Ketuanan Melayu: A legitimate right of the Malays

After all the controversy and polemic about Ketuanan Melayu, it is shocking to note that 50 years after independence the citizens of the whole country especially the Non Malays neither genuinely do not grasp or simply refuse to accept the fundamental basis of our unique nationhood.

Before this matter gets out of hand and becomes more toxic and turn ugly, it is high time to remind everyone of the simple facts and truth about the issue.

First of all, the world knows that before the successive colonizers; the Portuguese, the Dutch and finally the British came with their gunboats this country; the Malays were the original indigenous and legitimate owners or TUAN of this country. The Malay Sultans were the Rulers and the entire indigenous subjects and citizens were the Malays. There were no Chinese and Indians at all. The Chinese and Indians were subsequently brought into this country by the British colonizers as immigrants labour to work in their mines and plantations and help the British exploit and plunder this country.

By right when this country regained her independence, the British had to return this country to the Malays as the TUAN and restore everything to its original position as when they first set foot in this country. This was the legitimate and rightful premise of the nation.

But as a political plea bargain, the British requested for the immigrant population to be allowed to continue to remain and be citizens of this country upon independence. The Malays were well aware that by the time the Chinese and Indians who were open to much better opportunities during the colonial days have already achieved considerable economic and social progress and advantages compared with the Malays themselves who have been subjected to hundreds of years of systematic suppression, deprivation and marginalization. In fact the immigrant Chinese ‘apeks’ has already become towkays and Indian ‘thambys’ have become overseers, mandores, even engineers and money lenders while the Malay TUANs themselves have been reduced ti mere ‘Ahmads’ largely confined to the remote Kampungs wallowing in the mud with their buffaloes. Thoese who managed to leave the kampong were in uniform elevated to drivers, peons, mata-mata or Malay regiment  soldiers to keep everyones’ peace.

However, despite the potential threat to their own position, the Malays with their typical magnanimity and generosity were still willing to take the risk of accommodating about 3 million Chinese and Indians, nearly as many as the Malays themselves and confered instantly citizenship BUT on condition that it would not prejudice or compromise their own position and status as the legitimate TUAN of this country.

This was the condition precedent or the prerequisite for the immigrant population to remain and be citizens of this country ie: they have to agree, recognize, accept and respect the precedence of the Malays in this country. This is what Ketuanan Melayu or social contract is all about. It is essentially about the reinstatement and restoration of the Malays as original and legitimate owners of the land.

To legitimise this fundamental agreement the Ketuanan Melayu was clearly articulated and captured in a special provision clause enshrined in the constitution as the cradle of collective consensus and conscience of all the citizens in this country and nation for prosperity.

In fact, in order to manifest and underline all the intents and purposes of the letter and spirit  of this provision about Ketuanan Melayu even further, the constitution went on to constitutionally define the term MELAYU to highlight, differentiate and distinguish them from others. To emphasis the special status, position and powers of the Malays, the Malay Sultans were reinstated as Rulers of the states, with the AGONG regularly elected among them as King, Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces as the protector and keeper of the Constitution and the country. Furthermore, the mother tongue of the Malays, Bahasa Melayu was made the national language while the religion of the Malays become the official religion of the country. All these constitute and spelled the essence and veracity of the Ketuanan Melayu.

The simple and blunt answer to those who still question Ketuanan Melayu should question their own existence and presence in this country. It must be put to them clearly that this special provision would not have necessary if the Malays did not have to carry the burden of accommodating them, the immigrant Chinese and Indians and extend to them the privilege of citizenship which they enjoy until this very day. It was simply a quid pro quo for accommodating them. The term Melayu would not have been constitutionally defined if not for the existence and presence of others with the consent of the Malays in this country.

All the affirmative action policies and actions stamming from this provision such as the New Economic Policy (NEP) of the Bumiputera policies are to empower the Malays to redress themselves in order to restore their original and rightful position as the TUAN of this country. They are not privileges but inherent and legitimate rights of the Malays to do whatever it takes to restore their status and position that had been lost of hundreds of years of suppression and deprivation of the British colonial rule. It must also be clearly understood that the onus of this restoration process lies entirely with the Malays themsleves to devise their own strategies to achieve this ultimate end within their own time without any leave from others.

