Little Napolean-rina

Little Napolean-rina, the Drama Queen of Selangor

That would be the best describes Selangor State Tourism, Consumer Affairs & Environment Executive Councillor Elizabeth “Soft Porn Star” Wong.

The recent fiasco involving the Her Majesty Seri Paduka Raja Permaisuri Agong’s attendance at Islamic Song Festival, a signature event of Selangor Musical Extravaganza 2010 is just the tip of her arrogance. She got away once on a much more serious and scandalous issue and she may get away with this, so much for Accountability, Transparency and all that bull.

Elizabeth Wong’s high handedness is not only confined to snubbing the HM Raja Permaisuri & HRH Sultan of Selangor but to all concern, the state exco, the event managers and the rakyat.

It is common knowledge now that Event Managers hired by Tourism Selangor Sdn Bhd are still being owed money for events that they managed during Selangor Musical Extravaganza. Further to that this chaps have no idea when they are going to receive their payments as Little Napoleon-rina had decided to release payments only after she has met all of them in what is termed a post mortem of Selangor Musical Extravaganza.

The Little Napoleon-rina had fixed the post mortem meeting at 3.00pm on July 27, 2010 with all the Event Managers being invited to submit their reports of the events managed by them. It was made to understand that all outstanding payments are to be released to the respective parties after the post mortem had been concluded.

Unfortunately Little Napoleon-rina felt the meeting was too insignificant to merit her attendance and gave it a miss with no explanation other than she had to attend to an urgent meeting somewhere else. Suddenly she felt that getting to the bottom of why the recent events of Selangor Musical Extravaganza 2010 was not well attended nor receive much publicity or why Her Majesty the Queen had departed the concert much earlier than scheduled was the least of her priorities.

The post mortem ended just as it begin with a big zero but the only good thing of the meeting is Little Napoleon-rina had the last laugh when all present were informed that no payments will be forthcoming until and when the Event Managers had an audience (favourite term used by Selangor YBs now) with Little Napoleon. To date 7 days after that eventful post mortem meeting, the Event Managers are left balancing in the air. Out goes PKR’s slogan “For The Rakyat”.

The arrogance of this Little Napoleon-rina is clearly defined with her simple absence from all the events that were held during Selangor Musical Extravaganza 2010. Other than attending the media conference announcing Selangor Media Extravaganza and officiating the Launch of Selangor Musical Extravaganza 2010 on 26 July 2010 (that by the way for both functions she turned up late) the Little Napoleon as the Chairman of The Main Organizing Committee did not see it fit to attend any of the event nor be present when Her Majesty the Queen came a calling.

In her capacity as the Chairman, she had only chaired one meeting during the lead up to Selangor Musical Extravaganza. The Little Napoleon-rina even failed to see the oblivious when she attended the official launching ceremony of Selangor Musical Extravaganza 2010.

As the Guest of Honour  at the event held at Dataran Petaling Jaya (famously known as Padang Timur) on 26 June 2010 there was hardly a crowd of 200 to witness her riding a hot air balloon and unfurling a mammoth banner of Selangor Musical Extravaganza 2010.

The stage was there, the entertainment was there, the hot air balloon an added attraction, the 2010 FIFA World Cup was to be screened Live on a large screen and the venue was right in the heart of Petaling Jaya opposite the highly patronized Amcorp Mall.

Amazing an early indication of the disaster to follow, yet Little Napoleon-rina did not raise an alarm and called for an emergency meeting of the Main Organizing Committee to address the issue of poor attendance.

As the Chairman and State Exco Member she had the opportunity to gear the Local Councils to deploy people or even her DAP/PKR members to all events. What should be of utmost concern of her is also the Islamic Song Festival that Her Majesty the Queen will be attending.

Alas the Little Napoleon-rina felt all this was of no importance but a trip to Shanghai was better than to get the rakyat to attend some insignificant events of Selangor Musical Extravaganza 2010.

