TBH sudden death inquest: DAP supporters are desperate

The DAP supporters, who are so adamant believing their leaders that Former-Political-Secretary-to-DAP-Selangor-Exco Teoh Beng Hock are unable to accept the truth. The fact that eminent British pathologist Dr. Peter Vanezis reported from his findings and observation that Teoh was not murdered, did not go down well with these anti-establishment supporters.

British pathologist Dr Peter Vanezis

Now, Dr. Vanezis has been threatened with death via e mail. This morning, he made a Police report.

Bernama.com reports:

April 27, 2010 11:00 AM

British Forensic Expert Gets E-mail Threat

SHAH ALAM, April 27 (Bernama) — British forensic expert Prof Dr Peter Vanezis lodged a police report last night after receiving an intimidating e-mail following his testimony in the Teoh Beng Hock inquest.

The threat against Dr Vanezis was also reported by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) prosecution chief Datuk Abdul Razak Musa to the inquest which resumed its sitting here today.

Abdul Razak said the e-mail was “offensive, intimidating and threatening” to the British expert who testified for the first time yesterday.

Dr Vanezis was uncomfortable about the e-mail threatening to him and his family, Abdul Razak said.

The police report was made at the Shah Alam Section 11 police station at 11pm.

Dr Vanezis, who had participated in the investigations into the death of British royalty, Princess Diana, is currently engaged by MACC.

He and Thai pathologist Pornthip Rojanasunand — hired by the Selangor government — were observers in a second post-mortem on Teoh’s exhumed remains last November.

He told the inquest yesterday that Teoh was fully conscious when he fell and there was no evidence that the political aide was strangled prior to his death.

Dr Vanezis is scheduled to be cross-examined by counsel Gobind Singh Deo, representing Teoh’s family, today.

Teoh was found dead on the fifth floor of Plaza Masalam here on July 17 last year after questioning by the Selangor MACC, which is located in the same building, as part of investigations into alleged irregular disbursement of state funds.



Yesterday, Dr. Vanezis was reported as giving evidence in the inquiry to ascertain the sudden death of Teoh as  ‘Not being murdered’, against the ultra strong belief amongst many DAP and Pakatan Rakyat supporters who adamantly stubborn even though proven otherwise. The DAP stalwarts even bought into celebrity Thai pathologist who was appointed by the Selangor PR Government Dr. Pornthirp Rojanasunand s unsubstantiated claims that Teoh was ‘80% chance being murdered’.

PR Leaders especially DAP such as Secretary General and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, made a lot of hue and cry to a point should be deemed as ‘seditious‘ based on Dr. Pornthirp’s unqualified opinion (just by looking at photos) and pressure the inquest magistrate for a second post mortem. It was deemed purely political but hidden through sleek and fancy legal arguments in court, which the presiding magistrate compelled to allow for the request (in the name of seeking justice).

Masgitrate Azmil Mustaffa ordered a second autopsy for which Sungai Buloh Hospital Chief Pathologist Dr. Shahidan  Md. Noor carried out on 22 November 2009 in the presence of Dr. Peter Vanezis and Dr. Pornthirp.Rojanasunand. However, he did not find any evidence to show that Teoh was murdered but in fact died due to a fall from heights.

Dr. Shahidan found that Teoh died because of injuries sustained due from falling from heights and testified his findings to the inquest. When asked to testify, Dr. Pornthirp gave the excuse  ‘her life is being threatened’ and hence, she refused. Despite giving a guarantee for her safety, she did not turn up to give her professional testimony in the inquest. This is the quality of witness that the DAP Leaders and supporters are banking on. The matter of fact is that, the more controversial and circumstance the witness can be, the better political spin and twist the DAP could ride on.

This act of threatening Dr. Vanezis is very ‘communist’ like behaviour, which has little regard for law and order. Just because it is proven that Teoh was not murdered, hence DAP Leaders can no longer blame MACC for the death of Teoh, then the Chinese Chauvinist and anti-Malay-authority diabolical political agenda  has been stunted.

