ISA: A tool to preserve democracy

This is simply too much talk against the much dreaded Internal Security Act (ISA), by persons practicing precarious politics to win and assume power. It was introduced by the British Administrators previously as Emergency Ordinance (upon the formal declaration of Emergency in 1948, after uprising of communist terrorists) and superseded in 1960 by a Parliament act. It is now an integral part of the Federation of Malaysia Constitution.

When introduced fifty years ago today, then Home Minister Dato’ Ismail Abdul Rahman (later Tun and died as Deputy Prime Minister) said in the Dewan Rakyat that ISA is neccesary for multi-ethnic, cultural and faith Malaysians to preserve democracy in the healthy and progressive manner.

Excerpts from his speech:

“I maintained then and I maintain now the view that the Internal Security Act is essential to the security of this country especially when democracy is interpreted the way it is interpreted in this country. To those in opposition to the government democracy is interpreted to mean absolute freedom, even the freedom to subvert the nation. When cornered by the argument that democracy in the Western sense means freedom in an ordered society and an ordered society is one in which the rule of law prevails, they seek refuge in the slogan that we should imitate Western democracy one hundred per cent.

I am convinced that the Internal Security Act as practiced in Malaysia is not contrary to the fundamentals of democracy. Abuse of the Act can be prevented by vigilant public opinion via elections, a free Press and above all the Parliament


In 1956 when Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra of UMNO led three-party-coalition which won the first free elections 0f 1955 managed to convince HRH Rulers, who were then given the ‘first right of refusal’ by British to take over Federation of Malaya upon Independence, to give up the absolute right to govern and instead adopt the Westminster-style ‘Constitutional Monarchy’ democratic system and agreed to accept one million state-less Non Malays as citizens (previously not regarded as ‘subjects of HRH Rulers, based on the Treaty of the Federation of Malaya 1 Feb 1948), Federation of Malaya now is laden with the complexity of multi-ethnic, cultural and belief. Unchecked, this could trigger a serious disharmony between the different ethnic groups, with diverse sensitivities, heritage, cultural and religious beliefs and expectations.

Hence, there is a need to maintain the harmony and sensitivities be observed.

Unfortunately, through out so many politicians and political aspirants (even when they claim they are not into politics, just mere being “NGO activists”) thread on very precarious and volatile fine lines of antagonising harmony, disrupting stability and subtlety process of inciting and instigating based on deceit, hatred and manipulation of facts and historical chronology and consequences. Most of them realised their position as minorities and underdogs and they needed a ‘revolutionary’ (quick and effective way) element to win the imaginations and support of the majority, even by ‘force’.

When first introduced, communist sympathizers and leftists used NGOs such as trade unions as a platform to incite and instigate the minority against the majority, in their hope to assume or seize power since the majority would never democratically elect them into office. They used their position as trade unionist, NGO leaders and community leaders to spread their politics, with the true intention to confuse and make the majority to rise against the beliefs, based on deceit, hatred and incite/instigate.

The ability to disrupt the harmony and destabilize the society with politics of hatred, incite/instigate and deceit and manipulation of facts is clearly demonstrated when DAP joint forces with Gerakan to insult the Malays, days after winning the 1969 May General Elections. The stand-off on the new post general elections Selangor Government and the confusion that lurks on the episode plus the Chinese youth shot by the Police in Kepong were capitalised fully in several days of staged procession (using the funeral as a perfect cover up) and demonstration all over Kuala Lumpur. As a result, on the afternoon of 13 May 1969 bloody racial riot broke.

Racism politics simmered down after that although communist terrorists activities, now penetrating via civil societies still continue. The third quarter of 1980s, saw the Chinese Chauvinism on the rise again and the corresponding Malay nationalism reciprocity, where the Police resorted to hail 113 politicians of various background were hauled up using ISA in “Operasi Lalang”. The term ‘Lalang’ was metaphorically used because “It was necessary to stop from dry long grass (lalang) from catching fire and becomes out of control”.