The truth is, until today, in spite of various affirmative policies and actions, the Malays have not been able to liberate themselves completely from the vestiges of grave setbacks suffered from the British rule. To a certain extent the process has been made even more difficult and complex, as it has been compounded by other strenuous constrains such as the need to compromise and accommodate Non Malay interest. All our policies have always been delibrately accommodative and never been at the expense of others. In fact, some of our affirmative actions intended to benefit the Malays have been riddled with constant leakages arising from exploitation by Non Malays causing serious cancellation effect.

All said and done, today, the Malays are still far behind in every sphere of life compared with the Non Malays, especially the Chinese who have enjoyed good head start with the indulgence of the British colonizers actually at large extent at the expense of the Malays.

Glib talks about equality, the Malays are intrinsically the least equal. Talk about justice, where is the economic justice for the Malays who have actually sacrificed and  suffered the worst. In all things what matters most is tangible EQUITABILITY which remains very much an elusive dream as far as the Malays are concerned. If at all it is the Malays who should be shouting and clamouring for equality and justice but not others.

The thought of the Non Malays grudging the so called special privileges of the Malays is most grateful if not outright bad faith. After all, at the time of reckoning the forefathers of the Chinese and Indian immigrants had a clear choice; either they recognize, accept and respect the KETUANAN MELAYU and live with it for prosperity or remain as foreigners or leave this country as the British excess baggage.

However they wilfully chose to remain and be citizen of the country which has been the land of milk and honey for them. For them to question and repudiate the KETUANAN MELAYU especially while the Malays are still struggling and they having the best of both worlds means that they are trying to have both the cake and eat it. Whereas they know full well that never in history and nowhere in the world not even China or India can anybody be allowed to do so. It is as if they wish to abrogate or usurp the legitimate rights to the Malays to exercise their liberty to remedy their own position without leave or consent of the Non Malays.

The increasing audacity of the Non Malays is not at all surprising now that they are more entrenched and more daring to exert their presence perhaps emboldened by the emergence of their original homelands China and India as world powers. It is no coincidence that even the Indians who have been generally more docile have recently organised themselves as HINDRAF which saw it fit to take their grievances to India for political leverage. The Chinese of course with their more aggressive attitude has recently forced the government to apologise and pay homage to the Great Wall of China over a purported incident of mistreatment of Chinese citizen by an immigration department that turn out to be a farce because the actual victim was in fact a poor Malay lady. Indeed it was a great humiliation for the Malays as a whole. Perhaps these ugly incidents will haunt the Sino-Malay relationship for years to come.

In any case, our brief history has shown that the Non Malays especially the Chinese had never really lived up to their obligation to the Malays and this country right from their humble beginning. When the British left this country in a lurch in World War II, the Malays in the true spirit as the sons of the soil defended the country with their lives and soul to the last man. The Chinese on the other hand organised Malayan Communist Party (MCP) with the support of mainland communist China tried to take over this country from the British for themselves. They mounted viscious and savage guerilla warfare with unfold loss of the Malay unity lives and damage to this country until they were defeated.

Then, in 1969 when they smelt power after a strong showing in a general election they arrogantly taunted the Malays threatening to send them back to the kampongs where they belong resulting in bloody race riot.

Yet again, when Singapore gained her independence through Malaysia, the Chinese-based party PAP in Singapore spawned the idea of Malaysian Malaysia in order to undermine and upstage the position of the Malays resulting in the amputation of Singapore from Malaysia dealing another huge sacrifice on the part of the Malays and this country just to avert another political disaster. Till this day the politics of Chinese chauvinism continues to breed and spawn the same sentiments though with some subtlety through the DAP, as the 5th column and proxy and alter ego of Singapore’s PAP.

Should anybody think that the provision for KETUANAN MELAYU was uncalled for or  a little ostentious, all above incidents prove that not only it was sound foresight on the part of our founding fathers but the fundamental protection of the position of the Malays as such prove absolutely necessary and completely tenable.

To say the least, it was this sound mechanism of KETUANAN MELAYU as the fulcrum of the equilibrium that provides the foundation that provides the foundation and framework for our grand coexistence that has seen this country and society achieve unprecedented success in peace and harmony that has made our nation an icon of diversity and en envy of the whole world. Thanks to the wisdom of our forefathers and the magnamity of the Malays.

