Where did Gobind learn law?

Gobind Singh Deo

The counsel that is representing the family of Political-Aide-to-Selangor-Exco-Ean-Yong Teoh Beng Hock in the Coroner’s Inquest to determine the cause of the death of the 30 year old former journalist, Gobind Singh Deo took the ongoing proceedings to different turn today. Gobind spoke to journalist with an angry tone about the so-called “suicide note” that was discovered two months after Teoh turn up dead on the side of Plaza Masalam.

Channel News Asia’s story:

Suicide note reportedly found in political aide’s bag 2 months after his death

By Melissa Goh | Posted: 10 August 2010 1833 hrs 

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Kuala Lumpur Court Complex

KUALA LUMPUR : There’s a new twist to the on-going inquest over the mysterious death of a Malaysian opposition political aide.

It was revealed on Tuesday that a suicide note was reportedly found in Teoh Beng Hock’s bag two months after his death.

Renowned Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand had earlier testified that there was an 80 per cent chance that Teoh’s death was a homicide based on photographic evidence of deep bruises around his neck.

She is due to take the stand again next week. It is unclear how the new evidence – a suicide note said to be handwritten by Teoh in Chinese – could affect her testimony.

But Teoh’s family counsel has threatened to cite Attorney General Abdul Gani Pattail for contempt for suppressing evidence that could have changed the entire course of the inquest.

Gobind Singh Deo, Teoh’s family lawyer, said: “It’s not for Gani Pattail to sit in his office and to decide whether it’s authentic. It’s for the court to decide and they should have produced it a long time ago.

“One of the issues that the court ought to have determined is whether or not it’s authentic. Someone has to take the responsibility of this; someone has to own up to this – how does the family take this? Another inquest? They want to get on, they want to get on with their lives.”

The Attorney General (AG) has denied the charge, adding that he needed time to verify the authenticity of the note.

The note, according to the AG’s Chambers, was found in Teoh’s bag two months after his death and was sent for examination last October. Since then it has been kept under wraps.

While it is anyone’s guess why the AG has chosen this moment to introduce the evidence one year on, the move has drawn flak from opposition leaders, including Anwar Ibrahim who is desperately trying to fend off his own second sodomy charge.

Opposition leader Anwar said: “I am annoyed. In my case, it’s been made a major political battle. But this is a life of somebody, somebody’s life – a young man, smart, due to get married very soon, hauled up by MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) and decided, ‘no I’m going to kill myself’ – there must be a reason.”

Meanwhile, all eyes will be on Dr Pornthip’s testimony next Wednesday.

– CNA/al


It seems that the counsel acting on behalf of the Teoh family is playing politic and using legal proceedings as his own political-media circus. The DAP MP for Puchong is using any opportunity within the proceeding to ‘demonise’ any of the law enforcement agencies, namely the MACC, the Police or Attorney General’s Chambers. This part of an on going systematic attempt of the anti-Malay DAP to ‘demonise’ all Malay controlled law enforcement agencies.

The attack against Attorney General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail is deemed political than anything else. As a DAP politician-lawyer, Gobind like his father will use to the maximum (from the legal standpoint being spun into delivering a political agenda) every opportunity to ‘demonise’ high profile law enforcement individuals like Gani, especially in high profile but highly controversial case like the sodomy case against Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim.

The fact is that the so-called “suicide note” has been tendered when the proceeding is still ongoing is actually acceptable. The Coroner’s Inquest has not concluded yet, hence what ever that is needed to be produced or testified in court is stilll admissible to be tendered for the Coroner to determine Teoh Beng Hock’s ‘sudden death’.

If the AG said that he needed to be convinced that the “suicide note” was genuine before tendering into the on going proceeding. He admitted the authenticity of the ‘suicide note’ was verified by experts, especially casting the doubt out from the analysis of the paper deemed ‘unimportant’ when first discovered. It is clear that AG Gani is producing what ever needed to be produced on an ‘as is’ basis.

How Gobind approached the case had always been double standard, from day one. In the beginning, the manner he approached being a counsel for the Teoh family could be seen as trying to ‘cover up’ what ever Teoh spilled to the MACC officers the night before his death against probable relationship or even involvement of DAP Leaders probably such as Selangor State Government Exco Ean Yong and Ronnie  Liu in variable corrupt parctices, which include the ‘Lords of the Underworld Vices’.