ISA was then deployed against activities of Sabah cessation by mainly Kadazan Dusun politicians like Dr Jeffrey Kittingan and Maximus Ongkili, from the confidence of post November 1990 General Elections which saw BN trampled in Sabah. There is also a lot of underworld activities in Sabah to bring in influx of illegal immigrants and the escalation of insurgent activities in neighbouring The Phillipines which warranted the use of ISA. The Abu Sayyaf related hostage taking and guerilla warfare is a clear example.

Then Malaysia saw an unprecedented upsurge of mob street politics and demonstrations-turn-riot upon the sacking of Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim from Deputy Prime Minister’s position on 2 September 1998 for ‘sexual deviancy and sodomy’ and ‘Reformasi’ was born. Suddenly, Malaysians are incited and instigated by Anwar and his band of Anwaristas in an enigma of politics of hatred, deceit and manipulation of facts. ISA was again deployed where besides Anwar, his closest and staunches Anwaristas such as Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (now Minister of Defense), Dr Zambry Abd Kadir (now MB Perak) and Ezam Md Nor (now Senator) were detained briefly. Anwar and Anwarista which is promoting the practice premise of anarchy-induced politics, again appreared in the change-over-the-Perak-Government episode in January 2009.

The upsurge of Jemaah Islamiah extremism and terrorism also compounded from the late 90s and well into the first decade of the third millenium. The robbery of the Southern Bank in Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya was an eye opener. Exactly ten years ago, Al Maunah Bukit Jenalik incident also opened new horizon on extremism attacks against Carlsberg plant and the Batu Caves temple. More and more JI related operatives and sympathizers were hauled up under ISA.

The ‘open-ness’ but weak policies of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi allowed further abuse of the freedom of expression, threading on the lines of hatred, inciting and instigating and manipulation of facts. Some, like rogue blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin and Indian extremist group HINDRAF resorted to deceit in their angle hatred-induced presentation of their struggle. Needless to say, ISA was then again used to maintain stability.

Freedom of speech and expression have been grossly abused over and over again and this must be stopped, for the sake of the larger Malaysian society in diverse forms and positions. The volatility of the multi-plural Malaysia have been exposed and challenged so many times over but never compromised. In all, they have been contained and order, stability and harmony have been maintained and sustained, for daily lives to go on, progress to have been achieved and Malaysia to move on. Since Independence, Malaysia saw 12 different general elections despite attempts to violate the democracy from these acts of extremism and politics of hatred and deceit.

Majority prevails. ISA was instituted by the process of democracy. In essence, ISA is a complementary and necessary tool to preserve the healthy practice of democracy in Malaysia.

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  1. Sorry man. I do not agree with your argument. Perhaps you should look way back to 50 years ago when Tun Razak introduced the law in Parliment. He said that it was specifically for combating communists. If you need reference, here it is
    Also you can refer to the hansard which I believe u can get it very easily 😉

    • The need and the rationale for the retention of any piece of legislation is not static. It depends on changing conditions and security scenarios in the country.

      Armed communists are no longer operating in this country. But occasionally one reads about arms caches found, like in Perak last year. Details may not be released because the authorities may not want to unduly alarm the public. But it cannot be discounted by the public that they may be the work of communists or communist sympathisers.

      Bloody communist terrorist leader Chin Peng is still around. Lurking on the Malaysia-Thai border in the Betong salient. He wants to enter and die in Malaysia. The DAP and the subversives elements in the country have been calling for permission be granted him. He is not repentant, does not apologise for the atrocities committed during the period of Emergency where they created a lot of havoc, deaths, misery and suffering in the country.

      Now there are extremist terrorists of several kinds. Al Ma’unah extremists stole weapons from the military garrison in Temenggor. Jema’ah Islamiah terrorist Mat Top originated from Pontian. Even Sikh terrorists have been reported to be operating in Malaysia recently. The ISA must be retained intact to deal with these kinds of fellows where the ordinary policing tools are not be adequate, like during communist terrorist days.

