What is the colour of the sky in Haris Ibrahim’s world?

Haris Ibrahim

We often ask: What is the colour of the sky in Haris Ibrahim’s world? For persons who admire him as a human rights activist and lawyer, he tends to go way over board and thus loses the plot. More often than not, it is into ridiculous territory.

The latest is on his claims of the 1,805 lives lost under ‘custody‘. We are assuming that the deaths are under custodian of the law enforcement agencies. Specifically, the Police and other authorities such as the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission.

If the majority of these persons had died under the Police watch, then dig these figures:

Kematian dalam lokap Polis 2000-mei 2010 jumlah 147. (2000-7, 2001-16, 2002-15, 2003-23,  2004-21, 2005-14,  2006-15, 2007-15,  2008-12, 2009-6 &  2010-3 (so far).

Punca kematian. HIV 32, Asthma 4, Jantung 9, Penyakit lain 64, Gantung diri 21, Gaduh sesama OKT (orang kena tuduh – suspects) lain 3, Pendarahan otak 3, Tergelincir di bilik air lokap 1 dan dicederakan Polis 1.

There you have it. The record is clear. 147 deaths in 10 years. That is an average of 15 deaths per year, which include illness such as HIV related, asthma, coronary disseases, other ailments and accidents (fall in the bathroom). If we just take the last three or four years, then its only 36. If taken since 2003 (as Haris claimed to be), then it would only totaled to 109.

There is a serious deficit by another 1,696 deaths in custody for the same corresponding period, as claimed by Haris Ibrahim’s ‘Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia’. So where is this deficit is coming from? MACC/Immigration/Prisons? Or Henry Gurney school in Telok Mas, Melaka?

Is it possible that Haris hallucinated these figures?

We often wonder why are persons like Haris Ibrahim doing these preposterous claim. We hope that Haris does this because he is delusional. Otherwise he might be suffering from some chronic psychiatric or emotional disorder. Either way, he would probably need professional help.

If not, then he might have a serious malice intention in making these claims. That anarchist agenda would be really bad because he could be perceived as trying to disrupt the peace by inciting and instigating public against law enforcement agencies like the Police. That is a threat to national security. He could be investigated under Sedition Act and even Internal Security Act.

Excerpts of the Sedition Act 3 (1):

(a) to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against any Ruler or against any Government;

(b) to excite the subjects of the Ruler or the inhabitants of any territory governed by any government to attempt to procure in the territory of the Ruler or governed by the Government, the alteration, otherwise than by lawful means, of any matter as by law established;

(c) to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the administration of justice in Malaysia or in any State;


Haris could have done it differently if he could substatiate his claims. The Human Rights Commission (SUHAKAM) is the right body to go to, if it is true and he could substantiate that 1,805 persons died under custody.

The Police should investigate both Peoples’ Parliament and Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia blogs. Clearly, the posting on the 1,805 persons died under custody is nothing but about the intent to mislead blog readers and create grave distrust against the law enforcement agencies, especially the Police, MACC and Prisons Dept. Freedom of press and expressing one’s views must come with responsibility and credibility.

It would be better for Haris Ibrahim if he had been someone who sees the sky to be pink, purple or even psychedelic orange in colour. Then again, he is one of those ‘Sky Kingdom’ supporter if not a follower. Regardless, his anti-establishment nature is slowly turning to be anti-convention.

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  1. BigGuy,

    Without doubt, as you presented here, Haris Ibrahim is a menace to society. Either he is a psycho or an agent of anarchy, the authorities should not allow Haris to walk the streets.

    The Police must be serious keeping him out of the street. This is not the first time that he has done something that could jeopardise national security.

    I really hope the world sees what Haris is really is!

    • The problem is we have a weak Prime Minister and a coward Home Minister.

      So you can bet that no action will be taken.

      • A perfect description

  2. If he IS one of the sky kingdom’s followers, then what ever he said is worth what we pass out in the morning

    • Haris could hv gotten the 1,805 figure from his Ayah Pin, Lord of the Sky Kingdom!


  3. His colour could be the same as the previous ‘bintang tiga’ colours.

  4. Doggy,

    Haris ni anti Islam/anti Melayu!!!!

    Macam ko cakap tu betul. Dia ni anti segala penguasa, termasuk ugama. Dia ni kaji Islam & Al Quran HANYA utk cari kelemahan utk kutuk & keji!

    Haris is sama cam Malik Imtiaz: Lawyer guna nama org Islam utk pertahankan hak org yg nak murtad! (Kalau zaman Khalifar Umar agaknya dah mati kena penggal org cam gini!)

    Aku heran camana dia boleh jadi cam gini. Dia ni paham undang undang. Tapi sengaja cari nahas utk timbulkan kegusaran dgn hasutan! Typical lawyer PR. Bila kita tangkap, dakwa kerajaan zalim! Tapi kegilaan dia tu, tak pa pulak!

    Haris ni ingat Polis sama cam Gestapo ke???? Atau PolPot! Selagi yg kena tahan tu kira mati ajala.