Then in the case of Dr Pornthip, the eccentric Thai pathologist who had been appointed by the Selangor State Government to give an opinion of the sudden death case came up with an opinion that “Teoh had an 80% chance of being murdered”, by just looking at the photographs. The controversy, of course with Gobind playing it up in court to an overwhelming point that the Coroner ordered Teoh’s body be exhumed for a second autopsy on 22 November 2009.

After Sg. Buloh Chief Pathologist Dr Shahidan Md Noor did a second autopsy on Teoh’s remains, observed by eminent British pathologist Dr Peter Vanezis and Dr Pornthip Rojasunand found that Teoh’s sudden death was not caused by murder and Dr Vanezis concluded this finding, the Thai pathologist was very reluctant to testify her own findings. The drama begins. It was suggested that Dr Pornthip testified via CCTV from Thailand for fear of her life and Gobind actually concluded to this ‘sandiwara’.

How come Gobind tolerated Dr Pornthip’s ‘drama’ stretching it as far possible as he could but the moment AG Ghani produced a new evidence that would shed the light on Teoh’s ‘sudden death’, he started to attack on the latter’s attempt and explanation? Isn’t Gobind’s presence in court is to represent Teoh’s family in finding out the truth how their son died?

So if AG Ghani’s new evidence could shed the light better, Gobind should be very supportive in discovering the truth instead of throwing tantrums around against it.

This is what The Star reported:

Handwriting expert may be asked to analyse Teoh’s purported suicide note

Malaysian Bar Council reiterates call for a Royal Commission of Enquiry to investigate Teoh Beng Hock’s death, saying that the suppression of evidence is against the fundamental tenet of the criminal justice system

PETALING JAYA: Lawyer Gobind Singh Deo said he is considering getting a handwriting expert to analyse the writing in a purported suicide note written by Teoh Beng Hock.

He said the option was one of the various possibilities being studied, following the Attorney-General’s chamber implying in a statement Monday that the “suicide note,” which was first found inside Teoh’s sling bag more than two months after his death in July last year, was only recently considered as possible evidence.

On other possible courses of action, Gobind, who is the counsel for Teoh’s family in the inquest into the death of the political aide, declined comment.


Either Gobind is playing politics with this or he really attended a lousy law school. Had he read law in a reputable school, he would not support Dr Pornthip’s theatrics and waste court’s valuable time and sooner come to a conclusion of Teoh’s ‘sudden death’. As someone who is supposed to represent the interest of the Teoh family, then he should welcome AG Ghani’s recent revelation of the ‘suicide note’ and push to validate the authenticity instead of mocking the newly presented item within the proceeding, which the law stipulate is not contravening the process of finding the truth in this Coroner’s Inquest.

If Gobind is really out to find the truth for the Teoh family, then he should not behave as if he is being a typical DAP Opposition in this closely watched inquest. Probably Gobind subscribed to counsel appointed to represent the Selangor State Government in this inquest, Malik Imtiaz Sarwar who said “If this was produced earlier, we would have changed how to dealt with the case”. This inquest is not about politics. It is all about a legal process to clearly determine whether Teoh’s life was taken by someone or by his own conduct. Proper education in law enable Gobind to define his role in this.

Then again, DAP is and had been the ‘politics of hate’, specifically against the Malay controlled agencies. Regardless how properly educated the leaders are, they are ‘religious’ for the cause to distablize the Malay majority Government, so that minority like Gobind is able to rise above the distabilized and probably chaotic situation.

More of DAP-style theatrics is expected from Gobind in the proceeding.

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  1. The truth will soon prevail…and really hurts. Isn’t it Mr Gobind?

    • yes we all want the truth, and it will hurt certain people and we can see some in denial already

  2. Can’t imagine if the “sucide note’ was “MACC killed me note” written by Teoh Beng Hock instead. Then Gobind would surely demanded vehemently for the “note” to be furnished as new evidence no matter how late it is.

    This super duper hiprocrite lawyer at his best. We all want to know the truth don’t we? So let the Court examine and verify the sucide note then. Who know it could be fake, or TBH wrote it only after his death.

