Tun Musa should now go

More calls for Sime Darby Group Chairman Tun Musa Hitam and Board of Directors be accountable for the irrecoverable losses incurred by Bakun, Qatar Project and Maersk Oil Qatar which accumulated RM 1.3 billion in losses. More importantly, the call for immediate resignation is also based on the Chairman and BOD’s lame excuse of “Being misled by management”. This call now has been taken into Dewan Rakyat and independent MP for Wangsa Maju Wee Choo Keong made the demand earlier today.

On top of this, Musa irregularly exercised his position as a Chairman of the Sime Darby Bhd. It has been known that Tun Musa ‘enjoyed’ himself lavishly in the position. He has been known to have had Sime Darby chartered private jets for his use on company’s trips against using commercial flights. The urgency for him to arrive and leave the destination that it warrants for expensive hire of business jets since he is not an executive is still baffling. Probably, some people think that he needed to travel in style now that Sime Darby is a RM 30 billion plus turnover MNC conglomerate and the largest plantations MNC in the world.

Maldives President Mohamad Nasheed and Sime Darby Chairman Tun Musa Hitam @ 6th WIEF in Kuala Lumpur

Sometime, these luxuries can be abused. Recently, Musa demanded Sime Darby to charter and pay for the travel bills of Maldives President on business jet to attend the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) held in Kuala Lumpur. President Mohamad Nasheed’s bills came to slightly over RM one million and it is thought that Tun Musa did this because the former is the latter’s personal friend. This is highly irregular since the travel is deemed to be wrongful use of company’s expense and Sime Darby is just a sponsor and not an organiser of WIEF.

Then again, the announcement of Felda CEO Dato’ Mohd. Bakke Salleh as the new Group CEO of Sime Darby is also irregular. Despite that Musa had the BOD’s agreement to appoint Bakke for the top job, the BOD have not interviewed nor met him prior to the announcement. In fact, at the moment Bakke is abroad. It is peculiar for Sime Darby BOD to make the decision without the BOD actually having a moment of the man and trying to understand what he could and would do for Sime Darby.

Bakke’s performance in Felda is something not spectacular. In fact, Bakke did not have experience in managing business tracks such as industrial and motor, which contributes substantial earnings for Sime Darby. It has been said that under Bakke, Felda lost money in the hospitality investment in Mecca and Felda Global Ventures refinery in the US.

Did Musa threw PM Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s name around the BOD to get the explicit approval since Bakke is someone known and comfortable with the PM?

Dato' Azhar, flanked by Tun Musa Hitam and PM Dato' Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak

Musa in the same announcement said that five names were considered for the Group CEO position but did not reveal who they are. It is learnt that current acting Group CEO and former Plantations MD Dato’ Azhar Abdul Hamid’s name was not in the list. If Azhar’s name wasn’t on the list, so why did Musa and BOD appointed him to the current acting job a month ago, when they decided to ask controversial Group CEO Dato’ Seri Ahmad Zubir Murshid to take an “Absence of leave” till his contract terms end in November?

So, Azhar was good enough to be acting Group CEO last month but not worthy to be considered amongst the five short listed for the permanent job. In a matter of fact, Azhar’s proposal of having the ‘Troika’ (Group CEO, Group COO and Group CFO) representing the management at the BOD as a solution against the risk of “Management misleading the BOD” again was accepted two weeks before Musa made the announcement which basically said “Azhar wasn’t good enough for the job”. Isn’t that highly irregular?

Of course, some of us believed that personal reasons made Musa did not consider to list Azhar as someone that should be considered for the job, despite that Sime Darby Plantations made more money as compared to Felda, whose CEO was taken in to replace the man who was acting on his behalf. We don’t know what Bakke’s plans are, unlike Azhar who presented his intentions even to PM Najib.

Personal reasons also got Musa to appoint his trusted man since Guthrie days Franki Anthony to jump two steps on the corporate ladder within three short months to now assume Azhar’s job as Plantations MD since the latter was ‘shifted’ upstairs acting the Group CEO’s post upon Zubir’s immediate forced departure. Despite over and over again reiterating that he does not want to play politics, Musa is actually playing politics and getting someone who is willing to butter up to him is typically a politician’s incurable disease.

