrahim is Pakatan Rakyat’s endorsed PKR’s candidate for the P094 Hulu Selangor by-election on 25 April 2010. An ‘anointed successor’ to party-less Opposition Leader Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim, Zaid is seen to the be former’s  ‘desperate man in a desperate situation’ solution if and when his second sodomy trial did not go his way, of which many believed to be.

Zaid has been seen as a ‘Johny-come-lately’ for the P094 Hulu Selangor race, since the demise of Dato’ Dr. Zainal Abidin Rahmat the name which cropped up more often than not in eminent neurosurgeon Dr. Halili Rahmat. Dr. Halili was KeAdilan’s candiddate for the constituency twice, before Dr. Zainal’s shot at the 12th General Elections.

Even amongst the PKR stalwarts and local supporters, the choice to pick Zaid did not come well at all. When his name was finally announced, people started leaving. By the time he spoke, the hall was just half empty. The body language of those who actually stayed on could demonstrate they are neither pleased with the PR joint decision, just 12 hours earlier.

It is not entirely surprising for the reaction. For one, Zaid did not strike to so many as the sort of leader who is comfortable and willing to serve the rakyat with all the pettiness at grass root level. He is more often than not being regarded as ‘pomp and snob’ and is actually ‘selectively cordial’ with people. For someone who  started from a humble beginning and benefited immensely from New Economic Policy programs such as via ITM, now is trying very hard to deny other Malays the benefit he enjoyed like being an advocate of the dismantling of the affirmative action policy and plan. Many likened him as ‘Kacang lupakan kulit‘.

Zaid's book. Why would a Malay man badly needed to the world that he is 'still a Malay'?

He liberalism stance, thinking and lifestyle is seen as being detached from the mainstay of the Malay majority, which also include constituency like P094 Hulu Selangor. So much so, he desperately needed to reiterate his ‘Malay-ness’ in a book called, “Saya pun Melayu” (literal translation: “I’m a Malay too”). Probably is because despite of his liberalism stance and shedding his Malay-ness, he was one of those UMNO cronies who benefited immensely  from his close ties to the party and leaders. His firm Zaid Ibrahim and Co, which he started in 1987 obtained so much corporate work in the bullish 1990s and recovery post 1998 market, such as privatisation, IPO and M & A jobs. Of course, this firm was a legal which UMNO employed to recover their assets when it was de-registered in early 1988.

Zaid who portrays himself as being a ‘liberal’ and advocates universally sponsored concept such as ‘freedom of expression and press’, is actually not. As cabinet material leader, he sued Supremo-bloggo-journo Dato’ A Kadir Jasin, which did not come down well with so many media savvy Malaysians.

The signs are clear. As a  choice candidate for ‘Parti Kumpul Reject’ (a term being used by two DAP YBs  to describe their fellow ‘partners in crime’ for us here in BigDogDotCom) Zaid is being rejected by Hulu Selangor folks right from the start. This is one liberal candidate who is definitely the wrong choice for the laid back and conservative Hulu Selangor folks.

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  1. Big Dog,

    Kenapa mau tipu?

    Ko cakap bila Zaid berceramah, org meninggalkan dewan.

    Camana kau tau?

    Kau ada ker kat situ?

    Tak nampak pun muka kau.

    Aku ada kat situ.

    Aku tengok lagi ramai orang hadir bila Zaid bercakap.

    Cukuplah Big Dog, tak usah nak menipu Melayu. Jangan pikir kita tak pandai.

    • kau memang tak pandai. nama je doktor. sila la ambil gambar (yg bukan cut and paste macam tian chibai tu) dan letak la link kat sini.
      cepat la…ramai org tunggu nak tengok ni. ke anwar saje test market. maklum la sesumpah…. nanti org sikit tukaq calon lain plak… he he he

      • he,he,he, betul cakap you. Hairan mengapa lah letak si Zaid ni, tidak ada orang hulu selangor PKR yang berkaliber. Ni BN pon satu lagi, mana piee bijak pandai orang umno melayu hulu selangor yang letak juga si ‘En Kamal’..mmmmpphhh. Kalau BN menang, nih,,penduduk2 hulu sgor, nak tengok dia buat kerja ke tidak. Macam ‘En Palan’, hampeh.

  2. Pakatan Reject has already intensified its fabrication and grand spin program, generating more falsehood just like the US and Israeli administration endeavourers in cowing the world and in this instance PRK94 constituents and the Malaysian general public. The Apco issue is nothing more than shitty propaganda brought out by PR reps even though they aware their party-less leader is held by his balls by these foreigners. I feel pity to those PAS grassroots who have dumped by their leaders in favor of power and deceit while I pissed at the DAP for promoting Malaysian Malaysia as these chauvinist pigs will go out to convince the Chinese voters, not the Malay or Indians; aren’t they just pure racists? BN should be remaindered of the continuous and consistent dubious tactics and fabrications which the opposition will employ supposedly in the name of greater freedom and democracy.

    Its good ZI has been picked by PKR as this gives the conservatives in us the opportune to personally whack him proper for all his ambitious misdeeds to the country and race. Should this PKR Goliath be beaten straight by a BN David, I can’t wait to see the end of such a delightful event.

  3. Malay Mail wrote –
    “Zaid said his selection had also been consented to by Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat who was contacted in Mecca, and he sought the assistance of all members of the party machinery in ensuring victory for him.”

  4. Tak palah, orang kecewa ke tak kecewa pekara kecil. Ni nak banding dengan masalah dalaman BN umpama langit dengan bumi. Mcm mana Big Dog – kao sokong calon Mogi Bear ke calon Uncle Sam?

  5. Amacam Big Dog, boleh komen ke. Nanti dia saman kita pulak. Maklomlah dia banyak duit. Ungrateful fellow, dapat banyak duit dari Kerajaan, hantam Kerajaan. Kacang lupakan kulit. Liberal konon.

  6. This Anwar fellow bodoh ke bangang?
    How can he select someone like Zaid for Hulu Selangor?
    Might as well put an Indian!

    • Are you implying that BN is short changing the voters in Hulu Selangor by fielding an Indian?

      I don’t think its racist at all. Its just that your implying somehow that fielding an Indian is fielding an inferior candidate.

      I hope the voters in Hulu Selangor take notice.

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