    Truth sometimes hurts, but this time it will painfully hurt, isn’t is so Mr Gobind?

    Bladiful lah Beng Hock, why did you leave the note? JJ & Ian to Gobind, “GOTCHA”

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  4. Gobind tell the whole of Malaysia and the world that he wanted to find the truth and therefore justice for the late TBH and his family.

    But when the truth is staring Gobind right in his bewildered face, Gobind went ballistic. I think Gobind just cannot handle the truth.

    I hope Gobind will find an expert to authenticate the writing on the alleged suicide note. The truth will probably make him mad.

    • Now show me one fucking lawyer who wants the truth more than winning his fucking case..


  5. It seem Gobind and DAP so scared about the truth … so pity TBH family being play by stupid politician of DAP who only want manipulate the situation for their own sake

  6. why after gobind? He’s just looking for fame.. And money.. So why after gobind? For all put yrself into the situation.. You are defending someone dead for months and all of sudden, there’s new evidence against the person you are defending.. If you are a sound person you will understand why gobind reacted that way.. It just make us believe more that there’s something suspicious about this case.. You take months to verify a very important evidence.. As you know the evidence will be vital in deciding the inquest and you surpress it for so long.. So tell me guys should the AG remain as one till now? If you say gobind went to a lousy law school.. Think again.. Because it shows that you all went to a lousy school too..!!

    • kabul kabul

      your logic is as twisted as you.

      gobind is the one after MACC – he wants to pin the BLAME on a Malay-led institution

      Quote: “You take months to verify a very important evidence.. As you know the evidence will be vital in deciding the inquest and you surpress it for so long”

      PRECISELY kabul, this very important suicide note in chinese NEEDS time to be verified. THat is why it takes so long, it is NOT SUPPRESSED at all

      the defence team have been playing politics much more than actually “defending” the poor family

      So the verdict is this: RETAIN the AG and kick out the drama king and queen – gobind and porntip.

      gobind who’s looking for fame and money (your own words) which means he’s not fighting for JUSTICE. The ‘hairdo’ dr porntip seems like she’s also looking for fame and money.

    • it doesnt matter how will it takes to cme up with evidence. it’s normal process. it happens everywhere, in US, EUROPE and many parts of tyhe world. evidence surface at later stage. doesnt matter after 2 month 2 years 2 decade. evidence is still evidence. gobind ana kepada karpal singh should hire the best person to verify the authencity of the written notes. what so difficult gobing anak kepada kapal sink..

    • Yes, agreed with you Gobind could possibly gone to a lousy law school…and no big deal if we all went to lousy school too, coz we did become a loyer (burok).

      why after gobind? because this DAP lawyer Gobind on behalf of all politically motivated DAP supporters were politicising this issue by rejecting the fact that TBH died of sucide, instead accusing MACC of murdering TBH.

      why after gobind? because DAP Gobind goons did not believe the post-mortem result conducted by 3 Malaysian specialists, and still would not believe the 2nd post mortem result by foreign expert which gave same sucide conclusion as the 1st.

      why after gobind? because DAP Gobind only believe Pornthip’s assessment by only looking at photos and without conducting the post-mortem, whatmore Porntip was paid by DAP friendly Selangor Government.

      why after gobind? because he would look stupid and a lousy lawyer if the truth was sucide not murder.

      why after gobind? read more here – The Teoh Beng Hock Saga : An In Depth and Thorough Chronology
      Posted by Cucu Tok Selampit –


      why not after AG? because he did not murder TBH. LOL

      why not after Tan Hock Chuan?

      25. Why Tan Hock Chuan did not give the letter earlier tothe AG?

      Nobody knows. Some people say that he betrayed his client(the Government). But in my opinion maybe he “just forgot lar”.

      Whatever the reason is, Tan Hock Chuan is safe. Pakatan will not touch or demonize him. To touch him will mean reduction in Chinese votes in GE.

      • “because he would look stupid and a lousy lawyer if the truth was sucide not murder.”

        This is the most important reason. It made Gobind shocked and startled to hear about the note.

        The whole of the DAP goons and guns will look very stupid, bloody arrogant, irrational and unthinking if Gobind loses the case. Eng Guan already issued a statement blaming MACC for TBH’s death even as the Police were just starting their investigation. Imagine that.