Going forward therefore it is high time that leaders of all political persuasion should enlighten themselves with this fundamental issue and appreciate and embrace it with complete integrity of purpose. And without any apology the Malays should stand up and defend their special position with KETUANAN MELAYU with fortitude and dignity not only for the good of the Malays themselves but for the sake of the future of the whole country.

Datuk Nordin Bin Salleh

23 February 2009

* Nordin was with MNCs before embarking fulltime into politics. He won the Sg Pinang DUN seat in Kelantan during the 1990 general elections under Parti Semangat 46. He was one of the two Semangat 46 who crossed back into UMNO in 1991 for the sake of Malay unity. This paved the way for an effort to strengthen the Malays and eventually saw Semangat 46 being dissolved and its members returned to UMNO en bloc in 1996.

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  1. Some historical untruths here.

    1. There were chinese in Malaya, definitely in Perak before the British. It was the Sultan’s who allowed them in and sold them licences to mine tin, not the British.

    2. In WW11 the whole ruling establishement was co-opted byt the Japanese. There was no heroic wholesale resistance as this writer is trying to imply.

    3. Who is one supposed to be grateful to? To the writer of this article and his issue to infinity?
    What sacrifice has the writer personally have had to make? What burden did he personally carry that he feels aggrieved about?

    I must say this is a very poor intellectual attempt to sustain something that has no sound philopsophical underpinnings.

    To say that the poor and the disadvantaged in this country still largely consist of the Bumiputras and that help and affirmative is required to reduce any large income disparity between the richest and the poorest is fine but to come up with this pseudo-intellectual argument is I must say very poor attempt at explaining his own opinion and position.

    • goodbye to hello

      Your historical “truths” lack specific dates for one, and your counter argument can’t even hold water to the writer’s supposedly ‘pseudo-intellectual’ argument.

      In fact your response is not even worth the space given to you.

      So don’t try to act smart.

      The main point is this: The pendatang and their descendants must ACKNOWLEDGE the special position of the MALAY and BUMIPUTRAS.

      It is in the constitution – no argument.

      Now if the pendatang start challenging the concept of KETUANAN MELAYU through a warped sense of the meaning, then it is HIGH time the MALAY/BUMI stand up to reclaim their BIRTHRIGHT.

      The pendatang are “insulted” when their screwed interpretation leads them to believe that the KETUANAN MELAYU means the MALAY/BUMI are superior to the pendatang, when it actually means “landlord”.

      See the pendatang RESENTS the concept of being inferior to the magnanimous MALAY/BUMI, so they start challenging the social contract of which they were ignorant about in the first place.

      To put it in a nutshell – MALAY/BUMI must stand their ground to reclaim their constitutional rights and if the pendatang are not happy, they can always go back to their countries of origin.

      And the constitution renders the state-funded vernacular schools as illegitimate use of national resources.

      So hello, bid goodbye…

      • I totally agree.

        The Non Malays simply refuse to accept their presence here as citizens were completely out of the grace & goodwill of UMNO leaders. They have rights today becoz UMNO leaders.

        They should consider to leave this ‘Land of the Malays’ if they cannot accept KETUANAN MELAYU.

        Really. Chinese Chauvinist lands like Singapore & ‘Sheriff-of-the-West’ downunder would be more than happy to have them. Whilst at it, see if they can get as much rights as they get here (like vernacular schools) & able to enjoy prosperity (up to BILLIONAIRE status) like Lim Goh Tong, Quek Leng Chan, Teh Hong Piao & Ananda Krishnan in these NON KETUANAN MELAYU lands!

  2. The so called defending the Malay right propagandized by UMNO is a total lie. It is the UMNO racial way to con the poor Malay to blindly support the UMNO so that they can fulfill their lust and greed for the UMNOputra. The non Malay never question the Malay right. What they want is to be treated fairly and not treated as 2nd class and be blamed for whatever the problem that UMNO has.

    Everytime there is a crisis in Malay, the same old trick of prostrating the non Malay as robber of Malay wealth and enemy of Islam is used. But in actual fact, it is the UMNOputra who conspire with their non Malay cronies who constantly raping this country for their obscene wealth. And when the poor Malay start questioning why they remain poor after 53 years of independence and why Malaysia cannot be as developed and rich as Singapore, the non Malay is made the scape goat. UMNO had been using the blind support from the poor Malay to defend their greed and wealth of the UMNOputra.

    This must be stopped and change of gov is a must in next election or else Malaysia will be on their way to become a doomed country.