      • That’s right but the problem is ISA has became the tool for UMNO to oppress the opposition or at least used to threaten those who go against UMNO. The ISA must be abolished or at least amended that it cannot be used against any politician especially malaysian politician.

      • Can you substantiate, 2nd Class. Give full details. Who did what unto whom, how, when and where. So that your comment would not be 2nd class as well.

      • See how Teresa Kok was detained under ISA for no apparent valid reason without any proof and evidence that she insulted the mosque or what so ever. Best of all the Home minister of the day thought the Malaysian was stupid enough to believe that ISA is used to protect her! Because of the public pressure, UMNO had to release her because they knew they were at the wrong side.

      • I do not think 2nd_class need to substantiate. It is very obvious how ISA is being used by the BN. Just ask any ordinary Malaysians out there and they will tell u everything. U said that “Bloody communist terrorist leader Chin Peng is still around”..what if he dies? Will u ask BN to repeal ISA? U also said cited the case of Al Ma’unah. Could their actions, i.e. “stealing” weapons from military garrison in Temenggor been avoided if the military has a solid security system? I mean someone in the security screwed up in his duty that causes the weapons to be taken away. Is this act a threat of national security and has whoever in charged of security been sentenced to ISA?

      • Just wanna apply a simple logic here.

        Someone has misused a knife. Instead of cutting the apple, he uses the knife to cut off someone else fingers.

        So we threw away the knife?

        Or do we put that someone behind bar and let the knife stays for we still need to cut the apple for breakfast. (We could even use the knife to drive that someone behind the bars if he is refused to go behind bars to reform himself!)

        Is it ISA or is it UMNO? Get your things right, man!

      • The problem is UMNO & BN is using this knife to punish those who opposes them. Look at wat Utusan wrote many many times b4 and none of them got arrested under ISA. Some members of UMNO and BN also “cut off someone else fingers” but they got away! isn’t it clear? rpk has posted a series of articles that implicated badawi and his son in law for being involved in illegal nuclear business. Were they arrested or even investigated? besides i agree that teresa was arrested for all the wrong reason and the minister agreed. see how easily UMNO & BN misuse the knife.

      • Wilson,

        Internal Security Act will only be used when the person incite and/or instigate, via sowing hatred and/or deceit and challenged national security.

        The process is the Police bring up the case to the Home Minister via the Home Ministry for the detention order being considered to be signed. The IGP and Director of Special Branch must present the case clearly and convince the Home Minister the person is a ‘threat to national security’. The Home Minister cannot issue an order without the Police presenting them the case and charge papers.

        Can you please provide proofs and instances which article appeared in Utusan which breached the
        ‘incite and/or instigate’ rule and the editor and writer should be arrested under ISA for threatening national security?

        Seriously, provide us the proof!

        Opposition supporters like 2nd Class and Wilson can never substantiate, because their claims had always been lamed and out of hatred against the establishment and majority. That is a fact.

      • I have this before.

        “When we are in power we will use ISA against you”

        So, it is not alright to have ISA when the power is not within your hand. ISA will be all perfect when you are in power.

        DUA KALI LIMA !!!

        You both should be behind bars because you both are power crazy.

        Do you forget that we the rakyat want to live in harmony here? We need ISA and we dont need the people like you, BOTH!!!

      • From his very statement “I do not think 2nd_class need to substantiate” we can tell what kind of person Wilson is.

        Yet he is against ISA which gives the Police the discretion to determine what constitutes “prejudicial to national security”. So Wilson says, out with ISA, but he can say anything he wishes without substantiating!

        Typical of this kind of people who criticise everything, find faults in everybody else except themselves! Do as I say, not as I do? Mana boleh?

        Have you heard of US detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay, Wilson? Isn’t that the same as ISA? Yet you all will puji the Aussies and the Yanks to the skies for their so-called unlimited freedom and the like?

