1 Malaysia: All about food?

A friend just proclaimed at bukapuasa this evening “1 Malaysia is about food!”. “What???”, my immediate response in disbelief.

“Yes. If you don’t believe me, check out the Astro Channel 318”.

And I did exactly that. I watched the program “My Story” where they randomly got Malaysians, mostly young of various from all ages to say what ‘1 Malayisia’ meant to them in front of the camera. I was flabbergasted when 80% of them interpreted ‘1 Malaysia’ is the context and relations to ‘FOOD’. ‘1 Malaysia’ in their minds is all about how the enjoy foods from the different ethnic groupings  from their origin and background.

Nothing else.

Is that what ‘1 Malaysia’ is all about, ‘FOOD’?

There was no direct mention about living together, working together and respecting each others’ borders and turf. Most of all, no mention about moving Malaysia forward. Nothing about propelling growth. Nothing about sharing the prosperity. Obviously, none of them understand the faintest idea about ‘High Value Economy’.

These are the future of our nation. These are the generation who are supposed to embrace ‘1 Malaysia’, as the new way forward of Malaysia and how Malaysians in the future will behave. Obviously their understanding and interpretation of ‘1 Malaysia’ is not in tandem with what it is expected to be.

No wonder Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that everyone interpreted ‘1 Malaysia’ differently. No uniformity.

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  1. he he he .. good one bro.
    wonder if Najib realise it.

    • Looks like DS Najib is getting into trouble.

      Not just the young, a lot of adults also don’t really understand what 1Malaysia is all about.

  2. Kah. Kah kah.. Food is the safest matter they can discuss..

    They don’t work together anymore. Most companies only want chinese as their staff.

    Malaysians only meet at mamak restaurants. Even then, they sit huddled together according to skin color..

    Onward Malaysia! Onward to smithereens!!

  3. Besides food, the other most quoted “national unity” example is Malaysians regardless of race will support Malaysian badminton team even if they played against China. Ridiculous right?

    Nobody dare to ask/answer serious national unity question like “If China/Singapore attack Malaysia and promise to give the political power to the Malaysian Chinese if they win.. would Malaysian Chinese fight for or against China/Singapore?”

    • This must ask kit siang and the kid…singapor first or malaysia first

      • That’s a good one jefrey.

        Must ask them this question every time they raise the matter of TSM saying Melayu first.

    • That’s depends on the various scenarios;
      1. In normal case when there is no discrimination such as during Japanese war, its the Chinese (and some Malays) who will stand up and fight against the invaders. Where are the Malays? Well, they fought when the Japanese had surrender and in collaboration with the evil British imperislist, they claimed themselves as heroes.
      2. If current discrimination persists such as condemning all the non-Malays as second class citizens, if war broke up whether it’s with Indonesia, Thai or Singapore, the non-Malays MAY just let the “Prince of Soil” to fight their war first.
      3. If there is fairness and equality for all races in this land where they are borned, rest assured all races will stand up and fight together.

      The choice is ours, rite.

      • hahahaha retard , as for you infromation non Malay classified themself as 2nd class citizen and be oppressed in this country !!! while they drive Honda , BMW , Mercedez and working as up level for chinese only company and discriminate all Malays .

        Fight the Japanese ??? LOLz *gelak guling2*

        I like the question Malaysia or Singapore first .

      • “if war broke up whether it’s with Indonesia”?

        May be some of us would join the invaders and clean this country once and for all.


      • Mohammed the Big Dog said,
        “May be some of us would join the invaders and clean this country once and for all”

        Your egotism reflected your lack of brain cells. FYI, if Indonesians will to invade Malaysians, the first group of person they will look for is orang Melayu. Kenapa? Atas sebab orang Indonesia yang pegang kuasa adalah orang Java. Javanese is no Malay and they hate Orang Melayu for self-claiming “serumpun bangsa”. Orang Java seringkala memuji tamadun mereka lebih cemerlang dan kuno dari orang Melayu, contohnya Borubudur.

  4. yea.. went for an interview few years back, was supposed to present on the topic of 1Malaysia. I was dumbfounded LOL

  5. This Asim is a dangerous fellow. Don’t be near him when there is any war, guys. Even if he says there is no more discrimination whatever. You can’t trust a bloke with this kind of mentality.

    He has never heard the expression “My country, right or wrong”. It has been said for hundreds of years in Europe and for decades in this country.

    He’ll say, “Give me what I want then I’ll give what the country wants”. Not the other way round.

    He has never heard what US President Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”.

    He has only heard and believes in the expression, “My kingdom for a horse”. When he dislikes things, he’ll sell his country, get a horse and lari kuat kuat.

    If you have to be around him in a war or such a situation, don’t ever let him be behind you – he’ll shoot you in the back. Watch him, guys.

    He sounds a damn communist or a subversive kind. SOG.

    • Jangan terlalu bimbang, Kawan. Asim bukan orang bahaya. Jika ada peluang kenali Asim, tidak hairan Asim ditemui selalu berhimpun sama dengan berbilang kaum terutama orang Melayu sendiri. Bahasa fasih, orang peramah, pintar nyanyi lagu Melayu P Ramlee atau R Azmi. Cuma sekarang masih cuba pelajar joget aje.

  6. he..he.. a plate of 1-Rojak side dish for Ahmad maslan in my recent blog entry here:-

    Oh My God – They Are Still In Denial

    Took the opportunity to link your 1-Malaysia post in my message to UMNO. Thanks.

  7. semalam ada keluar berita TV3 1 ketupat dan 1 dodol….. malulah pakai simbol apco ini. Bigdog tolong keluarkan logo hodoh ini, aku x suka 1malaysia.

    salam 1malaysia apa maksudnya kat berita RTM??

    balik kepada komen Jawa cari Melayu…aku nak tanya berapa ramai sini orang melayu tulen?? Orang india moslem macam Shahrizat, azeez, daim dan Mahathir ini melayu ker??

    Last sekali, BigDog ini melayu ker, aku tengok muka macam lain jer. sorry bro, jangan sensitif tau, tanya ajer.

  8. Satu lagi, kenapa awak pakai nama Big Dog ??? Nama anjing ini halal ker haram ???

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