Selangor PR Govt no sense of decency

“Frankly, you are in a lot of trouble”, a phrase that often used on me when I was still in primary school. I was a mischief then, like other boys. However, I won’t be in as much trouble as YAB Menteri Besar and Exco of the Selangor State Government, lately.

Khalid Ibrahim led rogue-Pakatan-Rakyat Selangor State Government have been rubbing HRH Rulers the wrong end. First it was HRH Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah on the proposal to use alms and tithe collected by the Baitulmal for development purposes. Now, the Selangor State Government seems to have insulted HM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong.

Malay Mail’s front page this afternoon:

Date with the Queen

Selangor government seeks audience to apologise to Her Majesty

SHAH ALAM: The Selangor government has sought an audience with the Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Nur Zahirah to apologise to Her Majesty for the embarrassment caused when she graced the recent International Islamic Song Festival.

The ineptness of the State government included:

● No-show of almost all the top State administrators and lawmakers, including Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, to welcome the Queen;

● Less than 200 crowd in the 5,000-capacity Melawati Indoor stadium here when the Queen attended the song festival; and

● Failure to inform the Sultan of Selangor about the visit of the Queen to the State and the Selangor Muzikal Extravaganza 2010, of which the song festival was the signature event.

Tourism Selangor general manager Noorul Ashikin Mohd Din told The Malay Mail this morning that the State government was awaiting a date to explain the July 4 fiasco to the Queen.

She said a delegation led by State Tourism, Consumer Affairs and Environment executive councillor Elizabeth Wong would meet the Raja Permaisuri Agong.

Noorul Ashikin said the almost one-month delay in meeting the Queen was due to Her Majesty’s tight schedule.

Selangor State executive councillor for Women Affairs, Science, Technology and Innovations, Rodziah Ismail, had earlier told The Paper That Cares that Khalid had already apologised to the Sultan of Selangor over the embarrassment caused to both him and the Queen.

Rodziah said she was upset over the events that led to Selangor getting a bad name. She said the State executive council had discussed the matter and appropriate action would be taken against those responsible.

Noorul Ashikin, when asked why the promoter O2TW and not the State government had extended an official invitation to Her Majesty, said Tourism Selangor had followed the procedures.

The State government has taken flak for ignoring protocol and allowing an events promoter to deal directly with Istana Negara.


Could the Selangor State Government expect to walk away just by mere apology to HRH Sultan?

HRH Sultan of Selangor was indirectly to have embarrassed of HM Raja Permaisuri Agong, for the poor audience and failed to be informed of her attendence at the event, held for the State of Selangor. It symbolically mean that the rakyat of Selangor ‘insulted’ the consort of the Custodian of the Federal Constitution, Defender of the Faith and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

That is not the extend of the ‘damage’ from this failed event. It seems that the Selangor State Government refuse to pay the contractors involved in the project. Lead promoter O2TW bills have yet to be settled.

Little Napolean-rina, the Drama Queen of Selangor

When the contractors demanded payment for work done, Exco in charge Elizabeth Wong refused to release the checques to the contractors even though they were made to understand that payment have been prepared and ready to be dished out. Instead, Wong insisted that the contractors see her first before payment is released.

It is made to understand the Selangor State Government have also not paid the contestants. The winners also have yet to receive monies due to them. This is an embarassment for an International Islamic Song Festival.

Now the question, is it ept and appropriate for Wong to present herself to HM Seri Paduka Baginda Raja Permaisuri Agong? Shouldn’t the Menteri Besar himself do that? Then again, the Menteri Besar has in the past demonstrated his inappropriateness, with regards to his position to HRH Sultan of Selangor and HM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong. Khalid even made HRH Sultan Selangor to openly oppose the former’s intention to use monies collected for alms and tithe from Baitulmal for development purposes.

Elizabeth Wong, embarrassment to Selangor State Government

Let us remind ourselves naked footages of Wong about to have sex were corculated widely amongst avid sopo internet users. We already know that she was not decent enough to resign her position as an Exco (despite initially “offering herself to go”, which eventually proven to be a ‘wayang’, just like everything else about PKR) and just went for  a mere ‘holiday’, to ‘cool things of’.

For Wong, she talked about “Continuing to fight justice in Malaysia” and clearly stated in the video when she offered to resign. However, by being the Exco-in-charge and not dishing out payment and monies, is it just?

The extend of lack of decency by the Pakatan Rakyat led State Government seems to be bottomless.