        No doubt Obama is easing out Guantanamo Bay though still dunno what to do with some of the combatants detained. But they decided not to depend on ISA because they were moving out of Iraq and the seriousness of the Taliban menace in Afghanistan is deemed less than the intransigent Iraqis.

        Remember, in tense situations like in the case of Teresa Kok, the Police has the discretion on actions that would diffuse the tension. The talk about applying ISA on the opposition politicians is all propaganda and hogwash.

        Do you know how it works in the Establishment? Do you think it’s the politician or the Home Minister who calls the Police Chief and say, I want you to ISA Teresa Kok? Think again, man.

        No point to ask you to ask the relevant authorities because to you nobody is relevant except yourselves. Bu do think again. I shudder at the thought of people like you running the Government. You may throw away ISA as an eye wash but do all sorts like “no need to substantiate”.

      • Jitu,

        “but he can say anything he wishes without substantiating! ”

        Perhaps u should read more non-MSM media to get an idea of wat is actually going on

        “Have you heard of US detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay, Wilson? Isn’t that the same as ISA? Yet you all will puji the Aussies and the Yanks to the skies for their so-called unlimited freedom and the like?”

        Yes..i heard of it. come on la..why u wanna do wat other countries r doing. are u trying to say since america is doing it why can’t we? if that’s the case Indonesia allows the christians to use the word Allah to refer to Jesus. since Indonesia can, why can’t we? 😉

      • antunolic,

        “So, it is not alright to have ISA when the power is not within your hand. ISA will be all perfect when you are in power.”

        come on la…read more non-MSM media. the protest now is to repeal ISA

        “You both should be behind bars because you both are power crazy.”

        wah…put me in jail just because i wanna rule the country? gosh..then many PMs would hv gone to jail

        “Do you forget that we the rakyat want to live in harmony here?”

        yeah me too. tell this to those people in

        “we dont need the people like you, BOTH!!!”

        Too bad…I’m a Malaysian and will always be 😉

    • Most of us believe the communist bastards are still here, among us. They only change their methods of operations, protected by our democratic systems.


      • I mean protected by citizenship


      • “Most of us believe”

        Believe is useless UNLESS u can substantiate, just like wat Jitu reminded me earlier 😉

  2. It was beautifully put by TUN Ismail, “Internal Security Act is essential to the security of this country especially when democracy is interpreted the way it is interpreted in this country.”

    CIFUT BABI is one malaysian that comes to mind


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  4. Hello all stupid dickhead…ISA is what keep you all alive to enjoy the fruit of your labor for 50 years now…so that You can eat your seafood dinner and beer without interruption from your own samseng …ISA is the parent act…there are other act and ordinance derived its power from ISA to tackle other matters..including to safeguard your daughters from being recruited into vice and become a hooker..

    yes blunt..and rude…because im a levelplayingfieldmalay….
    I will play at any field you choose to play…and I will score…

  5. Simple logic put up by antunologic. Not that hard to understand.

    Looks like wilson, 2nd class belongs to opposition. They see ISA as an oppression tool toward opposition. Tun Dr Ismail said “To those in opposition to the government democracy is interpreted to mean absolute freedom, even the freedom TO SUBVERT the nation. So is there ANY WONDER for theresa kok to be hauled in when she lied all the way to china causing the government to ‘kneel’ apoligising? (the malay ketuk ketampi case)

    Look at now. Perhaps antunologic also agrees to haul in PM and KDN minister for not taking any action beside many “Amaran” when someone make sensitive, subversive remarks of late. Who are they? Mainly from the opposition also. Tun Dr Ismail also said Abuse of the Act can be prevented by vigilant public opinion via elections, a free Press and above all the Parliament“ Not using the Act when someone is strirring unrests is also an abuse, I think.

