Chinese chauvinist DAP is completely silent about Aminul’s shooting

Chinese chauvinist DAP is known for their ‘thumping-the-law-enforcement-agencies’ attitude and approach, especially when it comes to how the armed authorities carry out their job. However, they completely silent about the shooting of 15 year old Aminul Rashid Amzah in Shah Alam a few nights ago.

NST reported on the plight of the Amzah family seeking justice and truth for their son:

‘My son not a criminal’


By Noor Hazwan Hariz Mohd

SHAH ALAM: “My son was not a criminal.”

This was the cry from Norsiah Mohamad, 61, whose son was shot dead by police on Monday.

Sobbing throughout the press conference at her home in Section 11 here yesterday, Norsiah said Aminulrasyid was her youngest of eight children.

“He was active in school. He respected his elders and now police say he is a criminal after shooting him,” she said bitterly.

“I want justice for my son. The police should not protect their men.”

Aminulrasyid’s sister, Nor Azura, 39, was also upset that her brother was labelled a criminal by police.

“How can they claim he was a criminal? This cannot be happening to us.”

She said her brother had probably sneaked out from their family home that night to meet friends. “That was his only crime,” she said.

The victim’s uncle, Kamarudin Hassan, said the family called for a press conference to clear Aminulrasyid’s name.

“I was told that he went out with his friend before they met with a minor accident. He was just 15, so he must have panicked and fled from the scene. That doesn’t make him a criminal,” Kamarudin said.

He was also puzzled with reports that a parang was found in the car.

“That was a family car. We never carry a parang with us.”

Another of the victim’s sisters, Tuty Shahniza Anom, 36, said she only knew that he took the car after her husband received a call from police.

She claimed they received the call about 3.30am and when she checked the porch, the car was missing.

“I then saw a lot of policemen near the house but they did not allow us to go near the scene.”


As far as we know at this point of time, the Police is investigating the shooting case. The Minister of Home Affairs Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin Hussein gave assurance that due consideration would be given to ensure that the truth would uncovered on how the 15 year old teenager was shot at 300am.

This case  is highly controversial and even sensational. Never the less, DAP is completely silent about it. Their leaders neither did make any comments or statements nor ask for a thorough investigations, like they always do.

Why the silence? How come DAP Leaders such as Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Theresa Kok and Ronnie Liu did not jump to the very opportunity to demonise the Police in the same breadth of demanding a ‘Royal Inquiry’ for the shooting?

The answer is simple. It is because Aminul Amzah is a Malay boy. Had it been a Non Malay like A Kugan or Teoh beng Hock, it would have been different. The  Chinese chauvinists and anti Malay, especially those waiting for any opportunity to trample and demonise law enforcement agencies people simply gave a similar case like this a miss because the deceased is a Malay boy.

We here in BigDogDotCom have discussed this before. In the case of Wan Siti Farihan, the DAP was silent too when a student died of ‘sudden death’ in outside her dormitory in UKM (which is a Government owned facility). The fact that in the case of A Kugan’s death in Police lock-up was ascertained to a Policeman of Indian ethnicity, the DAP suddenly became ‘quiet’ about it.

Again, we challenge the DAP to prove themselves NOT Anti Malay and Chinese chauvinist. If they are so adamant about being ‘Malaysian, Malaysia, ensure that 25% of the application to the next recruitment drive for the Police Force, any of the tri-services under ATM, MMEA, MACC, Customs, Immigrations and etc are submitted by Chinese youths for consideration and selection. They too as Malaysians must do their bit for the defense of the realm.

Otherwise, they shall be known as Chinese chauvinists and anti Malay unless otherwise proven.

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