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  1. I can reply to this post in ENglish, tapi aku tak ingin, sebab ini melibatkan maruah orang melayu yang orang melayu sendiri cemarkan! Orang2 melayu yang di lambung dan di puji dan perasan yang mereka akan jadi bijak dan pandai apa bila menolak BN dan UMNO sambil memilih PAS PKr dlm PR. PADAN MUKA HANGPA! Kata Direktor Ahmad Nesfu,” Kecik2 tak nak mampus, besar2 menyusahkan orang!” Kalau hangpa semua pandai2,wahai orang melayu, hangpa tak laa duduk rumah PKNS dan naik kapcai! ALLAH bagi akal, gunakanlah,, sayangnya hangpa amat malas nak pikiark, hangpa terima bulat2 apa saja parti bulat putih kata.. Bak kata tukang sapu di Masjidil Haram, “Baghal!”

    • Sungguh benar kata saudara jitraguy..wahai Melayu, UMNO dan BN adalah tempat kita dan anak cucu kita berteduh bukan PIS bukan PKR…

      Raja kita adalah lambang ketuanan kita..kalau kaum pendatang tak suka, biar kan mereka.. jangan terikut2. Bacalah gerak langkah mereka…

      Nyahkan pemimpin2 melayu yang tak hormat Raja-Raja kita. Raja-Raja kita telah berkorban dan memberi kuasa “Kerajaan” pada kita.

      Buatlah yang terbaik untuk kita dan keturunan kita..


      • Wow! BigDog!

        You are now turning into a Soft Porn Site!!

        What will you do Next!

      • Hey Joe,

        Don’t shoot the messenger!

        I just tell the news, probably made an analysis. I definitely did not make the news!

        Eli Wong & Khalid does……

      • On August 2, 2010 at 10:06 pm jitraguy said: ,

        Hoi jitraguy, kami bagi PAS/PKR bukan sebab kami suka depa, tapi kami meluat Dollah Tidur dengan Menantu dia pada masa tu. Ada paham cakap melayu ka?

  2. Pakatan Rakyat under the leadership of the DAP Supremo LKS has no respect for the Royal Institutions and as such will never understand and appreciate protocols; the DAP has always questioned the position of the Royalties as it questions the Special Rights of the Malays/ Bumiputras as per the Constitution; they are “Cakap tak serupa bikin”.

    Like naked wild dogs with rabbis they are, they will try licking the Royal Institutions if they want something. This country will always be Malaysia never Malaysian Malaysia so let’s kick their asses.

    On another sensitive issue, it was reported that DAP and MCA has asked the Government to stop the appeal on the word “Allah”. My comment to this joint request is to take the words of Kapal Singh “Over my dead body”. I urge all Malay voters to reject all Chinese candidates from both sides seen vocal on such sensitive issues at the next election. If the chauvinist Chinese continue to polarize the country with their indecent requests, then we, Malays and Muslims can do the same in greater numbers.

    • Ditto, sir.

      Unable to spare much time to say more but want to say I support what you said.

  3. She is just by way of just trying to show she has power. This kind, when they have some power, waaaduuuh. But when she is in the video, I imagine also waaaaaduuuuuuh. I haven’t seen it, btw.

  4. “It symbolically mean that the rakyat of Selangor ‘insulted’ the consort of the Custodian of the Federal Constitution, Defender of the Faith and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.”

    woow…strong words bro. well, u may hv a point here. heck, u can even cite the recent perak crisis as another example of pakatan having ‘insulted’ the sultan of perak. well, let’s call a spade a spade. if the acts that u listed in ur article mean the Selangor State Government cannot expect to walk away just by mere apology to HRH Sultan, then do u guys agree with me that ALL the following fall into the catergory of “It symbolically mean that the UMNO/BN ‘insulted’ the consort of the Custodian of the Federal Constitution, Defender of the Faith and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.”

    1) dr mahathir’s 1993 speech on “An Act to amend the Constitution” which can be found here:

    2) those advertisements that appeared on national tv in the 80s that degrade the monarchy?

    3) and pause at 1:04

  5. mana pegi melayu PKR dan melayu PAS. cepat la defend Ms Eli. Tak kan nak biarkan sorang sorang. Nanti itu khalid gagap naik junjung…
    wahai PAS tengok la apa yang anda buat. Buat la lagi lawak jenaka yg konon nak tolong org melayu dan sultan.
    Terimalah padahnya mereka yg pangkah PR sampai ke anak cucu.

  6. […] baginda tidak dijemput untuk menghadiri majlis International Islamic Music Festival dan kemudiannya ‘mengaibkan’ negeri dan rakyat Selangor dihadapan DYMM Raja Permaisuri Agong kerana […]

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