    Big Dog put it right. There is a process. It is not just simply the government haul people under ISA as they so wished. The head of government or the KDN Minister himself may not agree but there is a due process that he has to abide too eventhough he may not agree with his officer. Read about the process on Operasi Lalang by Darah Tuah, HERE, a para extracted as below:-

    “…Natijahnya KPN tegas bertindak atas dasar profesionalisma dan integriti yang tinggi sekalipun bos beliau tidak setuju manakala Dr Mahathir pula bersedia menerimapakai nasihat/syor pegawai beliau yang mempunyai bukti dan dalil yang kukuh. Beliau tidak meletakkan blame ke atas bahu KPN sekalipun satu dunia mengutuk beliau mengenai Operasi Lalang ini. Outcomenya ialah Negara dan rakyat selamat; kehidupan harian berjalan seperti baisa…”

    • btw..wat happened to my previous comment la? 😉

      *Deleted becoz you linked to a teapot-worshiping-delusionite like Haris Ibrahim

    • Sdr kenn

      I always thought bekas KPN would make a great Menteri Dalam Negri. The one I have in mind is Tan Sri Rahim Nor or Tan Sri Musa


  6. Relax la bro, i haven’t even put up the link, u already accused me of not providing the proofs and instances.

    Anyway, here are some links/news about the abuses of the ISA by BN/UMNO and some were admitted by the ministers.

    2) (Utusan seems silence about this issue)
    4)–1w&feature=related This is the DPM’s response to (3). As usual no actions were taken against Awang

    • Which part of this Utusan Malaysia articles is sowing hatred, deceitful and most importantly, inciting and/or instigating?

      Can you please highlight that bit, so that we know what you are talking about that no action was taken against Utusan, editors, writers, publishers and even owners.

      Warning – Failure will ensure that you lose your privilege to share you thoughts in this blog.

      • Let’s be prepared that this Wilson fellow will twist it by saying dissent is not tolerated etc. When he has been twisting arguments to suit his purposes.

        Like he did when comparing the allowing of use of the word Allah in Indonesia with detention without trial in USA.

        Really not much point arguing with this kind of people. Next he might say that the “Sir Wong” DAP Deputy Publicity Chief in Sabah was justifiable in doctoring his photo to show he got knighted by Queen Elizabeth because that would bring publicity to DAP! Weird logic, warped thinking. Sad.

      • Indeed the fellow should be specific and show which particular words, sentences or paragraph that he said was inciting etc.

        This kind of people have been in the habit of making wild, generalised accusations and often get away with it. They need to periodically be checked, taken to task and challenged to show proofs, specific cases and particular evidence of their accusations.

        I support you, BD.

      • ok la..since u guys still want me to spoonfeed u, here are some explanations…
        btw…Jitu, dun be like ur boss la, so fast jump to conclusion. i have not even replied and u guys accused me of all sorts of stuff. mana boleh…be patience la

        In, i was referring to ur statement “The process is the Police bring up the case to the Home Minister via the Home Ministry for the detention order being considered to be signed. The IGP and Director of Special Branch must present the case clearly and convince the Home Minister the person is a ‘threat to national security’. The Home Minister cannot issue an order without the Police presenting them the case and charge papers.” Well, according to “facts” provided by thestar, a MSM-media, she and another reporter was detained for their “own safety”, according to Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar. isn’t that clearly against the isa? do u think its fair to allow only ONE person to decide the fate of another person for the next ?? years just for his/her “own safety” and perhaps for “burning candles” and “having a gathering of > 4 persons”?

        In link (2) or, the cow head was used as a tool to “sowing hatred, deceitful and most importantly, inciting and/or instigating?” Is the actions by those people aligned to UMNO/BN in the video clear enough? Were they arrested under ISA? On the other hand, there are people who are against UMNO/BN were arrested under ISA for burning candles. Need proof on that? 😉

