First BN blogger elected to Dewan Rakyat

Blogger P Kamalanathan: Victor @ P094 Hulu Selangor 25 April 2010

P. Kamalanathan was announced as the winner of the P094 Hulu Selangor by-election a short while ago. The BN candidate is the first pro-BN blogger being elected to the Dewan Rakyat.

Political-novice-MIC-Information-Chief P Kamalanathan polled 24,997 voted beating PKR candidate renowned lawyer and former Minister of Law Dato’ Zaid Ibrahim by 1,725 votes in one of toughest by-elections show down since the 12 GE. This is a shift of 1,923 vote when former-UMNO-Hulu-Langat-Chief turned PKR’s horse Dato Dr Zainal Abidin Ahmad defeated MIC Deputy President and Deputy Minister Dato’ G. Palanivel by 198 votes majority on 8 March 2008 12th General Elections. The shift marks a 1,000 % ‘reverse shift’ (improvement) of the rakyat’s perception towards BN and an endorsement that PM Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s ‘1 Malaysia’ acceptability and starting to gain place in Malaysian hearts.

He is the first ‘hard core’ pro-BN blogger to be elected into Dewan Rakyat compared to the Oppositions namely YB Jeff Ooi and YB Tony Pua. In the 12th General Elections, many anti-BN bloggers such as Nik Nazmi, Elizabeth Wong and Haniza Talha were given the honour to challenge BN under DAP and PKR tickets, at the time where the average educated and urban rakyat were simply fed-up with the ruling party and the deep distrust to the mainstream media turned them towards the new media. In fact it was deemed fashionable that bloggers apart from activists, were honoured in the age of new media and socio-political bloggosphere actually made an impact in the perception game and setting of mind shift on the voting pattern. Even for BN bloggers were openly against PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s weak administration and sheer arrogance.

As the result from part contribution of bloggers, BN saw the ‘Political Tsunami’ trampled them in 5 + 1 states and for the first time since general elections held in 1955, the ruling party did not manage to retain the psychological 2/3 majority in the Dewan Rakyat.

The Rawang born lad was a PR Manager with Seri Wangi Sdn. Bhd. (subsidiary of  Bernas Bhd. and owner of the rice  brand “Jati”), when PM Dato’ Seri Najib chose him to be the BN candidate of P094. His nomination almost came with resistance from MIC, which wanted to field once-veteran-of-four-GE Palanivel. At the time when MIC President Dato’ Seri S. Samy. Vellu was insistent on Palanivel’s candidacy, being a loyal party-man openly Kamalanathan supported Palanivel be BN’s choice..

May the presence of this new YB colour and enrich the world of socio-political bloggosphere in Malaysia. We at BigDogDotCom pray that 45 year old Kamalanathan be made a Deputy Minister in the next Cabinet reshuffle, as part of MIC’s succession planning and PM Dato’ Seri Najib’s acknowledgment to bloggers and the role of the new media, in the deliverance of ‘1 Malaysia’ message and implementation.

Tahniah Yang Berhormat. Terima kasih pengundi P094 Hulu Selangor. Nandri, Nandri, Wenakem.

*Updated Monday 26 April 0730hrs

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  1. Tahniah kpd Kamal alan nathan..
    Marha! Marha!

  2. What a stupid way to analyze statistics!!

    The emphasis put paid in 1000+ percentage is out of the norm to evaluate its intended goals.

    It should be based on the percentage increase in votes ie in comparing the % of votes received by Bn 2008 and now.

    Do not spin it as if Bn had won so big a margin. It needs further understanding of statistics to be a better blogger.

    • Haiya clear conscience

      A win is still a win, David was competing against Goliath. Kamal deserves a pat on the back.

      Even if the margin is slim, the BN machinery is getting into critical momentum. We can see that they all closed ranks behind Najib and Muhyiddin.

      And I am sure the HS voters CAN see the hard work put in this time around. The top echelons were obviously there “turun padang”.

