What has Khairy done for Pemuda since 25 Mar 2009?

'KJ' @ Ijok by-elections, April 2007

Yesterday, Cabinet decided that university students should not be involved in politics, as stipulated by Universities and University Colleges Act 1971 (AUKU). This notion of allowing undergaduates to be allowed to be involved in politics came after Ministry of Education recently started to allow teachers between grades DG 41 and 48 participating in politics, with set conditions.

The first to response was UMNO Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin. He was an advocate to the notion to open up politics to university undergraduates. Despite that many people believed that since majority the students did not excel in the academics, the they should dwell on something else but instead focus on making the full opportunity of tertiary education, especially in the challenges of the modern employment world today. Regardless, Khairy on behalf of Barisan Nasional Youth was very adamant in their call.

The Star report on 2 Aug 2010:

Barisan Nasional Youth wants the Government to allow undergraduates to be political.


Its chairman Khairy Jamaluddin said the wing unanimously supported a recent Umno Youth resolution calling on the Government to allow undergraduates to join political parties.

“We agree that undergraduates should be free to venture into politics.

“They are able to do everything now apart from joining politics,” he said after chairing a Barisan Youth meeting yesterday.

Khairy said the Government should not be close-minded in thinking that university students would be distracted from their studies if they got involved in politics.


Cabinet decided on the opposite notion. It is part and parcel of  Government disagreeing on calls by the BN or UMNO Youth.  However, his response yesterday was highly inappropriate, “11/8: Khairy Jamaludddin describes the cabinet decision not to allow student involvement in party politics as ‘gutless’ and ‘outdated” (as reported by Malaysiakini).

KJ on UMNO Youth platform

If Malaysiakini report was accurate, then the BN Youth Chief could display his displeasure in the decision in a more diplomatic fashion. It is expected that UMNO Youth be critical and act a ‘pressure group’ on behalf of UMNO and most importantly, for the Malays who are the end-stakeholder against any government decisions which is not beneficially, tactical or strategically for the rakyat and with specific attention to the Malays. However for an elected party leader to display such uncouth behaviour should be deemed as ‘very inappropriate’, ‘immatured’ and most of all, ‘distasteful’.

Then again, even as a UMNO Youth Chief, who is the same level as an UMNO Vice Presidents (in hierarchy, 6-in-line to the Presidency after the Deputy President, 3 Vice Presidents and UMNO Wanita Chief) is also the defacto BN Youth Chief is not privy to first hand Cabinet or any Federal Government decisions. This is because he was never invited to the Federal Government when PM Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak formed his first Cabinet 8 April last year, neither as a Cabinet Minister nor a Deputy Minister.

Win some, but lost a lot more

This is rather awkward since the UMNO Youth Vice Head Dato’ Razali Ibrahim was given the Deputy Minister post in the Youth and Sports Ministry. UMNO Wanita and Puteri Heads Dato’ Seri Sharizat Abd Jalil and Dato’ Rosnah Shirlin were respectively made Cabinet Minister and Deputy Minister. Even MCA Youth, MCA Wanita  and Gerakan Wanita Heads have all been assigned positions as Deputy Minister.

The confidence on Khairy even as an elected UMNO leader the same level as a Vice President is clearly demonstrated when PM Najib did not even appoint the former to any Chairmanship to any Government agencies, which include GLCs and  Government sanctioned NGOs. Khairy is a position-less UMNO Youth Head, which his supporters are not happy about and trying their best to wiggle their pressure for PM Najib to flutter and bow down to. However, the intense end of 2009 ‘campaign’ failed, where Khairy personally dispelled the rumour (which was believed to be started by his staunchest hoprefuls_.

KJ won Pemuda UMNO Head position on 25 March 2009, baptized by a thumping boo when he appeared in the UMNO AGM the next day

It is not that difficult to figure out why. For starters, Khairy’s ascension to the UMNO Youth Head is not without controversy. Weeks before the 24 March 2009 party elections, he received poor nominations against the other two aspirants but in the final days, managed to amass 304 votes to win on the polling day. This many found strange as the Divisional nominations is about grassroot deciding who such run and when the last round, delegates are easier to be exposed for ‘money politics’.