        If it is found that TBH committed suicide or was pushed through the window, Gobind might even commit suicide and somebody blame the AG for causing his death!

  7. Why was the suicide note “discovered” 2 months after Mr Teoh’s death and why was it withheld for almost a year? These are the burning questions in almost everybody’s mind right now!

    • what is more burning for everyone who wanted to know the truth is whether the “sucide note” is authentic or not, is it so?

      Of course if the sucide note is real and true, you would be sad to know that TBH indeed was “bunoh diri” not “dibunoh oleh MACC and UMNO”. Truth hurts ya!

      If the note instead said “MACC and UMNO bunoh aku” I am pretty sure and potong jari that not only Gobind but the whole Pakatan and DAP supporters will scream and jump for the note to be included in the Inquest.

      Btw do you know the different between Court Hearing and Inquest? Is this TBH Inquest not about to find out the truth about how TBH died? or not anymore coz it was sucide indeed?

    • The question you must ask is , “why TBH is dead and all monkey DAP accused and blame MACC for the murder?? MACC dont have a motive , TBH is a key witness to them , to get all the corrupted DAP “

      • (With all due respect to the ongoing court’s inquest)

        In addition to that, just ask yourself this question – “If I just killed a person, where that person was last seen with me, would I leave the body outside of my house?”

        Also – “If I kill someone (that could be detrimental to myself) and put the body in front of my enemy’s house, would my enemy to be the first one as the suspect? Certainly!”

    • probably the one who withheld the notes from being “discovered is being haunted by TBH ghost or his own concience, nd could not take it anymore..

      Imagine someone entrusted his last words to you to help to explain or justify what he has done (his death) and you keep it or destroy it and it is lost forever…


    • It was discovered earlier than that by the IO (investigation officer) in TBH’s sling bag but it was in chinese language. The IO thought there’s nothing to it without realizing that it could actually set the inquest to a totally different direction.

      Ask yourself, if this whole thing is a conspiracy i.e. the suicide note was fabricated by the MACC, why should they wait until almost a year to reveal it and taking a beating throughout the inquest? Might as well they disclose it at the onset and close the case.

  8. leave alone the “why not” for a moment. lets start with “what is in the note” for a while.

    Sodomy 2 – Leave alone the DPP personal issue for a moment. “Did Anwar do it or not”

    YB – Yang Bingai @ Bangang
    Sultan Johor Murka Kerana Poster Bingai di Tendang Terajang

  9. dear ting-a-ling

    you want the answers to be: MACC is hopeless and is trying very hard to cover its butt right?

    ok let’s play detectives for a while – intelligent ones that is

    a note in chinese means the chinese are involved – this could mean that someone close to tbh has the note for sometime

    this person is unsure or fearful as to the consequences of the note being revealed

    for some reason, decided to expose it after 2 months and placed it in tbh’s bag so that his/her identity is undiscovered

    upon discovering this VITAL note – the responsible and highly capable AG had decided to VERIFY the authenticity of the note coz it has VERY IMPORTANT and CRITICAL bearing on the case

    after witnessing the antics of the defence team who is more interested in Malay-bashing rather than solving and defending tbh and family, the AG was adamant that the verification PROCESS will take the required time for a proper job to be done – which in this case may have taken one year

    therefore the burning questions are – who has a LOT to lose if this note is authentic

    and who is this mysterious person who was trusted by tbh to have held it for 2 months

    before deciding to trust the Malays in the govt agencies concerned instead of “conspiring” with certain chinese involved

    • Why can’t we have a reasoned argument without bringing in race? I give up!

      • because they accused the MACC and Malay UMNO of murdering TBH. Read pro-pakatan blogs about this subject and you will find the answers you asked.

        May I suggest susanloone or limkitsiang’s blog as a start.

      • Ling,

        You should know lah. The DAP always do that.

        Maybe they dont say it that way. But what they say clearly suggests so.

        They don’t even say so. They just put up a banner saying “Malaysian Malaysia”. They are smart ones, you know. No, not them, but Lee Kuan Yew, the coiner of that slogan. DAP only imitate or take over the slogan. They wanted to change it to Middle Malaysia but some people showed them the Middle Finger.