    • Who says the Non Malays never question the Malay rights???

      What is “Malaysian, Malaysia” is all about if not about questioning the Malay rights!

      If the Non Malays want to be treated fairly, then do their bit for this nation: Be policemen, army, nurses, prison wardens, border patrols!

      The Non Malay leaders (esp DAP) must make sure every recruitment exercise of the these essential services, 25% of the applications comes from the Chinese and 10% from the Indians.

      What is this thing about grossly politicizing the effort to have a single school system?

      Yes, Non Malays never give Malays, no matter how qualified and able, the fair chance. The proof is obvious: How many Malay CEOs, professionals and top executives given the chance to lead Chinese & Indian controlled cos?

      How many Chinese controlled banks/investment firms/consultancy/MNCs employ top jobs amongst very able Malay professionals?

      Yes, the Non Malays are slowly becoming ‘enemies of Islam’. Look at the “Kalimah Allah” issue. Look at how Non Malay “Civil libertarians” and “Human rights activists” challenged the Malay controlled Islam regulatory bodies in apostate cases, esp a Malay like Lina Joy.

      The Non Malays have started to be KURANG AJAR against HRHs. Look at Perak. See how KURANG AJAR Ngeh, Nga and Sivakumar KURANG AJAR against HRH Paduka Seri Sultan Perak!



      I really don’t understand why UMNO leaders are so tolerant against these KURANG AJAR BASTARDS! REALLY!

      • Ha ha you really piss off right. We don’t care what the past generation promise to your fore father. This is 2010. If UMNO don’t treat the non Malay fairly, the non Malay is not obliged to honour any contract (which favour only the UMNOputra). But one thing is for sure, we will make sure UMNO LOST the next general election. Look at how the UMNO treat the east Malaysia bumiputra then you will know this is not about NEP or KM but all about greed for the personal wealth.

        Strip the non Malay citizenship???? Ya ya you can dream on. I bet Najib or even Mahathir have NO GUT OR POWER to do so as it is against the Constitution.

        UMNO has to depend on the non Malay crony for their financial source to finance their plan to sponsor those ‘frogs; from opposition. They also need the non Malay crony to obtain wealth from the non halal source like gambling tax etc. Only fools especially those Malay supporters are still believing in UMNO.

        UMNO you days are numbered. Be prepare to become the opposition in next election. You have rape the country for too long. If given another 53 years, the Malay will be really no chance to turn around. The only chance is to make sure UMNO die and Pakatan the true Malaysian to govern this country.

        Vote for UMNO, you may get 30% of wealth but is for few UMNOputra. Vote for Pakatan, we will make sure ALL Malay will enjoy better quality of life and wealth distributed to ALL Malay NOT just UMNOputra.

  3. How can intelligent people, especially those who are championing Ketuanan Melayu (KM) and special rights sustain themselves? Lets assume that this KM thing comes to a head on clash between the pro KM and the non pro KM. Assume there is a bloody clash and assume that the KM are victorious in crushing the “rebels”. What then? Do the KM proponents think that its happy ever after? The new generation do not care of the past. They want a future that is progressive and respects each one of them as equals. No one can stop this evolution no matter how dominant the KMs are today! Go smell some coffee ok.

    • As I always suspected and it looks like it is proven from the discussions here and elsewhere.

      Politics! The opposition wants to wrest power from the ruling party, the govt. Naturally UMNO is the main target and UMNO itself nowadays seems to make itself more and more of a “sitting duck”. I guess nobody like the so-called “UMNOPUTERAS” including genuine UMNO members themselves, let alone the opposition and average citizens.

      The political parties fight political battles, that is fine! But why twist the concept of “Ketuanan Melayu”? Dont you have brain and simple knowledge that “Ketuanan Melayu” simply means that the Malays are the early settlers here? The earliest to begin governance? The so-called “Tuan Tanah” whom had shared their “tanah” with the people “imported” by the British?

      And when you twist and turn “Ketuanan Melayu” so bad in your political battle against UMNO, you have poisoned the minds of the citizens whom may not belong to any political party. When you attack UMNO using “Ketuanan Melayu” as filthy as this, dont you realise that you are attacking the Malays who themselves (some) like to strangle some of the current UMNO’s leadership and members?

      You are stirring up the biggest component of the citizen! Think! And think hard!!