      The Malay voters are the majority and they voted in MIC candidate.

      So you see this is the IMPORTANT paradigm shift. When the Malays unite, Malaysia is safe and well.

      So who really cares about statistics, when you are VICTORIOUS at the psychological realm.

      P.S. you are welcome to eat your heart out.

      • Agreed with you said. A win is still a win even if the margin is one vote. Why look at statistics when one vote can mean victory to BN.

  3. SPR umum cara rasmi
    BN dapat 24,997 undi
    23,272 pula PKR dapati
    Jadikan 1,725 majoriti

    Dalam PRU12 dahulu
    Majoriti 198 bersetuju
    Sekarang komplen laku
    Salah system, zaid adu

    Tapi zaid satu hal lupa
    Kehendak Allah nyata
    Tewas PKR akur sahaja
    Diri zaid titian mangsa

    Seperti LKS memaklumi
    Anwar pergi luar negeri
    Tidak hadir malam tadi
    Jika menang lainlah jadi

  4. Tahniahlah Tuan Kamal!

    Calon ‘1 Malaysia’ yg sungguh ‘1 Malaysia’. Keturunan India yg faham apa yg Perkasa perjuangkan.

    Aku tengok Kamal ni cakap Melayu lagi fasih & tersusun banding dgn Brahim Brothers: Zaid ‘Kaki Botol’ Ibrahim & Khalid ‘Gagap’ Ibrahim!

    Sebagai seorang India, yg kaki botol & taik judinya ialah calon Melayu PKR. Tak malu ke Zaid ooiiii?????

    Walaubagaimanapun, Kamal menang bergaya. TDM pun begitu gigih turun padang berkempen. Tak mcm zaman Pak Lah Al-Flip-Floppy, sekarang ni NTR dah pandai pilih calon

    Tahniahlah BD, kempen lu org bloggers mmg menyengat. Aku harap kempen yg ko nak kan Kamal ni jadi timbalan menteri berhasil.

    Kalau jadi, gua tabik pring sama lu!!!!!!!!

    • Yah BigDog

      Yahhhh Greaaatttt, Now we have an Indian Leading UMNO Hulu Selangor!!

      • Awww commonlah joe

        Be happy for BN – why don’t you see this as a victory for POWER-SHARING.

        The Malay voters in HS trusted Najib enough to vote in a non-Malay non-Muslim candidate and rejected a “Malay Muslim”.

        See how gracious the Malays can be.

  5. Alhamdulilah, Allah Akbar; BN had won, Najib & Muhyiddin had won, Blogger Kamala had won. However blogger Zorro was truly unmasked, pants down he had to offer his to be cut, not circumcised but his boss, LKS wasn’t interested. Even if Zorro Unmasked had brought along 1000 cars in his convoy to KKB, Zaid would still be crying because the load would be full shitty supporters without voters.

    Where were Zaid and his supporters when the election result was announced? What a bad looser, perhaps Zaid was looking for another place, another glass house to get a good erection!

    And what of Malaysiakini, the mouth piece of Bad Ass LKS? Oh yes spreading communal lies again; spreading fear about bus loads of people with parangs, pre-ejaculating Pakatan’s winning with false information and of course capitalizing on the dead. What a load of shit to be proclaimed the best democratic website in the country! How could I forget – that’s what human rights is all about, spreading disinformation and falsehood in the name of greater freedom and liberty. Ugh what a US stooge Malaysiakini is! Anybody seen the video clip on that cheap slut Eliz talking about villages being barricaded- another staged big lie of the Opposition to create chaos using the internet. Yes, you are correct; she’s flirting herself to be nakedly spread eagle her legs to the Orang Asli, what a desperado.

    And to the people of HS, what a durian runtuh for many of them! Unfortunately for some outsiders especially the Opposition in particular Zaid, N.ajis and LKS and of course the traitor sodomite indeed it was duri runtuh.