        Don’t give up, Ling. Just read about DAP. Listen to what Tony Pua say – stop Bumi housing discount. He doesn’t even argue there. Out of the blue, bang against the Bumi. No race there?

      • Because that’s the gameplan by DAP… dari dulu, kini dan selamanya…

        p/s: We will never give up in defending what’s right or wrong.

    • Lots of plot holes in your explanation, like bad TV3 teledrama. So how did that ‘somebody close to Teoh’ get to have access to that bag to PLANT the note? gotcha

      Important piece of evidence that can help clear MACC and they only find it after 2 months and take over 1 year to analyze? More likely the note is faker than a RM3 pasar malam DVD.

  10. lawyers are idiot

    • lawyer not just idiots but suckers too

      • political lawyers are idiots, suckers and hipocrites

        either you practice law or be a politician, not both idiots!

  11. I think, AG should recommend for Gobehind Liar to go for Psychiatry Check-up. I have the feeling, he is not mentally sound. Could he be mentally retarded? From his eyes, it looks like one.

  12. Nice of you to state – “all Malay controlled law enforcement agencies.”

    I suppose what you meant was ‘UMNO’ controlled?

    At the end of the day, you are part of the bigger set-up that wants by all means to ensure “Malay/UMNO controlled” every where.

    Thats why you are whacking away even those Malay controlled state governments and agencies that are now under Pakatan rule?

    Come on lah…just say point blank… its not Malay controlled, but UMNO controlled. Why are you shy about it?

    Furthermore you do not believe in ‘Malaysian controlled”, because that would mean the best brains from all ethnic groups in Malaysia?

    When rambling also, you never want to think Malaysian but UMNO/Malay?

    This nation has already evolved from just only UMNO/Malay to a more broader multi-ethnic base , embracing Malays with views different from UMNO, but you are still behind time.

    However, if you do insist that you want to think, see, preach and impose “only UMNO Malay controlled” everywhere, then so be it.

    But dont ever insist that the Malays and non-Malays, especially those who do not support BN/UMNO, are not worthy to have an opinion of their own.

    • bravo.

    • bigdog did not censure you so what’s your beef.

    • haiya

      What is your problem?? BD supports UMNO is his choice.

      You tamby, made YOUR choice to visit his blog with your self-righteous “preaching” and criticising.

      In your rambling you are also quick on the draw against UMNO – what has UMNO done or not done for you eh?

      See here a classic – “param calling the pa***t kuali black”


  13. Adoi, the problem is the lawyers always wanted to delay the inquest. from day one until the porntits drama. so, i what way that AG has the chance to produce that evidence?

    LOL, next time don’t delay court maa (so to Anwar Berahi). just face the trial and truth will prevail. the faster the better.

    to gobind, lu sama bapak lu sama saja mau delay, delay delay.. the delaying antique in TBH & Sodomy II (lawayers father & son) are cases that will be laughing stock for years to come if not 4eva.

    • Shasha,


  14. IMHO, it is difficult for a lawyer to take off his political hat when in court. Some of his actions are seem to be political instead of defending the law.

    May be Mr BigDog could put down the estimated payment (due to be paid) to lawyer every time a case is mentioned in court (high court too). More delay means more money, right ?

    May be I am wrong.

  15. when the truth is staring Gobind right in his bewildered face, Gobind went ballistic. I think Gobind just cannot handle the truth.

    • Also, he frus one. He cannot afford to lose the case. Hell of a lot is riding on it. The entire credibility of DAP which blamed MACC even before it’s begun (remember the old song?)

      He went gaga. I hope he won’t go gugu.

  16. […] By : bigdogdotcom.wordpress.com […]

  17. OMG.Why now only the note surface when the Thai pathologist is going to testify new Wednesday?It must be to frustrate her with regard to her stand of 80% of Homicide and 20 % of suicide.Anyway,the Attorney Chamber is really a laughing stock in the eyes of the world for coming out with this trick as the judiciary of the country was already tarnished to the core.

    • Then why did this PORNtip refused to come earlier when summoned by the Inquest. Did the sucide note appear then?

      Her life was in danger then? Then why no formal police report? And, read about her testimonial, PornTIP would go to any place of duty despite receiving numerous threat to kill her, including in Narathiwat Southern Thailand.!!!!!

