Senior Gen Mgr Sime Darby Energy arrested by MACC?

One Senior General Manager Operations for the Kumang Cluster project, Mohd Zaki Osman was said to be arrested by MACC for questioning. He was picked up in Johor Bahru at 1600hrs.

It seems this is the second senior executive Sime Darby Energy and Utilities that recently being ‘hauled‘ by authorities. So much attention was placed on Sime Darby after Board of Directors (BOD) admitted in mid May for the ‘irregular’ losses amounting to RM 1.63 billion for Bakun, Qatar Project and Maersk Oil Project. The ‘reporting to BOD’ was blamed and Group Chief Executive Dato’ Seri Ahmad Zubir Murshid was asked to take “absence of leave” till his contract ends in November.

This arrest is part of the process undertaken by Sime Darby BOD to ‘clean up’ the mess left by former Sime Darby Engineering MD Dato’ Shukri and Dato’ Seri Zubir. This is in the midst of newly appoint President and Group CEO Dato’ Mohd. Bakke Salleh, who has been alleviated from Felda.

This is a herculean task for Bakke. For starters, Bakke got to in short span of time and opportunity learn who-is-who within the conglomerate that employs 100,000 persons. Then he naturally need to understand the strength, capability and weakness of the senior managers and significant players. Of course, he also need to ‘pick-up-here-and-there’ who are amongst the managers that were ‘tainted’ in all sorts of scandals that lurk and loom, which now has surfaced.

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  1. Macam penah dengar je jalan cerita ni. Ikan bilis ditangkap untuk melepaskan jerung.

    • Sdr kluangman

      kalau nak tangkap jerong, jangan pilih dari gulungan jerong untuk menjadi wakil atau pemimpin kita.

      Tapi jaga2 semua bakal pemimpin adalah jerung, “potential” jerung dan “potential super” jerung.

      Yang sebok dan bising sekarang kebanyakannya adalah dari jerung “wana be”.

      Dulu kita ada system raja-raja. Ok juga tu. Beratus-ratus tahun kita dapat bertahan. Mana ada jerung atau jerung “wana be”. Dipancung saja habis cerita..

      Then people will say they are jerung themselves.
      But then they don’t have to be a politcian navigating through murky world of politics to be a super jerong. Mereka di lahirkan..


  2. Saya dah dapat merasakan kerugian Sime Darby bila mereka mula mengambil bekas pekerja Peremba (sekarang ini telah bengkrap) bagi projek Petronas Kuantan-Segamat Compressor Station bersama Tractors Malaysia. Mereka ini melarikan diri dari Peremba setelah projek Melut Basin diSudan merugikan dan mengakibatkan syarikat bumiputera ini lenyap dlm indastri Gas & Minyak. Saya percaya punca nya adalah sama saperti di Sime Darby sekarang.

    • If the whole ex-paremba thingy including the shitty ones fill up the vacancies in the petronas project it sounds funny. But if only the skill ex-paremba perkerja is employed in this petronas project and it works, then it is good isnt?


  3. I strongly suggest that we send the MACC to all GLCs to uncover all these traitors who are squandering our nations wealth. Make all their a/c public because we have a right to know how they are spending our money!
    Finally why is no one making any noise on the newest scandal about to take place? Why are we tax payers bailing out the three waste disposal concessionaires. News is that the govt will be paying these three companies to manage solid waste disposal in the three regions – weren’t concessions given to them and now that they have abused there licenses to print money now they need the govt to bail them out with our money! Anybody who supports this is a moron. Someone bring some honesty and integrity into our govt and polital leaders including the cabinet. This is coming from a Pemuda UMNO who want to see a better and fairer place for his children.

    • Come on sdr isa, wan, jitu dan lain2. mana hang? ini pemuda umno talking about corruption…bola tanggung..


  4. Dream on Azman, if hell freezes over, if pigs can fly. Not in your lifetime, not in this government.

  5. […] only they sacked the executives who are responsible to manage these miserably failed projects and some were even handed to authorities for a more detail investigation and eventually prosecution, Sime Darby is now making them pay for […]

  6. Kalau nak tangkap jerung mesti pakai pukat harimau sebab dalam sime darby engineering sdn bhd tu..ada anak jerung hidup mewah lebih dari jerung yang masuk pukat SPRM tu..kalau audit asset setiap anak jerung mesti masuk pukat punye…sprm kena adil la kalau betul mau tangkap..jangan angkat bapa jerung saja tapi anak2 jerung tu sekali…merosakan masa depan GLC dan habis semua tergadai kerana jerung2 tamak ni.

  7. dato sri ahmad zubir surely explain the matters on the project to BOD on their meeting…and the chairman should know about this. We cannot put all the blame to him….what about the chair person? He too must leave the organisation.One more thing that some of the BOD are also the BOD / chairman to others company…ini kes tamak.

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