      Again, “Ketuanan Melayu” is nothing like you people have maliciously drummed up, full of filth and lies. “Ketuanan Melayu” is just as simple ‘Ketuanan Melayu’!

  4. It’s so easy bro. If they want to abolish the Malay rights stated in the Constitution, then we have to STRIP OFF their citizenship.

    Moreover, they have not proven themselves to be true Malaysian since they kept their vernacular schools which promotes racism.

  5. Tuan

    Masaalahnya orang Melayu d Malaysia ni baik sangat.Mesti agrasif sikit la.

    • Yes agresive energy must be cordinated and controlled to make it powerful and effective…it appears PESAKA may fit the bill.

      • Tuan,

        PESAKA or PERKASA?

      • Maaf brother Big Dog I mean PERKASA

        Please edit…


  6. “Vote for UMNO, you may get 30% of wealth but is for few UMNOputra. Vote for Pakatan, we will make sure ALL Malay will enjoy better quality of life and wealth distributed to ALL Malay NOT just UMNOputra.”

    … and so say this 2nd class. Actually she sounds very much like lee kuan yew in the old days. But we know the red dot Malays who were original landowners are REDUCED to mere owners of a tiny pigeon hole called a flat for only 99 years.

    The chinese are now the major landowners and filthy-rich rent-collectors. What happened to the “wealth distribution to ALL Malays??”

    2nd class should work HARDER if she wants to brainwash the “EVOLVED Melayu Baru” not the celup Malay Liberals.

    Either she is living a far-fetched fantasy or her brain cells are already infected with the bipolar virus.

    • “wealth distribution to ALL Malays??”

      hahaha look what DAP done at Penang , Open Tender??? open tender is purely liar from DAP and stupid Lim family want to foolish the rakyat .. The funny case is the most high price win the tender . hahahaha the racism face in DAP prevail slowly .

  7. “Malays with their typical magnanimity and generosity….”

    Looking back with 20/20 vision it was the most reckless thing to do…


  8. Takkanlah aku, Mohd Azwan Ismail tidak mahu mengaku akulah tuan tanah di sini. Takkanlah aku sudah hilang ingatan bahawa tanah Melayu ini peninggalan daripada moyang-moyang aku.





    Pembaca budiman,

    Di seluruh dunia baik di wilayah berdaulat atau tidak, mereka yang mewarisi wilayah tersebut daripada nenek moyang mereka akan mengatakan tanpa segan silu, tanpa teragak-agak bahawa wilayah itu ialah milik mereka. Merekalah tuan tanah di atasnya.

    Tanyalah mereka! Tidak kira baik di sempadan wilayah yang sudah ke depan budaya hidupnya, atau yang masih bergelut dengan segala macam perkara.

    Soal bertolak ansur dengan orang yang datang ke sini kerana di tempat asalnya kehidupan susah, kelaparan dsb tidak mengapa. Di mana-mana pun berlaku. Yang berbeza ialah darjahnya. Orang Melayu terbukti mempunyai darjah kemanusiaan yang tinggi kerana sanggup memberi kerakyatan pada pendatang secara pukal. Ok mari kita hidup bersama, kata orang Melayu. Pelawaan ini tidak bermaksud menafikan bahawa kami ialah tuan tanah. Kami tetap tuan tanah, sampai bila-bila. Ia tidak akan terpadam. Mustahil akan terpadam kerana ia FAKTA.

    Tentang ekonomi, tentang kekayaan hidup, ini semua perkara sementara. Bukan abadi. Orang Melayu juga berpengetahuan. Kebijaksanaan dan kesedaran boleh mengatasi perkara ini. Lainlah kalau orang Melayu tidak pernah sampai ke pendidikan peringkat tinggi. BD pun lulusan pendidikan peringkat tinggi. Kalau setakat nak jadi touke gula jika peluang yang sama diberikan, BD pun boleh menjadi orang terkaya di Malaysia.

    Tidak ada apa isu yang boleh dibangkitkan berkaitan ketuanan Melayu (tuan tanah) jikalau mengikut definisi yang sah, baik perundangan ataupun intelektual. Melainkan membuat tafsiran berbelit, cuba memusingkan ‘kebenaran’.

    Tidak pernah ada ketuanan Melayu itu bermaksud orang Melayu tuan, orang bukan Melayu hamba. Tidak wujud baik dalam realiti mahupun konseptual. Cuma modal politik yang merosak!