Utusan Malaysia, 18 March 2009: A week before pemilihan Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia

So much so, that the UMNO Discplinary Board found him guilty of ‘money politics’ in the Divisional nomination rounds but strangely, slapped him with a weak prod in the elbow (“Diberi amaran“) and allowed him to go about his business. The decision of the UMNO  Disciplinary Board baffled so many. Too many people, especially outside the party is appalled with this nonchallant decision and they are not utterly convince that UMNO party elections are ‘corrupt free’.

The face of sheer arrogance even within UMNO love to hate

Then again, Khairy’s performance as UMNO Youth should be measured thereon. But it left little to be desired. A simple test is that how many new UMNO Youth members did the manage to recruit since Khairy became the Boss? He claimed to be 35,000, although we doubt the figure. One serving UMNO Youth Exco had the opinion that they only managed to recruit 7,000 new cadres.

Even at 35,000, that is very low. That is an average of 2,500 new members a month, spread over 13 states. That is 200 per month, per state. Comparatively, Malay NGO Perkasa was launched May last year by Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad managed to admit 120,000 members who paid fees without another 60,000 applications still waiting to be approved, in the same corresponding period.

SIL and FIL: The two most instrumental personalities bringing Malaysia into the dark ages of 2004-2009

So if the member-get-member measurement failed, how else to evaluate the success of UMNO Youth? The success in by-elections is also something far to be proud of. In the duo-seat by-elections April last year, Khairy was actually advised not to show up either in Bukit Gantang nor Bukit Selambau campaigns. Rohaizad, who is BN’s choice for the Permatang Pasir by-elections last Aug was someone UMNO Youth banked on and as the UMNO Youth Chief, he had fiduciary duty to assume responsibility of the poor choice of candidate and of course, BN’s lost. Needless to say with the exception of Manek Urai by-elections (which UMNO Youth Vice Head Razali Ibrahim played a pivottal role), UMNO Youth failed through out as the frontline and tactical arm of UMNO.

We in UMNO would really love to know what Khairy did for UMNO Youth since assuming office. We are not sure what the KPI was but assuming that UMNO Youth needs to convince and bring back the below-40 votes amongst the Malays towards UMNO and BN, then we can sternly state that “Khairy failed”. He admitted on Malaysiakini TV about “UMNO Youth now is about delivery”, but what actually have UMNO Youth delivered, under his watch?

KJ on the cover of a gay-centric magazine not too long ago

In fact in someways, Khairy was ‘insync’ with DAP MP for PJ Utara Tony Pua, who was his senior reading philosophy, politics and economics in Oxford, on the Malays needed to “Be without crutch and subscribe to meritocracy”. This is inadvertently short off agreeing with the DAP on the ‘trying to liberalise’ all the economic affirmative action plan designed for the Malays.  Khairy is known to subscribe the ‘Liberal Malay’ thinking, where affirmative action NEP is outdated and no longer play a role in the effort to move Malaysia forward and embrace the globalisation to the fullest.

On the controversy that arisen from MCA Youth Head Dato’ Wee Ka Siong’s ‘call what if MARA’s scholarship were to be withdrawn’, Khairy came in full support and defended Wee, and on the same note, slighted so many Malays. Khairy failed to admit that MARA scholarship is part of the MARA Act, which is enacted to implement what had been provided in the Article 153, with specific provisions for scholarships to the Malays. Commenting out of context on Dato’ Nasir Safar’s statement is really not helping the Malay perception on him.

The facial expression paints a story of a thousand words

What ever the excuse he may come up with, Khairy did ask for the job. So much so, he faced the UMNO Disciplinary Board in the process. And yet the non deliverance says it all. For a very educated man with a short stint example as an “investment banker” (part ownership, that is!) and a macro planning experience in the Prime Minister’s Office, a CEO of an airline (with no relevant national economy macro planning experience what so ever) was chosen to do the PEMANDU job instead.

Please tell us what did you do for UMNO Youth, truthfully and substantiate it. Let UMNO evaluate your report card.

Pemuda UMNO: Pilih politikwang atau masa depan anak bangsa?

P/S: Notice how mainstream TV (RTM, Media Prima (TV3, NTV7, TV 9), Bernama TV and Astro Awani) gives very little coverage and exposure to Khairy, especially on UMNO Youth platform as compared to Dato’ Razali who is just only UMNO Youth Vice Head? Can anyone remember when media gives the UMNO Youth Vice Head much more coverage and exposure as compared the UMNO Youth Head?

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