        For the remaining links, the authors/editors wrote articles to “sowing hatred, deceitful and most importantly, inciting and/or instigating?” the malays against the non-malays. u must read the entire articles to get an idea and i’m sure its not too difficult for u. for examples, statements like “Persoalannya, kini apakah pengorbanan Melayu dikhianati oleh kaum lain?”, ‘Serangan dan penghinaan pembangkang dan aktivis politik Cina dan India terhadap Melayu semakin menjadi-jadi. Mereka sengaja menunjukkan keberanian dan tindakan kurang ajar. Cuma mereka belum berarak dan membuka butang seluar seperti sewaktu Tragedi 13 Mei.”, etc. all found in the articles. And in video (4) or–1w&feature=related, the dpm seems afraid of doing anything to stop it. aren’t these statements enough to detain the editor/writer under isa for “sowing hatred, deceitful and most importantly, inciting and/or instigating?” the last time i know, he’s still the editor.

        also read about dr mahathir’s 1993 speech on “An Act to amend the Constitution”. it’s a bit long but the first few pages are sufficient to detain him under isa for “sowing hatred, deceitful and most importantly, inciting and/or instigating?”. and ku li confirmed this in his GREAT and INSPIRING speech which can be found in and

        in addition i’m sure most of u remember those advertisements that appeared on national tv in the 80s that degrade the monarchy? whose idea was that? mahathir’s or umno/bn’s? 😉

        besides that, more recently, this video and pause at 1:04. Is that a clear act of “sowing hatred, deceitful and most importantly, inciting and/or instigating?”? Was that person arrested under ISA?

        finally, my main intention of this reply is to ask u guys a simple question and just be frank with me la. Do you really believe with ur soul that the ISA HAS NEVER been misused by UMNO/BN for over 50 years?

        p/ LevelPlaying FieldMalay and others, janganla guna perkataan yang kasar-kasar, and bigdot, dun la caci orang lain dengan “teapot-worshiping-delusionite”. ramadan is coming, even if it’s not ramadan, sebagai orang Islam, tunjuklah perangai yang elok. ramai juga yang sudah mula puasa awal


      • What is wrong with PM Dato’ Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad back in 1993 intending to ammend the Federal Constitution to lift the veil of immunity for HRH Rulers in their private conduct & capacity (HRH Rulers are still immune if they exercise their Constitutional Powers as the Head of Constitution)? Isn’t making HRH Rulers be responsible for their private conduct is better for the rakyat?

        So which part of this is actually “inciting and/or instigating”?

        The Demo infront of the Selangor SUK: Do they demo against the Non Muslims who want to erect the temple in their area OR against the State Govt who gave the land and consent?

        Which part of that (demo against the State Govt) is “inciting and/or instigating”? Did they ask the Malays/Muslims/Non Muslims to bear arms are do physical hurt (which include destruction of properties) against each other?

        When someone is a follower of a “teapot-worshiping-Sky Kingdom-religious-deviant”, that makes him or her, SESAT! We show good deeds and manners to Kafir Zimmi. Kafir Harbi, like these religious deviants who are attempting to insult Islam and mislead the Muslims, shouldn’t be treated nicely.

  7. a nice tips, maybe other people don’t know about this simple tips but very useful for us

    • probably, perhaps Article 5 of the Constitution of Malaysia would also be a very useful tip for u and others 😉

      Click to access malaysia.pdf

      (refer to page 3)

  8. wilson and 2nd class, Mas Selamat was captured under the ISA. You sure you want to abolish the tool that protect the rich chinese??

    There are many more Mas Selamat and JI members “hatching” out there. You wanna guess who their targets are??

    • I would support ISA if it is amended so that would not be used by UMNO or gov of the day against politician.

      • 2nd Class,

        ISA is a tool which is under the jurisdiction of IGP, as the custodian of national internal security. Like we have stated earlier, the Home Minister can only sign the detention order if prepared and presented and not otherwise. This had been how ISA is being administered since 1960.

        We have had enough of your baseless and utter unsubstantiated UMNO-bashing in here! UMNO NEVER USED ISA! UMNO DO NOT HAVE ANY POWERS TO USE ISA!

        Had UMNO have any powers at all to use ISA indiscriminately or otherwise, there would not be any Opposition at all in Peninsular Malaysia!

