Cabinet reshuffle: Mounting pressure to bring Khairy in?

Yesterday’s announcement of a ‘minor’ Cabinet reshuffle saw the alleviation  of  Dato’ Seri Chor Chee Heung to Housing and Local Government Minister and several Deputy Ministership being opened up for new faces such as Dato’ Richard Riot, Chua Tee Yong, Gan Ping Siau, Dato’ Maglin D’Cruz and once members of previous administration such as Dato’ Donald Lim and Dato’ G. Palanivel back in as Deputy Ministers.

None of the movement involved any of the UMNO MPs or Senators.

It was said that PM Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak is under mounting and tremendous pressure to bring in Rembau MP Hj Khairy Jamaluddin, who is also UMNO Youth Head and defacto leader for BN Youth. The pressure not only come within UMNO Youth, but also from UMNO Leaders which include the top echelons.

The pressure was said to be so intense that PM Najib is not making any movements within the UMNO MPs and Sentors now sitting in Cabinet although so much lose talk are going about town with Cabinet names like EPU Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yackop, PMO Minister-in-charge of Parliament Dato’ Seri Mohd. Nazri Aziz, High Education Minister Dato’ Khaled Nordin and even Domestic Trade and Consumer Minister Dato’ Ismail Sabri Yaacob and names within the Deputy Ministers Club being push up to Cabinet posts.

How long will this pressure to appoint Khairy at least as a Deputy Minister is not known. However, here in bloggosphere that we detected the intense campaign on all channels last November.

The “Thirteen Million Ringgit Plus” question is: Will PM Najib able to resist this pressure?

Inadvertently, everyone will have to live with the fact that Khairy is an intelligent and strategic minded leader. However, his direct involvement with PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi saw Malaysia as a  whole and comprehensive system slide down to unimaginable level, proportions and most of all, the speed of the rapid digression. Despite Petronas already dishing out RM 254 billion in the form of taxes, royalties, dividends and other financial instruments within the ‘bleak fifth premiership’, the Federal Government today is said to be in dire cash position.

Needless to say, the majority of Malaysians would probably have something negative to say about Khairy. His ascencion to the UMNO Youth Head position 25 March last year is full of controversial, especially ‘money politics’ so many openly talked about. To have someone like this in the Federal Government is seen as bane more than anything else.

As a counter solution, UMNO bloggers already reside to the fact that Khairy is the elected UMNO Youth Head and he should be focusing on consolidating the once fragmented UMNO Youth due to the tri-corner fight and performance;  playing the role of the ‘aggressor’ and championing the interests of the Malays, especially the ones provided by the Federal Constitution and now being systematically and structurally challenged by liberal Malays and the Non Malays.

PM Najib must be mindful of what the rakyat is saying and not bow to political pressures. After all, rakyat first, remember?

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  1. It’s plain simple. As far as Khairy is concerned, Najib just need to buy time until the next UMNO PAU. Then Khairy will be history.

  2. Oh, no. Not this Khairy fellow, please.

  3. “..fact that Khairy is an intelligent and strategic minded leader”. Isn’t this what the “rakyat” is looking for in a leader? Unless “rakyat”= “UMNO bloggers” then I can understand.

    • Sorry, what rakyat like me saw was not a leader, but a person who contribute, directly or not, to the erosion of the respect for UMNO and what appeared to be the mismanagement of country’s assets.

      Sincerely, did he inherit a lot of money. What was it they say… the richest jobless man in Malaysia?


      • Sorry to you too. I as a rakyat do see the qualities of KJ. To singularly blame him for the nation’s ills is over the top. The support for UMNO eroded long before he came into the picture.

        I know this site promotes a certain personality but to dismiss a potential leader based on dislikes is rather crass.

  4. no, NOT Khairy…open ur eyes retrospectively and you will see clearly what he had done.

    • Or what he had NOT done.

  5. If he is so intelligent why was the country in such a mess under ‘his’ rule? If he is so brilliant, why did UMNO lose so many seats under ‘his’ rule’?

    Intelligent and brilliant people should have been able to bring exceptional results in everything they touch, not break everything down.

    Khairy is a fool. Just don’t understand why people keep referring to him as intelligent/brilliant.. Only fools could think of cheap publicity like joining the reserve army for a month and made sure that it got published in the papers. Khairy and those AF goons are of the same level.

    • Dia budak berhingus. His declared ambition to become PM by 40 – he will need another 38 years to get there.

  6. if Khairy is a fool, those that elected him as their leader are fools too? I wonder what those delegates would make out of this statement.

    btw, I thought UMNO didn’t lose many seats in the last GE. MIC & MCA were the ones that got whacked if I’m not mistaken.

