Musa Hassan: “Never before so many owed to so few”


IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan

Home Minister Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin Hussein announced today that IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan will be retiring effective 12 September 2010, after 41 years of illustrious service. The former Director of CID, Chief Police Officer Johor and several other posting which include OCPD, Musa had his service extended twice.

Malaysians owe Tan Sri Musa Hassan a debt of gratitude. It was CID Sr IO ACP Musa Hassan’s investigation of the “50 Dalil Kenapa Anwar Tidak Boleh Jadi PM” book in 1998 uncovered that Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Anwar Ibrahim abused his power and instructed the Special Branch to ‘torture’ Azizan Abu Bakar and Ummi Hafilda to reverse the original confession about Mat King Leather’s sordid sexual romp which include sodomy. Of course he faced pressure but the man served the Police Force with only the fear of God and limits himself to the letters of the law.

The investigations outcome was presented to then Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. Painfully, Anwar was sacked exactly today 12 years ago from the Cabinet. Within days, the culture of mob street politics which sometime turned ugly and damaging property, ‘Reformasi’ was given birth. Anwar conveniently via his systematic ‘politics of maniuplations and ‘politics of hate’ leashed the animalism of young Malaysians, especially the Malays to be political-anarchists. The effect of Anwar’s unleashing of Jewish sponsored political agenda is much alive till present day.

Malaysia was saved from the Darlings of the Jewish Neo Con.

The most wanted man in SEA: Mas Selamat Kastari in different looks

Under Musa’s leadership, the fight against terrorism in Malaysia was contained. The arrest of Mas Selamat (being the most wanted man in Singapore and after escaping from a Singaporean detention facility) and recently Mohd. Fadlullah is the proof of the Police’s great intelligence work in combating terrorism. This is include the control of rebellion in South Thailand from incursion into our borders. Of course, the volatile coast of East Sabah needed to be protected from incursions from the Phillipines and Indonesia.

Just to demonstrate the seriousness of the fight against terrorism which the Police’s battle since August 1948, Musa’s initiative brought upon the inception of the Special Task Force for Anti Terrorism two years ago, which a Commissioner of Police (a three-star-officer) was appointed as a Director.

The Royal Malaysian Police earned internal security agencies respect on the effort against terrorism.

Musa was a true blue CID man. It is not common for a non SB being promoted to the Top Cop post (Unlike his predecessors Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Ismail, Tun Mohd, Haniff Omar, Tan Sri Rahim Noor and Tan Sri Norian Mai). Regardless, under the circumstances, variables of threats and weaknesses and limitations that he faced especially in terms of resources and Government’s bureaucracy, which include the Government under PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi administration that made it more difficult, Musa Hassan did exemplary well.

Combating crime and terrorism did show result.  Crime reduction is one of the core of the National Key Results Area (NKRA) and the statistics illustrating that there are improvements of Malaysia becoming a safer place to be. Crime rate fell by 15% and street crime by 39%. Police nowadays made the presence felt, especially in ‘hot spots’, mostly in the urban areas. Musa led the Police Force against all odds to get the work done.

Borrowing war time British PM Sir Winston Churchill’s immortal words, “Never before so many owed to so few”.


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Tuanku wajar gantung SSSA Anwar

DYMM Tuanku Sultan Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Sharafuddin Abdul Aziz Shah telah berkenan untuk mengantung darjah kebesaran Selangor yang membawa gelaran ‘Dato’ kepada Mantan Menteri Pengangkutan Tun Ling Liong Sik dan Pengurus Besar PKFZ O C Phang atas tuduhan salah guna kuasa dalam perbicaraan kes amalan rasuah berprofil tinggi tersebut.


Sultan gantung gelaran kepada Liong Sik, O.C. Phang

01/09/2010 1:05pm

SHAH ALAM 1 Sept. – Sultan Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah telah menitahkan supaya Darjah Kebesaran Negeri yang membawa gelaran “Datuk” yang dikurniakan kepada bekas Menteri Pengangkutan, Tun Dr. Ling Liong Sik digantung.

Dalam satu kenyataan hari ini, Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri, Datuk Ramli Mahmud berkata, baginda juga menitahkan agar darjah kebesaran negeri yang dikurniakan kepada bekas Pengurus Besar Lembaga Pelabuhan Klang, Datin Paduka O.C. Phang turut digantung.