    Let’s now focus on strategies in breaking up PAS to unite the Malays in the greater interest of the country and Islam. If you follow what N.ajis said about Islam and Politics re politics in masjids and surau, you know the shallowness and fallacies of the kind of Islam as preached by this senile old man. Once PAS follows the path of PKR on course to oblivion, LKS and his son’s future are doomed and 1Malaysia will be on course to continued peace, harmony and of course progressive development.

    • BigDog

      Here is a Better Idea. DS Najib should replace Mohyideen with Kamal…Kamal is smarter and more likeable.

      After all UMNO was previously led by a Mamak… Why not go all the Way and start with Kamal as DPM. He can take over Najib in 40 years time.

  6. Its’ not that difficult to break up PAS. Get Nik Aziz out of the way and the chances of UMNO working together with PAS to unite the Malays and Islam will be within reach.

    • Zazliah

      Actually Nik Aziz MUST stay in PAS, coz he is the one that causes a great credibility LOSS. Nik Aziz will weaken his own party.

      There are professionals in that party who are beginning to question his views.

      • Yes, Nik Aziz by being a bane for PAS, makes our job in UMNO much easier.

  7. just u wait henry higgins just u wait….u will be sorry but ur tears will be too late.

  8. When is Samy Vellu announcing his retirement as MIC president. That is his promise if Kamal wins. Paper tiger Samy has also pressured Najib to give Palanivel a Senatorship and be made a deputy miister. He wants Palanivel to get a seat in the coming elections. BIG DOG let’s stop this absurd idea. Why must the PM give a place to a person who has lost his seat.

    • We totally agree.

      That’s why we here at BigDogDotCom put forth a notion for YB Kamalanathan be made a Deputy Minister as part of MIC restructuring and regeneration plan, to ensure that they are relevant to be the representation in BN.

  9. Alhamdulillah, dah menang kan. Semoga beliau jalankan tugas dengan jujur dan ikhlas. Dia akan tahu perit dan bahagia bagaimana nak please 3 bangsa di hulu selangor. Good luck, may he succeed.

  10. YB Kamal (Yang Baru)ambillah ikhtibar dari hari pertama dinamakan sebagai calon sehingga melalui proses kempen hingga ke saat kemenangan.Tidak ada siapa pun yang akan menidakkan kekurangan sosio ekonomi di HS telah sekian lama terabai.Pasti YB Kamal akan beri perhatian sepenuhnya kepada semua masalah yang dibangkitkan rakyat jelata diHS.Perkhidmatan penyelesaian masalah setempat amat penting dan yang lebih penting adalah perkhidmatan YB untuk semua rakyat diHS.Jangan sesekali perkhidmatan diberi atau diutamakan mengikut “pihak pengundi YB” sahaja.Sejurus sahaja di isthiyar pemenang maka YB Kamal dilantik dengan kepercayaan untuk berkhidmat untuk setiap rakyat kawasan P094 HS.Ingat dan jangan jadi ‘pelupa’. Jangan memilih kasih atau bulu mahupun warna kulit, pangkat dan darjat untuk diberi perkhidmatan YB HS.

    Jalankan usaha usaha merapatkan dan mengwujudkan perpaduan antara kaum.Layakkan diri YB di ‘segani’kerana rajin dan buta warna.Musuh dan Kawan politik terima perkhidmatan yang samarata.

    Jangan amalkan resmi ARNAB dalam perlumbaan,amalkan sikap rajin secara constant bagai kura kura untuk mencapai destinasi bagi membawa kejayaan untuk setiap rakyat diHS.Ia tidak mustahil dilakukan, hanya hati nuraini yang berkobar untuk memberi perkhidmatan kepada rakyat jelata HS sentiasa disemati dalam hati dan jiwa.Jangan utamakan politik, sebaleknya utamakan slogan RAKYAT DIDAHULUKAN dan hayatinya dalam memberi perkhidmatan.

    Semoga kejayaan berkekalan kerana perkhidmatan. Dua tahun bukan lama mana.

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