    • The delegates got money, what. Wat me wally?

      • Were you one of the delegates? If not it is hearsay.

      • KJ was found guilty of money politics by the UMNO Disciplinary Committee. That was not hearsay.

        But then you’d also say that KJ was just the SIL, happened to have an office at “the 4th Floor” and he never tried to run the PIL Government, that it was also hearsay, wouldn’t you, bugger?

    • Yes…whoever elected him are not only fools but filthy stinky corrupt fools. And whoever defends him is obviously one of them.

      Can’t you just ponder on the fact that KJ ruined and everything that he touched rather than blindly defend him??

      Ordinary rakyat, who were and will not be involved in UMNO election, would be the ones who will decide on the fate of UMNO in the upcoming GE – and as long as KJ is in the picture, UMNO is not save.

      • That, I concur.

        Leaders like Khairy carry ‘political perception’ baggage, especially when UMNO disciplinary board found him guilty breaching election rules but did not reprimand him. That’s enough at times where rakyat expect ‘clean, trustworthy, skeleton-free’ leaders.

        Many political analyst believed that UMNO would be punished for this. In the few by-elections, Khairy was specifically asked not to come out campaigning for fear of repercussion to the BN campaign and eventually chances to win.

  7. Bro BigDog

    Good posting, we can see a few worms coming out of the rotten carcass. WJK also ‘mencemar’ diri.


    • We no longer allow some ppl to share their thoughts here in BigDogDotCom, since they have lost their privileges and overstayed their welcome.

      They are free to express their intent elsewhere for all we care!

      • Hear, hear.

        Well said BD. Must maintain decorum here. Criticise within limits.

  8. Bro, I just like to know what is Khairy’s plan for Sabah. UMNO has been in cahoots with MCA to steal Sabah blind for the last 27 years through the Cabotage policy, Open Skies Policy, Healthcare Policy. Is Khairy willing to abolish that overnight? or will he take a safe stand by saying “I shall study the problem”. If he is sincere in resolving the Sabah problem, then take up the “abolish the Cabotage policy” fight right to the top. I am sure the Sabah Youth will definitely support him without him having to buy them. Please read,

  9. “an intelligent and strategic minded leader” is an assumption and most subjective. A Malay leader at these precarious times requires much, much more than that. One can only fancy that his deputy is a much more respected than him. He is full of controversy and people re the Silent majority still have unforgettable memories of his perceived bad deeds in Malaysian politics and economy. He remains a huge liability to BN and will be readily hounded and hunted down by the Opposition at the appropriate time at the expense of BN. He should lie low until after the next general election and should be prepared to forgo even his current position as UMNO Youth head in the best interest of BN. I am sure without him BN and UMNO can forge ahead most expediently.

    Najib should not be obliged to appoint KJ to the cabinet due to the push factor by certain personalities including the former PM. Najib cannot risk taking into the cabinet such a person like KJ; KJ cannot change his spots in a short time, what more even if he had undergone just 1 month of Wataniah training.

    No,Najib, please listen to the voice of the Silent Majority – don’t even consider appointing KJ.

  10. Khairy is a fool. Those who voted for him to be Ketua Pemuda are greater fools.

  11. Was KJ a leader and is he still a leader, the way I see it, he was, and he is just another passenger on UMNO train.
    A leader must show that he is a leader, neglecting the leadership and the organisation for not being able to get placement in the cabinet is not a brillient move eather.

    There are to many such a leader in Na Jib circule,could we take another?. What are the character that Na Jib had inside and wahat are the character that Na Jib bring in lately.

    1sekolah >1bahasa >1Malaysia.

  12. Not Khairy pleaseeeeeeeeeeee…..not ever!!!

    Give me the shiverssss….brghhhh…

  13. SILAP GUNA ?

    Pandang guna mata
    Dengar guna telinga
    Mulut buat bersuara
    Sedih tidak reti guna

    Terang lagi bersuluh
    Umpama peluk tubuh
    Kerja KJ tidak kukuh
    Pemuda bagai lenguh

    Tapi KJ releks sahaja
    Kesan tiga sudut laga
    Menang satu per tiga
    KP di negeri KJ jaga

    Kelantan dan sabah
    Juga Selangor serlah
    KP negerinya resah
    Perak ikut aksi gah

    Dulu ketiak mertua
    Meluru ruang laga
    Posisi dua pemuda
    Tidak tanding jaya

    Kini cabinet rubah
    KJ tak punya tuah
    Najib tak pilih sah
    Semesti KJ pasrah

    Situasi anwar sama
    Penyokong KJ jaja
    Sesia mata-telinga
    Ikut buta tuli gaya

    UM:03.06.10:khamis:”Perlantikan atas factor kelayakan”

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