Tindakan itu diambil setelah Liong Sik dan Phang dihadapkan ke mahkamah berhubung skandal Zon Perdagangan Bebas Pelabuhan Klang (PKFZ).

“Duli Yang Maha Mulia Sultan Selangor membuat keputusan di atas setelah mempertimbangkan bahawa kesalahan-kesalahan yang dipertuduhkan ke atas kedua-dua mereka ini adalah kesalahan serius yang melibatkan kepentingan rakyat dan negara,” kata Ramli.

Beliau berkata, keputusan penggantungan itu dibuat setelah Dewan Diraja Selangor bersidang pada 19 Ogos lepas. – Bernama


Keputusan ini dibuat pada mesyuarat Majlis DiRaja Selangor yang bermesyuarat pada 19 Ogos 2010.

Tindakan yang sama wajar dikenakan kepada Ketua-Pembangkang-Tanpa-Parti Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim. Ini kerana ahli Parlimen Permatang Pauh itu sedang menjalani perbicaraan atas tuduhan keji seks sumbang liwat. Seorang pembantu Anwar,  Mohd. Saiful Bukhari Azlan telah membuat laporan Polis diliwat pada tahun 2008.

Anwar telah dianugerahkan Darjah Kebesaran Seri Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah (SSSA) yang membawa gelaran ‘Dato’ Seri’ oleh Almarhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Hishamuddin Alam Shah pada tahun 1992. Anwar dipecat dari Kabinet sebagai Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan Menteri Kewangan 12 tahun lalu pada hari ini kerana seks sumbang.

Pada tahun 2000, Hakim Mahkamah Tinggi Dato’ Ariffin Jaka telah mendapati Anwar bersalah meliwat Azizan Abu Bakar dan dijatuhkan hukuman penjara 9 tahun. Namun begitu, pada tahun 2004 Mahkamah Persekutuan telah membelakangkan hukuman ini atas dasar teknikal tanpa tidak membebaskan beliau dari amalan liwat itu.

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AG’s inconsistency or version of parody?

Another blogger will be charged in court, sometime late morning today. Blogger Hassan Skodeng, is believed to be a editor of a powerful English tabloid will have the book thrown at him in a PJ Session Court.

Apparently, his charge was about a parody or satire that he fictionalised in his blog as an April Fool’s Joke:

By Hassan Skodeng

TNB to sue WWF over Earth Hour

KUALA LUMPUR — Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), Malaysia’s premier energy provider today announced that they were taking legal action against the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) for organising the Earth Hour, a global movement that makes a stand against climate change by turning off all non-essential lights and electrical equipment for an hour every year.

In a Press conference, TNB president and CEO Dato’ Sri Che Khalib Mohd Noh said that the annual worldwide symbolic gesture, which this year would be observed this Saturday at 8.30pm, is nothing more than an ‘arrogant and thoughtless viral movement’ aimed to hurt power companies such as TNB.

CHE KHALIB: These people are inconsiderate. “Obviously these green-minded fellows think they’re really cute, organising such an irresponsible campaign,” said Che Khalib angrily. “They say ‘turn off your lights for an hour’ and people do. I bet that really makes them feel all powerful.

“What these western colonialists fail to grasp is how such drastic action affects the poor companies like us. One hour of unused electricity means an hour of wastage for TNB. Did you know that last year’s Earth Hour costed us millions in unrealised revenue?” asked Che Khalib, seething.

“How do you think that affected our production? We couldn’t exactly turn off our power plants just because a large number of Malaysians turn off their lights at the same time. So imagine all that wasted energy.

“This year, we expect even more people to fall for this global con-job,” added Che Khalib.

“So there’ll be more lights turned off. KL alone would be engulfed in darkness. Yes, sure, it may seem fun to some, running around in complete darkness. But that also means TNB would get less money. Tell me, what am I supposed to say to the kids of this electrical technician when we can’t give bonus this year?” asked Che Khalib, as he pointed to a TNB staff manning the lights for the Press conference.