Today from various reports it is reliably learnt that this Little Napoleon-rina of Selangor is adamant that the Event Managers are to be blamed for whatever fiasco that occurred during Selangor Musical Extravaganza 2010 and to prove that she is withholding payments to this parties concern.

Truth be known that the Selangor Government had only allocated a sum of RM750,000 to be divided over 16 events for the duration of Selangor Musical Extravaganza. Although a number of the events were self funded a majority of the events were not.

The Event Managers had been awarded the letter of acceptance in late May 2010 and based on the inadequate sum allocated by the state government had agreed to seek sponsorship from the private sector. However in such a short period it is impossible to raise any form of large sponsorship and even the State owned GLCs shied away from participating as sponsors.

The Event Managers had voiced their concern that no sponsorship was forthcoming and advised to postpone the Little Napoleon-rina’s desire to seek publicity by hosting a media conference to announce the diary of events for Selangor Musical Extravaganza 2010. When a formal announcement is made there is no turning back on cutting down on events to fit the miserly RM750,000 allocated by the State of Selangor.

The Rakyat in this case the Event Managers are now saddled with the burden of fulfilling Little Napoleon-rina’s high ego, continued with the events or fear being blacklisted for not delivering as what was presented in their respective proposals submitted to Tourism Selangor in early March 2010.

All the events were executed by the Event Managers. The stage musical plays organized by PJ Live Art was superbly staged, foreign artistes had in their Facebook pages commended the Event Managers for an excellent staging of the event they were privileged to be part off  and so did the other events such as the Karnival held at Dataran Petaling Jaya (Padang Timur).

The Event Managers have expanded their own financial resources to execute the events and in some instances forking out more than 100% of what was allocated to them by Tourism Selangor. Yet when this event managers seek their final payment of 10% from Tourism Selangor, the Little Napoleon-rina has the gall to tell these rakyat of ours  that she would only release payment after she had a found the basis of finger pointing this whole fiasco on one party.

Typical of the Little Napoleon-rina she did that the first time around with her own personal scandal and got away with it and now she is following the same formula.

A bit of advice for Selangor’s Little Napoleon-rina, the events as we all know were executed, in some cases excellently but all the events were poorly attended. With a budget of RM750,000, failure to obtain sponsorship from the private sector and event managers left to shoulder a bulk of the event expenses, what do you expect – the Event Managers to fork out more of their own funds to advertise and promote the events.

It is so oblivious unless to the blind in the State Exco, Little Napoleon-rina and her Main Organizing Committee’s failure to seek more fund from the state government is a better way of explaining the whole fiasco in terms of non existence of promotions leading to dismal attendance of the various events.

What is so glaring is the Selangor State Government and in particular Selangor’s very own Little Napoleon-rina’s ineptness in not realizing that some of the events that was held during Selangor Musical Extravaganza has the potential to place Selangor on the International Music Scene.

Others have taken note but not Little Napoleon-rina as she is busy in finding scapegoas and also with holding payments to the already beleaguered event managers.

In the meantime the Selangor State Government wallows in thoughts that they have spend millions for Selangor Musical Extravaganza and they are demanding for answers in State Exco Meetings and the State Assembly. Little Napoleon knows the truth that with a paltry sum of less than a million Ringgit for an extensive campaign such as Selangor Musical Extravaganza 2010, what can one expect – decent events (at the expense of event managers) but not with all the trimmings of full blown advertising and promotions campaign to draw the crowd.

Furthermore if the leaders of the state in the form of the Exco members and the MB do not see it fit to attend any of the events during Selangor Musical Extravaganza, you expect the rakyat to attend in droves.

As the saying goes, ”Leadership by Example”, in the case of Elizabeth Wong in particular and the Selangor State Exco this was certainly not the case with regards to the Selangor Musical Extravaganza 2010. About her being a Little Napolean-rina: Little Napoleanism is now synonymous with PKR. So many leaders like Zahrain Hashim, Tan Tee Beng and Wee Choo Keong who left quoted this ‘power crazy’ syndrome that is infecting PKR.

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