Pro-UMNO bloggers urging PM Najib

Pro-UMNO bloggers initiated by Outsyed-the-Box came out strongly against PM Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak to be very mindful on personalities that will be appointed into the Cabinet and strategic posts in GLCs.  At the top of our heads, Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yackop, Dato’ Seri Mohd. Nazri Tan Sri Aziz, Dato’ Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim, Dato’ Khaled Nordin and Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin.

Nor Mohamed is obvious about all the failures and scandals in GLCs, especially Khazanah Holdings Bhd. Nazri is about his uncouth remark against Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad being a “racist”, for defending BTN.  Dr. Rais is about the being the Foreign Minister during the recently uncovered ‘Block L & M and Limbang’ scandals.  Khaled about his one failure after another in two Ministries, now disbanded Entreprenuer and Co-operative Development and Higher Education, and the fact that he is no longer Majlis Tertinggi UMNO member. No need further explanation on highly controversial and onetime ‘The most powerful 28 year old” (as per described by The Star political columnist Joceline Tan in 2005)  Khairy.

Amongst the demand is for UMNO Youth Leader to remain outside the Government and focus on bringing back the aggressiveness in once the primary pressure group with the nationalist party. The lackluster attitude of UMNO Leaders, especially the much disappointing UMNO Youth Leaders to speak up and ‘fight’ for the interests of the Malays, now being systematically challenged not only by Chinese Chauvinist DAP and NGOs such as Dong Zhiong but also BN component parties such as MCA and Gerakan. The void is now being carried on by Malay NGOs such as PERKASA. In fact, recently MCA President Dato’ Seri Chua Soi Lek blamed PERKASA for their failures.

UMNO Youth badly need to prove themselves and they don’ actually have much time to do it.  Any position, even in position such as Chairmanship of GLCs or statutory bodies must now come as a reward.

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  1. Don’t appoint the Youth Leader to any post.

    He has not done anything to revive the spirit and the role of UMNO Youth in checking the unreasonable demands of “the others” and the encroachment on the rights and interests of the Malays and those who try to ridicule Perkasa and the 76 NGOs attempting to protect and promote Malay rights and interests.

    Also the foot-in-the-mouth Nazri fellow who shows no respect for elder statesmen, who shoots from the hip.

    But folks, be ready to act when Najib continues to do the undesirable “liberal” acts. He appears to be on an incorrigible path to please “the others” but not quite the Malays.

  2. ANTI KJ !!!


    Dear Sir,

    I notice postings at your blog do not get automaticaly updated from time to time at my blog:-


    It still stucked at your week long posting – “Model Baru Petronas”.

    I am not sure whether bloglist/blogroll of others also experiencing the same thing. If not, then there must be a problem at my blog. (I’ve already tried to delete and reinstall your blog – no success). Incidentally, I’ve also noticed the SSS logo is not being displayed at your blog? The link already expired?

    Appreciate, if you could look in the matter, especially the auto-update of new postings at your blog. Thanks.


  4. The truth is out there and every where – KJ is THE major liability to the revitalization of UMNO; the people on the streets hate him for his dubious character and past actions. Never discard the voice of the Silent Majority by appointing KJ to the Cabinet.

    • better KJ than Mukhriz! I don’t think Msia can stand another Mamak earthquake. KJ is UMNO savior. Long live KJ.

      • You are the lone voice here, amigo. No wonder you chose Bugger for a name.

      • Bugger. Oh! Don’t you know that KJ is of Mamak descendant as well. That shows how ignorant and ill informed you are.

        My advice is, read more so that you will be a bit clever.

        Illuminati:Banking and money group.

  5. After being elected Ketua Pemuda we have not seen any significant changes to Pemuda Umno instead what we see is Ketua Pemuda lobbying for a ministerial post.

    1Malaysia PM have given 1Malaysia Ketua Pemuda Umno a few million Ringgit for recruitment and other matters.

    So far we have not seen or heard nothing from him.

    I can’t imagine what will happen to Pemuda Umno if SIL is given a ministerial post ? probably Pemuda Umno will die of natural death.

    “politic’s is money” read Che Det.

  6. On this I agree with you. KP UMNO should be outside the cabinet and shall act as the last frontier against the mayhem caused by our bungling ministers like Rais, Nazri, Mohd Nor and the rest.

