1 Malaysia: All about food?

A friend just proclaimed at bukapuasa this evening “1 Malaysia is about food!”. “What???”, my immediate response in disbelief.

“Yes. If you don’t believe me, check out the Astro Channel 318”.

And I did exactly that. I watched the program “My Story” where they randomly got Malaysians, mostly young of various from all ages to say what ‘1 Malayisia’ meant to them in front of the camera. I was flabbergasted when 80% of them interpreted ‘1 Malaysia’ is the context and relations to ‘FOOD’. ‘1 Malaysia’ in their minds is all about how the enjoy foods from the different ethnic groupings  from their origin and background.

Nothing else.

Is that what ‘1 Malaysia’ is all about, ‘FOOD’?

There was no direct mention about living together, working together and respecting each others’ borders and turf. Most of all, no mention about moving Malaysia forward. Nothing about propelling growth. Nothing about sharing the prosperity. Obviously, none of them understand the faintest idea about ‘High Value Economy’.

These are the future of our nation. These are the generation who are supposed to embrace ‘1 Malaysia’, as the new way forward of Malaysia and how Malaysians in the future will behave. Obviously their understanding and interpretation of ‘1 Malaysia’ is not in tandem with what it is expected to be.

No wonder Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that everyone interpreted ‘1 Malaysia’ differently. No uniformity.

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