Selling away Malaysia wholesale to the ‘enemy’

Kalimullah "Riong Kali" Masheerul Hassan aka Singapore Snitch

Highly elusive blogger Apanama basically nailed (with evidence) Dato’ Kalimullah “Riong Kali” Hassan’s contract and unlimited access of every single tax account holders’ information in the nation, be it corporation or individual.

Riong Kali is an integral and pivotal part of Air Asia

The account details of every single tax payer had been opened for compromise since 2005, when Riong Kali’s firm got the initial RM 200 million contract and then an extension of another RM 500 million more. Every single detail filed of income (which also include net gains from sources like dividends, interests and profit shares) and allowable and deductible expenses are now accessible by Riong Kali’s ‘spies’ and they could easily sell them to any parties, even the ‘enemies’. The ‘leak’ could be wholesale and sundry with no real way to measure the extension of the information flow and furthermore, the damage it could strategically infer.

Imagine the economic sabotage that could be invoked onto our nation with the information available. From the amount of dividends paid and received and interests deducted, the full data of someone’s or an organisation’s investments, exposures and  financial health could be deduced accurately.

Tony "Dont hv to pay MAHB" Fernandes, Lim Guan Eng and Riong Kali

In 2005, the Minister of Finance was PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, custodian, protector and defender of all ‘Level Four Boys’ ill-conceived plans and pseudo-self-destructive decisions. The Minister of Finance II was Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yackop, the ‘puppet master’ and ‘master operator’ of all of these plans-translated-to-execution, via GLCs such as Khazanah Holdings Bhd. and statutory bodies such as the Securities Commission. Nor Mohamed is now the Minister-in-charge-of-EPU, who has powers over macro economic planning, especially the New Economic Model and 10th Malaysia Plan.

Riong Kali, being a lackey and operative of a pseudo-super-power’s agenda in the region capitalised the opportunity to the maximum. For the record, the Police already denied approval for the man to be appointed as a Press Sectretary to then newly appointed Deputy Prime Minister En. Abdul Ghaffar Baba back in 1986, for being “Too close to Singapore”. If there was a comprise in the security clearance for Riong Kali then, there should not be any different when Riong Kali was appointed into NST in 2004 and being awarded this contract in 2005.

The man who systematically and structurally destroyed NST

They say the ‘proof in the pudding is in the eating’. It turned about to be true. Riong Kali used NST to the advatange of his ‘master’. We are not talking about PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah here, although he served the purpose of extremely proping the sleepy-head Premier to a point of public despise and gross discontent. Riong Kali structurally and systematically destroyed the credibility and acceptability of NST, which used to be the ‘voice of Malaysia in the English speaking world’. The ‘destruction’ of the ‘voice’ and the institution of the Malay leadership would have served the strategic purpose of an evil axis-of-pseudo-power in the region.  He was even proven to have used NST to lie!

In late 2005, Riong Kali joined forces with son-in-law Khairy “The Most Powerful 28 Year Old” Jamaluddin to acquire a stockbroking house ECM Libra (formerly known as Bumiputera Securities) from Khazanah and less than a year later, via a sleek corporate deception game acquire a MOF Inc owned larger financial house Avenue Capital and a fully licensed universal broker and invesment bank ECM Libra-Avenue was born.

NST board: 4 of them are PM 'Flip-Flop' Abdullah's loyalists, where 3 of them are Singapore/CIA-friendly

Riong Kali also ask co-conspirator Brenden Perreira to start Fox Commuincations sometime in 2006 and they quickly garner a lot of PR work for the Government and agencies such as IRDA (coincidentally, was too focus on ‘working’ with Singapore). Now, Riong Kali has the whole value chain of economic control with a strong probability of sabotage: Information on the capital and financial market, holistic information on the entire tax payers’ income, investments and exposures and the control of information and perception at the strategic and tactical end.

Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak, Home Minister Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein and relevant security agency heads such as Director General of National Security Council, Director General of the Inland Revenue Board, Director of Special Branch (Royal Malaysian Police) and the intelligence office under the PM’s Department should really pay serious attention to this.

Its time Government take Riong Kali out. There should be enough to work on him.

*Updated 1130am

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  1. BigDog,

    Errrrrr, surely you don’t think DS Najib and Hisham doesn’t know about all this??!!

    Eat your heart out but please stop pulling our leg!!