    Najib is not doing well either and his statement on the 20 year old differences with S’pore indicated that Najib is ready to come out from the shadows and lock horns with Mahathir.

    Look at how najib shake hands with Hsieh Loong, he’s holding his hands close to his body. Any interpretation there ie body language? Yet KJ did not come out and question the Tg Pagar issue…

  7. No to KJ, Nazri and Mohd Nor Akop.

  8. Ape kurangnya Zahid Hamidi! Enjin hilang kapal terbang berharga beratus juta ! Kapal selam yg tak boleh selam ! ape lagi ek ?

    Jadinya Zahid Hamidi tu blue-eye boy of the PM.

  9. Lobbying for a Ministers post? Do you have actual proof of that. When it was decided that KJ was not to be a member of cabinet he did not sulk or protest the decision taken by the PM, instead he just got on with the his job as Youth Chief.

    Not seen or heard anything from him? The upcoming 1 Malaysia rally, as well as the establishment of BN Youth Lab and campaigning in Hulu Selangor are but a few of his achievements thus far as Youth Chief.

    And all this criticism about him not being ‘Pro-Malay’ or a ‘traditional’ Youth Chief. If so, why weren’t similiar comments passed out to Hisham when he was Youth Chief? Doesn’t all this bashing seem unfair?

    I’d like to point out that I wasn’t a supporter of the Pak Lah regime nor am I a staunch supporter of KJ. However I believe that credit is due when it is due and that all this bashing is completely out of place.

    His effort to promote UMNO Youth as a more ‘centrist’ wing which is more relevant to the times has to be commanded. You may not like him or disagree with him, but like I said earlier, credit is due when it is due.

    Think Dr. M.

    • Tun Perak,

      I love you man. I can never understand this bashing of a dashing leader. Thank God Mukhriz did not win.

    • KJ is a low life asshole. He would go as low as asking all the Pemuda Exco to go with him and ask for a Minister post be given to him before. That shows how low he is.

      Illuminati:Banking and money group.

    • Tun Perak

      Is that all you can say of KJ as Ketua Pemuda? What a shame.

      What centrist are you talking about?

      What happened to the keris wielding 70% Bumi corporate wealth he spoke about? The Bumi spirit gone?

  10. KJ is a potential leader, with or without a post he is newsworthy and his soundbytes are the best from the backbemch and they way he defended PM and APCO was excellent. whr was razali and mm? hmmmmm……

    • Let him remain as “a potential leader” for as long as he does not take his Harley Davidson and ride with the Mat Rempits to some good deeds. Or things like that. For the benefit of the Malays.

      UMNO is supposed to protect and promote the interests of the Malays. What has he done except for himself and his FIL?

      Someone has asked for a list of what concrete actions he has taken. So far only 2 things are listed above. And they are not even concrete. Talking in Parliament can be done by any Tom, Dick and Dong who is lucky enough to win a seat there.

  11. Well said, Biggie.
    Yes Najib must listen to the “right” people, otherwise Panji himself will whack Najib and orang orang yang sewaktu dengannya.

    More pekung to surface!

  12. BD,

    More likw dengki and dont want to see young leadership in UMNO perhaps? Or just because KJ isnt whom Tun M likes?….?

  13. Bro,

    The post of Minister of Defence should be given to ex General or even ex- Admiral.

    I think you should campaign for this to happen.

    Banyak sangat politik when you put civilian to run the show and honestly i kesian with ATM jadi “PAK TURUT” all this while!!

    • I beg to differ. Minister of Defense is a political position and their job is to do policy for the Ministry as a whole, as a government agency.

      Any service under the ATM holds operational role. They are implementer of policy set by the Ministry on behalf of the Federal Government. I don’t think career soldier/mariner make a good politician which play a policy making role.

      ATM is bound by the policies set by the Ministry, which consulted other Ministries such as MOF for issues like budget.

  14. […] UMNO bloggers already reside to the fald rect that Khairy is the elected UMNO Youth Head and he should be focusing on consolidating the once fragmented UMNO Youth due to the tri-corner fight and performance;  playing the role of the ‘aggressor’ and […]

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