There is a rumour circulating that some ‘cover up’ is being hatched to save some parties, probably someone in the BOD from the humiliating losses scandals which may or may not is a crime being committed. Musa could in his capacity pushed for someone outside Sime Darby for fear that someone inside could uncover more worms. There is also  a possibility that persons outside Sime Darby is very close to the professionals who were supposed to detect the ‘irregularities’ in projects such as Bakun, QP and MOQ did not highlighted these in their annual reports and perhaps the personal relationship would end up to be a situation of ‘You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’.

Regardless, Musa should really go. So should some of the BODs, namely those who were from pre-Synergy Drive Sime Darby BOD. Its a matter of accountability. Its a matter of principle. It is a matter of restoring confidence of the stakeholders. Its without doubt the right thing to do, then and now.

*Updated 0330hrs

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  1. BigDog,

    Bakke is DS Najib’s Corporate Confidant and having him head Sime is an Obvious Choice….Same way as Omar Ong is now in Petronas. If Omar Ong is any older he probably would be heading PETRONAS.

    Musa is just there to have a good time and as long as he is able to keep DS Najib happy in the same way as Rais Yatim Does. Hmmmm wonder how well their wives jive with Rosmah.

  2. Salam Sdr BDC,

    Dengan segala kenyataan dan hujah yg diutarakan sdr itu,terbukti dengan jelas dan nyata bahawa kedudukan Tun Musa Hitam sebagai Pengerusi Sime Darby tidak lagi boleh dipertahankan.Bagi sesiapa yg mempunyai secebis maruah dan harga diri sudah pastinya akan segera melepaskan jawatannya secara sukarela sebagai pengakuan dan penerimaan tanggungjawabnya terhadap musibah yg menimpa Syarikat SD itu.

    Ternyata,manusia yg bernama Musa Hitam ini jenis yg tidak bermaruah,tidak bertanggungjawab,tidak tahu malu dan rendah pekertinya.Walaupun beliau didapati mengamal gaya hidup barat tetapi,nampaknya beliau tidak berpegang kepada nilai dan prinsip hidup orang barat yg amat menghargai dan menjaga maruah dan harga diri.

    Tindakan beliau memilih untuk tidak meletak jawatan mungkin kerana beliau mempunyai rancangan atau agenda tersendiri untuk melindungi sesuatu atau beliau terlampau terpesona dengan segala kemudahan dan keistemewaan yg dinikmatinya sebagai Pengerusi SD.

    Saya percaya sebilangan besar rakyat Malaysia dan mungkin seluruh warga Sime Darby ingin melihat Musa Hitam dan semua ahli BOD meletak atau dilucutkan jawatan mereka seberapa segera yg mungkin.Oleh kerana mereaka didapati tidak mahu berbuat demikian secara sukarela maka adalah menjadi tanggungjawab PM DS Najib untuk mengarahkan mereka meletakan jawatan agar tempat mereka digantikan dengan mereka yg lebih berwibawa dan berkaliber.Jika PM Najib gagal berbuat demikian,sudah tentunya rakyat akan merumuskan bahawa beliau gagal menepati konsep gagasan 1 Malaysian,iaitu kehandak”….rakyat didahulukan’.Sekaligus kegagalan ini akan termasuk didalam catatan yg meyenaraikan kegagalan dan kelemaahn beliau sebagai PM.

    Askar Tua

    • Pak Askar Tua

      Orang macam tu bukan ada maruah, bukan mahu tarik diri. Kalau Jepun hara kiri, dia orang mahu pegang jawatan sampai mati.

      Patut diheret sahaja ketepi laut dan disula. Macam yang dibuat diKerajaan Melayu Melaka.

      Saya rasa nak mencarut saja kapada orang macam itu. Tapi hormat kapada Big Dog dan cukup dengan maki hamun saja. Pun tak berapa sangat pedas kata kata saya.

      • tikus dh jatuh dlm kepok beras..tak kan senang2 nak keluar..

  3. ASB & ASN unitrust holders should take out their money from PNB to force Tun Musa to resign.

    • senang2 saja gunakan duit rakyat…sepatutnya duit itu digunakan untuk bayar dividen…sbb itulah setiap tahun dividen dibayar dibawah par..