  2. Some of Riong Kali’s bestest friends:

    1. Tony F
    2. Tengku Zafrul
    3. Bakkee Salleh
    4. Ismee Ismail
    5. Lim Kian Onn
    6. Azman Yahya
    7. Azman Mokhtar
    8. TS NMY
    9. KJ
    10. Mr Flip Flop aka Pak Lah
    11. Shah Hakim
    12.Brendan Paria
    13.Azhari Kamil
    14.Level 4 Boys – Kamal Khalid, Zaki, Vincent, Haizan, etc
    15.Ganen (Khazanah)

  3. This is absolutely shocking!

    Riong Kali’s dubious credentials and undertakings aside, I know for a fact that two of the NST Board Members, Dato’ Seri (now Tan Sri) Mohd Jawhar dan Dato’ Zolkipli Abdul, once worked in the intelligence division of the Prime Minister’s Department. This division is equivalent to the American CIA and British MI6.

    I also know that Tan Sri Jawhar dan Dato’ Zolkipli were then officers of integrity, but the fact remains that they possess knowledge of highly sensitive government secrets.

    And didn’t blog Unspinners once write here that Tan Sri Jawhar is not only Riong Kali’s crony but also pro-Anwar Ibrahim?

    I don’t want to speculate although the temptation to do so is great. You can add it all up and come to your own conclusion.

    God forbid if DS Najib and DS Hishamuddin are still sleeping or procrastinating! We seem to be going back to Slumberjack’s time, aren’t we?


  5. The question is not whether PM or KDN aware of this matter. I believe they already know. The more interesting question is, how come these people still live free and well out off government pocket.
    Almost everything bad ever said about them are most probably true and has been proved one way or another, by more than 1 means. But, they are still around, getting richer and richer.
    There is just no action. But then again, this is Malaysia, land of many law and regulation, but no enforcement.

  6. Maybe its a case of ‘You Touch Me, I Whack You’ or ‘You Scratch my Back, I Scratch Yours’. Kosong-Kosong Beb

    • Pemimpin yg berani hanyalah pemimpin yg sentiasa bertakwa kpd Allah – melakukan suruhannya dan menjauhi larangannya…jika pemimpin ada sifat ini, sudah tentu dia akan mampu bertindak kerana percaya Allah akan sentiasa melindunginya..tatapi jika pemimpin pun 2×5 sahaja, bagaimanakah ia mampu untuk malakukan tindakan terhadap satu2 isu yg antaranya jelas menggugat kesetabilan negara..

  7. Well said, Big Dog and Jang.
    Only Perkasa members can whack all this bageros.

    More pekung to come.

    • Yes if perkasa is sincere and not another gang to bleed the goverment using a malay nationalist ticket..


  8. Najib’s moto is:
    If you cannot fight them, join them.

  9. “Proxies” are commonly used by adversaries to achive certain ends. They are normally selected from among those who are unhappy or have a grudge against an “enemy”, with a hidden or specific agenda.

    We have seen how this happened to DSAI recently, and also perhaps with Kali, when he was denied as Tun Ghaffar’s Press Secretary for being “too close to Singapore.”.

    Whatever it is, things will have to be carefully monitored and varified. If found true beyond doubt,in the national interests, appropriate and firm action must be taken immediately by the relevant authorities.

  10. I am not a blogger but I do read and keep up with the goings-on. This posting or information was highlighted some time ago and I thought I was reading an old article until I saw the date i.e. 22nd July. So this is coming up again and I am tempted to write this (first time, though).
    Everyone knows that these sort of activities was prevalent during the previous administration of 22 yrs. When the administration changed hands, it just continues but with different players who are so silly that they do not know how to do these subtly!
    So why is everyone getting so worked up!!Is it because they are not able to get ‘a piece of the pie’?
    PM knows all these and he cannot be seen to be taking action on these cronies only and not on the previous cronies, which is the reason for his no action!! We do not need ‘big brains’ to figure that out!
    As long as BN rules, this prevails. The only way to get rid of all the corruption is to change the government. Of course, we cannot be sure that the new govt will be clean but we will not know until they have been given an opportunity to rule and to be clean. If they are not, we just have to change the govt again.
    So, PEOPLE, it is all in our hands, the CITIZENS of this country. We should be glad that all these information is widely available now in all the blogs etc so we can now make a wise choice. Previously, we did not have these information, thus we could have made a wrong choice.

    We were told that the lifting of the subsidies will benefit the poor, Does it now??? It’s more like benefiting the Government, Does it not?? More money for the cronies who have milked the Country Dry!!

    My 2sen worth, vote smart, vote wisely!!


    • You are right. For 53 years, though BN had done some good to the country but since 20 years ago BN especially UMNO had deviated from their original course. They became greedy and start raping the country for the greed of the UMNOputra. Malaysia with the vast natural resources should be the developed country by now. The only hope for Malaysia is to have a change of gov. By voting BN especially UMNO is only to get Malaysia into a worse situation and its people to suffer more and allow UMNOputra in particular to fullfill their greed.

      • So what? The truth must be told as much as needed to as lomg as no action is taken.

        To give the goverment of the day to the opposition because of a few lousy bastards in the goverment? You must be very desperate…


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