        Please consider that YOUR THOUGHTS ARE NO LONGER WELCOME HERE!

        Your privilege to share your thoughts in here have just been revoked becoz you abuse it with baseless and unsubstantiated UMNO-bashing comments.

      • * comments deleted

        Like we already warned you, your thoughts are no longer welcome in here.


      • “the Home Minister can only sign the detention order”

        I agree with u. It is up to the Home Minister to decide whether to arrest someone under ISA or not. Who is the current Home Minister and which party he belongs to?


        U r technically correct. Perhaps the right question is “Did BN ever misused the ISA?”

        “Had UMNO have any powers at all to use ISA indiscriminately or otherwise, there would not be any Opposition at all in Peninsular Malaysia!”

        So, u agreed that UMNO WILL use this powerful tool to detain all Oppositions regardless of whether they “incite and/or instigate, via sowing hatred and/or deceit and challenged national security.”, if they have the power?

      • UMNO leaders have been accused by the Oppositions of being “dictatorial” and “undemocratic”, for the longest time. Even when BN lost 5 + 1 states in General Elections. Might as well be one and use ‘discretionary powers’ to remain “Unopposed”.

        Its very much cheaper and more efficient than trying to go the rakyat and convince them to vote BN into power. The party can focus on nation building.

        Lee Kuan Yew did exactly that. Look how little time, effort and resources PAP had to spend on politics.

  9. What Lee Kwan Yew and PAP did is Singapore’s problem and it has nothing to do with us Malaysians. You see, Malaysia DOES NOT belong to UMNO/BN AND Malaysians are not obliged to vote for UMNO/BN. The Constitution does not say Malaysia belongs to BN and we, Malaysians must do watever it takes to ensure BN remains in power. Our right to vote is stated in the Constitution and that, my friend, makes Malaysians the boss. Yes, ordinary citizens like u and I are the BOSS/KING of this country. The current ruling government, UMNO/BN is our “servant”, entrusted to manage and run this country according to OUR instructions/needs. If WE do not like our current “servant”, then it is our prerogative to kick him out and hire a new “servant” to serve us. The problem with UMNO/BN is that they think Malaysia belongs to them and Malaysians are required to ensure that they stay in power. If the Malaysian Chinese do not vote for them, then they are regarded as traitors and must be sent back to China. The same goes to the Indians, Malays, and other races. This is the kind of arrogance that the BOSS/KING do not like and we decided to teach these servants a lesson. We did that in style and trust me, more lessons are coming. When we replace UMNO/BN as our servant and hire, for example Pakatan Rakyat as our new servant, WE would expect them to provide quality service to US (u and I). And if they failed, then WE will hire someone else. This, my friend, is the power of the Rakyat. Kuasa Rakyat, Kuasa Keramat.

    So, please do not put it as though UMNO/BN OWNS this land. Essentially, we, the KING/BOSS, wants fairness. If Karpal Singh was arrested under ISA for questioning the rights of HRH Rulers, then we also want Mahathir to be arrested for “allowing” Karpal to do so back in 1993. If Tony Pua is charged for suggesting the abolishment of certain Bumi rights, then UMNO/BN must also be prosecuted for amending the Constitution that takes away certain rights of HRH Rulers. If Anwar Ibrahim was sentenced to jail for engaging in unnatural sex, then Chua Soi Lek MUST also receive the same treatment because he committed the same crime. OUR power to choose cannot be bought through money, rewards, and etc. By offering us money in return for votes is regarded as insulting. We the BOSS/KING, were not born to be insulted in such manner by our SERVANT, who has a lower standing than US (Yes, u and I my friend). We do not deserve to have a gun pointed at OUR head by our SERVANT and force us to cross their boxes. Instead, we will use the pencil to defeat the GUN. Yes my friend, the pencil is more powerful than a GUN.