  5. Haris cerita ni bukan untuk Malaysia sahaja agaknya. Dia kan orang antarabangsa, macam KJ. Mesti dia ambil kira jumlah tu dari seluruh dunia yang dia memang terkenal. Jadi dia kelirukan fakta untuk orang hentam dia sebab dia memang telah ada jawapannya. Dia kira dari semua negara yang amalkan undang-undang yang sama untuk dapatkan jumlah tu. Sekurang-kurang dari seluruh Komanwel. Itulah andaian semata-mata. Dia tidak bodoh untuk buat kesilapan sebegitu. Cuma dia salah guna kecerdikan dia untuk tujuan yang merugikan kita.

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  7. I personally thinks that all the numbers that died in the custdy are correct except that they died under his custody that also include his cats, dogs, monkeys, cow etc. (neighbours also). What he forgot to discern the numbers is to differentiate, either it’s the death of human or animals. Or is it because he profess the religion of darwin. Either way, I’m a bit confused now. Should we call him or it???

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    • Wow, haris, some human rights liar, ehem, lawyer you are. Can’t even get his figures right and for someone who campaigned and still is campaigning mainstream medias are liars, he, finally defended his arguments with one. And still he got the figures wrong, how stupid can he be? I guess anwar’s 16 sept disease must’ve been contagious, and he, must’ve caught it, somewhere. In tivoli villas, years back, probably.

      • I heard some where a lawyer is not good in maths.


  9. Salam..

    Bro, perhaps he is just trying to test the patience of our authorities and want them to arrest him under the ISA. With the arrest, he would then be able to say that the Government is giving pressure on people like him.

    It is as simple as that. No one with the right mind would want to believe such numbers (except to those people in the other group).

  10. pls go to this and read what the minister answered in the parliment
    A TOTAL of 2,571 detainees died of various diseases while being held in the country’s prisons, rehabilitation centres and illegal immigrant detention depots between 1999 and 2008, Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said.

    The illnesses included HIV/AIDS, septicaemia, tuberculosis, cancer, heart and blood diseases and asthma.

    He said the detainees also died due to suicides and fights.

    A total of 153 detainees died while in police custody during the same period, he told Liew Chin Tong (DAP – Bukit Bendera) in a written reply.

  11. Funny though, Zaid Ibrahim, Anwar Ibrahim, Harris Ibrahim, Khalid Ibrahim……all are liars…hmm….co-incidence?……..genetic?……hmmmmmm…..

    • Hahahahaha…… good one…..

      • Kalau semua anak-anak Ibrahim yang liberal tahap gaban ni kena “di perkasa” dari bapa mereka Ibrahim Ali baru le buku bertemu ruas.

        Bravo Ibrahim (Ali), the last few real Malay warriors.

  12. You all talk cocks here which is not nice!
    Dia berani keluar, untuk siapa? kenapa? untuk rakyat sebab dia sayang rakyat..
    tentang personal life dia, kenapa nak sibuk? hangpa iri hati?

    • Pa cakap ayam jantan? Tang mana yang baguih menipu nih? Sapa peduli dia bela anjing ka, kapiaq ayah pin ka, pi mampuih. Diaorang nih semua dok cakap pasal mamat nih penipu besaq, pandai2 ja buruk2 kan kerajaan bagi jumlah merapu2. Sayang rakyat la kunun, hang tipu rakyat, hang kasik tau rakyat kerajaan nih zalim, semua polis nih jahat, bunuh orang dalam tahanan suka2, hang nih bodo ka apa? Kalau isu sekali pun, kenapa kena tipu? Tang mana niat yang baik, walau baik sekalipun, buleh mula dengan menipu. Pandai2 ja bagi jumlah. Orang marah sebab dia penipu, bila kita tanya mana bukti dia, dia kata kita pulak tak paham bahasa, manakah betulnya nih semua? Hang dok kempen kata surat khabar salah, selama nih surat khabar tak bagi cerita betul, kenapa la nih rujuk pulak kat surat khabar? Dah la tu, rujuk kat akhbar, salah lagi jumlah nih. Penipu, paham, orang marah sebab kenapa menipu, walau isu tu murni cam mana pun, kenapa menipu. Siakap senohong gelama ikan duri, bercakap bohong, lama2…. hang pikiaq la sendiri.

      • Bro dollah

        Lama tak comment. Sekali comment tepat dan berapi ba..


      • Tuan Mohamed,

        Nih la dia, tuhan bagi akai, dia tak guna. Cetek sungguh fikiran, sungguh mengecewakan. Orang gila mcm haris nih dah salah guna kebebasan, ya lah, lawyar la katakan. Dia bebas untuk menabur fitnah, bebas untuk mencetuskan keadaan kacau bilau, bebas untuk menjahanamkan negara kita dan juga bebas untuk menggunakan kelebihan dia untuk memanipulasi orang2 yang tak tau nak fikir betul2. Apa la orang2 gila ni, tak suka Malaysia nih, pi dok negara lain la.

        Terima kasih Tuan, masih ingat pada saya. Nih lah saja yang termampu nak bantu. Kasi komen agar celiklah orang2 yang bodoh ini.

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