Fresh arguments against these ‘disobedient and ungratefuls’

More and more decided to engage the digital democracy medium and share their thoughts. It seems we have a fresh perspective towards all the arguments against the people who simply wants power at the reckless cost of everything.

We have come to realised that there is a growing segment of Malaysians who previously ‘sit-on-the-fence’ but now are ready to voice out their deep dissatisfaction and even grotesque against these ‘disobedient and ungratefuls’ for the manner  how they manipulate facts, circumstance, sentiments and emotions and challenge parameters previously respected (such as  Islam as the religion of the Federation of Malaysia, monarchs and  Special Malay Rights) for ‘hatred and destructive politics’, all in the universal cover of ‘democracy’, ‘human rights’, ‘freedom of expression’, ‘justice’ and ‘transparency and good governance’.

We do recognise the right of others. But these other people should also know the limit what they could consider as ‘their right’ and why is there a limit. Things happened in the past and what ever actually happened, have to be honoured by generations of the future. Probably God intended that those things happened and future generations to abide by that.

In the spirit of democracy, the minority must respect what the majority have decided. But that is not the case. More often than not, the minority outrageously insult the intelligence of the majority in the most condescending way. Regardless, the digital democracy is there to form the new bastion of border, for all of these arguments.

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