The DAP has been known for demonising the authorities, especially law enforcement agencies such as the Police, MACC and Judiciary along racial lines when there is a sudden death of a Non Malay linking to these men and women in uniform. The death of a Chinese youth shot by Police right after the may 1969 was used to provoke the wrath of the Malays when they organised a mass demonstration carrying coffins crossing through Kampung Baru, with specific insults to the Malays. As a result, the 13 May 1969 racial riots broke out and it marred a black spot in Malaysian tolerant and co-existence muhibbah history.

When all the usual channels fail, the DAP will resort to the same ‘hatred’ tactics to create chaos and destabilize harmony to a point where peace is gambled. Hence, the instant baseless accusation by DAP Leaders such as Lim Guan Eng and Ronnie Liu casting the MACC officers ‘murdered’ or ‘responsible for the murder’ of Teoh Beng Hock, hours after his lifeless body found sprawling outside the building where Government agencies are housed.

They even organised a rally to drum up support for anti-establishment sentiments. However, it too failed to get the attention of the masses, even amongst Non Malays.

Teoh’s sudden death came at the time where DAP Leaders were investigated for corrupt practices and he was said to be ‘spilling the beans’. The ‘surreal drama’ about “Teoh being murdered by MACC” is probably a diversion as the plot thickens, as the strategy of building up excitement and ‘demonising’ the law enforcement authorities could pre-empt any future actions against their Leaders for pure criminal conduct, as stipulated by the law.

The Police should really look into this death threat against Dr. Vanezis, which is a desperate reaction to a ‘diabolical plan gone wrong’. They should also look into all the serious but wild accusations and seditious statements made by DAP Leaders preceding the sudden death of Teoh. At the monent, the strategy to demonise the law enforcement agencies and create a serious distrust is already working and the authorities should really put a stop to this.

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  1. Yes, it is about time, this must stop.
    Things are getting way out of control..

    Charge all those who threw baseless allegations.

  2. One witness reported that he heard TBH arguing with someone in chinese in the toilet. He did not say what the arguments were about even tho the witness understands chinese.

    Now for the piece de resistance…. get TBH “baby’s” DNA and cross reference with TBH’s dna and see if they match. If they don’t , it would be further proof of TBH being concious when he leapt. Or fell.

  3. DAP’s motive is simple but most dark – capitalize to the maximum the death for political leverage as demonstrated from the just concluded P94 by-election. Without any respect to the dead, the DAP put up banners on TBH hopefully to heighten racial sentiments/emotions. This is already the DAP’s precedence, a tool they hope to maximize mind control over the Chinese voters.

    Should the conclusive verdict is that TBH did die from sudden death, the DAP and Pakatan would suffer from erectile dysfunctional. Even in the event of such conclusive verdict, DAP and Pakatan will still reject such conclusion. “How did TBH fall” the lawyers supposed want to know. I guess the DAP is insistent for the dead to rise from the grave to give his side of the story which will never happen. Dark indeed is the DAP to the peace and tranquility of the country.

  4. Aku heran apasal Polis masih nak main gentleman game dgn KOMINIS KAPIR HARBI NI!

    Menteri pun lembik cam pondan!

    Korang tak perasan ke KOMINIS KAPIR HARBI ni saja nak letihkan kita???

    • Sdr Anak Watan

      I dont think it is the police. They love to sort out these criminals. They have no love or sympathy for the “…KOMINIS KAPIR HARBI NI!…”


  5. […] and Dr Pornthip Rojasunand found that Teoh’s sudden death was not caused by murder and Dr Vanezis concluded this finding, the Thai pathologist was very reluctant to testify her own findings. The drama begins. It was […]

  6. […] Vanezis and Dr Pornthip Rojasunand found that Teoh’s sudden death was not caused by murder and Dr Vanezis concluded this finding, the Thai pathologist was very reluctant to testify her own findings. The drama begins. It was […]

  7. The government agencies, the police and MACC had been doing wrong for many decades. As can be seen none of the corrupted and murderer leaders had been arrested.Example Albukhary, Najib, Khir Toyol and Samy Vellu. All still come clean. WHY?
    Because they are good in covering things up. The body had been dead for a year, what sort of evidence more that an “Einstein” pathologist could find out? Think with the brain please.

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