      To frustrate her eh! Nobody care if she is frustrated or not coz nobody could dictate her stand on this matter (err, except her paymaster DAP State Govt lor). In fact, after the 2nd post-mortem which confirmed the sucide conclusion, everyone expected her to testify then (err, except her paymaster lor).

      Your argument……a mockery of yourself, and an insult to Gobind and Pakatan!

    • OMG! Real Culprit Freed.

    • Allen Ng,

      Why you so lembab (in case you’re still too lembab to comprehend, lembab means slow) one? Scroll up and read back the article and previous debate / discussions etc la.

      Anyway the image of the AG and the Judiciary, even if it has been tarnished, is because of the people like you, all the lembab one. Only know how to condemn but has got no substance.


    • Remember the AG tried to present photo from fake blog during the Pulau Batu Puteh case. Resulting in our country becoming butt of jokes, uber embarrassment for Malaysia, and we lost Batu Puteh.

      Look like he didn’t learn, still think he can pull off this fabricated evidence crap.

  18. “Anyway,the Attorney Chamber is really a laughing stock in the eyes of the world for coming out with this trick as the judiciary of the country was already tarnished to the core.”


    and now they exagarate further…eyes of the WORLD superceeding the NATION. Next will be the GALAXY. These spinners are capable of DIVERTING anything except the truth, i.e. the SUCIDE NOTE.

    • As at today, has anyone heard anyone from DAP or Pakatan putting the authenticity of the “sucide note” far more important for THE TRUTH’S INQUEST that questioning the Malay AG for the time taken to furnish the note?

      They don’t even touch the Chinese Tan Hock Chuan who withheld the sucide note for unknown reason (someone said he forgot).

      This Inquest is not about THE TRUTH at all. Its about POLITICS and RACISM. So lets play politics and race like them!

      • I always believe qualification, somtimes is not enough for Goverment’s job

  19. I am not sure myself what happen to Tbh.. He was killed.. Or he committed suicide.. But in a country where a former leader of a party in the govt is being charged in court and for policemen of this country who took some syabu packets as the officer in charge say take it it’s ur reward for the hardwork you guys contribute.. What is MACC?? They are not 100% free of crimes right? I’m sure there are some rotten eggs working in that so called Malay institution as well.. Be it Malay Chinese or Indian.. TBH is a Malaysian.. A human being.. A life gone just like that.. And we here are stil talking about races.. When will we grow up? Gobind fights for fame for name for money but I don’t care because I’m only more intereted to know the truth… If MACC is innocent they should say go ahead set up whatever royal commison you guys want.. Investigate throughout.. We are not afraid and will assure all the parties involve that we will assist in whichever area our help is needed to ensure the truth and justice prevail.. But now it turns out to be a war.. I blame the politicians for this…

  20. whatever we wanna say or think.. Please put urself into the situation.. Ur family or whoever close to you go to a place and never return.. Will you accept the explanation given by MACC?? Tell the truth don’t fool urself by lying to urself.. What we all need to do is to be united in finding out the truth.. And support the right party. So that there will never be any repeat of this kind of incident…

  21. For those who really follow up this case can you give me 10 reasons why you think TBH committed suicide? And for those who don’t think so and believe that he was murdered please give 10 reasons too.. Let’s work from there.. Maybe we can help in finding out the truth as for now we should not come out with any conclusion yet till we get a solid concrete reason to believe so.. Please..

  22. none can say because you are all only intrested in playing racial cards..

  23. I read the whole article. Alas i am disappointed. There absolutely nothing to substantiate that Gobind is playing politic. That Gobind is a poor lawyer that is only out to win. To take down the MACC. And you guys get so work out over that ? wow….

    As much as its acceptable to present a suicide note at the last minute that often derail a lawyer defense or prosecution case, it is also acceptable for him to ask for the note to be tested by a Handwriting expert. Why not ? Let it happen le.

    The way you rationalize your article is similar to this scenario. For example.. “You ask some stranger on the street with dubious reputation to guard your cattle. When you come home, you missing 5 cattle. He say he didn’t take it, tell you a dog drag all 5 cattle away. You going to take his word for it ? Or you going to check your CCTV or call in a third opinion ? ”

    I know what you going to say.

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