  9. Don’t believe in Ketuanan Melayu.This is all the UMNO trick to grabs all the wealth from the middle class Malay.Every time UMNO has a problem,they will say this
    “Ketuanan Melayu.”

    • Ketuanan Melayu exist before UMNO was formed.

      The Malays were the only race recognised by HRH Malay Rulers as ‘subjects to HRHs’. When Malayan Union was failed by UMNO, British negotiated with HRH Malay Rulers and Treaty of Tanah Melayu was signed and sealed on 1 Feb 1948. NO MENTION OF THE NON MALAYS!

      Meaning = Non Malays have no rights what so ever!

      Treaty of the Tanah Melayu was the first Constitution of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu. The Non Malays were considered and treated as ‘Stateless Persons’. Meaning = The don’t belong anywhere. They were neither citizens of their homeland (China and India, which by then earned independence and became sovereign nations) nor subjects of HM King of England.

      The fact is that UMNO fought for Independence and convinced HRH Malay Rulers to accept the Non Malays under the Jus Soli principle against the Jus Sanguinis, the Non Malays were suddenly given opportunity to be ‘citizens’ of the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.

      Please get your facts right!

  10. “Ketuanan Melayu”-What the hell you are talking about.
    I can see deep in your face that you are a racist people.I hope that one day Malaysia will have a open and liberal society.Which everyone has a fair chance to compete.Chinese and Indian have stay long enough in Malaysia and they are true Malaysian.

    Strip Off their citizenship.You can try it too.But you will make the nation underdeveloped 53 years.

    While every nation are still moving forward.You still at here taking about your “Ketuanan Melayu”.

    Between,are you working for the UMNO?

    • Let me tell you this once:


      So we know who you are and changing handles like “Ismail Ruddin” or “Mohammad Assif” will never hide your true identity!

      Yes, we have established that so many times. If defending the rights of the Malays, as per provided by the Federal Constitution is ‘racism’, so be it!

      If Non Malays like yourselves have a big problem with that, then please find an alternative place to stay and continue your sordid lives as ‘pendatang’ elsewhere. The majority of the Malays shall never want to amend any of that. Neither will HRH Malay Rulers. PM Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib made it all too clear on 23 Oct 2010.

      Since we know who you are: CONSIDER THIS A LAST WARNING! SERIOUSLY!


  11. RM13+million guy,

    I have to assume that in your warped world, Islam does not really equate anything does it? Lest you would know that Allah does not care about race, only the fact that the one more ‘taqwa’ is favoured by Allah. The prophet Muhammad s.a.w never differentiated on the issue of race, once you are a muslim, you are muslim, one brotherhood of Islam. You are only interested in talking about history that happenned, the occupation of legitimate somewhat muslim nation (the Malays Sulatanes) at the time by a Christian occupying force that brought in foreigners. Fine. That’s all history. Islam does not recognise any race as superior to any other, what you are calling for is against Islam. What are people who makes calls against the teachings of Islam? Well, in Malaysia they call themselves ‘liberal muslims’, but in the reality of Islam (not the convulated and downright misguided Malaysian Syariah Law) and its laws from the Quran and hadith, one who is against the precepts of Islam is, kufr. So Mr RM13+million guy, you’re RM13+ million is not getting you anywhere when you’re six feet under. You know what? You may or may not even read my comment here (depends on when Allah has decided to snuff the life out of you). Please, if you manage to read this, repent before it’s too late. Once you’re six feet under, there’s no way back. Then you will know what awaits you in Allah’s final court. Wallahualam.

  12. My view is very simple, you can debate and twist the history of this land, but you can never argue that even the colonial powers have agreed that this land is rightly belongs to the Malays. And the Constitution of this country clearly state that!! So to the Non Malays, you have only been given the right to be part of this land out of the generosity of the Malays, or to make it simple for you to understand is ” This is my house and out of my sympathy I open up my house for you to stay, so if you don’t like it any more, just get out or look for other house to stay.. simple as that. Let us Malays solve our own problem between ourself. You non Malays have dominate 85% of the economy of this land of ours, what else do you want from us? Please put this in your racist mind, we Malays have been very kind in sharing the wealth of this land with you, So now you want us to surrender this land to you.
    Remember this!! we malay don’t mind sharing but will never ever surrender everything you, and that’s the facts……

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