He added, “In light of such inconsiderate actions by these tree huggers, TNB has no choice but to take legal action against the Earth Hour organisers, WWF. We’ll wait for our accountants to come back with the loss figure after this year’s Earth Hour, and we plan to sue them for that same amount. We may even add a hundred million ringgit or so, to teach them a lesson.”

Che Khalib also reminded Malaysians to ignore the Earth Hour, calling it a ‘cultural invasion, a concerted assault by extreme liberal forces aimed to destabilise poorer nations’.

“We are Malaysians, and we should be proud of our lights. Every night we should go out and see the beautiful sparkling lights in our city skylines. Don’t be ashamed of the lights,” said Che Khalib, as he unveiled a set of pictures showing the Petronas Twin Towers and the surrounding buildings consequently going dark during last year’s Earth Hour.

God knows how many people tripped over things and hurt themselves in the complete darkness, not to mention the number of bad people going around doing naughty things, knowing the authorities could not see them.

“Let’s reverse the order of these pictures this year, and fight for the rights to our lights,” continued Che Khalib. “Let’s unite as 1Malaysia, and tell these green terrorists that we will not go dark! We will not switch off! Let’s tell them that we love our lights!

“POWERRR… EXTREME!” he screamed, as powerful clusters of foglamps flooded the conference room with ultra-bright and hot light, temporarily blinding everyone present, and signalling the end of the Press conference.


Anyone who understand common English would have picked up the parody, regardless how realistic it was  as  a joke. Common sense of persons who are familiar with the Malaysian corporate scene would notice that TNB President and CEO Dato’ Seri Che Khalib Mohd. Noh would not have uttered “Let’s reverse the order of these pictures this year, and fight for the rights to our lights,” continued Che Khalib. “Let’s unite as 1Malaysia, and tell these green terrorists that we will not go dark! We will not switch off! Let’s tell them that we love our lights!”.

Somehow the persons in the Attorney General’s Chambers are unable to differentiate between a joke and something serious which is criminally defamatory, seditious or event a threat to national security.

Is Hassan Skodeng trying to instigate and incite Malaysians against TNB?

Hardly not. Unlike Wee Meng Chee or Namewee who insulted TNB officials and published the insult on Youtube when there was a power failure in Muar, Johor last October. Again, Namewee hit the national headlines with his inciteful and instigative Youtube material against Kulai Jaya Head Mistress Siti Inshah and Ministry of Education.

Hassan did not even do what Batu MP Tian Chua did, publish a doctored photo of PM Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak in the company of murdered Mongolian national Altantuyaa Shaaribuu. This is a real case of criminal defamation. Especially it is not difficult to establish Tian Chua’s intent of malice, as a PKR representative out to kill the credibility of PM Najib.

The doctored photo tried to implicate PM Najib with the high profile murder of the Mongolian model

We are still waiting for the result of the investigation on CPI’s writer Helen Ang for her article. Of course, Tulang Besi’s article which Jed Yoong republished and deemed she was trying to advocate. How about the investigation against Bernard Khoo.

These are some of the more damning internet postings that should have been brought upon the due process to the limit of the law, which include Seditions Act. However, non avail. Why the AG is charging Hassan Skodeng for this parody and satire is still unclear. Probably as Datuk Rocky put it, the convenient stiff collar donned by the DPPs simply limit their ability to take a joke.

Regardless, this may not look good for the Minister of Information, Communication and Culture Dato’ Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim, whose ministry’s jurisprudence to watch over activities in the new media-dom. Being a trained lawyer and seasoned politician, he should understand the implications of this charge for now the more expanding and significant role of the new media in the Malaysian political scene, especially amongst the professionals, educated, younger Malaysians and most of all, the ICT literate and internet savvy.

12th General Elections already proven how the new media significantly played pivottal role on Malaysians forming their democratic opinion long before the ballots. In did not matter whether the opinion formed is based on political consideration or emotions. What matters most is that the result; A political Tsunami. Unprecedentedly shocking. They definitely failed to learn then and they are still oblivion on the ‘power of digital democracy’.

Regardless, we here at BigDogDotCom are viewing Hassan Skodeng’s charge is about inconsistency and probable the practice of selective prosecution. Unless, probably the AG is doing his version ‘parody’. It is not likely. Neither it is funny.

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