  4. BDDC once again produced a well written article. The points are clear and it is high time for us to see Tun Musa Hitam to be sacked.

    All the board members should also be removed and a new selection must be done. Making billions of losses cannot go unanswered.

  5. Big Dog,

    It looks like they are getting away scot free. Even here there seems not many responding to your well written post. I don’t understand why.

    Are people too busy, fully occupied that they cannot spare a few minutes to spurn and darn those buggers?

    I can understand the lack of response to matters in Gaza. It’s too far away and too many problems already in this country. But this is a matter of the survival of a huge GLC that has contributed hell of a lot to the national coffers by way of tax.

    Come on, folks, I urge you who read this blog to just say a few words of condemnation here. I know there are many who read. Let’s support BD in his crusade against hanky panky in the country.

    We cannot go on having so much nonsense being done willy nally by those blokes in Sime Darby, Tabung Haji, Petronas and other national institutions. We must not allow them to rape these organisations. We have a stake in those organisations. They are supposed to be custodians of our interest.

    • Abu, we are just too tired. It was along fight during The sleepy dollah. We know that it is not going to be easy for DSN to sort out the mess BUT for some reasons, some of DSN decisions, actions and appoitments remind us of the sleepy dollah era. We want to see something charismatic, bold, decisive, but nah…sadly, DSN still fall short. Takut2. Play safe.

      Its nice to hear the spectacular GDP growth in the first quarter but go ask the SMI’s and the people on the street. They are still trapped in the aftermath of sleepy dollah’s stupid, stupid, stupidities while DSN is still trying to jaga hati Musa, KJ, NMY…

    • Yes,yes Abu. I silently despise this half breed for a long time. I thought he was buried forever.I despise his manerism even from the days of old. Sicerely I do. When I heard the two Ms being hype at that time, I cringed.

      I like what Askar Tua wrote of him . These people like to ape the west, sadly dont have the intergrity to go with it.

      In his case it comes out in the fucking smiles…


  6. What more can be expected from a gallivanting chairman?

  7. 13-million-plus-ringgit-guy,

    Go here and see if you can dig the figures provided …


    I cannot see the losses; can you?

    – Patriot –

  8. Salam Saudara BDC,

    Musa Hitam @ Black Mosses “practises lavish living”, ya lah punya ex-bini orang puteh dan now ex-model bukan orang Melayu, jadi hidup kena bergaya. Yang tak senonohnya kenapa pakai duit rakyat. Hebat sangat kah dia hingga ditugaskan untuk mengendalikan GLC ini? Apa kerana dia bekas DPM harus dikasikan tugas ini atau hanya diberikan untuk menyambung gaya hidupnya dan ganjaran. Orang ini suka berpura2 dan padahnya kepada GLC kebanggaan kita dan memalukan negara dengan sikap dia. Nampak sangat dia ni tak pandai dan saya heran kenapa banyak top GLC di isi oleh orang politik yang tak tahu bidang yang dikendalikan cuma pandai merosak dan makan duit. Black Moses & BOD harus dipertanggung jawabkan dan juga grup yang membuat rekomendasi venture yang merugikan itu. MACC harus menyiasat “element self-interest” dalam segala kontrak yang merugikan itu.

    • Jangan sekadar siasat benda yang dah terbongkar, alang2 nak siasat, siasat gak yang kat Indon tu. Semua yg teruk jadi di Indon tu dok sorok je bawah karpet. Bila dah rugi banyak boleh lak cakap tak tahu mende.. Sesia je simpan duit kat dalam ASB!!

      • Golongan marhaen mcm kita ni hanya pulangan ASB sahajalah yg kita harapkan…malangnya begitu ramai “ular2” dan puaka2 yg joli katakkan modal kita…tak hairanlah dividen yg kita terima berada ditakuk lama saja…mmg terasa sia2 kita simpan kat situ…nk harapkan bank rakyat, dh tak boleh ….

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  10. […] personality was spared: Chairman of the Group Tun Musa Hitam. He should also leave. It is a matter of principle. Of course one should also take into account that he explicitly did […]

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  12. […] there is scandals-plagued Securities Commission Chairman Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar. Of course, Sime Darby Chairman Tun Musa Hitam also should be on the hit list, because of accountability issues. The nation cannot afford to move […]

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