    We, the BOSS/KING wants our rights to “maki hamun” OUR SERVANTS for not doing a good job and not the other way. Donald Tsang, the Chief Executive of the Gov. of HK, is an example of a good SERVANT because he stood still to allow 8 million people to throw bad eggs at him for NOT DOING A GOOD JOB. You see my friend, we, the KING/BOSS, paid our SERVANTS to serve us. It is our hard-earned money entrusted in the hands of our SERVANTS. If the money goes into the pocket of our SERVANT’S friends without any concreate reason, then it is our duty to throw bad eggs at our SERVANTS! Amar ma’ruf, nahi mungkar.

    p/s: post la all my previous comments. be open-minded la for the sake of discussion.

    • “And if they failed, then WE will hire someone else.”

      Oh my…You must think that we are bloody stupid. It takes 5 years to change a government for heaven sake…

      In the mean time the rule of election can be change. What if the then goverment decides to increase 100 more parlimentary seats in the cities and town where the chinese are the majority.

      What if they decided the constituencies will be based on population densities..based on square meters for example.. the Malay based support in the heartland will come to naught with a stroke of a pen. Imagine state like Pahang will get only 5 parliamentary seats including two in Kuantan…and 1 in the whole of Trengganu..

      What if they allow 4 million mailand chinese to migrate as citizen of this country..

      TUN Mahathir has already warn us agaist losing our Goverment to the like of you. We may lost it forever he said.He is brilliant. He knows. If he wants to, he can be PM forever, democratically elected. Because he knows the trick. I am sure the chinese has studied his methods.

      And another thing, BOSS/KING? Is this what you tell the stupid malay?


    • willie

      The PROBLEM with your whole argument is this:

      You ASSUME that the rakyat is homogenous and that they think like YOU (you DO NOT represent the majority, get it!).

      you poor pathetic frustrated homo sapiens

      The majority of the rakyat means MALAY/BUMI as represented by PERKASA, the new vocal MALAYS.

      You are the minority. The Malay/Bumi DO NOT think that the government are the servants. They respect them as LEADERS.

      You see your psyche of “boss-servant” is very much the ‘handicapped’ mentality of the chinese. Just because you pay money, you can treat others as servants.

      You believe Malaysians are the boss, but you overlook the fact that the MALAY/BUMI will decide for the minority to which you belong, dearie.

      Quote “we decided to teach these servants a lesson. We did that in style and trust me, more lessons are coming.” – See this sentence of yours REEKS of arrogance that you accuse UMNO of.

      willie – the 5 states fell to the opposition not because UMNO lost but it was the freak result of UMNO itself (led by Tun Dr M) to ‘kick’ out the sleepy PM and his SIL.

      So don’t count your chickens before they are hatched and don’t GLOAT too soon. PKR and PAS are losing members and support by the minute, thanks to anwar and nik aziz.

      So you think DAP has a chance – no way. But there is a silver lining to the freak result of (by now) 4 states going to the opposition.

      You see, the arrogance of the chinese is being shown up in great detail and clarity.

      AND their hunger for POLITICAL power is ssooooooo obvious NOW, since they feel that they are already economically powerful.

      And you willie, personifies this chinese ARROGANCE and CRAZE for power very very lucidly.

      Thank you willie for opening the RAKYAT’s eyes (read this as the MALAY/BUMI MUSLIMs).

      Shheeesh such an arrogant young punk – trying to teach the veterans a lesson.

  10. […] of these were contained and did not escalate into something ugly. It was because of one simple tool enacted by the process of democracy to preserve democracy, although the modus operandi is deeemd to be ‘undemocratic’: Internal Security Act […]

  11. […] ideology, faith and geo-political influence is the Internal Security Act. It is undoubtedly a tool put in place through the democratic process designed to preserve democracy, from the angle of management and prevention of threats to national […]

  12. […] would abolish the much dreaded Internal Security Act and Emergency Ordinance, which in the past have provided the power to detain suspects who are up to […]

  13. […] laws are to replace the much dreaded democratically enacted Internal Security Act (ISA) which was designed to preserve democracy but some people deem it as […]

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