How did someone is able to get ‘Red Carpet Treatment’ in Pentagon?

The recent controversy about Partyless-Opposition-Leader Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim being bashed by US mainstream media for ‘anti Semitic’ stance in the Dewan Rakyat despite going to the US to meet the Neo Con Jews really hitting of to a new twist. Anwar now is desperately spinning and deflecting, in his sordid attempt to get out from the traps he laid, actually went wrong  and bit him hard where it hurts.

On Sunday, in a post PGPO ‘Breaking the Gaza Seige’ conference Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad said “If he (Anwar) is loyal to his Jewish masters, then he cannot be loyal to Malaysia”. In sheer desperation, as expected he started to spin, manipulate facts and even lie about him not being a ‘Darling of the Jews’.

Anwar being escorted by then Defense Secretary Cohen in The Pentagon

The indisputable fact is that, Anwar is the “Darling of the Neo Con Jews” in here Malaysia. When he was the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister back in 1997, US Defense Secretary William Cohen gave him a ‘Red Carpet Treatment’ for a visit to The Pentagon. He has very close relationship with former US Treasury Secretary Rubin,  former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, former World Bank Presidents Paul Wolfowitz and James Wolfensohn. Upon the discharge from prison when his sodomy sentencing was overturned by the Federal Court in 2004, former-abuse-of-power-convict Anwar left to Munich for orthopedic treatment and former US Secretary of State Madeline Albright flew in from Washington D.C. to call on him in the wards.

Chat between very close friends

So much of Anwar initiated organisations (covered from community based efforts such as intellectual discourse etc) here in Malaysia for the purpose of “Democracy, freedom of speech etc” is being funded by Jewish back organisations such as the Heritage Foundation and Foundation of the Future. Even PKR gets direct funding from Jewish businessmen like George Soros.

Anwar nestled in comfort between American friends, who are very pro Zionist Israel

One political attache’ in the US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur is often in the crowd when ever Anwar goes for his political rallies, all over the nation. Tom Daniels even attend annual PKR convention. It is obvious his presence is to ‘openly’ announce the CIA rather close involvement in Anwar’s political agenda and career.

All of these is not without Anwar having the support of Neo Con Jewish controlled media forever acting or even worse, pre-empting on his behalf. They would carry out his agenda, even to a point from far away. Case in point is the article by Dubus via French publication, Liberation. Anwaristas also resorted to techno-cyber anarchy, in the attempt to destabilize the country politically and non political aggressive solutions, like strategic lies indoctrination. They even resorted to have false portals, to confuse.

Recently, defected PKR leaders like Zahrain Hashim openly admit that Anwar lied about everything and deceived PKR MPs with false hopes that 16 September 2008 “Pakatan rakyat taking over the Federal Government was going to come”. It never did. Zahrain even admitted that the 16 Sept 2008 “Coup-de-e’tat” was necessary because of the severity of the Saiful Bukhary Azlan’s complain for sodomy. Even his own personal lawyer-turned-politician Zulkifli Nordin admitted for years he lied for Anwar, which include the “Arsenic poisoning whilst in detention”, during the abuse-0f-power-charges.

Then again, Anwar’s politics is all about assuming power at all cost, even anarchy. This is the very tactic he tried to deploy in his current sodomy trial.

This posting in Anwar’s blog is a really poor attempt to salvage what ever shred of confidence he still commands in his supporters and those who were ‘on the fence’ but willing to give him the chance, for their frustration with then BN leaders such as PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and co. No one in their level headedness would ever believe that Anwar is not a Jewish stooge here in Malaysia, obviously for the American Neo Con Jewish agenda via the CIA.

*Updated 2000hrs

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  1. BigDog,

    You said;

    “No one in their level headedness would ever believe that Anwar is not a Jewish stooge here in Malaysia, obviously for the American Neo Con Jewish agenda via the CIA.”

    Hmmmmm Let’s See what “Level Headedness” Means…..

    “Often having the connotation of remaining calm, composed, and careful, of not acting out of reflex or excessive emotion.”

    That Doesn’t sound Like You BigDog!

    You are One Angry, Bitter and Vindictive Person/s!!

    • Wow, what a hurried conclusion on Big Dog, I dont agree with you.

      Big Dog, in my moment of madness, I will say, let us give CIFUT BABI a chance. He will make Malaysia the darling of the west. With that come the support. I am sure, among other thing, the little red dot down uder will pee in the pants.


      P/S Dont worry about our religion.. Nikky will make sure they respect our religion.

  2. permission request for a republishment in my blog, wise sir,, :)))

    anyway, I’ve long suspected the burgherr is useless to us but useful to the enemies of ISLAM!!!

  3. Today I read a site (but don’t remember which site) that mentioned on red carpet welcome by US Govt for a Russian Minister who later became PM of Russia.

    A good anology for our DSAI, sorry I just cannot use the other shortname for him.

  4. Cohen escort CIFUT BABI? WOW.. no wonder US blogger believe CIFUT BABI is a CIA agent now. Only a close friend a.k.a agent can get this special treat…

  5. I haven’t seen this in local blogs, so I’m posting the link in case folks here missed it –

    It’s a damning report by the Government Accountability Project in the US on Anwar’s Foundation For the Future. It basically says that the FFF was little more than a front for funneling US government funds to Wolfowitz and his cronies, with Anwar being both an enabler and recipient.

    Seems like Anwar will soon be in big trouble, not just here, but also in the States. Methinks he better quickly run off and join Mr Polanski in France if he wants to stay out of jail.

  6. how many times you’re going to post the same thing over and over again? majority of malays in 1999 didn’t buy this, let alone 2010. lol.

  7. […] Big Dog, a Malaysian blogger with a penchant for the ludicrous and nonsensical rambles on about the special treatment that Anwar Ibrahim receives from the […]

  8. a severe case of obsessive jealousy

    • If you mean CIFUT BABI would be jealous I agree. From what I can read in between the lines no other Malaysian can get close to the jews. Not even our PM Dato Najib or our present Goverment. Remember APCO? There was big huha pertaining to a jewis connection. Is not that jealousy?

      I can’t imagine what would happen if it was TUN Mahathir walkiing side by side with cohen inspecting the Guard og Honour..Probably Nikky aziz ketayap would be dancing in the air..
      by itself.


      • Janganlah jeolous cik mohamed, jika dia diberi penghormatan sedemikian berbangga sahajalah, bukannya senang nak dapat. Saudara pun cakap even mahathir pun tak dapat. Sangka baik bro.

  9. Anwar is a CIA stooge, Nik Aziz and PAS are funded by Iranian and DAP funded Singapore PAP, aren’t you just tired of this whimsical unproven theory?

  10. To prove in court with kapal sinking as a defence lawyer? It will be a waste of time…


    • “Mat King Leather”‘s sodomy trial is postponed today becoz the Singh is unwell.

  11. Mr oohay,

    Iam not jealous. I even suggested to Big Dog we should let CIFUT BABI jadi our PM. Then Malaysia would be a darling of the west…

    I think it would be fun


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  13. […] These unravels so many details about Anwar. This Wikileaks is really a great tool and provide good opportunity for citizens of the world to discover a lot of underlying information. So should Malaysians. Please remember that it was the New Con Jews along the corridors of power in Washington D.C. who gave Anwar the ‘red carpet’ treatment. […]

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  17. […] kind of support in terms of apparatus and tools, strategy, media coverage, political clout, tactical…, was simply incomprehensible by any man’s wildest dreams. Forget John Perkin’s […]

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